want to hug his shoulders

“You look beautiful” Harry says and gives you a tired smile. You walk over to the bed and give him a long lingering kiss. “Thank you gorgeous. You were amazing last night” you say, running your hands over his shoulders. “Want round two?” Harry smirks and hugs you from your hips. “I need to get ready” you say, Harry’s hands slide off of your hips and you start walking over to the bathroom. Harry just sighs and his naked body falls back to the duvet.

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What are your thoughts on the goodbye scene with Clarke, Bellamy and the delinquents. I was hoping for a goodbye hug. Instead they both stood there, one flirting. Was Clarke oblivious? In S3 the delinquents hugged before Alie mission. I wonder why no hug? Are the writers trying to pace themselves and not give us too much too soon? It was clear that Bellamy wanted her to go with him. They both would have missed each other. I still loved the scene I thought it was cute.

1. I think she wanted to hug him. She looked at his chest/shoulders. Not even his pecs, like checking him out.  That was not he only time she did that in that episode, either. Not his lips like we’ve been seeing before, but, like, the part that she’d pull to her or rest her head on or something. 

2. She was really freaking out over how they weren’t going to be able to save everyone. Obsessed kind of freaking out. Like she had to answer it right now and was powerless. It kept her from going or taking solace in him or relaxing or anything.

3. Yeah, I feel like they should be grabbing onto each other all the time now, hugs and pats and poking for emphasis or something. Like. REACH OUT already. But maybe we’re going slow. We should be getting that shoulder touch/nuzzle next ep so maybe we’ll see some more movement in that development and find out where they are taking that.


the way he claps his hands♡

you know what I want–a zayn hug. One of those where he rests his head on your shoulder and closes his eyes where he hugs you so tight you can smell his distinct scent, where you can feel his beard on your ear and maybe hear his heartbeat–where our auras can meet..even just for a small moment

Hijikata being followed around by a bunch of animals and little kids because they aren’t affected by his “scary” appearance and the little kids always want to hug him and want him to put them on his shoulders and the animals will curl up and sleep next to him.