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Lin-Manuel Miranda BroadwayCon 2017
Surprise Playbill Periscope

  • Generous quantities of Lin’s face 
  • Advice for theater majors
  • “think of the first Mary Poppins–I’m doing that much dancing”
  • His favorite recent ripples from Hamilton, including “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” and cast album lyrics at recent protests
  • On women performing men’s roles in Hamilton
  • Okieriete Onaodowan in person (including a beautiful answer about young people, theater and inclusion at 15:25)

They fix the volume problem and start questions at 6:45

1/28/17 (x, x)

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TODay I had a dream that our 4 boys went for a sleepover to Zhan and his little sis was there and she was bothering he tian, asking who he liked and he said that it was mo guan shan, who immediately went red. She got really excited and started asking how much did he like him & He tian was like 'Well, I would say 50 % out of 100' and she became so scandalized! And said 'Why?! He is so pretty!' And Mo Guan Shan just combusted & it was so cute, I woke up with the biggest smile



I just planned out my short story for English (which is supposed to be fifteen pages long… lord help me) and I fancasted each of these lovely people to play my characters and now I’m so hype to write it.

Thank you @that-sokovian-bastard and @wonder-carolina for listening to my l o n g idea😂

I might post it here, if yall want. It’s an original idea but if you guys want to read it I’ll post it?

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YOU'RE BACK?!?!?!!?!<wq/ feslad fjcsaih uerfh disj c KLJN LKJD NCKSJLDNC IJRFVNUIR HFVSDK HF WEFHIWUEHFIUHGYHKJSDHIURE IUR HKJSDNKSJDLCNUREIFNCSDJKNC SJDKNC *glomps* [is that ooc or not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll let you decide ]

“Yes! I’m happy to be back, Rider!”

under-a-slowed-fish-rain replied to your post: I just realized something angsty about Koala and I…

This is true, she actually does that! I think that game has a huge amount of amazing Koala material. She can interact with characters like Jinbei (and he’s like “Koala? You grew up a lot” and I cry everytime I hear that) or Hancock (and they talk about Fisher Tiger, me crying pt.2).

IT HAS A KOALA AND JINBE REUNION (sort of)?? I haven’t played a single One Piece game but oh man you’re making me want to check this one out!

Shout-out to the mlm who are gonna be asked about bringing a girl home for the holidays

Shout-out to the wlw who are gonna be asked about bringing a boy home for the holidays

Shout-out to the trans kids being forced to present as their assigned gender who are going to be misgendered and misnamed

All of you are so strong and valid and I love every one of you. My blog is always a safe space for anyone who needs to talk. Especially during the holidays. You’re all amazing. Families can suck and holidays can be tough, but is temporary and you’ll make it through. I beleive in you