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I regret everything.

Ravenclaw, immediately after agreeing to do something.


Monster of the Deep VR—Vintage Posters

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Ok, so I just read a fic about soulmates and in it everyone has a tattoo with his platonic soulmate and one over the heart with his romantic soulmate and I just thought what if every ami is a platonic one to each other. They all feel like outsiders bc of that many tattoos but all knew there were that many people that love them in a platonic way and I think that would be so sweet

Dear Anon. Now. This might sound crazy but I’ve literally been thinking about this AU since like late 2016 or something, I just LOVE the concept of platonic soulmates and Les Amis as one great big, beautiful soulmate pile and I actually kind of have a whole concept for a fic in my mind for ages, I kid you not, but you know. Time and stuff.

See, this has been in my notebook for a while now:

So I know my writing is not the most perfect one and this is kind of an (aesthetic) mess but I just wanted to share with you my terrible drawings but you know, visuals.

Basically my thoughts in a nutshell:

  • A Soulmate AU where your soulmates mark appears somewhere on your body once an emotional bond is formed which can be platonic or romantic which then would be distinguished by the soul mark being right over the heart
  • So usually people have like two, three soul marks, three is already a lot
  •  Cue to Les Amis who all have like 8 and more
  • Enjolras, Ferre and Courfeyrac all have each others soul marks on their palms
  • Enjolras’s soul mark is a poppy, Courfeyrac’s is a sun and Ferre’s is the Earth
  • (Couf and Ferre were confused for ages because they’re already each other’s platonic soulmates but they also kind of have feelings for each other?? Butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feelings?? So when one day Ferre’s soulmark appears right over Courf’s heart he panics because he thinks the other one disappeared but it didn’t, it’s still there, same happens to Ferre and they’re both kind of freaking out because things like this don’t happen but in the end they figure it out, they’re both romantic and platonic soulmates and live happily ever after)

So about the other marks that Enjolras has:

  • Joly’s mark is a little umbrella flying in the wind while Bossuet’s is a balloon, like one of those happy, colourful ones that kids have on their birthday parties
  • A quill on the outside of Enjolras’s right wrist belongs to Jehan
  • Bahorel’s soul mark are two fists right in the middle of Enjolras’s spine
  • Feuilly’s soul mark are cupped hands and it’s on Enjolras’s left pectoral, the closest he ever had to his heart
  • When Joly and Bossuet bring Grantaire to one of the meetings, his mark doesn’t appear anywhere on Enjolras’s skin and it’s confusing because Grantaire is confusing and he stays, and he fits into the whole group and Enjolras’s doesn’t know what to make of that feeling he fits somehow but different to the others
  • Lots of obliviousness happens, pining and soft, slow getting to know each other and one morning Enjolras wakes up with Grantaire’s vine curled over his heart and chest and knows
  • Grantaire’s vine over Enjolras’s heart has little blossoms everywhere
  • A petal of Enjolras’s poppy appeared over Grantaire’s heart the very first time they met and started to slowly grow into the whole flower


  • Cosette’s soulmark is a lark while Marius’ is a sparrow
  • Montparnasse’s mark is a knife, while Claquesous, Babet and Guelemer have an épée, bayonet and spiked mace respectively

I sometimes think of how in a few decades, Kara Danvers will have a funeral.

How it’ll be raining that day and everyone will find it fitting because a world that could take away a soul like Kara so soon before her time is a world that does not deserve the sun.

How headlines will emphasize all the notable people who attended, how Cat Grant gave a moving speech about her mentee, her best assistant, her dear friend, and how her voice finished strong despite choking up.

How articles will be written about the lives Kara changed, the stories she broke open, how her optimism in a dreary world could give people hope and how her smile and the twinkle in her eye gave everyone an oddly familiar feeling of It’s going to be okay.

How the picture on every front page is one that emanates sorrow, with grieving sister Alex Danvers on one side and heartbroken widow Lena Luthor on the other and in between them stands Supergirl, holding their hands and offering comfort as they watch the body of someone who means so much to them be lowered into the ground.

I think of the private gathering at Kara and Lena’s home afterwards. As everyone who knows the truth sits in the living room, talking softly to each other about how today was more difficult than they thought it would be. How they can finally, finally, breathe easier when Kara, still dressed in her Super suit, lands on the balcony. How Eliza hugs Kara a little tighter than normal, how her friends’ voices lack their usual playfulness, how she smiles at J’onn pretending to be stoic as always while gripping her shoulder tight.

How Alex never lets Kara leave her line of sight and of Lena clinging to Kara, whispering I never want to go through that again into her neck.

How Kara looks around the room at the people she loves and at the moving boxes her and Lena are packing up to take to their new place just as soon as Lena makes the arrangements to run L Corp from somewhere else.

Somewhere far enough that they could live without being recognized but Supergirl can still get to National City for emergencies, even if it takes a little longer now.

But mostly I think of Kara watching everyone she loves, her family, her friends, her wife all age around her while she never ages a day. I think of her staying young while they get old and why all of this is necessary in the first place.

Teen Wolf Stranger Things AU.

Stiles is walking home from Scott’s house when he feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise. The streetlights overhead begin to flicker before the bulbs go out, immersing the street in darkness. Stiles turns around but he was too late.

He feels his legs being wrenched from beneath him, a cry tearing at his throat as he falls to the ground. He claws at the earth, his fingers raking across concrete and dirt as the creature drags him into the forest. He thrashes about and kicks himself free of the beast’s hold. He scrambles to his feet, stumbling as he ran as fast as he could away from the creature.

He feels the creature’s claws tear through his bag, pulling it from his back and tossing it aside before chasing after Stiles.

Stiles trips and falls down an incline, hitting the ground with a painful thud. He finds himself immersed in a world of darkness and decay, but he didn’t have the chance to dwell on his thoughts; the creature is closing in. He scrambles to his feet and runs.

The next morning, Claudia wakes up to find her son missing; his bed not slept in, his school books still sitting on his desk and his lacrosse gear by the door. She begins to panic and runs to the Sheriff’s office to tell them that Stiles is missing, but no one believes her because of her dementia. Sheriff Stilinski tries to calm his wife down and takes her home, promising that he’ll look for Stiles and telling her that there’s probably nothing to worry about; Stiles might have just slept over at Scott’s for the night.

Sheriff Stilinski goes to the school to look for his son, but he’s not there. He pulls Scott aside and asks him if he’s seen Stiles but Scott says he hasn’t seen him since he left to go home last night. Sheriff Stilinski begins to worry. He calls out a search party and rumours quickly spread that Stiles ran away from home. That is, until the search party stumbles upon something in the woods: Stiles’ backpack, torn and discarded.

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I think what frustrates me most about Disney’s response to our letters is the fact that they had a third person write back to us with “policy” jargon instead of actually giving us a definite answer on whether or not the series content being revisited would be possible. 

I personally do not subscribe to the idea that they are trying to avoid a lawsuit cause’ this is not us promoting an idea that belongs to us as much as we are trying to push for the closure of an already started project that just got ended prematurely. In the letters, I only stated facts and gave them stats on how much people love the series and that Prequels content would be highly welcomed in the future. That’s it

Next time, I wonder if I should just send a letter that just states “Finish The Clone Wars series which was directed by Dave Filoni and isn’t an idea owned by fans at all”. Or “make more content based in different time periods other than during Imperial rule, you cowards”.

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Not to be overdramatic but your hurt!steve and protective!tony fanfics are what keeps me alive