wanted her so bad

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lilly… oomg hello ilym ofc i’ll tell u what i want in s3

- bp allura !!
- co leadership klance… i’ll die…
- hunk !! being !! badass !! kickin ass & bein the smartie we know
- lance’s family… i want to know if they r ok…
- keiths mom!!! i want to see her so bad
- team fam bonding and having some laughs, let them b happy
- lance being bad ass & also ??? showing the leader skills we know he has
- dual wielding keith….
- keith bein badass & bein like a spy for team vld, goin into galra places to get info
- the galra reveal flashback we were robbed of
- keith and lance sharing their feelings of their struggles and huggin it out, trusting each other and growing a bond
- keith laughin… hek everyone laughing
- if we see shiro this season i really want some good brogane stuff
- ….keiths marmora outfit makin a comeback

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I don't get why people think Isak is so innocent. I'm pretty sure Snakesak will help Sana with revenge. Did people forget season 1 where he destroyed Eva's reputation and he even went as far as sending her a hate letter written in blood with a pad on it, (so she thought it was a girls period blood) it hurt her so bad that she even wanted to drop out of school. Isak was really shitty back. Or when he left weed in Eva's house when he heard the police coming to the party, what a great friend....

Hey love!

It wasn’t Isak who sent the period letter!!!! I mean hahaha how would the dude even get period blood? lol

It was Iben!

but yes Isak was a snake and part of that was because he hated who he was and wasn’t in a very good place. Luckily his season watched him, grow, learn and develop into the most beautiful angel we know and love. But everyone does shitty things and makes mistakes 

it’s how we become the wonderful people we are

but in saying that I kinda feel like snakesak might just rise again to help out his bio buddy <3 

orrrr he will get hacked

orrrrrrrr he will give our angel some advice and be a good friend for her which stops her from doing something she might regret

lets seee

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Ugh, last night clip when Sana alwas about to text the girls made me so sad for her, i know she may be angry but mostly she is so hurt i'm hurting for her so badly


I just want her to be loved and understood. 

she needs a friend so bad right now and i am really hoping that this clip ends with Isak being that friend for her <3 

I headcanon that Chloe is really bad with the secret identity thing.

Combat Medic Waifu <3

A quick few hours sketch practice with reference help from Kyrie. Her girls make me fall in love, do check her out!

I want to take a break from drawing doods and I haven’t been drawing any girlies in forever. Although Im mostly a mercy main I almost never draw her much. X’D But hell yeah the new skin and hairstyle is so hellaaaaaaa prettehhhhh. Although im slightly sad I din manage to get her in game skin. D:  

P.S: Edited her a bit cux I realised I overlooked some flaws while rushing her out. :P

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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

more maggie but this time i used diane guerrero as reference

i hope we get a chat between sana and yousef soon like i need to know if sana ever answered that meme like ???? @ julie give us some sana x yousef content pls

i love baby diana she’s so cute going and seeing a sword and talking about how beautiful it is so precious 

like look at this face when hippolyta tells her she won’t be the one to use the sword 

this baby gonna steal a sword and fuck shit up and she aint gonna let anybody stop her