Okay, I am going to elaborate more on this ask. The thing for me is that I view Cain and Robert as two sides of the same coin. They are both serial villains of Emmerdale who have serious daddy issues and reasons for being emotionally stunted but have found someone who made them want to be better (Moira and Aaron). They both had their stories where everyone wanted them dead, Judgement Day for Cain and Who Shot Robert? for Robert. Both of those experiences allowed them to be brought to their loves of their lives, without actually addressing some fundamental issues in those relationships.

Anyways, this story for Robert in many at the beginning reminded me so much of Cain’s story with Amy. When Cain slept with Amy it was the end of him and Charity. It cost him everything. She then got pregnant and Cain tried to force her into an abortion. She lied about it and hid her pregnancy with the help of Victoria. But when Cain found out Amy had lied and Kyle was his he didn’t instantly fall in love with Kyle, and that was true still when he came back town with Joanie. It’s taken years for Cain to come around to Kyle and be a father to him and that was before they even addressed his daddy issues properly. The show made the conscious choice to make sure Cain was in a good place with Kyle but not suddenly over his daddy issues to do this story with Isaac and Moira. Because they wanted Isaac to be the trigger to finally address Cain’s issues and in the end bring Cain and Moira back together. Because Cain being there for Isaac when Moira can’t will allow her to see she can finally rely on him, which has been the biggest problem in their relationship since day one. Cain has always run away but he’s not running now. 

That’s why this story is incredibly frustrating to me. They made the baby the thing that Aaron couldn’t take. They made this kid the reason Robert isn’t with the love of his life. They also never addressed if Robert wanted to be a father. They never addressed if this was something he had thought about in the future. They’ve barely talked about Jack unless it’s some vague assumption to push the plot forward, but it’s not really getting addressed and most of the time it feels very cookie cutter and unnatural. While in contrast, there have been so many discussions of what Shadrach did to Cain over the last year and how that affected him as an adult and his choices. The really cool thing is it just wasn’t in relation to Kyle or Isaac. They made sure to relate Holly’s addiction back to Shadrach so that we the audience could understand why he struggled to support Moira during that time. It’s been bubbling under the surface for so long the flashback episode felt earned and it finally put it all in perspective and the addition of Faith back in the village has allowed this all to finally breathe and be explained. While Jack just feels like a throwaway line at this point they throw in when Robert is feeling emotionally churned up to amp up the angst without really addressing it. 

So I look at this and how the show could have really taken it’s time during this pregnancy to address Robert’s POV with fatherhood. That way these stories would also not have been running right alongside each other. It’s not like they were too busy focusing on Rebecca so why not spend the time while Robert is scheming to be addressing the Jack stuff? It would have worked. Why not have him talk to Sarah’s grave? He can’t talk to anyone but imagine he just regularly visits Sarah’s grave and we get a short scene where he struggles but talks to Sarah. It would have shown some conflict. It would have shown a side to Robert that the GA could have related to while he was spiraling out of control and also allowed for an explanation of his behavior. So by the time Seb was born we as the audience might buy that Robert really does just feel the instant bond. Now it just feels like a really cheap lazy plot point and they are still just brushing past the important stuff. The dialogue is soulless and cheap, and you just have to look at Cain see how meaningful and full of purpose the stuff with Isaac and Moira is for his character and Coira. I just can’t say I see what Seb will bring to Robron and their relationship or what he as their child addresses at a fundamental level for them. 

Unpopular opinion here but I legitimately don’t want Avengers 3 to come. I mean, the longest it takes to be released, the better it is for me. I know we don’t know for sure about Thor or Loki’s fate but if there’s even a small chance that either of them will permanently die (Loki being more probable) then I don’t want that day to come to watch that on screen. I didn’t even know that it was released next year; I had hoped it was 2019 so we could enjoy Thor and Loki’s moments from Thor 3 a while longer. God, please don’t let either of them die in Avengers 3! I don’t even care if Loki is evil or not, I just don’t want him or Thor dead. I don’t even know what I’d do with my life without them around anymore :/ 

@animebossmeh Thank you so much for asking this because now I can expound upon a point.

No, actually I think it’s the exact opposite.

I think he wants us dead.

Now I like to think of Dark as his own entity - he’s comprised of Celine and Damien but he’s at his core his own person just influenced by them.

Keeping Celine and Damien in line is what keeps Dark in charge of the body and in power.

Celine’s love for Will is manageable, Will can be kept around because for whatever subconscious reason he shares the sentiment of taking Mark down. So Celine’s desire to be near will is sated.

But us? weather we’re a reincarnation, us without our memory, a decedent or just someone who looks like the DA we don’t remember them, we don’t remember what mark did and we don’t remember Damien. we’re running around as besties with mark

Damien is not only consumed by his guilt for having left us, but furious that we would be around Mark after what he did

trying to reach out to us, get us to remember who he is.

we’re a wild card that cannot be controlled and can put a huge wrench in his plans to take Mark down - so he needs us out of the picture, which is why he kills us in the bad end to his story in adwm.


ESTJ - The Executive

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
Under Pressure - Queen ft David Bowie
Billionaire - Travis McCoy ft Bruno Mars
Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots
Wake Me Up - Avicii
Friction - Imagine Dragons
Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day
Roar - Katy Perry
I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend
Power & Control - Marina And The Diamonds
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Misery Business - Paramore
If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback
Empire - If Monsters And Men
Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab
Enemy Fire - Bea Miller
Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
Some Nights - Fun.
Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson

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(fun fact: i asked abt both if you turned off aging /and/ what kids you have in your camp) tbh i decided to turn aging off when pets came out bc i’m not at the point in my game where i can really play with brindleton bay (bc i’m not gonna uproot everything just to move my sims there) and i don’t want them to be dead by the time i am so... tbh tho i’m tempted to move every sim over to a new save bc i only have two households in oasis springs (i /just/ finished repopulating willow creek (1/2)

and i really don’t feel like repopulating that /and/ windenburg and it’s generally just easier to do townie makeovers (plus i’ll have rasoya’s mom back) but man idk. but i hope you have fun with townies dying off now !!

lmAOOO tbh i would just move to a new save honestly it’s more fun for me bc i like having the character archetypes there instead of making my own families.

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Do you think rumple is going to die to be reunited with belle at the end of the season? the thought absolutely kills me :( I just dont want him dead I love him

Me too, Nonny, me too. And I wish I could be among the people who consider it a “hopeful” story for him to have to die to be reunited with his true love (or for Belle to “have” to die and miss her children’s and grandchildren’s lives, for Rumple to learn some lesson that he already knew).

Buy yeah, this story seems designed to allow no “happy” ending other than Rumple’s death, which I find so, so disturbing. 

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alright so remember last volume when salem wanted to know if oz was dead? and this volume we find out oz's "condition" has sth to do with salem? im wondering if salem is planning on attacking ozpin while he's in a new body - and therefore weaker than while he was headmaster. what do you think?

possibly - i think an element might be Salem wanted to know if she was dealing with Professor Ozpin, who is recognisable and so trackable once he resurfaces, or if she was dealing with the unknown quantity of his next host, who could be anywhere and anyone and so can accumulate his power base in relative anonymity and she has to be on the lookout for that