After jumping into some clothes the group took off in Liv’s car to the edge of the woods. The moon in it’s steady decline lit their way at first through the clearing. Soft mist hit their skin.

“Alright your flashlights are special. Keep them on and pointed into the woods. If we find it we circle it.” Liv instructed. She took Nikki’s hand and let her lead the way.

“How do you know where you’re going?”

“She’s shown me this place in my dreams… she told me we can be happy together here.”

Liv’s brows knit together in confusion. “You don’t want to leave your father all alone do you?”

The child shook her head. “I told her I could visit but I couldn’t stay. You won’t hurt her will you?”

Liv took a deep breath and told the girl what she always told herself. “It’s not my job to kill them, but we are here to protect.”

“She took Evan didn’t she?”

Liv nodded with a sigh. This little girl was more grown up than many her age. She just hoped they didn’t have to do anything drastic this time.

I’m having a really hard time right now because I finally got to see my Daddy last night and it was amazing, I’ve missed him so so much, and it seemed like everything was going to work out and he was finally going to be able to get his car back. But I found out tonight that once he got it back from the body shop it isn’t driving right, so he’s going to have to take it back tomorrow and try and force insurance to cover it. And I’m just scared and I feel so out of control and all I want to do is be able to fix this for him and I can’t. And all I want to do is talk to him because I’m hurting and so anxious tonight but it doesn’t feel right to bother him with my emotions when he’s the one who is actually having to go through all of this. And I know that people are going to say well if he’s a good Daddy he’ll be there for you, but sometimes its more complicated than that. We’re both adults trying to deal with the adult world and sometimes that means I’m going to have to be a grown up and deal with my feelings on my own, even when I want nothing more than to call him and cry.

“Iwa chan come to bed already its 4AM”

“Not now Oikawa my prof is gonna kill me if i don’t hand this in”



“The reason that Vixx likes each other and gets along is because the right kind of people met each other.” [x]

“We are just like brothers. But that doesn’t mean we always get on well with each other, we do argue but we would make up straight away. But we have never fought. Hahaha, this kind of team will last long.[x]

one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.

RFA Members + Otome Games

How would the RFA Members would react to their s/o play Otome Games?

Jumin Han: He doesn’t understand why you play those types of games, but it somewhat aggravates him that you do. You have him already, what’s the point of dating two-dimensional characters behind a screen?

He ends up confronting you about it, especially when you become devoted to a certain character (one that’s identical to himself). But when you ask him whether or not he’s jealous he denies it; but you know otherwise.

Jaehee Kang: She doesn’t know what type of games you’ve been playing lately, but it certainly had you devoted to it. When she actually finds out what you’ve been playing, she surprised to see a choose-your-own-adventure game, but with romance incorporated in it also.

She’s tries not to make it obvious, but you can tell she’s somewhat hurt from it. Was the relationship you have with her not enough that you had to find it elsewhere? And within Video Games of all things? You stop playing them as you reassure her that you’re happy with her.

707: You know that he’s scheming something when he finds out that you play Otome Games, although you don’t know what. He doesn’t say anything, and ends up (as the light reflects off of his glasses) working in his room for a while.

The next day you find out that the Otome Game you’ve been playing recently is replaced with a new one - and as you open it, you find out its about you and Seven. You can’t help but laugh at how he reacted to it, but you still played it.

Zen: You end up having to deal with him complaining about how he’s better than all the characters in the Otome Game combined when he finds out, as he gets jealous in seconds; demanding that you delete the game and pay attention to him more - which results in you doing the opposite.

It’s not until you end up screaming “I’ll marry you” after you reach a certain ending when you’re swept off of your feet and onto your bed, as he pins you down: a possessive look in those ruby red eyes of his.

“I bet those guys in the game can’t do what I’m about to do to you.”

Yoosung: You argue that he too fangirls over some characters in LOLOL when he questions why you fangirl over the characters in the Otome Games you play, which makes him go quiet. With that said, you continue to play your games and fangirl over the number of characters within it.

You find out the next day that Yoosung tries to give up LOLOL so that you stop playing the Otome Game, and you can’t help but laugh as he experience withdrawal symptoms from it. Eventually you decide that you’ll join him in playing LOLOL instead of playing Otome Games.