Angry daughters concept art (◡‿◡✿)

@eyewitness production team

so I’m gonna need the finale to be like 10 min of plot and 40 minutes of epilogue where the boys are cuddling and Helen and Gabe get a dog and Kamilah’s happy and someone’s giving her hugs and Tony gets to sell his granola and make potpourri and Anne Shea has recovered and Ryan’s dead and Helen’s dancing on his grave. k thnx


I was tagged by them adorable and pretty girls right here @adorablewoo @spicyramyeonmonbebe @ohmychangkyun @ch-hyngwn @hyungwonslays ❤️for the bias/selfie tag….. and here it is.. our eyebags are fucking real this time lmao I look dead here but nevermind I can’t find any good selfies of mine in my gallery this time. This will do xD

 I tag: @cookieangelwonho @annoyinglyhopefulfart @bethanygail @amohyunwoo @flawlesskihyun @alien-army  @yourbabymonstaaa @ukknie aaaa and everyone who want to do this 😂

The iconic moment. I was texting @marisa_wax about how Taylor wants us dead and here she comes, sliding into my notifications! On a serious note, I’m so incredibly happy and grateful!! Thank you Taylor. I love you. ✨💜

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