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The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

Headcanon that Lance loves to hear himself speak Spanish. He loves how it flows off his tongue, the emotion present in every word, the charm of the slang, everything. He finds it beautiful and comforting. It reminds him of dinner at home and waking up to the chatter of half the household, of Skype calls and care packages. His language is everything to him.

Headcanon that Keith, as a Texan, also picked up on Spanish, but not Cuban Spanish. Mexican Spanish. He loves hearing Lance speak Cuban Spanish, likes to hear the differences and similarities to the Spanish he knows. He likes feeling connected to Lance in this way, knowing that no matter what type of Spanish you speak, the vivacity of the language doesn’t change. It’s the vivacity that he likes the most, because Lance himself is so full of life. It’s breathtaking.

Lance doesn’t know that Keith speaks any type of Spanish at all, but when he finds out…he’ll be absolutely blown away.

People keep spamming that billboard fanwars poll link on my dash and pretend that its super important… like it doesnt fking matter? Theres literally no award, no one wins ANYTHING from it and i highly doubt any of the artists in it give a shit about this anyway. Billboard is once again trying to create fanwars and make ppl visit their site (which means $$).
I mean look at all the artists they picked and HOW they placed them; we have exo vs bts now and they’re obviously setting up more fanwars with harry styles vs zayn, fifth harmony vs that camelia girl that dropped them, beyonce vs riri etc
Stop wasting your time on pointless polls like this… no one wins anything from this apart from billboard who uses you for views on their page… If you want to support exo or whoever your fav is, go stream their mv or smth… voting on this is useless and you wont win anyway cause T-ara fans have like 2 million votes and they always win this

Jon Snow, probably the most noble and level headed character on this show, almost killed Littlefinger in blind rage with his bare hands because he told him he was in love with Sansa.

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😞💔 in which you’re always missing yoongi late at night 💔😞

aka projecting the feelings of everyone who just wants to date/be friends with yoongi into a single fake text

bts fake text requests open 💌

dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

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To call people fucked up over shipping/not shipping is kinda mean, ain't it? People watch for different reasons, not everyone is invested in the same way you are. I don't ship at all and I'm not interested and id like to agree with the last anon...But it's too aggressive. Besides, sometimes romance is a way to cope with a heavy situation.

AH NO!! that’s not what I meant, don’t take it that way!! I just meant that the plot is getting really heavy and Keith (as well as the rest of the team) have lost someone very important to them. I understand how people wanna ship stuff during scenes like that and I say go for it, you do you. But when it overshadows and ignores the whole point of why Keith needs comfort for example, it kinda gets too much y’know? I’m sorry if you thought I was shitting on people who ship, I didn’t mean that

- Mod Keith

My DkS character: Frederick of Lothric (they/them), former Lothric Knight, reborn as Unkindled/Ashen One 🔥 (Coloured verson of (x))