Friday: March 21, 2014

I had a long night the day before, but I dragged myself out of bed at a decent time to see my parents off before they caught their flight back to the US. I took them to Shinjuku Station to catch the Narita Express directly to the airport, but first we grabbed lunch.

My parents had spent 2 weeks in Japan without getting ramen, so we got noodles (although admittedly not really ramen). Regardless, it came with wontons which were delicious so I was thoroughly pleased.

I was supposed to find a Japan only release of a CD for my friend back home to send with my parents, so I ran into the nearby Tsutaya to look for it before my parents left. Unfortunately this one only did rental CD’s s I had to run to the mall connected to the actual station. I found the CD pretty easily but had a hard time finding where I’d left my parents in the station (Shinjuku is way too big and complicated) so I ended up just going back outside so I could reenter through the same entrance as the first time. With that, I helped them get tickets and then wished them a farewell as they headed to Narita Express.

I went home and had to deal with a lot of advising stuff for my classes when I return to Berkeley, but powered through it because I was pretty stoked for my plans that night.

I mentioned I met up with a friend in Shibuya to buy a ticket for a event he was planning, and this was the night. I went with some friends to Harajuku for the party, grabbing McDonalds and crepes on the way through Takeshita Doori.

The party was at a small party space called Ucess, and the turnout was pretty impressive - we even had to wait in line for a bit.

The party was 3 hour nomihoudai, but we got there late so we were down to a little over 2 hours. When we got there we were super confused as to where to go and no one could reach the bar or really move anywhere because the dance floor was so crowded, and it started off a bit overwhelming as all the people just entering crowded to the front and bar.

However, once we (and everyone else) got their drinks and backed away from the bar, the dance floor opened up and got a lot more lively and fun. More people were dancing than just standing in line, and while my previous experiences at this friend’s parties have typically not had many people participating in dancing, this time was much different. Everyone was a lot more lively and even though the dance floor was incredibly crowded, everyone was having a lot of fun. I actually recognized a lot of people from other parties I’d been to so it was cool getting to talk to them some more, and I also met some more really cool people. It was actually way more enjoyable than my ageHa experience the night before had been, and all around one of the funnest party-type things I’ve gone to in Japan - for sure.

It was also really fun because my two friends and I were the ONLY blatant foreigners there (we knew a few Asian girls were as well because we heard them speaking English, but the other 100+ people were all Japanese). Because of that we were pretty popular and a lot of people went out of their way to talk to us. Some people were of course sort of jerks, but most of them were really enjoyable to talk to and incredibly nice. But most importantly, I got to meet up with my closer friends which had actually invited us.

In the end it actually got so rowdy that the encore actually turned into a pretty legitimate mosh-pit. They played a Japanese song that everyone was singing along to violently (although I didn’t know it), and people were being thrown around and you really couldn’t choose the direction you went, but somehow I survived.

Overall, FAN-TAST-IC night. Great friends, good music(they even had an awesome beatboxer from our school perform a set), and overall a pretty fun/intimate vibe (there may have been a lot of people, but the place was still small so you ran into everyone multiple times). Hopefully there will be another one of similar caliber some time soon because it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.