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SamxJody? DeanxDonna? JodyxDonna?

Sam x Jody: 

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y’all I secretly love this, okay. Idk why but, just, yes, I like it a lot. 

Dean x Donna:

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YAS. I want them to eat food off each other hahahahahah, I like them a lot because she’s badass but also super light and goofy and I think that’d be good for my boy Dean.

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I dunno if you did yet , but if no , pls we need some more SF bros relationship fluff. I just can't have enough.

* Hey hey hey wassap homie I got that goods right here
* You say not enough?
* Let there be more then.


He’s not the best with words so he compensates with material items. He works extra hard, to the point of exhaustion sometimes, so that he can get his bae the things he thinks they deserve. He wants to treat them like royalty.

He’s an “insist you eat the last bite of the dessert” kind of guy, even if he really likes it.

He’s got a very good grasp on his S/O’s likes and dislikes, being able to discern exactly what to choose for them be if food, clothes, gifts or others. He’ll always remember that one time they said they wanted something and he’ll get it.

He’s an excessive show-off, often exaggerating stories of things that he did when recounting them. If you date him long enough though, you’ll learn the truth behind each of the fantastical stories and sometimes it’s even better than what he portrayed.

He is very active on instagram, taking typical White Girl Model Wannabe shots against cool backdrops and artsy places. His S/O will be his photographer.


He makes secret playlists of songs that remind him of his S/O and listens to them whenever he misses them/ is thinking about them and they’re not around.

He’s a lowkey artsy guy so a lot of dates will be to niche hipster cafes, museums, art collections and shows.

He’s a lazy tease. There will be random butt pinches in public or at home when he’s just passing by and his S/O isn’t carrying anything fragile.

His favourite thing in the world is trying to balance random shit on his S/O when they’re just chilling. He’ll be like “Don’t move.” then start trying to see how many pencils he can balance on their head.

There won’t be many going out dates packed into a small period of time. Those are the special occasion ones. However, if his S/O is up for dancing to cheesy romance music at 3am, he’s down.

Despite not doing a lot of formal dates, he loves road tripping and would love to backpack across the world with the person special to him.


Sterling: “Guys, wait up. You’re doing it all wrong! The bubble blower is for after you eat the food. They have special cooling flavors to help the burn if you eat something too spicy.”

Rita: “…I want to go check them out, though.”

Sterling: “No, no, no! Just trust me, there’s a right way to do this and then there’s a wrong way…”

Eva: “Sterling, please just relax. We’re all trying to have a good time here.”

Sterling: “And I’m trying to make that happen! Come on, forget the bubble blower. Everyone, follow me.”

Rita: “Where are we going?”

Sterling: “Hm…oh! Over there! The Spicy Curry challenge. Come on. You two, follow my lead, okay?”

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Barty, here i made you some homemade brownies with baked cookies on the inside, and an ice pack *hands Barty all the brownies and an ice pack* I hope you feel better, AND YOU, SIRIUS I WILL DRAG YOU BY THE DAMN EAR, GET YOUR BUSTED CROOKED ASS OVER HERE, IM ABOUT TO DECK YOU MOTHERFUCKER

Barty: Thank you, that’s so kind!  I’ll wait for Reg to get here before I eat them because I’m sure he’ll want some.


I have 3 papers due this week. That were assigned this week.

-international business case study
-b2b sales presentation analysis
-eMarketing situational analysis

I’m half excited because the content is interesting and half terrified because what is life.

My workload at work has gotten larger because on top of everything else I’m doing I took on some court responsibilities. I’m becoming an adultier adult but tbh I bought a 22 pack of fruit snacks and want to eat them all in a bubble bath.

hungrykook vs eatjin

i want a fic where louis’ step-dad owns a ranch and harry’s a farmhand and louis totally doesn’t have a thing for watching him getting sweaty and having to take his shirt off. but like he uses the excuse of bringing harry something to drink ‘because you looked thirsty’ just so he could go out and talk to him. it becomes a habit and his stepdad is like 'stop bugging my workers’ but harry is like 'it’s no problem i actually enjoy his company’ which makes louis so happy he actually blushes when harry says that. so when harry has his lunch break louis starts to bring out food for them to eat together they start talking and talking and louis finds out harry is the sweetest sweetie who is charming and funny and that he loves to bake and all this other stuff that makes louis like him even more. then one day louis just blurts out 'do you want to go out with me’ .