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as much as I want Patsy to come back soon, I really really hope that Delia isn’t pushed back into the background upon her arrival. She has really knocked it out of the park this season, and I hope that continues even when Patsy comes back! 

When the chat was going on i said ‘please be healthy jinyoungie 💚’ and few moments later he said 'dont worry about me i’m not sick’ and even if he didnt mean me i’m going to pretend he told me that because not only did he sass me for worrying about his ass but he also made it clear he didnt want me to worry which was a good thing (also impossible. Wth jinyoung) Either way it made me laugh my ass off when he said that because he probably thought i was being ridiculous. Or he thought someone else was being ridiculous and that was hella funny. Or maybe he wasnt trying to be sassy and was actually trying to be nice but hell i wont even know because i cant see what he looked like when he said it. But anyway… allow me to pretend he was talking to me and he read my clearly lovely intentions 😌

330 Followers Request thingy woo!

SOoo… I don’t really have that much of an excuse for not posting any drawings besides uh- I haven’t been drawing much lately. I know that one comic about art tips and stuff as an drawey thing, but I’m assuming that you’re looking for Killugon/gay crap. I’ve been a tired bean lately so I’ve been writing more than drawing. Granted I do doodle at the top of homework assignments, but I’m not sure you really want to see those. 

ALSO- thank you SO much for 330 followers!!! I’m so happy that people follow me and support me and stuff, really thank you all, I’m beyond elated. As thanks, you’re free to fill up my ask box with requests for drawings, as well as give me prompts! (not that you couldn’t do that before but no one seemed to really want to so i thought i’d bring it up) Maybe giving me something to draw will get my imagination going again. 

I will art Killugon(duh), Leopika, Hisoillu, Allukillu (platonically) Komugi/Meruem, and possibly some others, it depends on what you ask for

I will not draw any Hisogon, Illukillu, Allukillu (romantically), Allugon, ect ect, you get the idea. Basically I’ll let you know if i’m not ok with what you requested.

btw i’m alright with you asking for light nsfw, just uh, don’t request something super visual pls.

Feel free, no, please leave an ask requesting me to draw something! My imagination has been drying up and I can’t think of anything good to draw by myself. 

I would shout out to specific people that helped me and supported me but I’m just going to say thank you in general! (plus I’ve already personally thanked everyone that reached out to me during my self hate thingy, so you know who you are). 


Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

Well i bet now you know how weak I am ? I couldn’t miss an occasion to draw Blue with her paladin 💙