want to snuggle with the third one

So eighth year and McGonagalls put everyone that came back to finish up their last year in the third floor corridor or in the tower under the owlery.

But that part of the castle’s been abandoned for years so the heating charms are completely naff and it’s always too cold.

One night both Draco and Harry are in the common room after insomnia, for Draco, and nightmares, for Harry, kept them from their beds. They’ve pushed a couch up next to the main fireplace but it’s still fucking freezing.

Draco cannot stop shivering and is sitting right on the edge of the couch and holding his hands out to the fire. Harry’s leaning back, just wearing an old jumper and jeans he threw on, looking completely at ease.

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Simon reminding Baz of all the times he used to be a dick to Simon to get Baz to do little things for him.

Simon: “Baz, I need a blanket, can you get me one”

Baz: “Go get it yourself.”

Simon: “Remember when you cat got your tongue’d me in third year?”

Baz: “I’ll get your blanket.”

Simon: “Thank you. Also, can you make me hot chocolate?”

Baz: “No.”

Simon: “Remember when you cat got your tongue’d me the second time?”

Baz: “You want little marshmallows in your chocolate?”


Simon: “Baz, come over and snuggle me.”

Baz: “I’m writing an essay right now.”

Simon: “Remember that time you spelled my laptop shut and I couldn’t get any homework done?”

Baz: “I’m coming.”

Simon doesn’t bring up the actual bad stuff though (like the chimera or the voice recorder incident), because he knows how bad Baz feels about them and doesn’t want to make it worse.

Clingy Jimin

Jimin:*spots the love of his life*

Jimin: “Could you move away from my man please?”

Jimin: *successfully becomes closer to his man and Jin slowly becomes the third wheel*

Jimin: *Gets even closer to his man, and Jin is quickly becoming third wheel*

Jimin: *Has managed to snuggle even closer to his man* “Oh Jin-Hyung, is there something you want?”

Jimin: *Has become one with his man and Jin is sick of this(shit)*

Jimin: *Claims his man as Jin desperately tries to separate them*

Jimin: *protects his man* “Mines, he’s mine.”

Jimin: “MINE!”