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ASOIAF MEME: Wenda the White Fawn and the Kingswood Brotherhood

The Kingswood Brotherhood was an infamous outlaw organization during the reign of King Aerys II. Operating out of the Kingswood, the Brotherhood gained recognition by kidnapping several nobles and evading early attempts to capture them. Ultimately, they became such a nuisance that King Aerys sent a detachment of soldiers led by notable members of the Kingsguard to destroy them. Lord Sumner Crakehall and his two squires, Jaime Lannister and Merrett Frey, were also part of the retinue, led by Ser Arthur Dayne.

The Brotherhood was sheltered by the smallfolk of the Kingswood, preventing the royal forces from finding and ending the outlaws. However, Ser Arthur Dayne gained the confidence of the smallfolk, who had believed that the only ones protecting their rights was the Brotherhood. Arthur petitioned the king for better rights for the smallfolk and he made sure the royal forces paid for any items they took from the peasantry. Arthur’s actions swung the allegiance of the smallfolk to the royal forces who could now hunt the Brotherhood, as the outlaws could no longer walk around with impunity in the forest.

In a notable clash, the young Jaime Lannister, Ser Arthur Dayne, and Ser Barristan Selmy faced off against several notable outlaws, including the Smiling Knight and their leader, Simon Toyne. Barristan killed Simon, while Arthur killed the Smiling Knight. Jaime regards the battle, in which he crossed swords with the Smiling Knight, as one of his fondest memories.

Other members of the Brotherhood included Wenda the White Fawn, Oswyn Longneck the Thrice Hanged, Big Belly Ben, Fletcher Dick and Ulmer. All members are presumed dead except Ulmer, who joined the Night’s Watch to avoid execution.


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Victor and Yuuri, post-season 1

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“Yuuri, this isn’t really necessary,” Victor breathed out, a nervous laugh in his words. Yuuri’s fingers fidgeted behind his head, securing the black cotton blindfold. He couldn’t see a thing, but that was the point.

“You said you wanted me to do something that would excite you.” Yuuri’s voice sounded cool and even above him. Victor suspected he wore a small smile. “This is what I thought of.”

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childhood favs
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So I’m pretty sure the people who named Morro named him that literally cause he wanted “more.”  More-o.  His name sounds so cool, but that’s literally it.

But I took SPANISH.

Now, Morro the way its spelled, has a rolling ‘R’ sound in Spanish and literally means “nose.” 


The word is very similar to the Spanish word “mori.”  In fact, usually first person spanish verbs usually end in -o (I speak=yo hablo).  However, since the verb morir ends in -ir, the correct conjugation is with an -i, rather than an -o.  (I believe=yo crei).  So, we could conclude “morro” is a poor translation of “mori.”

So what does “mori” mean?

“I DIE.”

This was probably not the writer’s intent.




slytherpuff relationships 3

Request: Hi! Could you do a hufflepuff (female) x slytherin (Male) but the puff is actually a lot shy at first (when slytherin is hitting on her) cuz she doesn’t really believe that he’s actually interested and stuff, but when she got trust on him she’s very talkative and that type of person whos quiet but could start a revolution if they wanted? Please?

of course hun! ok so this sounds super cool so im gonna do it

  • Hufflepuff is the type of girl who would be the centre of attention among her friends
  • shout to be heard
  • sing and dance terribly or just put on a show
  • but would literally die if she was called to answer a question in class
  • slytherin was super cocky
  • basically the stereotypical slytherin
  • he didn’t hate being in slytherin
  • but he wished his Ravenclaw friends would trust him a little more
  • he kinda liked to flirt with everyone
  • and by everyone we mean 
  • that one Hufflepuff girl
  • at first he started because he thought it was funny
  • talking to anyone other than the people she talked to normally gave her mild anxiety
  • I mean obviously he doesn’t like her
  • he’s just doing it for the laughs
  • ha ha ha so fuckin funny
  • but when she started getting used to his remarks and flirting
  • she would hit back with the most badass comebacks
  • sometimes if she was having a bad day shed just hex him
  • it actually made her more confident in her charms and she was top of the class
  • most of the time the other Slytherins cheered her on for her hexs
  • over time she started to build more confidence in general
  • and the slytherin kind of went from “yeah shes cute I guess its funny how shes all flustered”
  • to “did you see her with that transfiguration charm that was so fuckin cool bloody hell it was pretty hot”
  • they became friends sorta
  • it would be “coincidental run-ins”
  • like “oh I saw you walking towards this hallway and there’s nothing down here except for that cupboard and the library I was not expecting you here whaaaaat so you wanna study together or..?”
  • and shed laugh because ok but I saw you pack up your things super slow so that you could walk out the door at the same time as me
  • so our little puff has started to think that maybe he does want to spend time with her outside of class
  • so she asks if he wants to go up to the observatory later
  • and he’s there 13.45 minutes early
  • but when she gets up
  • she sees him sitting there
  • and hes drumming his fingers on his leg and checking the small time piece he got from his muggle-born friends on his wrist
  • and he’s looking up at the sky and running his hand through his hair
  • and he looks so
  • normal
  • and then theyre sitting there
  • for hours just talking
  • and to his surprise
  • she does most of it
  • and he just listens
  • because this girl has only ever talked to me when I’ve talked to her
  • and here she is telling me about the Great Depression from her muggle studies class
  • and how if theyd just done this then it would have been a little better for all those families who needed to work
  • and slowly
  • slowly slowly
  • he’s falling in love for her
  • this seemingly quiet girl who hexed him every time he told her she looked nice today
  • and the girl who would stumble on her words when he said she looked good in green
  • and the girl who wasn’t able to answer questions in class because her mind just blanked
  • this was a whole new side to the same girl
  • the girl that made him want to start dancing with her when they cheered for the quartet in the painting to keep playing their terribly off-key notes
  • and the girl who watched the owls disappear into the sky before she yelled “I love you, bird!” and then pointed to the owls in owlery “AND YOU! AND YOU! AND YOU! YOUVE ALL WON A TELEVISION!”
  • the girl who stood up during their study session in the library and whisper shouted “I hate this” before walking out
  • the girl who talked for hours about all the time shed spent in muggle London over the break and everything shed learnt
  • “there are these boxes and you can press a button and it saves an exact replica of whatever you’re looking at”
  • “look this is my shoe, this is the ground at one of the parks in London, this is the sand at the beach we went to one time…. im not very good at using them yet.”
  • and the slytherin is laughing because even he remembered cameras from his muggle studies class in second year
  • but he lets her talk
  • because shes just so chatty
  • and theres no way to stop her
  • so he lets her do her thing
  • “A PHOTOGRAPHER! Thats what the little box is called!”
  • and he doesnt even bother to correct her
I really don’t want to sound like that guy, but-

If you’re a bi/pan girl, please, please don’t think you’re excused from fetishization of mlm. I have met countless girls who fetishize not only fictional mlm, but also real life people like youtubers, hell, even some who fetishize my boyfriend and I! And they say ‘well, at least I’m not a straight girl’. 

But honestly, does it make even a slight difference? Just because you’re bi/pan doesn’t give you an automatic excuse to fetishize mlm, it’s still fetishization and it’s still not cool in the slightest. 

And before anybody says anything, this obviously applies to bi/pan men who fetishize wlw as well.

King Mettaton headcanon:

Both of his assistants have blue increasing-gravity magic. 

He gets them to use it when people won’t bow to him. See, with the ability to force someone onto their hands and knees, bowing isn’t a choice.


Hey, uh

I see a lot of commentary about Greg’s original family name, and though most of it is jokesy and some of it just wants to make mayonnaise references, I just want to say that it’s frustrating to see some people referring to “DeMayo” as Greg’s and even Steven’s “real” name.

We don’t know all the reasons behind why Greg changed his name. Maybe he wanted to sound cool. Maybe he wanted to completely buy into his stage persona. Maybe he wanted to stop associating with his biological family–if he hasn’t seen any of them in more than twenty years, there has to be more going on than Greg just driving away and never looking back out of selfish or uncomplicated reasons. But he changed his name to Greg Universe. And his son has always been Steven Universe.

Universe is their “real” name.

Forgive me if this sounds too serious or if it seems like I’m making too much out of it, but when people change their names, I think it’s important to respect that, and to avoid pulling out a name from their past with the suggestion that the old name is authentic and the new name is not just because it was chosen. 

When people change their names in association with marriage, we as a society don’t refer to their previous name as their “real” name. We get that change. We legitimize it. We acknowledge that a change they chose to make reflects a new identity for them. (This can be really complicated and I don’t want to get into a bunch of stuff about who changes their name in marriage and why or all the not-so-comfortable history of it. I’m talking about the present, and how changed names adopted through choice are almost universally respected in this context but not as much when the choice is for other reasons.)

I have many friends and acquaintances who changed their names to escape painful family ties, or to reflect a gender they weren’t assigned at birth, or to include others as their family under a specific label. Those are just as “real” as anybody’s name they’re given at birth. So I’d really like to encourage people not to frame these cartoon characters as being more accurately referred to by a name one of them rejected and one of them never knew. 

If either of them ended up embracing that name and deciding to use it again, that would be different, but they haven’t done that, and Greg seems pretty defensive about it. So if you want to talk about their family name, their ancestral name, their original name, that’s cool. I’d just really like it if y’all would refrain from suggesting that Greg Universe is “really” Greg DeMayo and Steven Universe is “really” Steven DeMayo. In every “real” sense of the word, they’re the Universe family. Thanks. :)

emblemfighter  asked:

Not sure if you're still doing the dream thing, if you're not I'm really sorry. I had a dream where there were 3 Hanzos. Regular defense Hanzo, Tank Hanzo, and support Hanzo. Tank Hanzo wore some armor sort of like Zarya, he had a man bun, and his bow was huge and futuristic. Support Hanzo had a crossbow, could heal with his arrows, and had something like a komono top. It was really frickin weird and everyone acted like it was normal to see 3 different Hanzos.

….I WANT…. Like, no lie all those Hanzos sound cool…someone, draw a Hanzo in each role plz I would main support Hanzo

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Hey G, when you first started you using the MIDI board did you get lessons on music or did you just look it up and go for it? I don't know whether to start lessons or to just go for it through youtube tutorials and teaching myself, thanks, stay lit never quit!

I’ve never looked up any lesson actually 😅 I just looked up how to get it to work with my program, then did what I wanted to do/sounded cool!