want to see him like that again soon


kagehina part from ouran au!! reposting bc i deleted by accident omg help me

Kageyama had always wanted to see what a convenience store looked like because everyone knows how mysterious are proletarians for ouran students. The convenience store he visited happened to be Hinata’s uncle’s, where Hinata helps from time to time. Needless to say, Kageyama developed a big crush on him as soon as he saw him and started coming regularly to see him again. (but kags being kags, he still feels too awkward to talk to him normally)

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they really mean: Did you see the hurt on Dirk's face after Todd said he never wanted to see him again? He was so hurt that as soon as they traveled back in time, when he saw the arrow pointed at him his only response was "oh". He took the shot looking like a wounded animal, because all he cares about is Todd, he wanted to solve the case but he knew it might mean Todd hating him. I just want his happiness. Dirk deserves so much love and forgiveness and I just want him to be okay.
Joker x deaf!Reader Part 7

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting much, and I realized when re-reading this chapter that it sounded better in my head. Unfortunately that’s how all of my stories go, but I hope you enjoy.

J sat in his office, once again feeling like something was missing. He let himself accept the fact that he enjoyed his sessions with Dr. L/N, they were amusing and a nice way to take up time. He wanted to see what she’d be like if she were crazy, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that for reasons unknown to him. The only reason she was still living today was because she was too innocent, the world would destroy her soon enough, so what’s the point in killing her? At least that’s what he told himself. But if the world has yet to destroy her, how long would that take? Maybe she’s just one of those Harvey Dent types. Do-gooders. But even he broke.  What would it take for her to?

J slammed his pen down on his desk, no longer concentrated on his plans. Oh, what the hell. Let’s see how my deaf doctor is doing.

Frost had hacked into her computer microphone just in case, knowing how his boss gets. Still, he’s never seen him with this type of obsession before.

Oh, tape over the camera? Nice one, Y/N. The world has taught you something after all. J spent the day stalking her on her computer, and found amusement in joining an online dating website for the deaf. He was pissed when he found out she was doing this, trying to forget about him, get her life together. He knew she was disappointed that he didn’t take her with him, but how happy would she be after he slammed those electrodes against her head? Granted, it wasn’t for long, but he’s done worse.

J giggled as he chatted with her under a fake name, telling her all of the peaceful hobbies he likes and his personality. He laughed out loud when he noticed she didn’t go for the nice guys. Typical, Y/N, typical. Guess you’re missing me as well.


Y/N sipped on her drink, leisurely looking through the website. There weren’t many deaf people in Gotham, and the few they had weren’t interesting. Nice, but uninteresting. She rolled her eyes, her head lazily laying in her hand while she chewed on her straw. Why not give on a shot?  It would be a nice way to forget about what happened, and she’s learned her lesson about going after the bad-boys. It still stung when she opened her eyes to see police officers hovering over her, knowing he left her, but what did she expect? If she got anything from those sessions, it was that he cared for himself more than others, being his doctor wouldn’t change that. Her boss gave her some time off, which she gladly took, because she needed to find herself, think about how she’d never get close to a patient like that again. The disappointment she felt in herself hurt almost as bad as finding out he left her. She sighed as she sat up from her slouching position and started typing.

A flashing out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she did a double take. Someone was at her door. No one ever visits her, and alarms were going off in her head. She wasn’t exactly dressed for company anyway, in her oversized shirt and panties. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she wondered if she could ignore it, she would have a reasonable excuse anyway, right? What if someone’s hurt? Y/N huffed at her good natured personality and ran to the door, taking a few deep breaths before opening it.


J knocked on Y/N’s door. He busied himself by straightening his tie and running a hand through his hair. His eyes looked down and he saw a light flashing under the door, and he smirked. The door opened to reveal Y/N in an oversized shirt and nothing else.

“Hello, darling.” He flashed her a boyish smile, causing her eyes to widen and she slammed the door in his face. He growled, but to his surprise she opened it up a second later.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped before grabbing him and pulling him inside.

“I can’t come see-” He pauses and rolls his eyes when he notices she’s not looking at him. He takes his time to check out her paranoid ass as she leans out of the doorway to see if anyone is around.

“I can’t come see my delightful deaf doctor?” Her eyes narrow but she still blushes. “You haven’t been keeping up on our sessions, shame on you.” He playfully pouted as he waltzed around her house. It was small, and she had thousands of books littering the place, not exactly slobbish but not neat either. He stops when he feels a tug on his arm.

“You left me.” She accuses, to his amusement. He took note of how she tensed when he moved a piece of hair behind her ear.

“You were upset with me.”

“N-not really, it was just shocking.” She paused and shook her head. “No pun intended.”

J found it endearing that she didn’t want him to think she was angry with him. He ignored the relief in his chest when he realized she’s still as innocent as ever.

“Actually, no. I am mad at you. You told me I was helping you! You lied.” This was the first time he saw her angry. He put his hands up and made a disbelieving face.

“No, doll. I wouldn’t lie to you. How could I?” He sat down on one of the chairs next to the island.

“You told me- Oh! I forgot, do you want anything to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

“Ok. You told me I was helping you! What was that whole conversation about? Why would I want to be with anyone else? You-you-” He could tell she was getting upset by the way her eyes teared up.

“I thought you were going to kill me. You tortured me.” J stopped himself from rolling his eyes. You don’t know torture, little girl.

“And how terribly sorry I am for it.” He put sarcasm into his words. He regretted not killing her when he had the chance. She glared at him, making him remember that if he was going to be sarcastic, he should keep his face sympathetic.

“You-you-you jerk!” She went to punch him, much to his surprise, but he still caught it. This angered her even more, so she went for the exposed skin on his neck. She didn’t bite hard, and she obviously had no intention of hurting him, because she kind of paused when she had her teeth pressed against his neck. She pulled away and put her head down, giving him a feeble kick to the shin. J lifted her chin and her eyes found his lips.

“You done?” She nodded.

“Good.” He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her toward him, clamping his teeth down on her shoulder.


“That’s how you bite.” She pouted and shoved herself away from him.

“You tortured me.” She muttered. He sighed. He figured she would hold grudge. Reaching out to take her hand, he tugged on it until she looked at him.

“I got you something. And you’re going to wear it when you go with me to one of my clubs tonight.” She started shaking her head. He laughed, throwing his head back before his pale hand went to wrap around her throat. She squealed, and he made sure to put enough pressure so her face turned red.

“Pay attention, because I’m not repeating it again. You’re going, you’ll do what I say, and if you embarrass me, disobey me, so much as think about running, or telling someone, your ass will be sorry.” He shoved her away from him, leaving her on the ground, coughing and sputtering.

“Now,” He clapped his hands together, “ Get dressed, there’s a dress already in your closet.” He frowned when he realized she wasn’t looking at him. Giving her a little kick to the side, he knelt down to take her chin in his hands.

“I’m not going. I don’t want any part of what you do.” She had a stubborn gleam in her eye, and he figured he would have to break her sooner or later. Should have done the shock therapy.

“Last warning. If you don’t listen to me, everyone you’ve talked to, everyone you will talk to, and everyone you are currently talking to are dead. A painful, slow, tortuous death. I’ll make you watch, Y/N, you know I will. Better yet, I’ll make you do it.” Her eyes welled up with tears and she tried to pull her chin away. When she couldn’t, her eyes stayed on the carpet. “Look. At. Me.”  When she wouldn’t, probably because she didn’t hear him, he slapped her. A sob escaped her and she wiped her eyes before staring at his lips.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why, because it’s fun.” His smile lit up his face. “Because it’ll be fun making you do terrible things. To watch you break. If you don’t there’s alwaaaays shock therapy.” He sing songed. When she closed her eyes he placed a light smack to her cheek.

“Say it. Say you belong to me.”

“I belong to no one.” He was surprised at the defiance she was showing. Of course, she was crying and shaking, absolutely terrified, but she wasn’t giving in. He tutted, shaking his head.

“For now. Let’s see what you think about that after tonight. Get dressed.” He stood up and walked out, leaving her to shakily push herself up. Taking deep breaths to calm herself down, she walked towards her closet, not even wanting to know who had been in her house to put the dress in there.

It was obnoxiously short, and she had to keep pulling it down. It barely covered her butt and she was mortified at the thought of wearing it in public. As she walked out of her house towards J’s car, he merely gave her a grunt of acknowledgement as he opened the door for her. She supposed it was how awkward she moved that made it not look appealing. Not much she could do there. When he got in the backseat beside her, she noticed the guy that held her down on the shock therapy table was in the driver’s seat. He didn’t give her a single glance. J wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side. His legs were spread, and she noticed how he moved more confidently than he did at Arkham. They pulled up to this hole-in-the-wall club, Obviously meant to be hidden. J offered her his arm and she took it, feeling like she didn’t have a choice.


J had to meet with a client first, before the fun would begin. He made it clear that Y/N was to keep her mouth shut, though he knew she wouldn’t speak up anyways. J didn’t realize how much this was taking a toll on her.

She was terrified. In fear of looking nosy and embarrassing J, she kept her head forward, clueless to the conversation. She had a pretty good idea it was about her though. The way the client’s eyes lingered, how he  looked at her when he was clearly talking to J. H wanted her, that’s all she was able to get from his drunken slur. She felt the anxiety build up in her chest, getting ready to make her beg. She was gripping J’s leg so tight she could feel it throbbing. The only thing that relieved her was the client’s face turning pale and J’s possessive grip that was now around her waist. Suddenly the room felt like it was on fire and her throat closed up, restricting her breathing. Everyone’s eyes were on her and if she could run, she’d be out of there. She was vaguely aware of Frost lifting the guy up and taking him out, though she couldn’t figure out why he was struggling. The comforting grip on her waist was gone and instead it was on her shoulders. There was a green and white blob in front of her.

“Y/N. Y/N. Breathe.” She hadn’t realized she’d been gasping for air, which is probably what got his attention. “I’m sorry.” She wheezed, terrified he’d punish her for embarrassing him. “I don’t know what happened.”

“You cut off all of the circulation in my leg, that’s what happened. What’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t know.” She slumped when his hands tightened on her shoulders and he shut his eyes and took a deep breath, as if to calm himself.

“You’re on thin ice, Y/N.”

“I just knew what he wanted. I thought you’d make me…” She couldn’t finish her sentence, feeling exhausted mentally and physically. His annoying grip was now on her chin, forcing her to look at his lips.

“You’re mine. You have yet to accept that but I still have to take care of what is mine. You see, I give, you give. I’m not that terrible, now am I?” He gave her a smile that unsettled her, and she had to squeeze the next word out.


“Yes. You gotta give me something as well. You gotta try. Show me some… affection.” Her eyes widened and he rolled his.

“Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty girl. Where’s my sweet doctor that would do anything for her patient?” J sighed when she didn’t answer, and looked over to where Frost entered the booth. He was straightening out his disheveled suit, nodding at J.

“Huh, didn’t think he’d be the type to struggle. Ok, my dear! Let’s go on a field trip.” J hooked his arm around Y/N and helped her get up, letting Frost lead the way.

They came to a back room, and J smiled when he saw the guy strapped to a chair. J left Y/N awkwardly standing there while he said something to the guy, and then turned towards her. He placed a gun in her hand, and she looked at him in shock.

“Shoot him.”


“It’s simple. Shoot him.” Y/N’s mouth opened and closed, the gun feeling like an awkward weight in her hand.


“No? But he’s a bad guy. ” J whined childishly. “Do you not remember what he wanted to do with you back in the club?”

“I don’t care. I’m not killing anyone.”

“Fine. Fiiiiine. Just say those simple words.” Her eyes narrowed, and he rolled his eyes, making over exaggerated mouth movements.

“‘I belong to you, Mister J’. Or for flattery, ‘I belong to the most handsome, the best in bed, the best smile, best laughter, the one, the only, the infamous, MISTER J!’” By the end of his little monologue, full of dramatic hand movements and pacing, Y/N’s eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open. After smoothing his hair back and taking deep breaths, he clapped his hands in front of her face, his mouth mimicking hers.

“That’s all you have to say. Flatter me, my little deaf doctor.”

“No. Now let him go, and take me home.” She was hoping her voice didn’t sound as shaky as it felt.

“I really hoped it wouldn’t come to this. For your sake. Pick up that knife and stab him in the arm.”

“Wha- No!”

“Yes. Be careful, you don’t want to hit an artery. Make sure you do it at an angle. Pick up the knife or it’s you who’ll be in the chair next.”

“Ok, ok, I get it. Please, just stop.” She sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Oh, no too late now, honey. Pick up the knife.”

“No, no, I’m sorry, I get it, I-I belong to you, ok?” J kept his face impassive, his eyes narrowed.

“Pick up the knife, Y/N.” She kept crying, grating his nerves. He clenched his jaw before grabbing her face in his hands.

“Who do you belong to?”

“I-I belong to you.” She continued to cry as his grip tightened.

“And who am I?”

“Mister J.”

“Say it.”

“I belong to Mister J.” She continued to shake as he pulled away, a smile now on his face.

“Good. Was that so hard? ” He turned to his henchmen as she continued to cry, rolling his eyes. “You, you, you pain in the ass.” He muttered, directing his words towards her. ” Take care of him.”

Wrapping an arm around Y/N, he helped her up and took her to his car.  While Frost was driving her to her house, Y/N couldn’t help but wonder what the hell did she get herself into.

A play with fire II

Ramsay Bolton

Affection, wedding, smut, fluff

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Request: “ Hi! Can you do A continuation of the Ramsay Bolton fanfic and have it be the wedding night(with smut) and then the morning after? “

Word count: 1232

gif is not mine.

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You know what I want to see with Malec in season two? Fear. The kind of desperate terror that comes from being on the cusp of something life-changing.

I want to see Magnus, afraid of the depth of his feelings for Alec, so soon, so fast. For almost a hundred years, he’s starved himself of love. And here, now, he’s found someone that’s managed to crack open that shell without even trying. Someone who looks at him with an innocence he hasn’t felt in centuries and makes him feel that maybe he could have that again. That makes him feel like everything is terrifyingly new in a life that’s most certainly become tired and old.

I want to see Alec, afraid of opening up. Of letting someone past the carefully created layers of sass and disdain. Afraid of wanting something just for him, of reaching out for something simply because he wants it. I want Magnus to tell him he’d do anything for him and I want Alec to be afraid of that, of what it actually means that one of the most powerful people alive would literally do ANYTHING for him. For Alec Lightwood, the man who put the word “shadow” in Shadowhunter.

I want Magnus to see Alec and Alec to see Magnus and I want to see all the nervous trappings of new love times a thousand. I want to see them scared together, holding hands and pushing through the fear because they both know what this could mean. What this could BE. And because in spite of the fear, they both know it’s worth it.

Dad’s Home

“Dad’s home!” your older sister called from the front hallway.

You grinned and ran down the stairs, wanting to see your father. He had been gone on a two week trip for his work, and you wanted to see him again as soon as you could.

You and your half-sister Theo stood in the living room waiting for your dad to come inside.

“Daddy!” you and Theo yelled as he walked in. He smiled and walked towards you, well actually straight towards Theo.

You sighed, just like you always did.

Did your dad love you? Yes. But did he love you as much as Theo? That was your real question.

You were the second child of Aaron Burr. With his second wife.

He really only seemed to remarry because he wanted Theo to have a motherly figure after her mom passed on.

But they still had you, and here you were. Just wanting the attention of your father.

You looked at your father and sister sadly, where they sat on the couch and talked about everything Theo had been doing.

You sighed quietly and left the room, making your way to go find your mother, the one person that you felt loved you above all others.

“Hi mama,” you said as you scampered to her as she laid on her bed reading a book.

“Hi baby!” she cooed as you gave her a hug. You curled up in her arms, trying not to cry about your father.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” she asked concerned.

“Can I ask you a question mama?”

“Of course darling.”

“Why doesn’t daddy love me?”


Aaron walked around the corner, heading up to find his wife and youngest child. He knew that they would most likely be in his and his wife’s bedroom.

He crept down the hallway, hearing his daughter’s small voice talking. It sounded like she was close to tears.

He stood outside the door, listening to what Y/N would say next. What she said broke his heart.

“Why doesn’t daddy love me?”

His heart shattered. He felt awful, did he do something wrong?

“What makes you think that?” his wife asked in a trouble voice.

She sniffled.

“Because he always goes to Theo more than me. He takes her to games, and parties. The movies and libraries. I just get left here. Why would he do that if he didn’t love me?” she cried into her mom’s arms.

“Oh my sweet child,” her mom replied, trying to comfort her.

The little girl cried softly, her mom whispering soft words to her. Aaron had enough and entered the room quietly.

His wife looked up at him with a frown on her face. Guilt filled him to brim.

He lifted his little daughter up and held her in his lap. His wife nodded and left the room.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” he whispered to his daughter as she continued to cry.

“Daddy?” she hiccuped.

“Shhhh sweetheart, I’m right here.”

She sat up a little, wiping the tears off her small cheeks.


He gave her a kiss on the forehead, rocking her back and forth.

“Y/N, my precious daughter, I am so sorry. Please don’t ever think that I don’t love you. I know that I haven’t been taking care of you like I should have and I’m sorry. Please forgive me my daughter,” he told her, a few of his own tears running down his face.

She reached up a small hand and wiped away the salty drops.

“It’s okay daddy, I forgive you. And I love you too.”

“I love you too Y/N. Never forget that.”

So Yuzhi has left SM. I’m sad he left but from the recent video he posted he looks like he’s enjoying himself.  I wish him the best and hope to see him on stage, I’ll continue to love and support my precious dork. As i said with Kaicheng, all of Yuzhi’s post will remain on this blog if anyone wants to go through them. And i thought about this for a while but do you mind if i continue to post about kaicheng and yuzhi on here? at least once in a while…

N: He would keep everything totally professional in terms of how he speaks to you and how he acts around you. However, as time goes on he might randomly remember that you like him during a photo-shoot and you might get some extra eye stares, some glances, or maybe a flirty line or two. Other than that, he would keep this knowledge on the hush hush. “Am I standing under enough lighting? Make sure to use your good side to catch my good side!”

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Leo: He would pretend like he didn’t know and just act normal around you afraid to mix business with pleasure. Although, that’s not to say that he wouldn’t want to get know who you are as a person, but he wouldn’t act on this small knowledge of a crush. Now if Leo gets to know you because of all the time spent together then he might soon act on it or maybe not. It all depends on him. “*Bows* Hello. Nice to see you again.”

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Ken: You’re going to need new lenses fooling around with him. He’ll be all up in your camera being completely and utterly extra. If you thought Ken was goofy before, he’s even goofier now because he has a reason to be. Now this won’t happen for sometime, that is until he figures you out. But when he does, he’ll pretend to be a camera hog and want to be the focus of your camera.  “Please stop taking pictures of them. I’m the cute main vocal, so point that thing toward me and get to snapping!”

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Ravi: Oh, so you have a crush on him? You’re screwed.  Confident Ravi will not let you hide behind your camera all day. He’ll pose and flash those handsome looks of his with more effort than ever to tease you a little. His goal is to have you blushing so hard you want to put down the camera. When he’s done having his fun, he’ll try and get to know you without the camera in the way only if Shy Ravi doesn’t turn up. And there’s a 99% chance that Shy Ravi will show up to ruin all the fun. “Do you want capture my abs from this angle…or this angle?”

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HongBin: Perfect. The two of you already have something in common. That would be his conversation lead-in that would hopefully allow him to get to know you better. He’d praise your work, ask about your favorite projects, and if he ends up liking you back he could potentially ask for a private photo session. But it’s Bean we’re talking about here. It’ll take some time before that actually happens. “C-Can I see your portfolio?”

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Hyuk: What would Hyuk do with that knowledge? Well, like the others, he’ll have a feel out period making sure you are worth his future attempts at trying to woo you. Now, if you pass the test, then he’d let you know that he knows about your crush, but at the same time he’ll act like he’s not interested. Hyuk will confuse the mess out of you at the cost of seeing you squirm. If you pass that test then this could potentially be the start of something new. “Are you sure about this pose? I wouldn’t want to crush…haha…the fans with my mature looks? You on the other hand are used to this kind of thing so you don’t matter in this scenario.”

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Spoilers. Seriously don’t read if you don’t want to get spoiled… not my fault if you read it now, i warned you.

So I went to see the movie 10 mins ago and i’m writhing this just after seeing it, but i just really want to say this..

Well spiritassassins isn’t said to be canon, but I’m pretty fucking sure that they where together because, dear god was that last scene whit them beautifull (and gay) well all the scenes were really good and my love for this ship just grew.

Baze who was an devoted force believer but as i read it lost his faith during the war (I will fucking write about that for sure). BUT after Chirrut dies in the battle field he starts to pray so he can be connected whit him again by force. Force will connect us all.

AND he probably knows that he will die like really really soon on the battle field, but still less than 3-5 minutes without Chirrut is too long. So he reconnects whit his faith and finds power whit in the force and also whit Chirrut by praying. He legit starts to pray out loud just like Chirrut did during the whole fucking movie and that just too beautiful.

I started crying at the theater it was just so heart breaking but if the had to die I’m really fucking happy how they executed that in the movie.

ALSO I’d like to ad that i wrote this one on my phone right after the movie so the grammar is just bad. So sorry for that.

Another one of those ficlets that do not have an ask for it. Aka, no one has asked about this, but it’s 100% necessary for the fic so ofc I’m writing it. After all, I’m not doing prompts, I’m just writing my story in a rather quirky way. :’)

Warning: Palpatine doing his “imagine killing Obi-Wan” thing again.

“Ah, Anakin, my boy. Welcome!” Palpatine comes toward Anakin with open arms. It’s good to see him, he looks in better spirits than last time they met. Perhaps the investigation finished and found him cleared of wrongdoing?

“Cha—Mister Palpatine, it’s good to see you,” Anakin says with a smile. He, Rex, and Ahsoka are heading out again soon, so he really wants to see as many of his friends as possible during this down-time.

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I Love It When You Moan Like That

Prompt: Can you do a mgg one about him being your best friend and you guys end up having sex. Kinda rough w dirty talk, but not rude (slut,whore,etc) I don’t know if that makes any sense haha. I love your writing :)

Word count: 2930 words

Rating: M

Warnings: Dirty talk, kind of rough

Pairing: MGG x reader

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Signs of Love

Maedwyn always reaches for him slowly, savoring every moment it takes to get there. He cradles Dorian’s face with both hands, thumbs brushing the rise of Dorian’s cheekbones, holds him like he is the Maker’s gem.

Often there is no word. Spoken language and the confines of syllables cannot carry the meaning he wants. Maedwyn looks at him instead, just looks at Dorian with soft eyes and a close-mouthed smile that is everything between quiet delight and naked adoration.

And then he kisses him.

Love Maedwyn like this: catch him by the waist, pull him behind a corner in Skyhold for a quick peck on the cheek. Hear him chuckle in surprised pleasure before they must part way, though not without a wink (the Inquisitor) and a smirk (Dorian), the promise that they will see each other again. Very soon.

Love him like this: kiss his wrists, where the veins mark vulnerable purple-blue lines. Do it gently, listen for the pulse flutter; Maedwyn’s sharp intake of breath and shivering exhale. It takes months to find the weakness, one of the few things on a sturdy, slender, scarred frame that reacts so sensitively – so sweetly.

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“I Think a Part of My Heart Has Always Been Yours”

700 Followers Fan Appreciation Art Two of Four.

Patato-chaaaaaannnnn! @arimii Here is your 700 followers thank you art~! I hope you like him! Something about this was really easy.. maybe because I drew him so much lately. Thank you for always being an inspiration to me, I always want to get a little better each day learning from you, Pumpkin babu, Sweet potato, and Muss, Bijou, and Kaki senpai. Having you here makes this 700  wonderful and I adore you!

I hope I get to see more art on my dash soon from you! I love you!!

@emigotchi thanks again for sitting through my WIPs xD. You too @midnightuglystepsister


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A Night to Forget Part 3/5

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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until something tears them apart.

Sokovain is Czech and again Google translate so it is most likely way off so I apologize now. 

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

Y/N was waiting patiently for Director Fury in a boardroom in the tower. She was hoping that he would arrive soon because all she could think about was Steve and what happened last night. She was pulled from her thoughts when Nick walked in.

“Agent Y/L/N, Agent Hill told me you wanted to see me. Is there something wrong?” Nick Fury walked over and sat in the chair across from her.

“No Sir, everything is fine. I wanted to talk to you about rejoining the team. I think it’s time I ‘stop hiding in the basement’ and put my talents to good use.” She said quoting his famous line he used on her all the time.

“Why the sudden change of heart?” He asked her taking a seat beside her.

“I’m going to level with you Director Fury, I need a change. I’m sick of hiding and I need to blow off some steam. I have maintained my physical training every day and I have been vigilant with my weapons training. You have assured me that my family will remain safe and taken care of so I won’t have to worry about that. There is nothing holding me back.”

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anonymous asked:

How would Gumza react if his S/O had a nihilego on their team. Also, what if the nihilego was super friendly to Gumza and like to follow it around?

* As soon as he sees your Nihilego, he wants nothing to do with it whatsoever. The fear that Nihilego made him feel was something he never wants to experience again and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it.

* Guzma finds it’s friendliness very suspicious at first. He thinks it’’s just a ploy from the Nihilego just to try and possess him again and it doesn’t help that the Nihilego started following him around. He does start to get used to the Nihilego being around him a lot but he feels better about it when you’re around too just in case something happened.

Barely There

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Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 771
Warnings: Fingering, swearing, daddy!kink

Part 3 of Dirty Little Secret

John was gone for a couple weeks before you saw him again. As soon as you saw him, your eyes went wide. “What the hell happened?” You asked him, worried.

He waved it off. “I’ll be fine, sweetheart. Just a few cuts and bruises here and there.”

“A few? There’s a few on your face alone. I hate to see what the rest of you looks like.”

He smirked and shook his head. “Here I was thinkin’ you wanted that.”

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dating nct dream; renjun ver.

-sO omg

-youre mark’s sibling!! 

-you and your family decide to visit him in korea so ofc you gotta fly over and see your brother

-so you do and mark wanted to spend the entire day with you whenever he got the day off 

-and you were DOWN man who wouldnt be???

-so your parents drop you off at nct dream’s dorm and you knock on the door

-and you expect mark to answer the door but instead ren does

-as soon as he sees your face, his eyes widen and he SLAMS THE DOOR CLOSED

-youre like “uh wtf lmfao ok” so you stand there and knock again, trying not to laugh

-he’s just thinking “OH MY GOD THEY LOOK PRETTIER IN PERSON I THINK IM BLUSHING” bc mark showed them a picture of you earlier so they wouldnt be alarmed when a random person showed up at their door

-so ren takes a deep breath and peps himself up “renjun youre a man!!! u can do it!!!” 

-he opens the door again and he sees you trying not to laugh

-he forgets how to talk again so youre like “uh.. youre renjun right?”

-and he’s like “what who’s oH THAT’S ME YEAH THAT’S ME” which makes you laugh a bit like what a cute dweeb

-youre about to ask where mark is but you hear him pterodactyl shriek followed by a loud thud and youre like “this bitch just fell omg he hasnt changed”

-ren turns around to see mark slumped on the floor unmoving and he starts laughing so hard

-which makes you laugh really hard too

-mark finally gets up and the poor child looks like he could die right then and there

-but he’s like “do you wanna stay here a bit and get to know these losers or like, leave bc im ok with anything”

-so you decide to stay for the boys (but mostly for ren shhh)

-the entire time you and ren basically bond over dumb things mark has done

-you find out that while mark was in korea, he’s fell down the stairs at least twice

-ren finds out that when mark was still living in canada, he’s walked into a glass door at least 5 times

-mark was like “GUYS PLS I CANT HANDLE THIS” but he was secretly glad you two were getting along

-you were staying in korea for like another week and the entire week you just hung out with boys

-you got really cose to ren and you two were like practically best friends

-mark has texted you MULTIPLE TIMES with “do you like ren???” and you always respond with “idek man maybe”

-and this entire time ren didnt know you were gonna go back home so soon ;-;

-buuuut mark tels him to save him some heartbreak

-so the day before you left he decided to confess to you like a lil cutiepie

-he pulls you aside when you guys were hanging out with the dream team and was like “listen y/n… i kinda really like you and i know youre gonna leave soon but i just wanted to let you know before you did ;-;”

-he looked so sad what a lil muffin

-and you were like “omg… you nerd… dude havent you hear of long distance relationships..”

-so he was like “omg im so dumb i completely forgot” but then he realized you didnt reject him and was like “wAIT OH MY GOD SO YOU WANNA BE MY BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND???”

-”omg shut up the boys are right over there!!! yes i’ll be your boyfriend/girlfriend omg youre a dweeb”

-you the boys see you off at the airport and they all hug you but ren hugs you the longest!!! ♡



-you probably shoved him and told him to shut up

-so after you go home, ren always tries his best to send you goodnight texts and voice messages he makes sure to check up on you whenever he can ♡

-you send him texts and he usually replies a bit late but you never mind bc you understand how busy he is

-you miss him a lot and he misses you a lot too!! but the rare but occassional skype calls/facetimes always make up for it

-you two never run out of topics to talk about and you always smile the widest whenever youre talking to him

-ren’s the type to kiss the laptop screen when you guys have to leave so he can pretend he’s kissing you what a nERD I LOVE HIM

-sometimes he falls asleep during your late night facetimes but you find it cute so you dont have the heart to hang up on him

-you just set your phone down beside you and leave it on

-ren always wakes up before you and it ALWAYS alarms him when he sees your sleeping face on his phone like “omg what???” but then he remembers that he fell asleep during the call the night before which makes him smile a lil oh my gosh

-he leaves you good morning texts too

-he doesnt like calling you those typical nicknames like “babe” and w/e he likes calling you by your own original nicknames!!

-his contact name for you is probably ‘smol bean’ and a bunch of hearts

-your contact name for him is like ‘ren the dweeb’ with a bunch of hearts too ♡

-whenever you visit korea, ren takes you on cute dates 

-theyre usually walks around seoul and stuff and he always holds your hand

-his hugs when he sees you again after a long time are you favourite things in the world

-he doesnt let you go until mark has to DRAG him off of you

-mark is like a helicopter mom he’s always there in the shadows watching u two to make sure you dont do anything stupid (you never do lmfaO)

-ren likes hugging you a lot, he feels weird not hugging you when he can bc whY WOULDNT HE WANNA HUG YOU?? WHAT ELSE WOULD HE DO EXCEPT HUG YOU??

-he likes when you sit on his lap bc then he can hug you like youre his lil teddy bear omg

-he probably likes burying his face in your neck when you two hug too what a cuTIEPIE


-like, when you two have indoor dates where you dont wanna go outside, you guys will like watch tv shows on your laptop or their tv

-and you two’ll just lay on his bed or the couch, it doesnt matter to him lmfao he’ll cuddle you either way

-it grosses the smol kids out, they’re always like “gET A ROOM OMG”

-mark’s probably like, heavy breathing, holding himself back from pushing you two apart

-ren always ALWAYS looks at you with hearteyes and catches glimpses of you as much as he can bc he doesnt wanna ‘forget’ you when you leave what a dork 

-it always hurts to leave him but seeing him again after a long time is always worth it

-your first kiss was at the airport when you were about to leave omg

-ren did it out of the blue bc he felt like it was just right *got7 music* and iT PROBABLY WAS

-tl;dr, the long distance relationship couple!! you two dont see each other often but when you do, you two are inseperable ♡ ren never ever wants to leave your side so when he does he’s always really sad bUT he’ll always wait for you no matter what ♡

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Mukami Brothers: Dad HeadCanons

[Mun]マリ: Yes! I vaguely remember doing one of these before, but I’ll just do it again because I like thinking about this prompt omg

- The strict and emotional type of dad
- Would want only one child, and prefers a daughter
- Is very picky about the way he wants to raise his children and wants them to be thoroughly cultured; for example,, he listens to classical music with his children, personally teaches them various skills before they even go to kindergarten
- As stoic as he might be, he’s very emotionally invested in his children and it physically pains him to see them cry/hurt
- Instantly goes easier on his lover as soon as he finds out she’s pregnant; he’ll make sure not to take too much of her blood or punish her too harshly, and ensure his lover is provided with wholesome, healthy meals every day

- The funny and protective, yet rational type of dad
- Wants many children; he would rather have a daughter than a son, but basically prefers having lots of both
- Is very invested in seeing his children grow up; at home, he often carries around a camera to capture their every memorable movement or facial expression
- Makes copious amounts of dad jokes; his lover sometimes gets tired of him for doing so
- Literally beats up his daughter’s (ex) boyfriends if they disrespect her
- Always helps his lover run the household and treats her perfectly like a normal man would, but when their children are not near, he’ll have rough sex with her and take her blood just the same as when they were alone

The enthusiastic, yet stressed out type of dad
- Would very much prefer twin daughters
- Is willing to teach his children how to sing and dance, take them to concerts, and practise with them every weekend
- Feels like his life is twenty times more stressful with children than without, as he’ll often run around the house finding and doing things for them and has trouble keeping up with all the financial expenses that children bring about
- His respect for his lover increases dramatically after she’s become a mother, but, like Yuma, he’ll still relentless as soon as they’re alone

- The endearing, absent-minded type of dad
- Prefers only one child, a son
- Sometimes, he has no clue what he’s supposed to do with children or what they even are and ends up sitting on the couch and staring into the void while his child happily frolics around him
- Finds it difficult to fully emotionally invest himself in his children, but loves them unconditionally nonetheless; in short, he’s an absent-minded but good dad
- Will try his best to stop hurting himself because of his children, but isn’t sure whether it’s possible
- In terms of behaviour towards his lover, he’s generally the same as before, except for a slightly increased amount of empathy