Don’t just settle for someone. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t love you as much as you love them. You deserve someone who will always put you first. Someone who remembers your favorite song and your favorite color and how you prefer dark chocolate to milk. You deserve someone who understands when you’re not okay and is fine with the fact that they can’t make it all better no matter how hard they try. You deserve someone who will invite you over on a stormy day so they can just cuddle with you and listen to the pouring rain because they know it’s your favorite sound. You deserve someone who looks at you like you’re everything they ever wanted. You deserve someone who’s not embarrassed to love you. Someone who would tell everyone they know how much they love you. Someone who will never for a second let you feel unwanted. You deserve someone faithful. Someone who will give you their all for the same in return. You deserve unconditional love. You deserve to be happy.
—  I could be the one for you. If you would just let me.