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uhh, you still doing that facial expressions meme? Can I have a 4A Ink, a 5A ink, a 4C Blueberry and a 5D Freshy? if not, can I at least have a comic where Ink goes "SCREW YOU" Blueberry gets very offended, and Fresh ends up screaming his non-existant ass off?

I…. might have kinda ran with that idea…..

I mean, this was the best situation I could imagine them to have these reactions. Or just a random idea.

I look like shit as I’m ready for bed as you can see (sorry for bad quality pic lol).

If you hadn’t guessed my bias is bunny boi extreme (Doyoung).

I was tagged by @nctreactions and @glitterykoreanboyband thanks :D

I tag @cutiephon-texts , @dxnghyucks , @kingminhyung , @doyomi , @alienated-mediator , @jsh-zrkr , @crap10tion and @hyuckwon (dont have to do if you don’t want to guys :D