Alliances are hard to come by | Starter

Katniss looked around the training room at everyone who was there. She couldn’t believe she was back here of all places. She thought she would be immune from the next reaping due to the rule that if a tribute one a games that they and their family would be spared from future reapings. But, just as she would come to expect from snow, he threw in a wrinkle.  That there would be past victors tossed into the mixture of the games.  If there were eligible victors who were still of reaping age, they would still be in contended to be reaped.

Or if no other victor female or male available the victor had to be of another games. No mater what their age.  She and Peeta were reaped for a second time to the games. Not that she would like it…But it was what came to pass.  She just kept to herself when she was training and she hoped nobody would come over she just wanted to get through this and get back to her family back in 12. The other hard thing about these games were that she had to break a promise to prim. She had never done that before. And never had she seen those tears or thought she would have to see those tears fall from her sisters eyes once again.