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In today’s episode of the clock-verse we meet Orion’s sister and damn she takes no hostages


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[au]  - this scene doesn’t actually exist, I (bugheadkiss) made it.

Jughead is a typical fuckboy (IN THIS AU NOT IRL) and he approaches Betty in Pop’s, steals and eats her cherry and says the following line 🙊

Me: Where is my fan fiction for this? I’ll like one now please. 

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Charmander- Favourite starter:

Hoenn was my first game and maybe it’s for that reason, Mudkip has been my favourite starter for the longest time. It is however deceptively hard to draw.

Cyndaquil is a close second but I stay true to my water affinity.

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*cautiously pokes head out of Dark's trashcan, hands him a king-sized Hershey's special dark chocolate bar, and slowly sinks back down into the depths of the trash with a thumbs up*

Dark snubs the treat at first. He has to watch his weight, after all, but then, he can’t resist it anymore and snatches up the bar, pinching off a piece at sharing it with Elsa.


They’re just naturally cute ♡


“Isn’t it a bit chilly for a midnight climb, Your Highness?” Nyx tried first, scrutinizing the silhouette of Noctis’s back against the silver-blue lights of the city’s skyscrapers.
Noctis lifted the bottle he was toying with in answer. “Portable heater.”
Getaway by Jasper_Raven

This was the very first fic that I’ve read about NyxNoct and it is the fic that dragged me screaming and kicking to this NyxNoct hell. Well okay, that wasn’t true, I wasn’t screaming and kicking, I’m more than willing to enter this hell, haha!  It was part of the Dark at Night series at that time, I really love that series too. 

I wanted this to be a gift to @jasperraven~ I tried drawing the “portable heater” scene. This is a small thank you for continuously writing NyxNoct fics. Thank you so much for being a wonderful writer.