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younger prompto & weight loss: a rambling headcanon. ( not for reblog. )

     i just…. like to take any opportunity to stress that my portrayal heavily hinges on the fact that younger prompto did not lose weight singularly for noctis. he did it for himself. at this point in time, prompto knew nothing about noctis as a person. he certainly didn’t know enough to summon up some delusion of an idea that noct only wanted pretty, skinny friends. he did not think of the prince as that kind of shallow person, regardless of offhand comments about weight.

     prompto became a new person because he wanted to. his entire life thus far, he’d felt… alone, unimportant, unwanted. he didn’t know how to be confident, how to reach out to the people who felt miles out of his league. he wanted to feel worthy and strong and attractive. he wanted to turn his existence around and be the kind of person he’d always longed to be: cheerful, healthy, confident, flirtatious, full of laughter. it wasn’t just about the weight; it was everything about himself. he wanted to change it all. he’d look at himself and see a miserable, lonely kid who ate crappy food alone every night and had no motivation in life. noctis and the idea of his friendship were only the catalysts that gave prompto the motivation. it became like a goal: “i’ll talk to the prince when i feel good enough about myself.”

     it wasn’t about noctis, not really. part of him feels bad for that. he’d been asked to befriend the prince but he didn’t, not for years, not until he felt that he belonged at his side and could be the best friend he was able to. it was about prompto and his own methods of gathering the self-confidence to reach out, to be as want-able as possible. he’s never tried to explain it to anyone.

Me handing in my senior quote:
  • Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Zedh_5DDM&feature=share
  • My teacher: "Veronica.this is a link to a Kpop M/V"
  • Me: ..."MONSTA X needs their first win fam"
  • My teacher: ...

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I’ve been thinking lately for a while after talking to multiple people over the past few months who REALLY love platonic content between shiro and keith but don’t enjoy or feel comfortable using the word “br0ganes” for whatever reasons they have that we really ought to have some kind of other term for this relationship available so it’s even more accessible. 

so….SO. this is my Proposal guys, bc it has felt like there’s been a divide between “romance” and “brothers” where people who enjoy them purely as friends with a close platonic bond have nowhere to turn. no romance doesn’t always mean automatically family, but if it does for you then that’s absolutely okay.


this is not a commentary on any interpretations of this dynamic please don’t misunderstand this and turn it into that bc i just will not engage nor do i have time or energy for that lark. i’m trying offer something nice for a lot of people who i know are feeling this could be a good thing for us all. 

this is intended to create a new platform for this dynamic, no drama will be acknowledged. if this suggestion doesn’t appeal to you, stick with the tags you have nobody is telling you what to do or control your fandom experience!!! Basically: interpret them however you want, that’s great enjoy yourselves. 

Anyway, i’m rambling away but yea, i think we could open up some new and really exciting doors exploring their platonic dynamic in an environment that may attract people in a positive new way!!! 

So here is my suggestion - take it or leave it, your choice - why don’t we take up the word “Friendsheith” as a tag that could be for strictly PLATONIC shiro & keith things? 

  • it’s fun and silly!! it’s a dorky pun …. gotta love a pun hahah
  • it means exactly what it says quite literally there is no way it can cause any confusion: friendship + shiro + keith, very simple!
  • it could actually benefit everyone in different ways:
    • if you’re looking for brother au content / brotherly interpretations then it also makes it easier to find that content as platonic content will be tagged elsewhere 
    • if you’re not looking for that or inherent familial nuances: you can find purely platonic shiro and keith content! 
  • it would create a new bracket for shiro and keith that feels a little lacking in the fandom 
  • no risk of crosstagging in any of the pre-existing tags as it’s one set word. 
  • you could still blacklist sheith if you wanted to and it wouldn’t show up or be a bother. 
  • clear separation between sheith & brother au so things are not tagged with both in the same post which can or might upset people
  • would start an entirely new tag for purely platonic exploration of this dynamic without polarising anyone in the fandom from content they want to engage with 

i think there’s real potential in the fandom for this to be something that could spark up some fresh open content for these two devoid of tension between anybody.  

  • if it’s not a word that you want to use, then this post probably isn’t for you - which is completely fine because you do you!! 
  • Also, you still have the other two words to choose from and use in your content 8) 
  • Win-win situation for everybody tbh in my opinion? 

The only thing that could come from this is the prospect of even more content!! So… yes *drops mic* that’s my idea folks 🚀 🚀 

  • I'm a hoe for Wonho

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