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I don’t want to look like anyone else.

I want to look like a stronger me.

I want to look like a faster me.

I want to look like a more confident me.

I want to look like the happiest version of myself.

I don’t want another person’s body. I don’t want their hair. I don’t want their smile. I don’t want their boobs, or butt, or anything. I simply want to look like the best version of myself. 

You know what I really need rn? An Anastasia!Drarry AU.

Give me a snarky Draco who doesn’t remember his past forced to work with a (handsome) bossy Harry and his hungry, friendly partner Ron.

Give me Draco coming up the stairs in a beautiful sky blue suit (or dress, I’m not picky) and Harry going slack jawed before swooping him up in a waltz.

Give me Ron, encouraging Draco as he slowly learns more and more about his past.

Give me Draco answering all of Hermione’s questions in order to get to Queen Narcissa and prove he’s the prince.

Give me angst Harry, realizing Draco was his prince all along, knowing he could never act on his feelings.

Give me all of them, a night in Paris, enjoying their last moment together before they learn their fate from the queen.

Give me Harry wanting so bad to admit his feelings before Dracos out of his life and vice versa.

Give me Narcissa, so heart broken about losing her son she never wants to see another faux version of him again.

Give me Harry, hijacking a car just to give Draco everything he can and everything he deserves.

Give me Narcissa, subtly telling Draco to follow his heart.

Give me Harry and Draco, fighting off Rasputin (Snape???) and ultimately saving each other’s lives.

Give me Harry and Draco, dancing in the moonlight, before coming together to share their first of many kisses.

Just give me every moment of Anastasia with Harry and Draco please. I need this in my life.

i think my favorite thing about heith is that they’re the same but in reverse? like, outwardly hunk is this sunshine boy who makes friends, tells jokes, and acts as a mediator, while keith is awkward and doesn’t know how to connect to other people and lets his temper get the best of him.

inwardly, it’s another story. hunk can be petty and mean and sarcastic. he can and will hold a grudge and says “i told you so” more than he should. this isn’t to say that he isn’t still kind and loving! he just… doesn’t actually give a shit about the people outside his small personal circle. but if it concerns those he considers friends, hunk will move heaven and earth to help them. he is the living embodiment of “me and mine”, and everyone else can fuck off.

keith, on the other hand, is soft inside. he’s the kind of guy who says, “there’s a whole universe out there depending on us!” because he cares about the lives of thousands of millions of strangers. he would step between death and someone he doesn’t know because he belives it’s the right thing to do. he’s pragmatic, sure, but he always thinks in terms of the greater good. and if the greater good demands that keith make a great personal sacrifice, he will do it without hesiation.

these differences are why they’re so good for each other, too! keith admires hunk’s ‘ride or die’ loyalty and hunk admires keith’s compassion and strong morality. their respect for one another makes them want to grow into the best versions of themselves, and eventually, hunk learns to empathize with others and keith learns to be more selfish.

in summary, keith and hunk are great for one another and i need to stop now because i’m crying


Sherlock // The Final Problem // Aesthetic


can’t get enough of Eliza’s hair game (◕◡◕✿)

are you??? sabotaging??? my dates?!? x boxer!you, seokjin (ver. 1)

Seokjin was a smart… smart fellow. Too smart for his own good, you might add. There’s a notch higher in IQ he possesses that sometimes do not do you justice. Like, if you were to pull something on someone with a much more average level of senses, you’d get off the hook. Smoothly passing by, slipping through without any holdbacks but because this is with Kim Seokjin, of course it has to fuck up.

This wasn’t your proudest of days but hey, everything happens for a reason.

Even if it is sabotaging your ex-boyfriend’s date. It isn’t so bad when you see it from your point of view. He didn’t seem like he was enjoying it nor was he showing any signs of actually taking her home or to a future date so why not end his misery now, right?


Because Seokjin caught on faster than you had thought and not even a menu covering your face could save it. On the contrary, a hand appears and ends your moment of trying to be hero. Not all of them wear capes, okay? Here he is in front of you with a disapproving look on his face but you’ve grown too used to the way his brows slant downwards without meaning it, frowning like he wants to add years ahead of him before you and all of this… doesn’t make you feel bad even though it should.

But how could you feel bad when it didn’t begin with bad intention in the first place?

“What are you doing here?” He asks, hand moving away from the menu and when your eyes catch where his fingers were once at you try to cover it up with: “Checking out the menu because have you seen that they had… spare… ribs here? C-Crazy, right? It’s a damned cafe and they sell ribs-”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Y/N,” He snaps, and you scoff a laugh when he tries to take a seat, “Excuse you? Who said you could sit?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t think you actually had someone coming considering you were trying to ruin my date,”

“Ah that wasn’t a date. If it was you would’ve ordered some wine to show her you actually cared,”

“…what are you doing, Y/N?”

“I don’t know,” Honesty comes tearing down the barrier between you and him and Seokjin sees it when the menu drops to the table with your gaze. “For some reason I get jealous when I see you trying to date other people so here I am making a fool out of myself,”

When he doesn’t say anything, you hang your head lower to avoid his eyes, “Just go already…”

What comes next is not what you were expecting but you weren’t complaining at all.

“Waiter, bring me some wine please,” Your eyes meekly lock with his and Seokjin… smiles. “Two glasses.”

When new fans try to tell me that skydive is B.A.P’s greatest song


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.