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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Ten

Summary: You continue to bond with the Ackles family, and start to spend more time at the Padaleckis after reading through twitter. When Jared and Jensen fly out for AHBL and you stay behind with Gen and Danneel, you start to doubt your parenting capabilities.
Words: 4.4k (4.8k with tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, JJ, Arrow, Zep, Tom, Shep (mentioned Misha and Mark S)
Warnings: angst-y, cliffhanger-y ending
Beta: @blacksiren​​ (creds for the insta post)

IKYW Masterpost

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Babysitting JJ was the best.

Over your last visits to Austin, you’d built up a good bond with her, and spending a full day with just the two of you was a lot of fun.

She wanted to talk about the baby, and you were surprised at how much knowledge she had on pregnancy.

To be honest, she probably knew more than you did.

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The Secret (13)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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Merciless release

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: smut, fluff, (relentless) teasing, sexual frustration, punishment, swearing.

Summary: when Sebastian wakes up after a drunk-out-of-his-mind night out and finds his girl giving him the cold shoulder, he remembers what happened after he dragged his drunk ass home and knows he’s in trouble. Making it up to her is out of the question before he’s submitted to his punishment. 

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Honorary tag: @tesseractbucky because I somehow seem to keep kicking you off this thing (not on purpose, I promise!) This way it’ll hopefully not happen again!  

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

(I haven’t had a lot of time to get to work on Savages these past few days, so here’s a little something I had waiting for a time like this!)

Oh shit

Sebastian knew he was in trouble when he came up behind his girl in the kitchen, wanting to snuggle her body against his and kiss her cheek. You turned away, giving him the cold shoulder.

His mind began racing immediately; did he forget something? He went out the night before and got pretty hammered and it was already 2 in the afternoon when he rolled out of bed, but you usually didn’t give him any shit about that.

Oh god. Did he forget your birthday?! No, that’s not it, your birthday was a month ago. Did they have a fight? No, he would have remembered that..

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Blanket Thief (Charlie McAvoy)

Anonymous said:

Omg that was amazing!! Since there’s not that much written about him, I’d like to request another one: basically it’s freezing in Boston and he keeps taking the readers sheets during the night bc he’s cold, so she gets up and tries to sleep on the couch or something, but he feels bad and they cuddle (Charlie mcavoy again haha) hope that made sense

Word count: 754

Author’s note: Damn Tumblr, back at it again with the lack of McAvoy gifs

Originally posted by jackeichels

It’s freezing in Boston.

Of course, this isn’t some groundbreaking piece of news. It’s usually pretty cold in Boston during the winter months. But today, the high was only five degrees, something that you’re not all too thrilled about. When night falls, though, it’s absolutely bitter out. It seems like no matter how many layers you throw on or how high you turn the temperature, it still remains just as cold in the apartment as it is outside. You’re sure that it seems like you’re being dramatic, but you’re just a naturally cold person, so cold weather doesn’t really agree with you.

When you and Charlie had first gone to bed, it had been nice. You were warm in a pair of fluffy sweatpants and one of Charlie’s hoodies, a pile of blankets on top of both of you and Charlie’s arms slung around you. You had easily fallen asleep, being warm for the first time all day.

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Imagine Glitch noticing you seem a little down lately. He isn’t sure what to do, and hovers between asking you about it, or leaving you alone so he doesn’t annoy you. He eventually settles for a compromise by leaving out two notes on the coffee table for you when you get home from work.

One says, “Want to talk about it?” and shows an arrow pointing towards the bedroom where he’s waiting. The second says, “If not, check the kitchen.” You do, and find a bunch of your favorite drinks and foods set out neatly for you with a small bouquet of flowers and a third note reading, “I’m here for you.”

You grab the food and drinks, the flowers, and all three notes, and march into the bedroom where Glitch looks up from his book, a little surprised when you dump the food on the bed and snuggle up next to him.

“So,” he says, frowning, “Are we talking about it or nah?”

“After food,” you say, smiling as you snuggle against his chest, already nibbling on a snack.

He gives you a soft smile, and nuzzles the top of your head, looking relieved. “Deal.”


Ok….please don’t laugh at me. This is the first I’ve ever written something going this far into explanation. I hope it doesn’t make you cringe.

I will try to get a Ravi chapter out soon. Expect fluffy fluffiness and a bit of sexy Ravi….maybe.

Anyway, here goes nothing…


“What do you mean by ‘a green light’?”

“Just exactly that. After I saw you sink to the floor, I freaked out and screamed. I was going to push him away but I hadn’t even touched him before this green light came from my hands and knocked him into the wall.”

“So, basically you "Kamehameha’d” him?“

"I’m being serious!”

You slapped Taekwoon’s thigh next to you. You both had woke up early and, thankfully, the power was back on. You started explaining to Taekwoon what you had done after he’d been stabbed. He had brought you over to sit between his legs and pulled the comforter around you both.

“I know. I’m sorry. Please continue.” His arms came around your waist and rested there.

“There’s not much more than that. After all that, I panicked and ran to Unni’s apartment. Is that something that goes along with hybrid stuff? I’ve been feeling weird since then, too.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like that. Maybe I can ask JangPil. "Are you feeling really bad?”

“No, I just feel….off. I don’t know how to explain it. Like it drained my energy or something.”

“I’m glad you got a lick in on him, though. Little bastard deserved it.”

You played with the hem of the comforter and snuggled in further.

“I never thought he would be like that. He used to be so nice.”

“Oh, yes, we need to talk about that. I believe you said you liked him?” His legs squeezed around you, causing you to smile slightly.

“Used to. Past tense. He was one of the first guys I met when I came here for school. At the time, he was so sweet and helped me learn Korean. He would always do this thing where he would grab my face, look into my eyes, and tell me that he was going to download Korean into my brain. I used to think it was the cutest thing. Now, I know he was just trying to connect my mind to his. I should have known though. He never really showed much interest beyond that. I held onto that crush for a good three years before he stopped all contact with me.”

When Taekwoon didn’t say anything, you turned to look at him. His eyes were narrowed and red. He seemed rather pissed off.

“Taekwoon?” He snapped out of it when you said his name. He looked up at you and smirked. Well…that was a dangerous look.

“Taekwoon, are you okay?” You turned around and sat on your heels.

“I’m fine. Just controlling the urge to tear him apart.” He smiled but it was edged with something else fatal. “Now I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t get to beat the shit out of him.”

“He probably would have liked it anyway.”

“Sick bastard. You were right, you know. He wanted someone to hit him. His whole body was humming with anticipation.”

“He probably wouldn’t have stabbed you though if I hadn’t called him out on it.”

“He would have found another reason anyway. Don’t dwell in it.” He tucked your hair behind your ears and pulled on one of your ear lobes.

Suddenly, an embarrassing thought crossed your mind. Taekwoon noticed and smiled.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head? I can feel the gears turning.”

You mustered up all the courage you had in you and asked.

“D-do you have any?” You couldn’t make eye contact with him. If you did, you would lose your will to carry on the conversation.

“Any what, love?”

“You know…”

“No, I don’t.” He joined his hands behind your back and pulled you a bit closer.

“Any, um, you know…..k-kinks? Things you like….like that?” Your face was burning. You still couldn’t believe you asked that. You heard him chuckle so you finally looked at his face. His eyes took on a lovely glow and he smiled sinfully. Your heart kicked up and it only served to widen his smile.

“Why do you want to know?”

Your eyes widened at his question. Was it too foward? Did he not want to tell you? Maybe he wanted to keep it a secret.

“You don’t have to tell me. Honest! I was just curious! We can talk about something else.”

“Well, if you really want to know, I have a couple. Wanna guess what they are?”

“I have no idea….uh…oh! I know! Biting!”

He nodded and laughed. You had to bite down the urge to crawl under the floor after saying that outloud.

“I think any Starlight could guess that though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with another f–”

His eyebrows raised at what you had said. You had never talked about being a fan before you’d met him. And he never asked.

“What kind of conversations?”

Your mind searched for ways to change the subject.

“Oh, nothing important. Just how nice your voice was, how well you danced, and the musicals you did. Stuff like that.”

“No, you said you had conversations about me biting people.”

“J-just in passing. Whenever there was a photo released or something, usually with JaeHwan as the victim. We just noticed is all.”

He sat there for a moment, turning things over in his brain. A slow smile spread on his face.

“You like it too.” You gave up. He was too good at reading you. You buried your head in your hands and collapsed on his chest. This conversation had gone south, really quick.

“So, basically, you like my animal side. The eyes, growling, and biting.”

Worried that he might think that was all you liked, you raised back up.

“No! Well, I do. But thats only part of what I love! I love all of you! I swear, I do! Oh goodness, this was supposed to be about me learning more about you and it flipped around on me!” You flopped your head down on his chest again and you could feel him chuckle. You groaned at his amusement.

“I know, sweetheart. I was just messing around with you. I love that you like the animal side of me. It certainly responds to you.” His hands found their way under your shirt to lightly caress your back. You smiled and snuggled into his chest.

“Do you really want to know another one?” You looked at him and nodded. “Promise not to think I’m a freak that should be avoided at all costs?” Again, you nodded. “Promise never to run away from me again?” Rolling your eyes, you nodded for the third time.

Suddenly, he grabbed your waist and lifted you. When he set you down, you were straddling one of his thighs. You looked up at him, curious. His eyes slowly started to glow as he lifted his leg at a low angle. If it weren’t for his hands on your waist, holding you steady, you would have fallen forward.

“Hands on my shoulders.” You quickly obliged, confused at his actions. You looked down at your position but still couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

“Look at me.” You brought your eyes up to meet his still glowing eyes. Your eyes widened when you could feel him tense the muscle in his thigh. You hadn’t changed from the previous night so you still had his oversized shirt on over just your underwear.

Finally, he pulled you towards him and you inhaled sharply. The feeling of your barely-clad center moving slowly over his thigh had you gasping for air. He moved you until you were flush against his stomach. You swallowed hard and looked up at him. Your hands were clenched on his shoulders and your lower half ached. His eyes met yours and your desire increased ten-fold. He must have sensed it because he smiled.

“Good?” His voice was gravelly from his own desire.

“Yeah.” Your own voice came out breathy and you had only a second to recover before his lips took yours. He moved his lips excruciatingly slow over yours as his hands moved you back across his thigh. He swallowed the gasp you released before bringing you quickly back down to rest at his stomach. You held onto his shoulders for dear life as he released your mouth and traveled down your neck. He repeated his torture for a few more moments as he flicked his tongue over your tattoo before moving down to bite your collarbone. Desperate for more, you rolled your hips experimentally over his thigh. The movement earned you a deep growl as his arms wrapped around your waist. He quickly flipped you so that you were underneath him. You whined a bit at the loss of contact with his leg.

“There will be plenty of time for that later. Right now, I want you underneath me.”

Simon reminding Baz of all the times he used to be a dick to Simon to get Baz to do little things for him.

Simon: “Baz, I need a blanket, can you get me one”

Baz: “Go get it yourself.”

Simon: “Remember when you cat got your tongue’d me in third year?”

Baz: “I’ll get your blanket.”

Simon: “Thank you. Also, can you make me hot chocolate?”

Baz: “No.”

Simon: “Remember when you cat got your tongue’d me the second time?”

Baz: “You want little marshmallows in your chocolate?”


Simon: “Baz, come over and snuggle me.”

Baz: “I’m writing an essay right now.”

Simon: “Remember that time you spelled my laptop shut and I couldn’t get any homework done?”

Baz: “I’m coming.”

Simon doesn’t bring up the actual bad stuff though (like the chimera or the voice recorder incident), because he knows how bad Baz feels about them and doesn’t want to make it worse.

Happy Birthday, Ron

Wine, Ron Weasley mused, was one of the best parts of getting older. He’d foolishly refused the stuff in his teens and most of his twenties, opting instead for the burn of Firewhiskey. It was almost a point of pride that he’d hit his thirties before he got tired of the intensity of the whole stuff, but as soon as Hermione had offered him a glass of the sweet wine she preferred, he knew he’d found a new drink of choice. It left a pleasant warmth in his stomach and a content smile on his face, and if he was being honest, it tasted much better than anything he’d had on a night out with Harry. 

So on his thirty-fifth birthday, he’d asked only for a bottle of wine and an evening on the sofa with his wife. The only snag they’d hit was that Ginny was out of town for the Prophet, leaving Harry with their rambunctious brood, both Ron’s and Hermione’s parents had planned evenings out, and when they’d asked around for a babysitter at the Burrow the weekend before, Ron’s other siblings had pretended to have gone momentarily deaf whenever he’d start to utter his request. 

Hermione had a hunch this had something to do with Rose’s newfound affinity for asking anyone near enough about the history of both the magical and muggle worlds, and correcting wrong answers by spewing more facts in one breath than Ron had picked up in the entirety of his History of Magic lessons at Hogwarts. Most of the time, it was lovely to have such a well-read, intelligent child, and Ron and Hermione did their best to encourage her. Still, the “correcting” part of the phase wasn’t exactly anyone’s favorite, and Hermione hadn’t been terribly pleased when Ron had pointed out that they’d likely never hear the end of it, since her know-it-all phase had never gone away.

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anonymous asked:

Hey just outta curiosity, do you know many fake relationship fics? They're my No. 1 Fave (just like u) thank youuuuuu ❤

Thank you anon friend! Here are some fake relationship fics for you;

Handcuffs by fantasyfiend09 (7k)
Draco is celebrating his 30th birthday with his parents on their private island. Showing up without a date is not an option.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas (24k)
Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.

Date Blindness by Cheryl Dyson (24k)
Harry thought he was perfectly happy until Hermione decided to set him up on a blind date.

The Venice Job by nishizono (27k)
Harry Potter was one of the youngest Aurors in history. He was the Boy Who Lived, and the Boy Who Lived Again. He loved Guinness and Quidditch, and hated pineapple. He wrote letters to Hagrid every Thursday, and on Sundays, he visited Hermione and Ron. Harry Potter was also not gay.

What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard) by oldenuf2nb (40k)
Draco Malfoy had waited years in hope of seeing Harry Potter utterly humiliated…

The Gentlewizard Club by @sophiefrench77 (28k)
Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can. [sequel A Madness Most Discreet ]

In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco Is An Idiot by bryoneybrynn (14k)
For as long as he can remember, Draco’s been bringing fake dates to his family’s annual Yuletide celebration in order to evade his mother’s matchmaking. This year, Potter’s posing as his pretend boyfriend. But as the party gets underway, it gets unclear who’s playing who, who’s pretending what, who’s not pretending at all, and what the game really is. Confused? Yeah, so is Draco…

Drawing Down the Moon by scoradh (21k)
After breaking up with Blaise, a drunken Draco begs Harry Potter for help in winning him back. In a fit of misguided philanthropy (plus one or two ulterior motives) Harry agrees. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, at least one person falls in love.

A Convenient Impracticality by @firethesound (38k)
Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?

Quick, Malfoy. Kiss me. by digthewriter (10k)
Harry thinks kissing Malfoy is a good way to keep all the girls away. Draco thinks kissing Potter will make people stop bothering him. Everybody wins!

Reparatio by astolat (17k)
Draco snorted. “I’m not reduced to penury. I want something considerably beyond money, and I rather think you’re the only one can give it to me.”
“You want the Invisibility Cloak,” Harry said, flatly. He’d half expected as much; it was the only thing he had that Draco could want—
“Don’t be stupid, Potter,” Draco said. “I want my reputation back.”

Twice Yours by @asexualsiriusblack (10k)
Draco needs Harry to pretend to date him at a family event in order to manipulate Lucius. Draco also needs to pretend to date Pansy at the same family event so that he can pretend to be straight around Narcissa. Only one of those fake relationships is built upon a long-standing crush - and it doesn’t involve Pansy.

Bad Faith in Name, But Gracious in Nature by megyal (13k)
Wizarding children have developed a life-threatening condition caused by an old curse. The cure is to be found in the Malfoy Library; surprisingly, Malfoy is willing to help, but only if Harry helps improve his standing in the Wizarding community. (Contains a fair amount of Ted ‘Teddy’ Lupin.)

Dragon Tamer by jennavere (114k)
Desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Draco convinces Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend. What follows is an epic romantic comedy involving scheming, snogging, silliness, shagging, snarky boys, superstars, singing, shagging, snuggling, secrets, sex gods, shagging, and a bunny named Draco Lucius Malfoy the Third. (Explicit version Dragon Tamer Uncensored: The Naughty Version)

There Is Always the Moon by @firethesound (159k)
Draco’s life after the war is everything he wanted it to be: it’s simple, and quiet, and predictable, and safe. But when a mysterious curse shatters the peace he’d worked so hard to build, there’s only one person he can trust to help him. After all, Harry Potter has saved his life before. Now Draco has to believe that Potter will be able to do it one more time. (A remix of If the Sun Goes Black by pasdexcuses)

Decoy Dilemma by dysonrules (39k)
Auror Potter and Counsellor Malfoy return to Hogwarts in order to protect their children from a man who has vowed revenge. Of course, it’s quite a lot more complicated than that.

Plus One, and Only by olimakiella (32k) 
When the love of Draco’s life sends him an invitation to his wedding, Draco desperately tries to find a date for it that’s hot enough to make the man jealous so he can break up the wedding and keep the groom for himself. Then he meets Harry Potter in a cafe one early morning, among the Knockturn Alley crowd, and takes a chance to hire him as a date. When Harry eventually says yes, Draco rejoices, but as he spends a week with the man by his side, and as they learn more about each other, Draco realises his love for the groom is slowly disappearing.

What Are Friends For? by cassie_black (10k) 
It was bad enough when Ron started mooning over Pansy Parkinson – all day, every day. But now he wants Harry to date Draco Malfoy, just so he can get in Pansy’s knickers. Harry’s a good friend usually, but is he that good a friend?

Left My Heart by Emmagrant01 (85k)
Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him. [Sequel Surrender the Grey]
I know it says Draco/Lucius as a warning in the sequel, but it doesn’t actually have Malfoycest, if you want more info about it feel free to message me.

The Love That Has To Keep Shouting Its Name aka Hero Harry’s Attention-Seeking Actions a Huge Howl for Help by twistedmiracle (41k) 
In which Harry fights with the Wizarding press, befriends a Muggle role model, explores his political-activist side, and buys rather a lot of flowers.

Brevis Birch’s Brilliant Boondoggle by DevientGrey (12k)
“You,” Birch pointed at the two flabbergasted Seekers again, “will pretend to be in a long term, committed relationship. You will do interviews and photo shoots, go on dates, buy one another gifts, make with the PDA, all of it.”

The Plan by Alaana Fair (8k)
Harry and Draco are both happy with their playboy lifestyles, but their friends have other ideas. 

A Lucrative Arrangement  by leo_draconis (16k)
Draco is desperate to avoid the arranged marriage his parents are still trying to thrust on him and looks for a way out. In walks Harry Potter.

Make it Good by fr333bird (9k)
Harry and Draco are Auror partners who go undercover as rent-boys at a brothel. In order to get into the brothel they have to have sex in front of the owner. And they have to make it look good. 

Welcome to Holding Hands by simeysgirl (18k)
Harry and Draco, Auror partners extraordinaire, work perfectly together in the field. It’s every other minute of the day that they have arguments. Having had enough, Kingsley, gives them a choice: sort out their problems or they’re off the force. Deciding that they’d really rather keep their jobs, they go to counselling, but the therapy isn’t quite what they expected.

Tempus Fugit by Stylophile (97k)
A monumental cock-up in Potions leaves Harry and Draco contending with more than mutual enmity, and a strong desire to utter all manner of profanities. Slash, sex and slurred words ensue.

The Consequences of Contradiction by halfpennybuddha (15k)
We Won’t Say ‘We Told you So’ - Harry Potter is tired of his friends constantly getting the wrong idea no matter how hard he protests, so he takes matters into his own hands.

For Love of a Family by icicle33 (30k)
A series of attacks by a group of neo-Death Eaters causes the Ministry to implement a new set of restrictions on former Death Eaters and their children. When Scorpius falls ill, Draco decides that he will do anything to save his son, even if it means marrying Harry Potter.

Never Feel the Burning Light by @carpemermaid​ (48k)
When it falls to Draco to restore his family name to its former glory the road ahead of him is long, but with Harry Potter’s help and a plan that is just this side of ridiculous he just might succeed at accomplishing his goals and getting what he wants. What neither of them plan on is falling in love along the way.

anonymous asked:

How would Hanzo, Mccree and Zarya react spending their first Christmas with s/o???

That’s right Christmas is in like 3 weeks. I actually forgot it was a thing.



- The poor man would be lost and his s/o would have to lead him setting up for Christmas as he hasn’t properly celebrated the holiday due to his family and that they used Christmas as an opportunity to for family business.

- He would also be a bit salty to the whole situation and stand away from the crowd. That is until he saw how happy his s/o was and wanted in on it.

- It took a while for the archer to smile, but when he did it wouldn’t go away. D.Va took a photo of the him and his s/o smiling towards each other and may of posted it online.

- When it came to the gifts he would actually go all out wanting to make sure he made an impression and prove how much his s/o meant to him.

- But his s/o would feel bad when they give him his gift as it’s only a singular gift and not a whole mass like what Hanzo did. The thing is Hanzo almost cried when you gave him his gift as it meant a whole lot to him as it came with the special memories of the day.


- The cowboy would get into the spirit only about 2 weeks before Christmas is because he actually lost track of what time of year it was as he was too focused on spending time with his s/o.

-  He would literally put mistletoe everywhere just to get as many chance to steal a kiss from his s/o as many times as possible, even though he could already do that. But the mistletoe makes the kiss a bit more special.

- When it comes to the food his s/o would always have to kick him out of the kitchen because he will try to ‘taste test’ the food.

- When it comes to actually celebrating the holiday he would get drunk quickly and be singing Christmas songs for the whole time. The only time he would stop was to get a kiss from his s/o, have another swig of his drink or to snuggle with his s/o.

- One of the gifts would be him and he would make it severely obvious before he shows his s/o. His s/o would have to drag him out of the main room into their shared room before anything happens.


- She would actually be the one to start decorating early, although she wouldn’t go overboard with it. Less is more.

- Although she would wear Christmas shirts that show off her muscles, she would also sneakily buy a couples t-shirt because she is proud as all hell to be with you and to spend your first Christmas together she would be all lovey about it.

- She wouldn’t leave your side in the main room. She would want to spend as much of the holiday with you as she possibly could because she knows this is the first Christmas among many and wants the first one to be memorable.

- Although two-thirds through the party she would drag you away to your shared room just so she could snuggle with you so there was some private time away from everyone else.

Best parts of the KNNA PV (in no particular order)

- All my girls looking amazing

- Chika spraying everyone at the start and destroying Riko

- Maru’s on point voice

- Third years being Third years

- When the lights turn orange in the Aquarium


- Chika being in the center for a little bit (cause, you know, she’s the most powerful idol ever)




- The “Ehehehe” smile You gave after her walrus head came off



- The 4 bars of the song where it turns into disco ish music and everyone goes ham

- The Choreography looking like you can make a gif set of Aqours with shades and adding cool things like “2KEWL4YOU (hehehe)” or “AYYYY LMAO” during the bridge

- Everyone swimming like a fish

- That plank of light that materializes under You’s feet for like 2 seconds then disappears

- Riko deciding she wants in on that You/Chika action but there’s too many witnesses to act on her urge

- Riko getting her wish by being snuggled by You and Chika

- Dia appearing on the screen

- Dia doing anything

- Anything Dia



What a great PV

11/10 would watch it more than 20 times in one day

Auston Matthews #3

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! Could you possibly do an auston matthews one? Maybe like you go on a surprise cute date? Thanks! Love your blog💕 [Thanks honey :*]

Word count: 1,030

You turned off the tv as the credits started to roll. The game between the Canucks and the Leafs just finished and you were too tired, sad, and disappointed to even wait for the post-game interviews. Your boyfriend, Auston Matthews, would still be busy so you didn’t bother to check your phone for any messages. When you talked to him earlier, a few minutes before the puck drop, he told you that he’d just see you in the morning.

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Convinced (Trixya)-taylor

a/n: so this is gonna be a couple chapters long i haven’t figured it out exactly, but yes! I know where i want this to go but idk how far does that make sense??? who knows oh well! okay so this is how i imagine Trixie and Katya get together.  because of the brian brian issue, i’m using trixie and katya the whole time, with he/him out of drag and she/her in drag!! this is just the first part, the rest will come soon if y’all are interested!!!

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anonymous asked:

Kagami, Takao, Hanamiya, Aomine, Kise and Haizaki watching the Saw movies with thier gf because she loves them???? Love your blog!!!


AOMINE: Aomine just grinned when he saw your expression. Hearing that you liked the Saw movies, he instantly suggested for a night in to have a Saw movie marathon. He thought that you might get scared and even teased you a bit, poking you plenty of times throughout the thing. “Aomine, please, I’ve seen them like four times each.” Though, during one of the scariest scenes, you felt him jerk lightly and laughed. He growled and lunged at you, pinning you to the couch, “Why don’t we do something more interesting, hm?”

HAIZAKI: He was genuinely surprise to hear you say that you loved the series and he, of course, wanted to take you up on that Saw marathon challenge. As he snuggled in next to you for the third movie, he knew that he had to do it. He tapped you on the shoulder and, you were still smiling mind you, when you turned to him, you saw the mask. That fucking mask! You shrieked and shoved him away. He burst out laughing, “Babe, it’s just me.” You glared and tossed him out the door. “Sleep outside for all I care.” You snapped and locked the door. He chuckled until he realized that you weren’t opening it. “Hey, you were kidding right? Babe? Fuck!”

HANAMIYA: “Eh, who knew ____-chan liked scary movies?” He grinned and tugged you closer after pulling up the movie on the screen. You were watching the movie comfortably. Your boyfriend by your side and the movie you absolutely adored on TV. You snuggled closer towards him. But then you should’ve known better. Hanamiya was the worst person to watch movies with. He picked on every single detail and didn’t even feel any fear towards any of the gory scenes. “Hanamiya, stop.” You groaned after he made comments about the killer. “What? He’s stupid, I don’t know why you like this movie.”

KAGAMI: Horror movies were never fun, especially not when your own girlfriend giggled through and grinned at every gory scene. Kagami sat tensely next to you and for the nth time that night, he got up and went to the kitchen to grab another drink. You frowned when he came back, “You’re missing out on the whole movie.” He grunted and shrugged, muttering under his breath, “That’s the point.” Then it dawned on you. “Baby, you know we can just watch another movie if you’re scared—“ “I’m not scared.” He straightened and, after one, you just changed the movie for the sake of his sanity.

KISE: Although he wasn’t necessarily afraid of such things, he did feel slightly uncomfortable with some of the bloody scenes. He let out an awkward laugh and turned to you who were grinning like a maniac, “___-chi really likes these things, don’t you?” You just smiled up at him and nodded, telling him how you went crazy over brilliant murder plans. Kise’s eyes widened before he inched away slightly from you. You, noticing his movements, grinned and started wiggling your fingers at him. “It gives great inspiration, Ki-se-kun.” He got up and ran before you could do anything and you laughed, chasing after him.

TAKAO: Takao was skilled in handling horror movies. Although he wasn’t really good with them before, he watched plenty of them to train himself to toughen up for you. However, when you put on the movie, he started shaking. You panicked and asked him if he was okay. “I’ve never seen one with that kind of a mask before!” He said, hugging you. “Can I just hold you like this until the movie ends?” You stopped your laugh and just smiled, patting him and hugging him even tighter. “Of course.” Little did you know, the little devil had pulled an act and was grinning proudly.

Clingy Jimin

Jimin:*spots the love of his life*

Jimin: “Could you move away from my man please?”

Jimin: *successfully becomes closer to his man and Jin slowly becomes the third wheel*

Jimin: *Gets even closer to his man, and Jin is quickly becoming third wheel*

Jimin: *Has managed to snuggle even closer to his man* “Oh Jin-Hyung, is there something you want?”

Jimin: *Has become one with his man and Jin is sick of this(shit)*

Jimin: *Claims his man as Jin desperately tries to separate them*

Jimin: *protects his man* “Mines, he’s mine.”

Jimin: “MINE!”

First Kiss

Hip Hop Unit

Seungcheol: This sweety is a mess when it comes your first kiss. He’ll want to do it on the second or third date, but actually waits for the moment it feels good. It will probably be when you are in private, just netflixing together, with you snuggled into him. He’ll subtly lean in, ghosting his breath over your lips. When you don’t pull away, he will lean closer and softly press his lips to yours. It is one of those kisses you’d see in a sappy romance drama. Waaaay too tender and cute to be actual true.  

Wonwoo: Lowkey wants to kiss you early on, but is highkey too shy for it. You’ll be exclusive already. You’re just sitting around on a deserted skating rink at night, talking about every day nothings. Wonwoo points out a few stars to you and wraps an arm around your shoulders. He’ll be like ‘but the most beautiful star is you’ and you look at him, super flustered. Wonwoo finally catches heart and slowly leans in to peck your lips. It is not intense, but it is intensely romantic.

Mingyu: Probably the one to kiss you when you agree to be exclusive. He will grin at you awkwardly first, his smile breaking into bright and happy. He reaches out and gently cups your cheek with his big hand. He will slowly lean in to press his lips softly to yours. You run a hand into his hair and kiss back, slowly the kiss grows deeper and although it stays tender, it has a lot of feeling in it.

Hansol: Might kiss you after a few days of being exclusive. You’d be hanging out in the back of a small coffee shop. Snuggled up together and softly whispering sweet little nothings to each other. Vernon will cup your cheek and pull you closer. The kiss is so sweet and soft and romantic and ugh.

Performance Unit

Chan: Cute little baby Chan will kiss you while you are sure you are going steady. He’ll try to make it casual, but has been planning the shit out of it. You’ll be netflixing and all of a sudden Chan is kissing you. It is very clumsy and cute, but a bit of a surprise. You mold and relax into it after a little while.

Junhui: Will probably kiss on the second or third date. Does it in a way that totally sweeps you off your feet. You’ll be like walking around at sunset and the mood is romantic af. He will stop in his tracks and gently take your chin between his fingers. You look each other in the eye for a while and Jun whispers something sappy and romantic and slowly leans in. He kisses you, sweet and soft, but soon deepens it a little bit.  

Minghao: Surprises the whole world and their mothers by kissing on the first date. It will be very natural though. The film you decided to visit is boring and the cinema is near empty. So instead you and Minghao focus on each other instead. He leans in, smiling sweetly at you. You tilt your head and little and Minghao closes the distance. Sweet and slow you kiss each other, basking in your lovey dovey happiness.

Soonyoung: It is very spontaneous. Like you will just be hanging out together. It is warm out and you’re laying on the floor, after a tickle fight or something. You’re both panting and Soonyoung rolls onto his belly, looking at you with his sweet admiring expression. He will lean in to rub his nose against yours. The kiss comes just so natural after. Soonyoung leans in and softly presses his lips against yours and the rest flows like a river. The kiss is sweet and tender, but not very deep.


Seunggwan: You will definitely need to take the initiative here. Boo is all talk and rather shy in fact. Do it when you are in the park, walking around. You slip your hand into his and pretend to be innocent as a child. Then you will peck his cheek and shy away. Then you make him stop and press your lips onto his, making him freeze over at first and then kiss you back.

Jeonghan: HOPELESSLY ROMANTIC AHOY. Jeonghan wants everything to be perfect. So he actually planning this whole first kiss thing. He’ll light candles and brings roses and all of that sappy cheezy stuff. He’ll bring over to the couch and cup your cheek with a hand and lean in for the kissing. It will indeed be perfect, his silk lips gently moulding against yours, while he softly strokes your cheek.

Jihoon: You will need to initiate. Not bc Woozi doesn’t want to kiss you, but literally bc he is too shy. That or too busy to set a good mood for kissing. So you’re going to drag his ass out of that studio and take him home to relax. You’re going to set the mood and you’re going to kiss him when he is sufficiently relaxed. Woozi will be a bit surprised, but the resulting snog is quite the thing. Tender, but intense.

Seokmin: Might be that he kisses you on the second date. You’ll be walking home from the cinema and you are holding hands and Seokmin smiles at you. He takes you into the park, of ya know, the scenic route. And the sun is slowly setting and the atmosphere is so romantic. Seokmin stops and gently pulls your hand. Then he will sweetly ask if he is allowed to give you a kiss. When you consent, he smiles widely and leans in to kiss you. It is so super sweet and tender. And you continue kissing when you are at your place.

Jisoo: He keeps pushing it forward because he does not find the moment suitable. You’ll be official for a few weeks, but the first kiss is still absent. So you will have to be the one to initiate. You get him alone and set the mood with a romantic song and a few scented candles. You’ll cuddle up to him on the couch. Jisoo is softly talking to you, twining his fingers with yours. You’ll ask him to close his eyes and lean up to gently press your lips to Joshua’s. When you back off, Joshua leans forward to keep the contact. Sweet and tender, the kiss last quite long.

February 7th, 2014

ARTIST: chiaramelacarne

AUTHOR: kelsey-loves-tea

February 7th, 2014

1 is for the apartment they shared.

Alfred could remember the day they moved in together. It was pouring outside and everything was soggy. Arthur was beyond upset. Nearly every one of his boxes were damp and ripping down the sides. Alfred thought it was funny, really their luck, but Arthur didn’t find it so. He was pissed about the mud they were tacking through their apartment and the mess they made in their home. But every time Arthur complained, Alfred couldn’t help but smile wider. Because it wasn’t, Arthur’s or his own apartment; it was theirs. And that pronoun couldn’t have made him happier.

2 is for Alfred’s favorite season; winter.

Alfred always loved the winter. He’d tell anyone who asked it was because of the holiday or the snow. It was because of the nasty fruitcakes Arthur’s parents sent that Alfred gladly ate down. Or the smell of the peppermint tea that Arthur started to taste like. He’d tell them it was because of Arthur’s special cocoa that never failed to make him feel better, but it wasn’t. Truth be told, Alfred hated the snow and the cold. He really only cared for the winter for one thing: Arthur loved to cuddle to stay warm. Before the winter, it was rare for the Brit to want to cuddle other than when they were in bed. But during, Alfred would find the smaller man huddled close to him, or hell, even in his lap. Alfred loved to be able to have a willing Arthur to cuddle. Arthur would sigh happily and snuggle into him more. They would lay sprawled close to one another on the sofa, or pressed together in one of the lounging chairs as they watched the telly. Alfred couldn’t think of another way he wanted to spend winter but wrapped up in Arthur. Thankfully, Alfred didn’t have to think.

3 is for the nights they ate alone.

It wasn’t like he hated Arthur’s cooking completely. He’d pick and tease, only to get a second plate (a third or fourth if Arthur made his stew). But today was one of the nights Arthur would work late at the office. Alfred would whine and groan. Trying his hardest to wait for the Brit to get home to eat, but not lasting due to his stomach. Of course that would normally lead the American to go eat out, something he started to mind. It never tasted as good as the shit Arthur would push onto his plate. Or as savory as when they eat the greasy food out together. Alfred knew Arthur hated working late and would rather be home with him. But work wouldn’t allow it. Al would buy Arthur a stupid meal from where ever he went to pick up food (or on the rare occasion he cooked- a plate). Arthur would grumble in the morning about the cold food, but Alfred knew better. Arthur appreciated the thought, both wishing they could eat together every night.

4 is the amount of kisses they share before work

Arthur huffed. “Al, I need to go,“ he said as he quickly whirled around the room, trying to pull on his clothing. Smoothing his tie, wrinkled as it was, against his chest. He yelped as Alfred pulled him back into one more kiss. Arthur tried to frown (he really did, but he couldn’t). He stopped his hands and wrapped them into Alfred’s shirt, pulling him in closer. He deepened the kiss before he pulled back. Alfred rested his forehead against Arthur’s.

“Stay,” he nearly begged, but Arthur shook his head. “Skip work with me!” He whined like a annoying child. Arthur, of course, could only hold out for so long. Another kiss here, a loving touch there, and soon enough his suit was on the floor.

5 is for the extra minutes in bed Arthur needs every morning.

Sadly, no matter how much Arthur said it was Alfred who made them oversleep, it was truly himself. He liked to blame Alfred, most of the times others would believe it. They would agree the child-like American wouldn’t keep time and cause the two to be late to anything: work, parties, dinner plans and the like, but really it was Arthur. The Brit liked those lazy days where he got to lay in bed, and most cases Alfred was up before the older male. Arthur, however, slept in more than he’d ever admit. He was the one who hit the snooze alarm four (sometimes five) times before he finally got dressed in a hurry, making sure to smooth out his clothing before he left. Alfred always found it adorable, but he never failed to have Arthur’s mug and lunch were packed before the man left.

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"Hawke." Silence. "HAWKE." Nothing. Fenris scrunched his eyebrows. He knew Hawke was here. It'd been impossible to miss how she stomped in from the rain and wind, muttering something under her breath about "too many damn responsibilities" and "why did they put me in charge anyway", heavy boots hitting the stairs as if each step were the face of someone she despised.

“I’ll be down later,” was the single sentence she ground out on her way up, Orana peeking around a corner with a question in her eyes before a door upstairs slammed shut. Which brought Fenris to the present. Two hours later, the smell of savory soup and hot bread floating from the kitchen, and no sight of Hawke. There wasn’t even a creak of wood to suggest pacing or movement. He took in a breath to call her name a third time, words dying on his lips as he sighed and climbed in her footsteps.

Tugging open the door of their bedroom revealed a wide, comfortable space with a large bed, soft carpet and the beginnings of sunlight peering through storm clouds roving away from the city. Pictures of pressed flowers and a somewhat bawdy scroll from Isabela hung on their walls. A small round mirror caught the shift of the door as he closed it behind him. This was their sanctuary, harboring all their sorrows and joys and triumphs in four walls and safety.

From the look of it (“it” being Hawke lying pitifully and squarely face-down in the middle of their bed) this was a time of something less than happiness. “Hawke,” he said gently, the bed creaking beneath as he sat on its edge. “Hnnnrrrssss.” He figured that was (probably) his name. “You didn’t come back down,” he said, callused fingers brushing strands of hair away from where they tickled her neck. “Hdnwna.”

“You don’t want to? I’m shocked if not even Orana’s food can tempt you.”

She seemed to consider this, muscles tensing to get up. Only to barely muster the energy to flip over. Her face was red — the work of lying face down for longer than he’d been there, most likely — and her eyes were lidded with fatigue. Her eyes were bloodshot too, though from paperwork or fighting or tears he couldn’t tell.

A thumb ran fondly over her chin. For a while they sat silent, taking each other in in that way lovers do when distressed by the world outside, but happy for the dispel of solitude the other’s company brings. “How was today’s meeting?” he ventured after a minute. A snort. “Hah! Thrilling and heart-stopping as usual! Did you know that someone fell asleep twice? That’s better than I do. And of course I got the usual list of what to do, what -not- to do, what to kill.”

“It’s probably terrible to wish for the days when all I had to do was worry about the last part.” He settled beside her, and arm wrapping around her waist to pull her close until they were curled together, her hands caught between them. “It’s odd; normally days like this don’t do me in,” she whispered. “I can make it through the hoops and the noise, but today?” She pressed her against his chest, as if hoping to disappear in the warmth.

“Today I want to hide. I want to not be here and not be looked for except by the people who matter. And I want to sleep. I also want to not be addressed by titles. I would also like to eat, but maybe later?”

He laughed, a low and comfortable rumble against her skull, and pressed a kiss to her head. “I could station Aveline in front of your door.”

“Do you think she’d agree?”

“A slim chance is better than none.”

“Hm.” She snuggled closer, letting her eyes fall shut. “Maybe tomorrow. I want to do that third thing now.” He sat up on his elbow, blowing out the nearby candle before tugging a sheet over them both. Her cold feet pressed against his leg and he nudged them away to tangle lazily in the sheet. One of his hands covered hers, currently making a light fist in his shirt.

“I’ll make sure no one wakes you,” he promises, glad for the smile that follows soon after.

They wake to the last of a sunset and the creak of the door, drowsy and content. On the nightstand is a tray with two covered bowls and the smell of herbs and bread wafting from under a large napkin, two spoons crossed over each other on the side. “Bless you, Orana,” Hawke mumbles as her stomach growls, blindly reaching for bread and nearly knocking over the candlestick in the process.

Fenris holds her closer just a moment, enduring her complaints of being deprived of her meal before helping. They eat in silence and in each other’s arms. Some days, Fenris thinks, are far from perfect. But they find a way to salvage the day, one way or another. (end)

((You’ve had a time of it the past two days and I know this is an ambling piece, but I hope it makes you smile a little. Hang in there! Nonnyland and your followers believe in you! *scuttles away*))

anon, i do not and will never know what i did to deserve you. i have been sitting on this a week trying to figure out how to tell you how much this meant to me in the horribleness of last week, and basically all i’m coming up with is inarticulate sounds of joy and a li’l splash of tears.

you’re amazing. thank you, for this and for all the other ficlets you’ve dropped in my inbox over the last few years. the kindness of your heart is an amazing place indeed. <3<3<3

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 6b

AUTHOR: lopiercee (FF ACCOUNT)

PROMPT: Brittana are married for a few years, now they want a baby so Santana tries to get pregnant but finds out she can’t have kids. She’s devastated & thinks that brittany is going to leave her but brittany tries to be there for her.

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon

RATED: T (for some language)


Brittany and I have been married for three years now and it’s been more than amazing. When we got married, we decided to get our careers in line before expanding our family. Brittany’s career took off instantly which I knew it would, so we decided that I would carry our first child. I was more than happy to carry first so it was no sweat off my back.

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Empty Words

‘What would you do if I died?’

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I’m curious..’

‘I don’t know, maybe just do what Juliet did for Romeo?’



‘I would have done the same thing.’

‘Shove off Harry, you’re just copying my answer.’

‘Am not!’

‘Well, I wouldn’t really poison myself, I would just feel dead, well because you’re not next to me. And you not being next to me, makes me feel dead.’

She sees him stand there with his fiancee, looking…well perfect, to her, she was sure that others would agree. (Y/N) sipped her wine again, still making a face as it went down. “It’s good to know that you still can’t stomach wine.” (Y/N) turned around as she placed the name to the voice who spoke to her.


“The one and only.” He smiled at her, his blue eyes sparkling under the lights, he leaned in and gave her a hug. “What are you doing at a boring party, like this?”

(Y/N) shrugged as she took another drink, “Blast! Can’t this get any sweeter?”

“It’s red wine dear, it’s supposed to be bitter. Now answer my question, why are you here?” He nudged his shoulder with hers.

“I had an invite, I was bored so I decided to go.” She led him to a free booth that was just evacuated.

Jamie followed her obediently, feeling something wasn’t right with her. “Are you okay?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” The answer was to quick for Jamie and he lifted up an eyebrow. “Seriously, Jamie, I’m fine. So stop with the eyebrow thing, please, it creeps me out.”

“So you’re fine with him and her?” He saw her stiffen and looked at her glass like it was the most fascinating thing in the room. “I don’t mean to pry but-”

“It’s fine, no one has really ever bothered to ask me if I was fine with anything.” She confessed, feeling pressure in her heart. “I think everybody thought I was just fine you know? Because I put on a brave face.”

“So are you?”

“I think I’m getting better…. I don’t know. Somedays I think I’m getting better and moving on, but then there are days where I just don’t want to leave my flat.” (Y/N) whispered as she played with her glass.

“It’s to be expected (Y/N), you and Harry have been dating 16, that’s what? 10 years? I just can’t believe he’s engaged.”

“Yeah, me too…”

“(Y/N)-” Jamie said longingly.

“I’m fine, I just it’s a bit quick don’t you think?”

“Have you told him that?”

“Just because we departed in civil terms, doesn’t mean we’re best buds, you know.” (Y/N) said harshly, “Sorry.”

Jamie waved her off, “It’s fine, but you do know they’re coming over this way right?”

(Y/N) looked up quickly and saw Harry and her walking over to their booth. She put on a fake, brave smile. She waved to them and waved back. “We can leave you know?” She heard Jamie beside her.

“It’s fine, I have to deal with it.”

“Hey guys!” Harry greeted them, and hello’s were heard throughout the 4 members. “Jamie! I haven’t seen you in like what, a year?”

Jamie smiled condescendingly at him, “Yeah, sorry. I was with my cousin, he was getting married. Remember Aidan and Emma? Yeah, they were dating for about 5 years, before he popped the question. Love of their lives, they are.

“ That only took about a month, give or take, the rest I just didn’t particularly want to see, after you broke my best friends heart here, and got engaged to a woman who you just barely met.” Jamie’s voice grew harsher as he neared the end.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but stifle a laugh, she quickly played it off as a cough as Harry pinned her with a glare. “Something stuck in my throat.” She lamely said.

“Jamie, I think you’re out of line!” Harry said harshly moving away from his fiance.

“I don’t think I am Harry. You are out of line, how dare you rub your relationship in front of (Y/N)? Do you not know any manners, you fucking pig!” Jamie was about to say more before he was punched in the jaw by Harry.


“What he deserved it (Y/N)!”

She rushed quickly to Jamie’s side, “You have no right to come into my party and insult me and my fiance Jamie, no right at all! Atleast I have someone, what about you? Living the bachelor life, huh? How many times have you had an STD?”

(Y/N) grew angry as she heard Harry’s word, she spun around and looked at him. “I don’t think you have a right Harry! You have no right to call out Jamie on his shit! When did you start treating your bestfriend shit? HUH?” She shoved him and he stumbled a bit.

“He has been your friend for more than 7 years! And where did you meet your fiance? You say you met her in the shops, am I right? You know what a friend of her says? She says you met in a fucking strip club! Really, Harry, never knew you would stoop down that low.” (Y/N) spat as she helped Jamie up.

“Atleast I have someone (Y/N).” That sentence hurt more than (Y/N) would have ever thought. She gazed up at him, her face void of any emotion.

“Goodbye Harry.” She led Jamie to the exit before the tears started.


“It’s alright, you’ll get through it, I’ll be here.” Jamie whispered, trying to comfort her as they slid into the cab.

She didn’t say anything, she just leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed. She was tired, of Harry, of her life…of everything.


They reached her flat and she walked directly to the cupboard in her kitchen. Pulling out two glasses, she filled one with Whiskey and gulped it down. She gestured to Jamie who was watching her, “Want one?”

“No, I’m alright.”

She shrugged, “More for me then.” She filled the other glass to the top with whiskey and chugged it down. She was about to fill a third one when she was stopped by a hand.

“(Y/N), drinking yourself to oblivion won’t help you feel better.”

“But it can help me to numb and forget the pain, even if it’s just for a little while.”

With nothing to say, Jamie let go of her hand. “I’m tired, I’m going to bed. You can crash on the couch Jamie, or go, whatever.”


(Y/N) snuggled to her covers, thinking it’ll protect her from the outside world. “How are you?” She heard him ask from the door.

“Ask me when I’m sober, I’ll probably make something up tonight.”

“I’ll be downstairs if you ever need me (Y/N).”


(Y/N) woke up with a minor headache and headed down the stairs, smelling bacon cooking. “Cooking breakfast?”

“Nah, cooking supper actually.”

“Git.” She smiled at him as he placed down her mug of coffee next to an envelope. “What’s this?”

“It came for you this morning.”

She opened the envelope and saw an A4 piece of paper, most of it blank but in the middle it just said word ‘sorry’. (Y/N) sighed as she placed it down, she noticed Jamie’s curious stare. “What?”

“How are you feeling?”

“Dead.” (Y/N) said truthfully.

“Why? Is it because of Harry?”

“Yes and no.” When she saw Jamie arch a brow she elaborated, “Because as of now, Harry’s dead to me.”

They didn’t speak for a while, “I’ll be here you know? If you ever need someone to shag, just for fun, I’m here. Or if you need to go to a stripclub or a shooting range, I’m the guy.”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but smile at Jamie, “Thank you.” She sipped her coffee, she gladly welcomed the bitter taste.

‘What happens if I stopped loving you?’

‘Then I’ll feel dead, same thing Harry.’

‘That won’t ever happen.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because I’ll always love you and I can’t begin to imagine you feeling that way.’

‘Promise you’ll never stop loving me?’

‘Always, besides I can’t think of anyone else to marry..’

‘That’s good to know.’

‘I love you (Y/N).’

‘I love you too Harry.’