want yes


You’re a good student. You’ll make it - I promise you, you’ll make it. You get better grades than I did. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine.


Yes, I’m still trying to re-imagine me some drow fashion. Something that actually makes sense in their matriarchal and merciless society., while still keeping it somewhat classy. Idk how successful I was, but it was fun to draw.

Okay but imagine: Auguste Lives AU with Belle!Laurent and Reformed!Gaston!Damen

HEREE take this lil bby callin for his mOM

And nooo that’s not his mom’s name (duuuh) it’s how you say mom in the language I made

“You failed.”
“You slept for 100 years.”
“Save Zelda.”
“Save Hyrule.”
“Avenge us!”
“You let us down!”
“You don’t even remember me?”

Link sure is strong. 


‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’