want to hug his shoulders

BTS’s reaction to their s/o having a PDA addiction:

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A/N: As I mentioned before, I don’t write NSFW, but hopefully I was able to do this request justice. I made it super fluffy. Hope you enjoy it, loves~ 💖

Jin: You have a problem, you know you do. It’s too much - you always go too far. But when you get the urge to cuddle your boyfriend over a respectable family dinner, it’s not something you can easily dismiss. He’s looking so handsome, serving stew to his mother, sleeves rolled up, shirt damp with sweat and kitchen steam - less like a boyfriend, more like a husband. A husband that needs a barrage of hugging and kissing as punishment for being so drop-dead gorgeous.

As he sits down opposite, you give him a look – the look – to let him know what’s up. He doesn’t get the hint at first, so you inch your toes across the wooden flood until you find his shape under the table, and give his leg a nudge with your foot.

His eyes flicker to yours, brows raised in amusement. You’ve been together long enough to understand what his silent signals mean. Translation: “So, playing footsie is a thing we do now?”

You rub your foot up and down the inside of his calf, smiling at him through half-lidded eyes. Translation: “Yes, it’s a thing we do. Starting now.”

Jin looks you up and down, totally distracted now. You’re winning. Just a little more, and he’ll bend to your will. With one last brush of your toe against his trouser leg he stands up, displacing his glass of water, so that a few drops spot the table. “I just remembered that there’s a bottle of wine I forgot to open. Y/N, come and help me get the wine glasses.”

That’s your cue to leave, following him to the kitchen for an emergency make-out session:

“Was there a reason you desperately needed to disrupt our family dinner?”

“You were looking unfairly handsome,” you reply, “You needed to be punished.”

“With kisses?”

“The worst type of punishment.” You kiss him to prove you mean it.

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Yoongi: Well, this is new.

Normally, you have to beg Yoongi for hugs in public – pulling on his sweater sleeves, pulling on his hair, pulling on his ragged ends with pleas of “Please, Yoongi. Please.” Then he’d roll his eyes, shuffle closer and drape you in his warmth, with an arm around your shoulder while he mumbled about how embarrassing you are.

But today - today is different. And you certainly aren’t complaining.

Pressing his nose into your neck, pulling you closer, his hands fall around your waist, reaching down until they find leverage in the back pockets of your jeans. Without you asking; without him kicking and screaming and making a fuss about it.

You have to pull back a fraction to check his cheeks, which burn pink, just to make sure this is definitely your boyfriend and not some weird, alien replacement.

“What?” he demands.

You shake your head, and curl your arms around his neck. “Nothing… I just though you didn’t like cuddling in public.”

“I don’t.”

“Then what do you call this?”

He burrows deeper, pressing his face into the fabric of your shirt. “I call this an emergency.”


He nods. “I was running low on hugs.”

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Hoseok: You fidget anxiously. It’s been three hours, fifteen minutes and nine seconds since your last cuddle with Hoseok, and you’re beginning to feel cold already – what you need right now is a hug, or a hand in your hand, anything really, you’re not picky. But in the middle of the supermarket, mid weekly shop, isn’t the best place or time to tackle your boyfriend. Still, his back is looking exceptionally inviting underneath that tight-fitting t-shirt, just asking for you to snatch him up as he stretches up to reach a cereal box on the highest shelf.

As he turns back to toss the box in the shopping trolley, he pauses, eyeing you up and down, and that’s when you realise you’ve been biting your lip all this time, making heart-eyes his way. Not so subtle.

“What?” he asks, although he knows exactly ‘what’.

You press your palms onto the trolley’s handle and push it in his direction so the metal frame bumps against him. “Don’t ‘what?’ me.”

His response is a chuckle. “Is it that bad? You need me that much?”

You nod, and he licks his lips, before glancing up and down the aisle. There’s no one about. A motion of his hand is all the invitation you need to dive into his arms, and drown him in kisses, hidden by the shelves of biscuits and crisps.

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Namjoon: “Namjoon, I need a hug.” You hold your arms out to your boyfriend.

“What why? Are you feeling okay?” As usual, Namjoon’s brain is spinning with possible reasons for this sudden request. Are you down? Depressed? Feeling lonely or anxious? Whatever it is, Namjoon’s ready to hug it away, even if you are in the middle of the main street.

You just shake your head at his concern, your smile stretching fondly. “Nothing’s wrong. I just love you. And I want a hug.”

That’s all you need to say. Namjoon’s face relaxes, his shoulders sag, and he breathes a sigh of relief. A hug for love’s sake. Of course. In one step, he’s by your side, wrapping his arms around your waist – not because it’s raining in your heart, or the sky above you is crumbling down, or the very fabric of the Earth is fraying. But just because you wanted it.

And you also – “Was that the first time you said that you love me?” he asks.

“I think it was.”

“Well. I love you too.”



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Jimin: You have a new hobby: embarrassing your boyfriend in front of his friends.

Jimin, who’s normally more snuggly than your bed on a rainy Monday morning, forgets all about your habitual cuddling when he’s with his group, keeping his distance instead, and getting jumpy when you brush against him.

Now that you’ve figured out how much power you possess – with him pleading “please – not so much PDA while I’m around my friends, I need to keep some semblance of my masculinity”, and you cooing back “sure thing, my squishy mochi” – it’s time to wreak some havoc.

The next time you’re at Taehyung’s house, you decide to put your plan in motion, pouncing on Jimin and tackling him to the couch. This should be fun.

“What are you doing?” His cheeks rise a couple of shades of red.

“Just cuddling like we normally do, mochi-wochi,” you purr, settling yourself in his lap.

The other boys burst out laughing at your actions, while Jimin squirms underneath you, trying to wriggle free. But it’s no use. Cuddling is serious business to you, and there’s no way you’re letting him go.

Sighing, he surrenders, and with his masculinity in shreds, he kisses your cheek as a form of peace-keeping. “Alright you win,” he mumbles, “Just, please, no more ‘mochi-wochi’.”

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Taehyung: You and Taehyung are tied together by the heartstrings. You have a connection that you can’t quite explain, and somehow, you both seem to know exactly when the other’s craving touch - feelings so in sync, Taehyung needs you exactly when you need him.

Today is no exception. You’re sitting in a café with Taehyung, smiling stupidly-in-love over ice-cream sundaes, when all of a sudden you need – need – to cuddle with him, or your heart might seize up.

Without a word, without warning, you slip out of your seat, and rounding the table to Taehyung’s side, wrap your arms around his shoulders.

He twists his neck to gaze up at you, brown eyes blinking. “You alright?”

“Yeah. I just really needed a hug, all of a sudden.”

“Good, me too.” He grins, and you duck your head down for a kiss on his unsuspecting lips.

With a smooth motion, he slides his chair back, making room for you to sit on his lap, which you’re more than happy to accept, and from this perch you have easy access to his triple-chocolate knickerbocker glory.

“Oh, I see how it is,” Taehyung scoffs, as you lick chocolate sauce off his spoon, “You only like me for my desserts?”

“Opps. Exposed,” you laugh, and Taehyung leans in to peck a stray speck of chocolate from your chin.

When you kiss back again, he shivers below you, body responding before he can control it. Forgetting the café around you, the hustle and bustle of baristas and customers, you and Taehyung melt into each other like the ice-cream in your bowl.

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Jungkook: Jungkook doesn’t like cuddling in public. It’s something you learnt about him a long time ago, on your first date in fact, sharing secrets with a game of ’20 questions’ - when he said ‘I’m embarrassed to touch in public’ you had almost ended the relationship then and there. How were you – one of the clingiest, touchy-feeliest people on the planet – going to cope with a guy who melted into a blushing pile of mush any time you so much as brushed fingers in public. Even when you got him to hold your hand, murmuring ‘Look, see? No one minds, no one’s looking,’ he’d still stay as stiff as steel, and snap your fingers apart when anyone so much as glanced in your general direction.

Thankfully, you had discovered a way to combat the problem, crafting the perfect date for you and your boyfriend – a public place where you could touch to your heart’s content, without Jungkook shying away from the eyes of disapproving grannies and curious children: a magical place called the cinema.

Seated in the back row, you can share a bag of popcorn and as many kisses as you want, without fear of being watched. With everyone else transfixed on the film, you and Jungkook can devote yourselves to each other. As the movie heroes strike out on quests to discover new lands, you explore new parts of Jungkook, acquainting yourself with every centimetre of exposed skin: cheeks, neck, knuckles, the inside of his wrists, any part he gives. He relaxes in your arms, and watching him unfurl for you is better than any film – he is your masterpiece, better directed that Steven Spielberg. In the dark of the cinema, you fall in love.

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Remember Me: Part 1

A Bucky x Reader / Drabble Series

A/N: This is something that just came into my brain literally today, and I got inspired so I decided to write the first part. Bucky is not in this (yet) so I don’t want to trick anyone, but he will be. You’ll see! Let me know if you like it, and if you want me to continue. I love hearing from you all! ♥

Other Characters: Steve

Word Count: 1,000

- language.
- mild violence.

Tags: (at the end)

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It was so dark. Sounds of falling debris and chaos surrounded you, but you didn’t care. You were too tired to move a muscle, too tired to fight back.

Let it burn. Let it all fucking burn…

“Do you know where you are?” a faint voice yelled from somewhere behind your closed eyelids. Your ears were ringing so loudly, you couldn’t place the exact location.

“Hell…” you whispered to yourself, unsure if the talking person had even heard you.

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Valentine's Day special + Hinata, Tendou and Iwaizumi ♥

I feel like I wrote it just, because I wanted to write something for my favourite characters. You’re welcome.

Hinata Shouyou 

‘’Okay guys, we do as we established before. When s/o comes through the gym door, we turn the light on and then Hinata confesses. No one laughs, no one talks. You are just smiling like nice and supportive teammates - you are. Understood?’’ Koushi stated, smiling kindly at every one of them, but something about the way his face twisted was saying that refusal would do them nothing good. So they all nodded happily, already regretting coming to the school that day. 

Tsukishima was fuming inside, not being able to throw any snarky remark, because of his vice-captain earlier threat, that if one of them destroys Hinata’s special day - they will be met with terrible consequences. 

Kageyama didn’t understand the situation at all, going along with the plan and avoiding his growing disappointed, caused by the declination of practice. 

Tanaka and Nishinoya..were just themselves, stressing the poor orange head more and more as the seconds passed by. 

Asahi just sighed. 

‘’This is going to be a disaster.’’ However, the door opened, revealing their captain - Sawamura Daichi. 

‘’I saw her! Turn the lights off and get your shit together! You better do it right! H-HINATA STOP CRYING!’’ They did as they were told, giving Hinata some tissues as he slowly caught his breath. He was finally ready. After two long minutes, a crack of the door was heard in the whole gym and then it was thrown open. Shouyou, who couldn’t stand the pressure, closed his eyes and hold the red rose in front of his shaking figure. Soon the lights were on and it was the time for the final words. 

‘’I-I really liKE YOU! WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?!’’ He screamed at the top of his lungs, with his eyes still tightly closed. Everything around him was dead silent and he couldn’t tell whether it was good or bad. In the end, he decided to open one of his eyes to see your - probably stunned - reaction. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw. 

His coach was looking at him with raised eyebrows, before his palm met his forehead as the snickers of his teammates filled his ears. 

‘’Well, I appreciate your feelings Hinata, but I think we do not..eh..belong with each other. Try again in the future.’’ When these words left Keishin’s mouth, small tears gathered in the corners of his eyes. Everyone stopped making noises for a second and then Hinata erupted. 

‘‘I-I tried so hard! I was confessing everyday to my mirror just to say it right! And now my chances are gone! S/o will never go out with me, I can just die in a hole!’’ He wailed, hot tears running down his cheeks one by one, imitating waterfall. 

And when Sugawara wanted to hug the death out of Hinata, allowing him to cry on his shoulder and ensure that he will have millions of chances, your head popped out behind Ukai’s back. 

‘’Thanks Shou-kun, it means a lot to me. Let’s go out!’’ And that was the time, the small, overwhelmed with emotions crown - fainted. Happy and satisfied, just to be sure. 

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Tendou Satori 

‘’Hi s/o! What a beautiful day, isn’t it?’’

‘’What do you want Satori?’’ You replied to his greeting with an ugly frown and unsettling feeling in your empty stomach.

‘’So harsh! Why do you assume I want something?’’ He gasped theatrically, squeezing his shirt in the place of the heart. Acting obviously, wasn’t his strongest point, he should just stick to the volleyball. No offense.

‘’Don’t try to lie, we’ve known each other for years, idiot. You always want something. It’s as obvious as the fact that we will die.’’ Ignoring his opening mouth, you went to your destination - hoping he would not follow you, but he did shortly after. 

‘’So depressing, I feel like we are kids again! And it’s not true, you can’t just assume that whenever I talk to you I need a favor! But this time I really need something.’’ Yeah, his smile announced something bad or even worse. 

‘’Shoot while I’m still listening. And make it quick.’’

‘’So, Valentine’s Day will be soon and I thought it would be nice if you go out with me.’’ He asked, giving you a sincere smile at which you frowned even harder. That was rather unexpected. He? Interested in you?

‘’To where?’’ You asked, groaning internally. He was a very puzzling person, who could be not only annoying, but also unbearable especially in the morning. And not to mention you were short-tempered. It explained everything tbh. 

‘’Restauration. And a walk. Or first walk and th–’’

‘’No.’’ You interrupted him angrily - rejecting his offer, but for a different reason that he thought you did. 

‘’Oh..-’’ His face twisted in the pained expression, not visible for ordinary people to see, but since you were his friend for a long time - you knew him pretty well. ‘’Okay, then.’’ He turned to walk away from you, but you quickly caught his wrist in your warm hand. 

‘’But-’’ You hold onto his slightly trembling fingers now. ‘’We can go to my or your place, watch stupid videos and movies and talk shit about people. What do you think?’’ He smirked.

‘’Marry me.’’

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Iwaizumi Hajime

Your first two lessons ended pretty quickly, but a lunch break was nicely welcomed, anyway. After standing up from your seat, you stretched legs and headed towards Oikawa’s class, because of his previous invitation to eat with him and Iwaizumi. In a normal situation you would decline and spend time with your own friends, but the fact that Hajime was there made the decision for you.

When you finally saw them sitting next to each other and fighting heatedly, but rather silently - you only smiled at them, ignoring the painful throbbing in your chest upon seeing your crush. 

What do people tend to say? You only live once, yes? Well, no - it’s bullshit. You still were stressing yourself over and felt like you were dying. Every thought hurt not only mentally, but also physically, however, you promised Oikawa to spend time with them and keeping your promises was a priority in your life.

‘’Hey guys!’’ They immediately stopped talking (poor Tooru, silenced with the hit in the stomach), after they saw your approaching form. You smiled and they smiled back, but on the brunet’s face it looked more like a grimace. 

‘’H-hey s/o-chan! Sit next to Iwaizumi!’’ He stumbled, pointing at the empty seat beside his very flustered teammate. 

‘’Okay, is there something wrong? You were arguing just a minute ago.’’ Your curiosity got the best of you as always. 

‘’Ah! Iwa-chan has been just bitter, because I didn’t mention you were coming!’’ He joked, looking kind of better than he was. Although, his words stung just a little bit. 

‘’I can leave if you..’’ You looked at Iwaizumi, trying your hardest not to frown, but despite your greatest fears his face didn’t show anger like you expected, but astonishment. 

‘’N-nO! I WAS JUST SURPRISED, THAT’S ALL!’’ He bowed slightly. ‘’Please stay with us, sorry.’’ His nervousness made you laugh and remember why you fell for him once again. It’s so hard to resist such a precious person.

‘’Thanks! Sorry for misunderstanding!’’

The rest of the break went smoothly, well almost. Life just didn’t want to leave you alone and let you be happy even for one day. One freaking day.

’Soooo—-S/o-chan! Iwa-chan has an important question to ask you! He’s been thinking about it for a while now and I couldn’t stand it anymore!’’ Oikawa laughed loudly, showing how proud of himself, he was, but he was the only content on in your group. Your mind sank into stress again and Iwaizumi’s face showed terrifying, or even devilish furiousness. 

‘’What are you talking about, you jerk?’’ He uttered, which sounded more like a promise to kill and that nasty glare he sent Oikawa confirmed your thoughts.

’Oh, don’t be so shy! He wanted to ask you out, of course!’’ Let’s just say you stopped breathing.

‘’What the fuck? That’s not true! I would neve–’’ And then he looked at your face, twisted in a great sadness with glittering tears in your eyes. It wasn’t the fact that your crush wasn’t interested in you, you were aware of it, but the whole situation was completely humiliating to you and disappearing from their eyes and avoiding them forever was a rather great idea.

‘’Iwa-chan!’’ Tooru screamed, what was only a fainted sound for your running form. You hoped to never see any on those two again.

‘’Wait!’’ Someone, who you assumed was Iwaizumi shouted, but you ignored him. ‘’Waitt, dammit!’’ Thanks to his athlete build, he managed to run up to you and caught your wrist.

’Leave me alone!’’

‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it!’’ He apologized, but you were having none of it.

‘’Yeah, right.’’

‘’I LIKE YOU, OKAY?’’ Your eyes widened and you finally looked at him, only to see he was avoiding your gaze. ‘’I do, really. I wanted to ask you out, but not in front of that stupid shi–I mean Oikawa. I know I treated you like an asshole just a second ago, but I hope you can look past it and I don’t know, give me a chance?’’ And then your eyes meet and the only thing you registered was nodding your head and his warm lips on your forehead.

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Dating Alex Standall would include

Ship : Alex Standall x Reader

Fandom : 13 Reasons Why 

Warnings : None

A/N : Sorry again for the grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language ♥


• Constantly holding hands

• Deep late night conversations

• You hating when he hangs out with Montgomery and the popular ones

• Him always getting in trouble because of them

• You trying your best to help him after you heard about the tapes.

• Not being mad at him because you know how bad he feels about it 

• His dad liking you

• You two don’t have to speak to know what the other feels

• Him keeping you away from Bryce

• Hugs from behind

• Being the only one capable to cheer him up

• Pecking each others lips

• Dyeing his hair when the color starts to fade away

• Defending him whenever Justin or Montgomery says something about him

• Squishing his cheeks

• Staying at his house to study

• Being very worried for his mental health and never wanting to let go of his hugs

• Him crying on your shoulder while you soothe him and stroke his hair gently

«I’d be a wreck if I ever lost you. I love you so much (Y/N), please don’t leave me. »

• Hugging each other tightly

• Hearing him chuckle when you sing out loud the lyrics of your favorite songs

• Cute makeout sessions when he’s feeling sad and needs some love

• Neck kisses and passionnate kisses mostly

• Hugs

• Hugs again


Nygmobblepot (drunk fluff) Please like if you want to read a second smut part!

(big thanks to @nxygmobblepot for encouraging me to write this!)

It’s nights like these that make Oswald question everything. It’s when Ed falls asleep on his couch, his wine glass half full, the bottle nearly empty. His mansion seemed even more huge and dark at night but it was slowly beginning to feel like home. Oswald looked down at the glass in his hand, his pale, slender fingers running over its rim. He wasn’t sure how Ed would describe their friendship. Their… relationship? No. Oswald had never said a word about his feelings. He planned on doing it but… Not now. The right moment would come. It sure would. But then again, there was this voice in the back of his mind, shaking him and yelling at him that this was a bad idea. He mostly tried to ignore it. No, Oswald would be brave. He would—

But the new mayor of Gotham was thrown right out of his thoughts when Ed stretched himself like a very pleased cat. His assistant’s head fell to one side. He faced Oswald with a tired expression and fluttering eyes. That in itself was enough to let him lose sight of all earlier doubts.

“You look exhausted, Ed.” Oswald smiled at him, looking a little tired himself. Sometimes his new job stole him every ounce of energy. They both had one busy day of work ahead. Oswald wasn’t even entirely sure why they were drinking in the first place.

“I must admit that this wine has rather…” Ed drew in a slow breath and carefully rose into a sitting position. He hiccuped once and a grin briefly tugged at Oswald’s lips. “…knocked me off my feet.” Ed finished and stood up. Oswald immediately shot to his feet since his friend’s posture was everything but steady. “Do you want me to bring you to your room?”

Ed looked up. His glasses nearly fell off his nose and he eventually ended up shortly pulling them off, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and index finger before putting them on again.

“That would be nice.”

And that was when he stumbled into Oswald who immediately grabbed his shoulders, their cheeks brushing, their chests meeting. Oswald’s breath hitched loudly and he immediately tried to support his best friend’s weight. Ed’s knees seemed to shake and he was desperately trying to stand upright again. Oswald knew that Ed didn’t handle his alcohol too well but this scenario was entirely new.

The sudden, heavy amount of physical contact nearly made Oswald flinch and by now there was a tender, pink shade on his cheeks. “I’m sorry.” Ed mumbled, still trying to hold on to Oswald, his shaky hand gripping the smaller man’s sleeve and clutching it. “Do you want to sit down again?” Oswald asked, his worry marking every word, his voice hoarse and unsure. He was so close. Oswald could smell the stinging scent of alcohol but he didn’t mind. Ed flopped down on the couch once more and let out a heavy sigh. “I’m going to sleep on the couch.” he mumbled and simply let himself fall into the cushions. He still had his suit on and he was wearing his glasses. Didn’t he want to get ready for bed? Oswald stood in front of the couch, clenching and unclenching his fists.

“It’s cold in here.” he said and blinked wildly, still trying to look understanding. He wouldn’t mind bringing him upstairs. Or waiting in front of the bathroom to make sure he noticed if Ed fell. “Are you sure? I could—”


The tone in Ed’s voice showed how tired he was but there was also something very… fragile in it. Oswald blinked wildly, gently shifting in his position. “Y-Yes, Ed?” There was this long, very uncomfortable moment of silence. Neither of them moved, even though Oswald’s gaze was fixed on his friend, curious and nervous about what he wanted.

“Can you…” But Ed trailed off.

Can you?

Oswald’s mind was whirring with possibilities.

Can you?

“Can I what, Edward?” Oswald asked, his voice a little sharper but not demanding or bossy. He wanted to know what Ed wanted. His heart was violently hammering in his chest. Damn it, get it together, Oswald! This whole being-in-love thing was still something he had to get used to.

Ed hiccuped anew.

“Can I lean my head against your shoulder?”

The words sounded like something from a dream, a distant reality, something that couldn’t possibly be happening. Oswald froze, his cheeks beginning to burn, his stomach fluttering. “Uh-uhm,” he stuttered, his frown deepening. Ed wanted to lean… his head against his shoulder. They had hugged before but that was frankly all physical contact their friendship involved so far. Oswald opened and closed his mouth, every part of his body telling him to sit down and take Ed in his arms, to stroke his hair, kiss his perfect li—

“Nevermind.“ Ed muttered into a cushion, already drifting off.

“No, no! Please, it’s fine.” Oswald quickly composed himself, his face still burning as he sat down beside him again. Ed straightened his back and cleared his throat a few times, softly coughing when he let the side of his head drop against Oswald’s shoulder.

For a moment there was absolute, mind numbing silence that was only interrupted by the calming sound of Ed’s breathing and Oswald trying to control his own.

Ed’s forehead nudged against Oswald’s neck, who tensed up but eventually smiled shakily, happily.

“You look beautiful” Harry says and gives you a tired smile. You walk over to the bed and give him a long lingering kiss. “Thank you gorgeous. You were amazing last night” you say, running your hands over his shoulders. “Want round two?” Harry smirks and hugs you from your hips. “I need to get ready” you say, Harry’s hands slide off of your hips and you start walking over to the bathroom. Harry just sighs and his naked body falls back to the duvet.

Has Jughead started to develop feelings for Betty? 

Jughead Jones found himself alone on a Saturday evening sitting in the corner booth at Pop’s Diner where he liked to people watch in-between writing his novel. It was in that booth that he had been thinking about what had happened when he and Betty Cooper went to see Polly at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Riverdale’s very own home for troubled youth. And it was at that proverbial “home for troubled youth” that Betty had discovered the real reason that her sister had been sent away: Polly was pregnant.

Jughead sighed as he took a giant swig of the fresh cup of coffee Pop Tate had left on the table. Jughead remembered how Betty came running out from the garden and back into the waiting room. Jughead had been forced to stay and wait for her there because he “wasn’t family.” The door flew open and Betty was crying hysterically and hugging her arms together, as if that was somehow going to help her feel like she wasn’t losing it already. Jughead shot up when he saw her, but hesitated slightly when he put his arm on her shoulder. He wanted to hug her badly, but he was worried that he wouldn’t do it the right way, or that it would feel awkward, or that maybe hugging her somehow would also feel weird for him because he didn’t really like women and wasn’t exactly smooth like Archie. When Betty felt his hand graze her shoulder she whimpered and Jughead just decided to just do what came naturally to him. He grabbed both of her shoulders and pulled her into a tight embrace. Betty started crying harder, but rested her head on Jughead’s chest. Betty wrapped her arms around Jughead and he did the same. They probably stayed like that for too long because the nurse at the front desk shot him disapproving glances. As Betty’s tears dissipated, Jughead looked down at her and pulled his hands up to her face to wipe off her tears. She breathed in a heavy sigh and looked up at him, “Betts, let’s go home.” “Ok, Jug.”

Jughead slid his hands down her arms and grabbed her right hand. He never did anything like this with a member of the opposite sex, ever. But for some reason he wanted to hold Betty’s hand and let her know that everything was going to be okay. Betty tightened her fingers around his hand and squeezed. Jughead thought it was weird that he liked her hand moving under his and the feeling of having her close to him. Normally he just flinched whenever a member of the opposite sex came near him. He ignored a lot of unwholesome talk from Archie and the guys in the locker rooms whenever they talked about sex. He found their crude talk off-putting and he couldn’t understand just what it was that was so great about sex anyways? Frankly, it sounded disgusting to him. He felt worse, though, for the girls that has slept with members of the football team because the guys usually shared the sordid details with everyone the next day. He felt like he would hit someone if they ever talked that way about his Betty. “My Betty?” thought Jughead. That was weird. He brushed the thought out of his mind. He remembered how infatuated she was with Archie, but she said she had finally gotten over the “idea of him” last month. At least, that is what she had told him the other night when they were sitting on the floor of her room eating chips and watching some garbage on HBO. Jughead assumed that the only reason he was allowed in Betty’s room was because Alice Cooper didn’t see him as a threat or someone who Betty would ever be interested in dating, would she? Would Betty ever be interested in dating him?

Jughead thought of Alice Cooper and then he thought of his family. As if he needed any more of a reminder of just how screwed up his life had become in the last couple of months. Alice Cooper made him mad, but in a way, he understood that she was only that way because she was very overprotective of her children. Then, he thought of his own mother and of Jellybean. He made a fist on the table in the diner and gritted his teeth. How could she just leave me here, he thought? My own mother just fucking left me here and took Jellybean. She knew I couldn’t go with her, not without someone to make sure dad didn’t drive when he got wasted. And even though dad yells a lot he was still his dad after all and damnett, didn’t it mean ANYTHING to my mother that at some point they had said, ‘Till death do us part?’ Of course, I hate dad sometimes, he’s a careless father and he has a drinking problem, but he IS my father. Doesn’t my own mother care about how I’m doing? In this moment Jughead felt like he hated women. Jughead took another swig of coffee and adjusted his beanie.

But Jughead didn’t live with his dad anymore. He had moved out months ago and shacked up at Riverdale’s only drive-in movie theater where he worked part-time. It wasn’t the ideal living situation, but at least he didn’t have to deal with his dads drinking binges anymore. The only problem with living at the drive-in was that it got unbearably cold in the wintertime. Jughead had tried to alleviate the cold by buying a space heater to put next to his cot, but that didn’t work very well. Some nights he woke up freezing. He hadn’t told anyone about his current living situation because it was embarrassing. He wanted to tell Betty, but he always hesitated at the last minute. He enjoyed hanging out with her too much and he didn’t want her to feel sorry for him.

Jughead sighed. His hands lingered on the keyboard of his computer for a moment. He started thinking about Betty Cooper and how she must be feeling after discovering that her parents had basically locked her sister up – were they that ashamed? “What century is this?” Jughead thought to himself. He thought about Betty’s smile and how she got all huffy when she was trying to finish an article for the Blue and Gold to get it published in time. She would pace around the classroom and papers would fly everywhere. Jughead always grinned at her behind his laptop and she would punch him in the arm and say, “STOP, Juggie! You’re causing me to lose my train of thought and you know Principal Weatherby said this had to be on his desk by five!”

Jughead got this funny feeling whenever he was around her in the pit of his stomach that he didn’t understand. It wasn’t like he really thought about women that way or sex for that matter. Jughead realized that as he was thinking about Betty Cooper he was smiling and staring out the window as he caught a glimpse of his reflection in it. The lights from the cars outside the diner caused his eyes to flash a bright blue and lit up his pale skin. He looked like Archie when he was going on about the latest girl he was infatuated with. Jughead quickly shook of the expression and resumed his mopey pose. He would go see her tomorrow. He hoped Betty was ok.

See the full story at: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10747074/chapters/23825958

of course he cheated pt. 1 (c.h)

I didn’t hear anything from Calum. I knew he came home early due to all of the tweets on Twitter but he hasn’t called or anything. I decided to just give him a call, to see what he was up too. Ring. Ring. Ring. It went to voicemail. I decided to call his mum. She knew everything about Calum.

“Hello?” Her sweet voice said.

“Hey Joy, it’s Y/N.” I said, crossing my arm so it was underneath my armpit.

“Oh, Y/N Darling!” She exclaimed. I smiled at her response. “How are you, my angel?”

“I’ve been great. I was just wondering where your son is. He hasn’t been calling or texting me and I know he’s back from tour because everyone was blowing up my Twitter.”

“Oh, darling, I’m not sure. He might be. I’m not home at the moment, I’m at work.” I heard a bit of shuffling, as if she was filing something. “If you want, you can go over to the house to see if he’s there. The spare key is under the flower pot with the purple flowers.”

“Oh, thank you, Joy.” We said our byes and I hung up. I guess this was the only other way I would know where he was.

I arrived at the house and it was still the beautiful, big house that had a really nice garden on the outside. Joy was so good at gardening. I walked up to the big door and looked around for the flower pot. It was small near my feet. I lifted it and grabbed the spare key where Joy said it would be. I unlocked the door and walked in, smelling the sweet aroma of cinnamon and wood. I looked around the house, the kitchen, the living room. No one. Then I heard noises coming from up the stairs. It had to be him. I smiled in excitement to see him after three months. I walked up the stairs, my smile growing bigger until I heard someone else’s voice. It sounded like a female. Fuck. No way. My smile faded as I walked towards the door that spelled out “Cal’s Old Flat.” I walked up to the door and I hear moaning. Fuck no. Maybe he was watching porn. Please let that be him watching porn.

I opened the door slightly to wear my eye was peaking through the crack and I see something I didn’t want to see until I was dead. Calum was balls deep into some girl, both FULLY naked on his white sheets.

“Oh fuck Cal. Right there.” The woman said, gripping onto his hair as if it were some prize she earned and she was holding onto it as if it were her life. Right there they were. Fucking on the same bed where Cal told me he loved me, where he first kissed me, where we had sex.

“Fuck, (some girl who you don’t like’s name),” He said holding down her hands as he pounded into her some more. I gasped and I guess it was pretty loud because Cal looked up at the door.

“What? Why’d you stop?” The girl breathed out, now supporting herself on her elbows.

“I heard something, or someone.” He said. I backed up away from the door hoping he wouldn’t see me peek my head through the door. I wiped the tears that fell down my cheek and I started to hyperventilate, probably having a panic attack, which I hadn’t had in like a year.

“It was probably nothing, we would’ve heard it. Come on, now finish what you started.” She said.

“No. There’s someone there. Hello?” I could hear his feet shuffling and I could hear his footsteps come closer until he opened the door, looking dead at me. There were my tears. I looked down his bare torso, now covered in hickeys and red lip stains, his boxers showing half his v-line. I could see his chest move up and down and he looked back at the girl who was staring at me, her eyes opened.

“Shit, Y/N…”  I couldn’t take it. I scoffed and ran down the steps. He eventually caught up to me and grabbed my wrist. “Wait—“

“No!” I threw my hand, slapping his bare torso. “Three. Fucking. Months! I HAVE WAITED. I HAVE WAITED TO HEAR FROM YOU BUT NO. YOU WERE FUCKING OTHER WOMEN, PROBABLY EVERYDAY. HONESTLY THAT MAKES ME….” I was hyperventilating now. My panic attack was coming. I ran my hands through my hair, my tears staining my cheeks.

“Please, I—“ He tried to say, his hand reaching out to me. I backed up, not wanting to be anywhere near his hickey covered body. I put my hand out, trying to prevent him from coming any closer, and I started sobbing.

“The amount of hate I have right now for you.” I say, breathing in between my words because I couldn’t breathe at all.

“Y/N, you don’t mean that.” Calum said. He was crying now.

“Don’t mean to ruin this perfect moment right now,” I said opening the door, “but there’s someone waiting for you upstairs.” And then I was gone. I slammed the door and threw the spare key at it and ran to my car. I sat in the seat for what seemed like forever and just tried to breathe. I looked out and he didn’t even bother coming after me. Of course he didn’t. Of course he cheated on me. My shaking hands finally had the courage to grip the wheel and I just drove to the nearest friend I could go too.


I didn’t go to Ash’s, Luke’s, or Michael’s flats because I knew they would instantly go to Calum and I didn’t want to see him. So, I decided to go to Laila’s.

I sat on her long couch and just cried into the white fuzzy blanket. She sat beside me, rubbing my back, her head on top of mine.

“It…hurts…so..bad.” I breathe. I cry even harder into her arm.

“I’ll get you some tea and then we can go throw darts at a picture of his smug ass face.” I nod at her offer and she went off to the kitchen. I sat there on the really comfortable couch and looked at the big window. I stared out as the rain hit window, making everything seem to go away. My thoughts are interrupted as I hear knocking on the door.

“I’ll get it.” I say quietly, but said it loud enough for Laila to hear me. I walked over to the door, making myself look presentable and smooth out my military jacket and opened the door to reveal a puffy eyes and wet Calum. My eyes widen and started to tear up and my chest started to move up and down again.

“Thank god Y/N. Please listen to me. I…” He looked like he couldn’t finish his sentence and he started to cry. “I can’t do this without you. I need you and I’m so fucking sorry for doing that to you. I just—“

“I don’t care.” I had the courage to say.

“Y/N, please. I just—“

“I just had like ten panic attacks. Something I stopped having when we started dating. I actually thought to myself before all this shit, ‘Hmm..maybe he’s just trying to surprise me.’ But no, you know what surprise I get. I get my boyfriend fucking some girl and ignoring me because he was probably fucking her since this morning.” I started to cry. He did too.

“I’m sorry!” He cried. His hands ran through his wet hair and ran over his face. I wanted nothing more than to hug him and cry into his shoulder. But he cheated on me. He fucked someone else. And I couldn’t bear the fact that all the marks they made today is now tattooed temporarily on his torso.

“You really need to leave.” I said quietly, wiping my eyes.

“NO, Y/N, please. I can’t do anything without you.” He said reaching for me, but I backed up.

“Maybe you should’ve thought about before he shoved your penis into someone else. We’re done, Cal.” I said. I shut the door and leaned against it, shutting my wet eyes tightly. I hear him punch the door really hard and I flinch at the noise. I open my eyes to see Laila standing there with her fingers together, not knowing what to say. I ran into her arms and she quickly wrapped them around me and I cried into her shoulders.


You want to leave Bucky Barnes x Reader / Avengers x Reader

Pairing: Bucky  Barnes x Reader / Avengers x Reader

Featuring: The Avengers team

Word count: 2808 words

Warnings: swearing, a bit of angst.

Tags: none.

Notes: Y/F/N stands for Your Full Name

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

The mission had been ruined and all because of you. If you just listened to Tony instead of doing whatever you thought it was better, you would have the device and Natasha wouldn’t be unconscious nor seriously injured. It was all on you. And it wasn’t the first time it happened. You weren’t good for the team, you knew it and you had known it for a very long time, but you just didn’t want to make the right call, you didn’t want to leave even when you knew it was for the best. They were your family. They were all you had. 

But it had to be done. You had to leave before you put anyone else in danger because of your stupidity. 

When the quinjet arrived at the Avengers HQ, you saw Bucky and Sam waiting at the hangar, probably ready to help out with Nat. Your eyes were focused on the Winter Soldier. How were you supposed to leave him behind? How could you do such thing after all those promises whispered under the blankets? But the damage was even worse if you stayed. This time it had been Natasha, but next time it could be Bucky. When the gates opened, Tony and Steve quickly carried the Widow out of the quinjet to put her on the stretcher Sam had by his side. 

“How is she?” He asked as soon as they started walking towards the elevator. 

“I think she will be fine but the wound is deep”, Steve said looking down at her, worry all over his features. 

Biting your lip, you took your bag and went out of the quinjet, trying to ignore Bucky’s burning gaze on you the whole time. It was all on you and he knew it. Tony and Steve explained what happened through comms to everyone. Of course they didn’t say it was your fault but you knew it was. 

“(Y/N)”, you heard Bucky.

Ignoring him completely you walked to the elevator. The only thing you needed was getting rid of your uniform and taking a long hot shower. Alone. But you knew Bucky well enough to say that he wasn’t going to make it easy for you. Not even a bit. Finally you got to the floor where your room was, even though you could say it was yours and Bucky’s since he barely slept in his own room anymore. 

When you opened the door and walked into the room, Bucky followed you silently. His presence was too obvious, his heat, his gaze, was driving you insane. You wanted to turn around, hug him and cry on his shoulder, tell him how you were feeling and let him comfort you like he knew how to. But the stubborn part of you wouldn’t let him see you as weak crying mess. Not again. 

“Don’t do this”, he said when you opened the door to the bathroom. Somehow he made you stop but you still didn’t look at him.

“Don’t do what?” You whispered.

“Don’t punish yourself”, he said. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, hating how much he knew you. “It wasn’t your fault”

With a frown you finally turned to look at him. He was standing in the middle of the room, looking at you with those big eyes blues as the sky, eyes full of worry. There was nothing you wanted more than run into his arms but no, you had to be strong this time, at least until you decided what to do next. 

“It was my fault, Bucky”, you said coldly. “It was only my fault because I just can’t follow a fucking plan and I don’t know how to follow orders”, you added.

Before he could say anything else, you walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind you, locking it to keep him from trying to walk in with you. You turned on the hot water and while you waited for the bathroom to get really steamy, you undressed yourself. Finally you stepped into the shower letting out a breath as the hot water touched your skin. 

There were some scars on your body but not a new one. Natasha would have a new one to heal during the next weeks. Thanks to you and Clint already had one, that’s why he couldn’t join you today. And again that had been because of you. They wouldn’t say it but you knew it was the truth. You couldn’t risk the team wellbeing anymore. It was going to be painful leaving everything behind. Leaving the Avengers. Leaving SHIELD. Leaving Bucky. That was something you weren’t ready to do but somehow you had to be. There was no option and he would be over it, he would meet someone better than you. 

By the time you walked out of the bathroom, hair dripping and wrapped around a towel, you had made up your mind. You were going to leave and no one could change your mind. Well… Actually, there was someone who could but maybe he respected you enough to let you go. You got dressed into some yoga pants and a tanktop. You would leave tomorrow morning and you would tell the team tonight, after dinner. How would the take it? Would they try to stop you? Probably not since all you had been doing lately was messing missions up. 

“Miss (Y/N), dinner is on the table”, FRIDAY suddenly said making you get nervous all of sudden. 

“Thank you, FRIDAY. I’ll be right there”, you said. 

Looking around once again you just walked out of the room, closing the door behind you, and you went to the elevator. Everyone was already around the table, even Natasha was there. She looked wounded but at least she was there and not in the nursery, but that didn’t make you feel any better. 

“Hey, doll”, Bucky smiled at you as you walked to the table. 

Smiling weakly at him, you took a seat in your usual spot. Between Clint and Steve, just in front of Bucky. Conversations were all around you as all of you ate the dinner Bruce had prepared for all of you. It was delicious but you barely tried it. The news you were about say were burning your throat but you didn’t even know how to say it. And feeling Bucky’s eyes on you the whole time didn’t help your nerves. Finally, you reunited the courage to look up at him. His eyes were full of concern but as soon as you looked up at him he smiled slightly. You didn’t smile back. 

“Guys…” You mumbled too low for anyone to hear. “Guys!” You said louder this time. 

They all shut up the same time and looked at you, making you the centre of attention just when your words got stuck in your throat once again. But as you locked eyes with Nat and you saw her wounded face you just knew you had to do it. 

“I’m leaving”, you said. Nobody said anything and you didn’t dare to look at Bucky but his eyes were burning your skin. 

“Like…leaving tonight? Party?” Tony asked slowly, even when you knew him enough to know that he knew what you were talking about.

“No, Tony”, you said looking at him for a moment. “I’m leaving the team. And not for a break. For good”, you said. 

“What? Why?” Steve said with a frown.

“Is it for today? I’m fine, (Y/N), I really am”, Natasha said.

“No, it’s not just for today guys. It’s for today’s mission, last week’s and many others.” You said looking at your almost intact plate. “I’m not good for the team, don’t you see? Clint barely survived the mission we had to weeks ago because of course I had to play the hero and go out there on plain sight. Today was Natasha and two months ago it was Wanda. I’m not good here, guys”, you said. 

“Bullshit. You are”, Clint said frowning. 

“We don’t want you to leave”, Wanda said. “You know the rule number 1: anything can go wrong on a mission. It doesn’t matter how perfect a plan is”.

“But everything works when I’m not out there or when I decide to stick to the plans. Nobody gets hurts, everything works. It’s me guys”, you replied. 

You still hadn’t been able to look at Bucky because you knew the kind of look you were going to see. 

“I’m not asking, guys… It’s a fact. I love you all, you know it, and that’s why I have to do this before someone gets killed. I’m leaving tomorrow morning”

With that you got up from your chair and walked out of the kitchen, leaving a loud silence behind you, only broken by Clint saying ‘aren’t you going to do anything or what?’ Probably he was talking to Bucky and you actually prayed that he wouldn’t listen. You knew you would have to say goodbye to him but you just wasn’t ready yet. 

When you were finally in your room with the door locked, you took your case out of the closet. Actually, you never thought you would need it but oh well. Things do change sometimes. You put it open on the top of your bed and started throwing every single item of clothing inside. Of course, your loneliness wouldn’t last long. 

“Mr Barnes wants to see you”, FRIDAY said. 

“I want to be alone”, you replied after gulping. You couldn’t avoid him forever but he was the only person that could change your mind. 

“He insists”, FRIDAY said and before you could say anything else your heard Bucky on the other side of the door.

“(Y/N) open this door now. Or I will”, he said.

Of course he was able to do such thing and then Tony would kill him for breaking a door. That was the last thing you wanted so with a sigh you told FRIDAY to unlock the door as you just kept on packing. 

“So is it real?” He asked as soon as he walked in and saw you putting everything into your case. 

“Yes…” You said not looking at him. 

“You’re leaving me”, he mumbled. 

The tone in his voice literally broke your heart. You were breaking his heart and that made you feel miserable. He was such a great man even when he didn’t believe that and you were just breaking him. 

“James”, you said finally looking at him. His eyes were focused on you, cold as ice and blue as the ocean. “I love you, you know I do but…” You walked towards him and took his hands. “I can’t stay here. It’s not safe for anyone. Next time it could be you getting hurt and I swear I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened”, you said. 

He was looking down your hands as you talked, then he looked at you and shook his head before wrapping his arms around, hugging you tighter than ever before. 

“Don’t go. You promised you would never leave me”, he whispered with his head in your neck. 

“Don’t do this… Bucky I can’t stay”, you whispered as tears filled your eyes. “Please…” You begged trying not to sob. 

He pulled away and looked down at you, holding your face in his hands before kissing your passionately, like it was your last kiss. Oh well… It probably was so you were going to make the best out of it. 

“FRIDAY, lock the door”, you said pulling away. He took that moment to attack your neck, knowing exactly where to kiss to make your knees tremble. 

You really made that last time count. You didn’t know when you would be seeing Bucky again or if you would even see him again. With that thought in your mind, and driven by how in love you were with that guy, you just made love like never before. It was tender but rough, passionate but gentle. It was just perfect and didn’t stop until the first lights of the morning came through the window. He was leaned against the headboard as you rested your head on his chest, tracing random shapes on it as he stroked your hair. 

“Don’t go…” He whispered looking down at you.

“Stop. Please,” you said looking at him. 

“But I love you, isn’t that enough?” He frowned. 

“I love you too Bucky, that’s why I have to do this”, you whispered biting your lip. “I don’t want you to get hurt”, you added.

“You realize you’re hurting me by leaving, don’t you?” He asked making your stomach turn around.

“I’m sorry”, you whispered biting your lip in order to keep you from crying.

After a while of silence, Bucky moved and you did to so he could get out of the bed. Silently, he started getting dressed, not looking at you for a second and he left the room. You knew this was being painful for both of you but somehow he would be over it and would see your point. He would know someone else and he would be happy again. 

It still took you a while to get out of bed but when you did, you kept on packing what you had left which wasn’t much really. You even packed one of Bucky’s hoodies. One that he left there after spending the night with you. Probably he didn’t even remember it. Just when you were zipping up the suitcase, someone knocked on your door. 

“Come in!” You said and looked at the door to see Wanda coming in. “Hey”, you smiled sadly.

“I need you to come with me”, she said. 

“Wanda…” You sighed defeated already. Why couldn’t they just let you go?

“Please!  And then…you can go. But please…” She said. 

“Fine” you sighed giving in.

She clapped once smiling and jogged out of the room. You followed her quickly since you just wanted to have it done, whatever it was and leave. It was already being hard so you just wanted it to be over. You followed Wanda to the meeting room and when you walked in you saw everyone in there, holding pieces of paper, even Bucky was there. 

“What is this?” You asked with your hands on your hips.

“September 18th, 2015”, Tony read out loud. “The enemies were all around the team. There was no escape. Agent (Y/F/N) saved them”

“May 24th, 2016”, Steve said reading as well. “Thanks to Agent (Y/F/N), hundredth of civilians were save”

They all started reading those part of the report missions where you had saved the day. There were a lot of them, more than you can remember. 

“February 18th 2014”, you looked at Bucky as he read, knowing exactly what had happened that day. “Agent (Y/F/N) was successful at the rescuing mission. Both her and Barnes are alive”.

That was the day you two met, when you saved from HYDRA after they caught him again. With a gulp you looked down not knowing what to say.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked looking at them after a while.

“Yes, you’ve made some mistakes”, Tony said walking over you. “But there are a lot of other times when you had saved us. All of us. You are part of this team, we need you to save the world and to save ourselves. You’re an Avenger and there’s no going back from there”, he said smiling at you.

“We all have made mistakes”, Wanda said shrugging. “Look at what I did in Lagos. But it was a mistake, a really big one, but we are humans after all. Different but…humans.” 

“You don’t give up when someone gets hurt, (Y/N), that’s not who we are”, Steve said.

At that moment you were already having a hard time not crying your heart out right there in front of everyone. Bucky stood up and walked to you, taking your hand in his.

“(Y/N) you saved my life and I’m not talking about that February 18th”, he said looking down at you. “You save my life every day, with every laugh, every kiss, every smile… I love you and I need you. We all do”, he said. 

“Please, stay”, Tony said. “At least to keep us from keeping on with a moody Winter Soldier for the rest of our lives”, he added making you chuckle a little. 

You looked around the room, looking at every one of them, looking at your friends, your family. All these people loved you no matter what, no matter what you did. They always had your back. You needed them. More than you would ever admit. 

“You know I hate all of you, right?” You mumbled hugging Bucky to hide your face full of tears from everyone. 

He laughed and wrapped his arms around you, planting a kiss on your head and hugging you tight. You couldn’t leave them, no matter what, they were your family and no one can give up on their family. 

Unfaithful: Untruthful (2) (Lafayette x Reader)

Request: could u do a part two to Unfaithful, maybe where Laf and the reader end up dating, and thomas sees and gets jealous and mad

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

TW: Drinking, Violence, sex reference, cursing, I think that’s it?

WC: 1274 (damn we wrote a lot)

A/N: WE DID IT! YAY! We really hope y’all like it, it didn’t really follow the request… anYWAYS SORRY THIS IS SO LATE



“Thanks for letting me crash here for a few days, Lafayette. I really didn’t want to be alone in my apartment.” You said as you brought a small suitcase into Lafayette’s guest bedroom.

“No problem, mon cher, I love having people around. It gets really quiet around here.” You turned to see Lafayette leaning against the door frame.

“This is the worst Christmas ever.” You flopped face down on the freshly made bed. The bed dipped beside you as Lafayette sat down. His hands made their way to your shoulders and started massaging them.

“Non, don’t think like that mon cher. Aaron Burr is throwing a Christmas party, why don’t you come with me?”

“I-I don’t know, Laf…”

“Please? We don’t have to stay for long, but you shouldn’t spend Christmas alone moping around.”

“Okay, I’ll go. But only if I can get some eggnog.”

“See? You’re already back to your regular self!” He laughed, “Now go get ready, and wear your best Christmas sweater!”

“If by best you mean ugliest, then of course I will!”

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Mainewash where Maine absolutely cannot stand unnecessary physical contact with people (as in, touch me and I punch you across the planet)

But then with Wash he’s super fucking cuddly all the time. Like, he constantly wants to hold hands, snuggle, kiss, hug, even just rest his head on Wash’s shoulder. Whenever they share a bed, Maine falls asleep spooning Wash, and then in the middle of the night Wash will wake up overheated with Maine wrapped around him like a blanket.

And the other Freelancers are completely weirded out by it because usually Maine sleeps like he’s got a stick up his ass and he never moves, but when Wash is there he just gravitates towards his tiny boyfriend and curls up around him.

(York makes the mistake of patting Maine on the back after he gets together with Wash. He winds up in Recovery with all his limbs broken.)

anonymous asked:

really want a malec hug/cuddles tbqh

you and me both

i want all of them. i want running and grabbing each other hugs when they’ve been separated or something horrible happened and they both need the rough heavy comfort of being in each other’s arms. i want slow goodnight hugs, alec tucking his face into magnus’s shoulder and breathing in him, magnus’s fingers sinking deep into his back. i want we’re both slightly drunk and god if you aren’t just so damn pretty alexander hugs, alec laughing against magnus’s cheek and their hands dragging all over each other as they sway together and almost tip over but not just quite. i want i missed you while you were working all day hugs after alec has spent the night after a long stakeout and magnus has been busy with clients and finally they are alone and alec just drapes himself over magnus’s back, pushing his face deep in between his shoulder blades. magnus reaches up and cards his fingers through alec’s hair, making him hum and wrap his arms around him a little tighter. and i want one of them missing the other hugs, desperate hugs. magnus crushing alec against his chest, pushing his face into his jaw or alec tugging magnus against his chest and pressing desperate kisses along his forehead.

and god cuddles. both of them draped on the couch, bodies tangled. bed cuddles, chests pressed close, shifting and slow kisses. i want sitting together in the same armchair cuddles, alec’s back against magnus’s chest, magnus pressing lazy kisses into his shoulder. i want leaning on each other in corners of the institute, alec pressed against magnus’s chest, his fingers curled in his shirt, murmuring and talking together just sharing each other’s space. i want magnus’s face pushed into alec’s hair and alec’s nose tucked into magnus’s neck. i want soft fingers dragging little patterns into skin and scalp. i want alec soaking up magnus’s body heat and magnus wrapping them both in a blanket, pressing close, keeping them both warm.

i want it all

She wanted to hug him suddenly or touch his shoulder, so badly that she forced her hands down and clasped them together. She looked down at her fingers; for some reason she had intertwined them, as if they made a cage that would hold her feelings in.
—  Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare

lastfallenpetal  asked:

Belle looked to Gaston giving him a small smile and a shake of her head "Nothing is wrong" she replied before burying her head into his shoulder again "I just wanted a hug"

                    Floral scent soothes him, arms ( carefully, almost as if he were to touch her she’d DISAPPEAR ) wrap around her petite frame, drawing her close. Teeth dig into his cheeks, forcing himself to remain silent. He wonders why the change of heart ?? WHY NOW ?? But he isn’t a fool, he doesn’t want to push her away yet again.

          “Well mon amour, whatever you wish for I can certainly provide.