want to make love to you baby

Got7 reaction to you saying (in public) you want to have your first time w/ them

Jaebum: Would very probably choke at the exactly moments that words leave your lips. Would try his best to not upset you, taking your hands on his and after a bear hug.
“Jagiya, I would be glad to be your first. But please, don’t say that in public, is kinda embarrassing my love.”

Mark: Would we a blushing mess. Can’t say anything because he’s too embarrassed. Gives you a shy smile and holds your hand softly.
“Baby, Y-you can’t say things like this in public you know? But I’m really happy you want be to be your first, I promise I will make it special.”

Jackson: Would spill his drink off by the surprise. He wasn’t expecting this since you were very shy. He would ask if you were kidding him and then be very happy. “Are you serious Y/N? Please don’t play with me like this…. Oh, it’s serious? Then you won’t regret it. I’ll make you feel good my love.”

Jinyoung: Like Jaebum, he would be a bit shocked since you said it in public like a bit too loud. Be he would try his best to not hurt your feelings.
“Jagi, you should not say this in a public place…. But well, since you’re ready for me, it’s going to be very special, I promise you.”

Youngjae: This ball of sunshine cannot stop himself from smiling, even though you say that to everyone hear. He was very happy you trust him to be your first. He would blush so much.
“Aish, baby…. Thank you for want me to be your first. I promise you won’t regret it, love.”

Bambam: As Jackson he would probably choke then look at you with a surprise glare. Seeing you looking a bit upset he would cheer you up, shaping you how happy he was.
“Hey babe, don’t be like this. I’m sorry, you just said it a little bit loud hahahaha. Bit I want you to know, I’m very glad for you want me to be your first. I love you.”

Yugyeom: As the youngest one, he would be a bit shocked and embarrassed just as you when you heard what you said. You would say sorry and then you two would laugh.
“Okay sweet, it’s doesn’t really matter if someone hear. I’m just surprise that you want me to be your first. It’s okay. I promise you to make it the first and best of your life, princess.”

sorry it was originally as nsfw request but i turn it to fluflly because we’re talking about a first time so it fits better. Blame my cellphone cuz i cannot put gifs :( requests are open (bts, exo (ot9-ot12), monsta x, got7, blackpink etc. I accept all kind (angry, nsfw, drama, cute etc)
Hope you like it!!

BTS reaction to you wanting to dominate him

“Oh really?”
He would be shocked. He wouldn’t expect you to be the one to want to be dominant. He would be willing to be submissive of course. If it makes you happy or feel good then he will be willing to do anything. 

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“Okay, baby when should we start?”
This boy would be turned on immediately and would want to get to it right then and there. He would love that you had this side to you and by the end of the night you both would wonder why you didn’t admit this sooner.

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“Why didn’t you tell me before?”
He wouldn’t want you to be shy about your pleasures at all. He would want to be the one to make you feel comfortable. Of course he’s willing to be submissive after all he’s had wondered how it would be to have you dominate for once.

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He loves you and all but he would be iffy about this. He loves to dominate you and give you pleasure. It would probably take a bit of convincing but once you convinced him man you’ll be glad you did.

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“Of course, anything for you”
He would honestly be the one to ask you to dominate for once. This is when you tell him that you’ve always wanted to. After that you guys would start discussing the new things you’d like to try out in bed and that’s exactly what you would do. You would end up at the store or online buying a bunch of toys for you guys to spice up your sex life.

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“Shit baby okay”
One day you would be cuddling with Tae while watching a movie with the other members. You got an idea and moved your hand to his thigh before moving it to his member. He would hold your hand and tell you to stop before you whisper “Shhh baby I’m in control tonight” before putting your hand into his pants and rubbing his hardening member. And of course Tae would be totally fine with this.

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“Well what are you waiting for?”
Jungkook would have you pinned against the mattress kissing every bit of skin on your body. You find an opening and flip you guys over before rubbing yourself against him and start mumbling about all the things you want to do to him. He would have a lustful look in his eyes as he saw just how hot you were when you were so dominate.

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I hope you liked it!!! It’s my first smutty request so sorry if it’s not that good.

~Admin Chi


I can’t imagine there will ever be a real goodbye between the two of us. We broke up six months. But as someone stated “ did you ever really break up ”. In some cases, yes, in others not so much.. In between I’ve had a boyfriend, and always went running to you whenever I needed my daddy, and you were always there, you’re still there.. Why we can not make this work is something I don’t understand…

I desperately needed you, wanted you… You were my very own personal brand of heroin. I was in love with you. I was in love with your smile, your eyes when you looked at me, your “ come sit on daddy’s lap baby ” requests, your daddy voice and demands, your forehead kisses, you reading Harry Potter to me, even though you hated Harry Potter… Literally, I just loved everything about you. I fed you, your every request you had for me. I loved you without hesitation, questions or expecting anything in return.

You’ve been so sure that no one could ever genuinely love you. I’ve stayed, making sure to be here for you whenever you needed me!! Being an ear to listen, being a voice of reason, I’ve just been here. You’ve pushed and pushed me away and I’ve pulled right back. Until finally, after so much pulling….my arms have gotten tired and I’ve let go of the rope…..to an extent. 

You see, I didn’t fall in love with you when I saw the “perfect, polished” side of you. I fell for the broken parts. I fell for the shattered man that needed to mend and needed help regardless if he asked for it or not. 

I saw a man that was more than lovable, I saw a man that was miraculous in all his flaws. Yep, I fell hard as hell. I tried to run from it, I tried to conceal it and pretend it wasn’t there. But it never worked. I’ve found myself listening to “our songs” and re-reading all the cute texts you sent. I’ve scrolled through all our pictures together and the countless videos of us. I have obsessed over the memories and in the same breath want to forget them all as fast as possible.  I know that whenever you called, I would have been here to pick up. Whenever you needed company because you were lonely, I came running.

Here’s the problem….I have a heart that wont allow me to quit people and for some reason I am attracted to the “broken or work in progress.” I don’t want to fix you, I simply wanted my presence in your life to help to simply just “fix” it!

I’ve poured my heart to you, exposing that I was truly, madly in love with you. I knew when I first told you that I wouldn’t hear those words back, but I secretly hoped. You’ve asked me to still be here for you, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. But…. to love someone who is not ready to love you back, who is not ready to give you what you give to them, it’s excruciating, it’s tormenting, it’s down right…. heartbreaking.

They tell you that timing is everything, not only in relationships but in life as well. That fate plays a role in everything that happens in life. The first time fate brought you into my life I wasn’t looking for you. You just appeared and I couldn’t have been happier. Until it wasn’t right, and we both went our separate ways.
Destiny and fate are intertwined and most of the time it hits you out of nowhere. That’s what happened when fate brought you back to me again. At a time that I needed someone in my corner, and it couldn’t have been a minute sooner.

For once I had been so sure that I was getting into something that was so right. I couldn’t wait to talk to you or to see you. Luck was on my side cause you couldn’t help but feel the same way about me as well.
As sure as I was and am about my feelings for you, it wasn’t that simple, it never is. Everything seemed fine until the moment that fate decided to step in again. As quick as our relationship started, it came to a crashing mess. Like a game of Jenga, the wrong piece was moved too quickly and everything fell apart.

We’re left now to pick up the pieces of what should have been, or what could have been. As much as I want to be with you I can’t force you to want to be with me. I can’t force you to deal with your feelings, which were mixed depending on the time of day.
I don’t know what fate has in store for me, or you and if the words us will ever be uttered again. They say if you love someone to set them free and if it’s meant to be they’ll come back to you.

I won’t lie and say that I’m not hoping fate and I have some sort of agreement or understanding and that eventually it’ll lead you back to me. I’m also not saying that I don’t love you and that I don’t miss you or that I’m going to wait forever, in the end it’s not up me to decide.

However someone once said that the third time’s a charm. At least that’s the general idea. I don’t want to pressure my chances with fate or with luck but I’m hoping whoever’s in charge of those decisions decides to push you down the path that leads you back to me.

But if not…I’m okay.. I’m okay with you being gone, I’m okay with knowing that someday you’re going to have another little girl/girlfriend. I’m okay with this because I know you’d be happy, and that’s all I ever wanted and needed to see you be… Even if means not with me…

Always. Pinky Promise. I know. A lottle.

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Harry IS THAT messy hot beautiful boyfriend that no matter how messy he gets you still love him and want him cause he's after all just a cute baby behind his pettiness and have a soft heart lmao

he’s like my child that keeps making bad decisions and wild outfit choices and dating people i dont approve of but i love and support him anyway and continue to pay for his music and drama lessons even though he’s old enough to get a job but also i know he loves and respects me because he always does chores and makes me cups of tea and asks me how my day was

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Scale of "Bring It On, Buttercup" to "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!", how terrified do you think Yondu would eventually become if one night his s/o was particularly hormonal? As in six rounds of love-making and still wanting more and doing whatever she can to get him back up ASAP and just USING him practically.

OOOOOHHHH OMG XD I feel like for the first 5 rounds he’d be like “Bring it on” with a smug grin XD and just using the reader as much as she’s using him but by the 7th round it gets too much and him thinking he had worn her out earlier, he’d for sure just stare you in wonder as ask “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU BABY?” BUT THEN HE;D JUST LET HER USE HIM (I LOVE THAT YOU USED THOSE WORDS XD) AS SHE’D LIKE AS HE JUST LOVES BEING THAT WANTED AND DESIRED 

[TRANS] 170529 Yoohyeon Fancafe Update - I will see, I won’t see?

You guys, it’s our last day in Japan!!
Kkyalk, we must wrap up the memories of that time and go back ㅜㅜ As expected, when there is a meeting there is also a parting
But I really hate the parting..
When I was young I always hated it!!
I suddenly want to talk about when I was young, kekeke. When my relatives came over to play, I would cry so much when they went home, kekeke So I eventually went to sleep.. but I’m not a baby ㅜㅜ So I won’t cry!! It’s night time so I’m becoming very emotional.. Suddenly thoughts rise, someday there will be separation but we are able to pleasantly recall memories about us, I want to become a person who wants to make those kinds of memories!! I think the thing that lasts in one person’s memory is good luck♡♡♡ I love you. And thank you so, so much to our fans in Japanㅜㅜ I can’t forget. And our fans in Korea, see you soon. and foreigner fans I really wanna get a chance to go there

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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I'm just so confused like wtf was that episode I mean Lo please tell me you are too. Aaron was devastated on Friday he could barely say the word "baby" now he's changed his mind and wants to help Rob wtf he'll be buying baby clothes now. R has a scare medicinal professional tell her she has to stay in over night but she leaves I thought she loved her baby and wants to be a mum she didn't take the medical advice and left. My head hurts this story is getting more ridiculous

anon, I’m hilariously confused oh my g o d

Aaron started off the episode angry, spent all of Friday devastated and unable to process it and being made to question his relationship with Robert now, here we are, canonically on the next day and he’s like WE’RE GONNA BE DADS ROB I’M GONNA BE THE BEST DAD

i mean…. he’s cute and adorable and everything but i’m also concerned he’s been abducted by aliens

Rebecca’s decision to not follow her supposed medical advice but instead get on a plane

Robert’s sudden care for the kid’s wellbeing

Victoria not even blinking an eye at the fact that Robert had an affair and expecting Aaron to be chill about it as well despite what she’s going through

The only characters who made any sense were Larry, Chrissie and Adam

And I’m still sus about Chrissie being super supportive, so

It’s like the writers took Robert’s disappearing money and turned it into an episode. Oh my god.


good morning. we love u so much birthday boy.
윤기오빠 생일축하해요!~ 시간이 지날수록 더 사랑해요……♡ㅠㅠ 당신이 자랑스러워요. 내가 더 나은 사람이 되고 싶게 만들어요.진짜. 오빠 그동안 고마워요. 사랑해요. ♡♡♡♡

Fall Out Boy Songs for the Signs

ARIES: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today // Breaking hearts has never looked so cool, as when you wrap your car around a tree, your makeup looks so great next to his teeth

TAURUS: Centuries // Until you die for me, as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you, cause I am the opposite of amnesia, and you’re a cherry blossom, you’re about to bloom, you look so pretty, but you’re gone so soon

GEMINI: Miss Missing You // I will sing to you every day, if it will take away the pain, oh and I’ve heard you got it, got it so bad, cause I am the best you’ll never have

CANCER: Young and Menance // Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about, oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind, and send a message: I was young and a menace

LEO: Bang the Doldrums // And I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me, the same way I think of you, this is a love song in my own way, happily ever after below the waist

VIRGO: Fame < Infamy // I am God’s gift but why would he bless me with, such wit without a conscience equipped, I’m addicted to the way I feel when I think of you, whoa, “There’s too much green to feel blue”

LIBRA: I’m Like a Lawyer with the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You) // We’re the new face of failure, prettier and younger but not any better off, bulletproof loneliness at best, at best

SCORPIO: I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) // We’re the kids who feel like dead ends, and I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses, I took a shot and didn’t even come close, at trust and love and hope, and the poets are just kids who didn’t make it, and never had it at all

SAGITTARIUS: Death Valley // Cause we are alive, here in death valley, but don’t take love off the table yet, cause tonight it’s just fire alarms and losing you, we love a lot so we only lose a little

CAPRICORN: Tiffany Blews // Oh baby, you’re a classic, like a little black dress, you’re a faded moon, stuck on a little hot mess 

AQUARIUS: Hum Hallelujah // I thought I loved you, it was just how you looked in the light, a teenage vow in a parking lot, ‘til tonight do us part, I sing the blues and swallow them too

PISCES: Golden // Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams, where the sewage of youth drowned the spark of my teens, and I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me

i love baby diana she’s so cute going and seeing a sword and talking about how beautiful it is so precious 

like look at this face when hippolyta tells her she won’t be the one to use the sword 

this baby gonna steal a sword and fuck shit up and she aint gonna let anybody stop her 

BTS  - you have a really sensitive neck.

Request: Hiya! Could I please get a bts reaction to you having a really sensitive neck and get really turned on when they kiss or bite it???

Seokjin: You were just sitting on the couch watching a movie, chilling together. But he had the bad idea of kissing your neck. “Don’t do it!” You warned. “Why?” He asked confused. “Just don’t.” “There must be a reason, Jagi…” He smiled and gave you another kiss on the neck, giving you goose bumps. “Oh I get it.” He said and smirked at you before kissing your lips.

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Yoongi: You were with him in the studio, waiting for him to finish some things. You were bored and sat on his lap. “Hey…” You said smiling. “Hello.” He said without looking at you. “Can we go home?” “Why? do you want to do something?” He smirked. “No!” You laughed. He approached at your neck and give a bite. “I didn’t want to, now i do. Let’s go home now.” “You know, you get turned on so easy.” “Shut up!”

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Hoseok: “Let me go!” You screamed, laughing. “Never!” He said laughing even more. He stucked you to the wall and put your legs around his waist. He kissed you on the lips, then his mouth went to your neck, giving a bite, making you moan. “Hm, do you like this?” He asked with a smile. “You know I like it, baby, go on.” He laughed. 

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Namjoon: He knows how you feel when he kisses your neck and he loves to tease you. You were sitting on his lap and he was running his lips lightly all over your neck, making you moan. “If you won’t do anything, stop!” You whined. “What do you want me to do?” He smiled. “I want you to stop.” “Do you really want?” He stopped. “No, just stop the teasing and get right to the point.” He laughed and kissed your lips.

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Jimin: "JAGI!“ Your boyfriend yelled when he got home. "I’m in the kitchen.” “Oh, hey.” He smiled when he saw you. “Hello!” You smiled back. He sat down beside you on the table and kissed your neck. You shivered but pretended nothing happened. “Are you okay?” “Yes I am.” He kissed your neck again and you heard him laugh at your reaction. “You’re such a sensitive baby.” “I’m not! My neck is.” “Okay, let’s see…” He started kissing your neck repeatedly, leaving you extremely turned on. “OKAY!” You turned to him and kissed his lips. “Are you turned on?” He asked. “Yes. Now you’re going to have to figure it out.” “With all pleasure…” He picked you up and carried you to the bedroom.

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Taehyung: You were cuddling in bed. You were almost asleep when you feel his kisses on your neck. “Stop, Tae!” You laughed. “Nooo! You like that.” “Yes, I really like that.” You said unconsciously as his kisses began to get wetter with ulterior motives. “I know everything you like, Princess.” He gave you a smirk, just for getting you even more horny.

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Jungkook: Your boyfriend LOVES tease you in everything, no matter what. And when he found out you get turned on when he kissed your neck, he always did it. “Hey baby.” He said going up to you in bed. “Shut up, I’m reading.” “Keep reading.” He said and lay down beside you. Some minutes later, he began to give kisses and bites on your neck. “Why are you like this?” You asked, putting the book down and looking at him. “Because I want your attention, love!” He smiled. “Okay, you have all my attention now.” “Great.” He give you a smile and kissed you.

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Why do you write in lowercase?

Why do you keep talking about love, about heartache?

I don’t want to hear about your sadness.

Tell me about the peach trees. About the cherry blossoms,

or the way you smiled at baby Groot.

(I know you did.)

Tell me your equivalent of eating yellow paint,

tell me how the cold made your feet curl.

Did you ask the barista for iced coffee?

I want to know if you laughed at Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Tell me about fairy lights, or leather boots,

or the way the bubbles looked against the incoming traffic.

I don’t want to know your misery anymore.

-i don’t even know what makes you happy // bluestruckholly
How to be Little in Public

❤️ be playful and silly, your friends and family are probably more familiar with your little side than you think. Joking around and being goofy is a great way to let your little side out

❤️ where something that makes you feel cute. My little side really likes pastel colors, my puppy side really likes black. So I have been incorporating those colors into my wardrobe.

❤️ have a cute water bottle with you. Drinking water or juice out of cute bottles is a very simple way to feel smol. I recently got a unicorn bottle at Walmart and no one looks twice at it, except to say how cool it is and I feel very cute when I use it.

❤️ Listen to music that makes you feel little, or listen to an audio book. I have a little playlist of a bunch of Disney songs and other music that makes me feel little. I also LOVE audible! It’s like someone is reading me a bed time story.

❤️download some cute little apps. Tumblr is great, but may be a little obvious. I love the game Neko Atsume, it’s a virtual yard that cats come to and play. I also like My Boo Album, it’s a sticker collection app.

❤️ eat food that makes you feel little. When I’m out in public I like to eat fruit, especially if it’s cut up. I also like juice boxes, cheese sticks, graham crackers, teddy grahams, gold fish. Just about any snacks will work, but I would not eat actual baby food out and about. If you want something similar apple sauce is a great alternative.

❤️ fidget toys or other main stream stim toys. They are cute, stylish and fun, all while helping with anxiety and stress are inconspicuous.

❤️ bring a small toy or stuffie with you in your bag. It is a big comfort to know that you have a soft friend with you wherever you are
Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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aries venus: explosive. passionate summer love. she don’t even know you, but she loves you
taurus venus: stuck stuck stuck. she will love you forever and until the end of time
gemini venus: she’s there and then she’s not. a whirlwind of airy love that’s gone as soon as it comes
cancer venus: quiet love, warm and encompassing. she makes you feel at home
leo venus: passionate and warm love, holding hands watching fireworks. she wants all your affection
virgo venus: she’s so careful, give her your love and never let her down
libra venus: she’s so alluring. never let her forget you love her and she’ll never leave your side
scorpio venus: serious, hard, explosive love. she is your biggest fan
sagittarius venus: the love that’s a free spirit. here one day, gone the next, she’s an adventure
capricorn venus: forever yours when you break down her walls. marriage material
aquarius venus: the lover that’s your best friend. laughing, playful love
pisces venus: your loyal, dreamy lover. your storybook baby. don’t break her heart

Rude Boy (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2489

Warnings: SMUT. NSFW gifs (may have gotten carried away with those).

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Here ya go. Wrap it before you tap it kids.

Permanent Tag List: @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands

Part 1

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Come Inside

Summary: Dean’s in a mood…

Square Filled: Breeding Kink

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Rating: explicit (smut (unprotected sex), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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Pass Out

Requested: Can u do an imagine where u pass out backstage but his management doesn’t let him stop the Show to check on u? and at the end of the Show ur worse?

Your name: submit What is this?


It’s the middle of Shawn’s concert, and he’s about to be backstage for a few seconds before he goes back on to finish the show. You want to see him while he’s offstage like you normally do, so you’re rushing towards the stage. You hadn’t been feeling very well so you were resting inside of his dressing room instead of watching the show from side stage like you normally do. Because of that, you weren’t near the stage, and you hadn’t realized it was so close to the part in the show where he gets off stage for a bit, so now you’re trying to rush to get to where he’ll walk off soon.

When you’re almost to the area that you want to be to wait for Shawn, you really start to feel light headed. You spot Andrew walking towards you, probably looking for you since you weren’t where you normally are, and he knew that Shawn would be worried if he didn’t see you when he got offstage because you’re always there. While rushing towards Andrew, you just feel everything suddenly go blurry then black.

The next thing you know, you’re waking up in Shawn’s dressing room again. Andrew and Geoff are standing over you, looking down at you with worry. You try to sit up, but Geoff presses down on your shoulder, “Just stay lying down.” He says gently.

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