want to take a nap

Took Artist Dork to school and decided to visit the engineering lab. Now campus is in lockdown. I just want to go home and take a nap. *sigh*

At least most of the cops I’ve seen are cute.

“It was boring in the house, so I kept asking my parents for a younger brother. Then one day, I didn’t want to take a nap, and my mom told me: ‘If you take a nap, you can have a brother in four months!’”

(Cordoba, Argentina)

Be my girlfriend because:

-I’ll buy/make you food
-Staying in and watching a movie is always an option
-I will surprise you with flowers for no reason other than I love you
-Cuddles, all the time
-We can be nerds and geek out over stupid things together
-I’ll (try to) harmonize with you while singing in the car
-Sad? We can make out. Happy? We can make out.
-I’ll rub your butt
-We can treat dogs like our babies
-I’ll protect you from anything scary
-I’ll never ask for anything except a genuine smile
-We can take naps together, any time of day

Goodnight doodles ❤
Wolf!Cas and I-don’t-even-know!Dean
Aka when you are an Alpha of a tiny pack and all you want from life is good coffee and 8h of sleep, but you get a beautiful, extremely rude man instead.
Gods, why.

currently trying to figure out how to sell my soul to Kings in Couture by @forovnix?? any thoughts??

this happens at least once a week let’s be real

My philosopher brother came to visit and since he was in my apartment under my rules he had to watch LazyTown with me in the mornings. He made some interesting observations, such as:

Brother: The thing about Sportacus is that even though he’s a superhero and does all these stunts, none of them are actually impossible to do. Except that thing with the paper airplane. Everything else, any child can see him and do what he does if they work hard enough for it. He’s a hero who is attainable to kids. And Robbie- uh, what does Robbie want to do?

Me: Eat cake and take a nap.

Brother: … Robbie is also attainable.