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*NSYNC | I Want You Back | CD: UK

And I’ll do the things that remind me of you.
And I’ll wash my hair in your shampoo.
And I’ll buy your perfume and spray it ‘round my room.
And I’ll smoke your cigarettes so that I’m dying too.
And I call you up.
—  The Kooks, Fa La La La La

hishiron  asked:

4, 10, 14, 17, and 27! ❤

4 Favourite season?

I really like autumn, the start of it at least because its still warm but it’s crisp at night 

10 Where do you want to go for vacation? 

Japan or back to the UK.

14 What’s your favourite book (recommendations?)?

I dont actually remember the last book I read; i think it might have been the girl with the dragon tattoo series? I mostly read manga/comics my favorite is the Scott pilgrim series uwu. 

17 Do you cook often (what kind of meals?)?

I cook for you, you fucking knob. I like cooking with chicken but am starting to cook with red meats as well. I mostly cook lunch/breakfast foods, I want to learn how to bake but one step at a time. 

27 Which one do you prefer: taking a bath or showering?

Baths are more relaxing 

London's Calling

Antoine griezmann please!!

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Antoine asked as you sat down for breakfast one morning. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You looked up from your morning coffee. “Just I want you to be okay” Antoine says running his hands through his messy hair.

“I’m fine. Why are you worrying? I want to move back to the UK with you especially London.” You say to him as he beams one of his huge smile. “I’m so glad that you want to come with me” You smile at your fiancée. “Of course I am coming, I don’t want to leave you on your own”

“I need to know when you are heading over to London because I need to tell work I’m taking a few days off.” You said looking up from your magazine. “Yeah sure I will talk to my agent after training and let you know” He kisses the top of you head as he wanders off to the sink to put his cup away. “Thanks” You mumbled at him.

You headed off to your work in your car. Monday morning was a very busy day in the office, you had lots of news reports coming through. you worked in journalism in the sports department. It was weird when you got stories  about football on your desk because you had to give them too someone else as you were unable to write them.

After being in work for 5 hours your phone started buzzing. Antoine.
“Hello baby” He said into the phone. “Hi darling, you okay?” You answered him.  "I am great thank you, you?“ He asks you. "I am great, bored though. Did you speak to your agent?” You asked him patiently waiting for him to answer. “Yeah I did babe, I will be going to Chelsea on Wednesday afternoon, so they’ve booked us a flight for the morning” You smiled thinking about the new chapter in your life. “I will talk to you about it later, I need to talk to my boss” “Alright baby, speak later love you” “Love you too”

After many boring hours of working on one story about Wimbledon. You were so bored and couldn’t stand it any longer. You decided to speak to your boss. “Can I take a few days off?” You asked your boss. “Yeah how many days 3 days, I will be hopefully back on Friday” You nodded as you head home.

You walked through the living room to see Antoine. “Hello” You smile as you see him topless walking through your house. “Hi baby” You give him a huge cuddle. “Missed you, have you taken tomorrow off?” You smile at him. “I missed you as well, yeah I have up until Friday” You smile at him.

“Are you excited to go to Chelsea?” You asked him as he placed the dinner in front of you. “Its a new thing, I never expected a club like that too even want to buy me. I am happy that you will be joining me in London” You smiled at him.

Antoine knew your situation about wanting too move back to London. You were so happy that it was finally time to head back and hopefully have a good future with him.

“London is calling baby” He says as he stuffs his face with pasta. “I am so happy that our future is coming together, but can we plan our wedding soon. That might make my year with you even better babe” You smile at him. “Oh okay. How about we get our house sorted out in London and we can get married soon” You smile at him. “I’d love that” He smiled as he leant over and kissed you.

The Custodial Closet

read on ao3

Genre: smut (wall sex yay)

Word Count: 2547

Warnings: swearing and mentions of punishment

Side Note: hello yes friend thank you for the prompt but I have also decided to base this off this video (here) so I can take some direct quotes from it to maybe make it a bit more realistic?? Idk. Also kudos to me for an awful name


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Soundtrack Series - The End - Harry

This break was so well needed. You weren’t entirely sure how it would go, but so far it’s been the best thing for you, and for her. You’re together now; everyone knows it. The whole world knows it. It was easy to go out with her after she finally said ‘yes’ to you. Everyone was used to seeing you get handsy with each other. It’s just what you did. Sydney was definitely excited to find out. You could hear her screaming over the phone from across the bedroom. “It’s about fucking time, Jesus, you’ve been over there long enough,” she had said, and you had heard her loud and clear. It wasn’t two days after (Y/N) called Syd that your ex showed up. Yeah, she came back. It was a nightmare. That’s definitely been the low point in the break so far. Of course she ran her mouth, and things got nasty. Very nasty. And I was stupid. I didn’t say anything. I just pilled (Y/N) away after everything had been said. It was all caught on camera so everyone could watch you just stand there while your ex insulted your girlfriend you’ve been trying to keep a hold of for years. (Y/N) flew back to Los Angeles, and of course I couldn’t blame her. You wouldn’t want to be around you either. After she had been gone for a week the rest of the guys had come over for a drink. You told them about the situation, even though they knew from the papers. It was better to get your side of the story before they started on their suggestions on how to help you make things better. After talking with the guys you knew what you had to do. As soon as they left the next morning, you went to Heathrow. You had to go to LA to see her. You had to talk to her about all of this. Before the airport, you made a stop. A very important stop. It wasn’t the door you wanted to be knocking on but you knew you had to before you left. “I never want to see you again,” you had said to your ex. “I never want to hear from you, I never want my name or the name of anyone associated with me to ever come out of your mouth. If you see me walking down the street, you cross it and avoid me. If I see you, I will do the same thing. (Y/N) is the best thing to ever happen to me, not you. It never was you; it’s always been her. This is the last time we will ever see each other.” At that you had left for Los Angeles, knocked on (Y/N)’s door, and did your best to get her back. She loves you, and you’re lucky for that. You told her everything you had said to your ex before getting on the plane. She agreed to come back to the UK with you, seeing how much effort you put into showing her that she was the only girl you wanted. As soon as you got back to the chill of the UK, you decide the two of you need to get away. A trip to the Maldives was perfect. She was so surprised at your spontaneity. You spent three weeks there. That’s how long it took for you to show her how much she actually means to you and to make her promise that she is yours. Once out of the tropics of Asia, the two of you flew back to London, making the decision to spend half of your time in the UK and half of it in the US. It suits the both of you, and you have settled into life with her well. Once you had gotten back from vacation you had officially confirmed to your fans that you and (Y/N) were in fact more than just the friends they had thought you to be. They were ecstatic. You had to admit you were a little surprised but very proud of them for accepting your relationship as well as they did. It’s the best thing that’s happened to you in a while. She keeps your life on track perfectly. The life you have now with her is everything you knew it would be. It took a while to convince her that this was right for both of you. You couldn’t be happier now. You’re watching her as she makes dinner in the kitchen now. You wanted to be in there to help, but she kicked you out rather quickly. She sent you back to the living room to watch TV while she made food. You can’t concentrate on the television now that she’s this close to you. Everything you’ve had to do to get to this point is worth it. Seeing (Y/N) in the kitchen of your house, knowing half of her clothes are in the closet upstairs, her toothbrush is right beside of yours, and all of the suggestions on Netflix are because of her watching habits; it’s all worth it for this life you have now.