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how do you draw tears?

Hi, Anon! I’ll do my best to walk you through my thought process. 

(This post got kinda long, so if you’re not up for reading, here are kawacy’s process breakdown and JaneMere’s Water Drops Tutorial o/)

Tears as seen in real life are…pretty uninteresting, tbh so to make them look more feel-inducing than reality, it helps to exaggerate, especially when it comes to size and contrast

Here are some things I consider when sketching:

I like to keep it to two trickles per eye flowing from the corners to, but by no means is that a rule. To give tears a sense of weight, I draw them as thin streams that gather into large droplets depending on where gravity is taking them. 

You might want to push the size even further so that they’re more visible at a distance. Context and mood is also an important thing to consider; as a general guideline, thinner lines imply delicacy while gushing waterfalls are usually more comical. Feel free to let anime/cartoons/comics (etc etc) be your guide, since they can go really heavy on the exaggeration for a wider range of expression. Have some Mako Mankanshoku tears from Kill la Kill as an example!

Awww :’D
I mean
Awww D’: 

Anyways, once I have my sketch down, I go ahead and block them out. I’m using a white tinted with blue for color contrast from the warm colors of the skin, but it doesn’t matter that much if you lower the opacity as much as I have. In any case, I don’t want to use my whitest white yet since I’m saving that for shiny highlights.

I then duplicate my block-in, darken the layer, then erase from inside the shapes I made. This is my “line art” of sorts.

Time to shade! Since tears are essentially water, I treat them like gemstones/translucent objects. Similar to shiny materials like metal, there’s a high-contrast transition between light and shadow in both edges and value, but with transparent objects, light passes through them, bounces around, and “gathers” on the side opposite of the surface that’s receiving the light, like so: 

Not the most amazing rendering in the world, but I hope it gets my point across x’D

Moving on!

To compensate the loss of detail from zooming out, I use black to amp up the contrast (doubly important since I’m using a pale-skinned person in my example). If that’s too harsh for you, feel free to play around with colors and opacity. (Again with the whole emotional context thing. Adapt to the situation!) You can even use a soft brush or put the shading through a blur filter, but I usually choose to keep the edges hard because again, contrast.

Now for the fun part: highlights! Shine bright like a diamond : DDD

Amping up the contrast some more by breaking out the whites! I suppose you could stop here, but this still isn’t shiny enough for me yet, >:3c

I go over the edges of the tears with white to punctuate how ridiculously shiny they are. I also like to throw in some bright reds/oranges reflecting off the droplets to imply healthy, glowing skin as well as a dash of a cooler color for general environmental lighting. I also added some cast shadows to the tears. Not terribly dark, since light passes through the tears as opposed to being blocked out.

Again, while I am basing my decisions off real-life principles, a lot of these choices are highly stylistic. Whether you’re drawing small, have time constraints or you’re just plain lazy, you can always pick and choose! This is just my current approach, so while you’re free to try out my workflow if you literally have no idea what you’re doing, I do encourage you to experiment to see what appeals you personally.

Hope this helps! Honestly, I’m quite flattered that anyone would ask me how I draw things :’D
If anyone does end up using this guide, poke me and show me what you’ve come up with; I’d love to see :D

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Do you think Isshin/Souichirou ever told Ryuuko when her actual birthday was (or if her supposed birth date was real)? I figure he'd change it to prevent any paper trail that would link her to being a Kiryuuin, birth certificates would have been destroyed in the fire, and there's no proof Aikuro or Tsumugu would know where he stored documents like that if he did. I actually don't think he even celebrated Ryuuko's birthday, if her greatest desire showed her celebrating it (albeit with Ragyou).

…this ask is breaking my heart right now…

But as for the question: I don’t think Isshin/Soichiro would change Ryuko’s birthday, though he had to have fabricated a birth certificate. It seems doubtful Ryuko even had a real birth certificate in the first place when she wasn’t even named, and judging by her “death” scene, it doesn’t look like she gets a death certificate, either.

So, the birth date could certainly be changed to be extra safe—and Isshin/Soichiro is definitely the kind of person to go overboard in that department (breaking your back and completely altering your face for a disguise?)—but in a lot of ways, a fake birthday is probably even more unnecessary than an elaborate, fake disguise. It’s doubtful Ragyo would even remember when Ryuko was born, and Ryuko’s entire existence before being Ryuko is probably not documented anywhere, thereby eliminating any paper trail.

But personally? The thought of Isshin/Soichiro robbing Ryuko of her birthday feels… really cruel. He lied about so much, and the thought of lying about even that…

I mean, heck, Mother Gothel in Tangled even told Rapunzel her real birthday—which actually was super troublesome for her evil, selfish goals!

And if you consider character designer/animator Sushio’s drawing of Isshin and Ryuko celebrating Christmas together as more canon than “just for fun” animator art, I’d like to imagine that Isshin would celebrate Ryuko’s birthday, too… at least, before he sends her away.

If there’s one sequence from Kill la Kill that never fails to mess me up, it’s when Ryuko recounts her past in episode 8. When she describes being sent away to boarding school as a child, little Ryuko is shown in flashback, crying out for Isshin, and it’s abundantly clear that Ryuko desperately doesn’t want to be separated and left alone… but her father leaves her behind and doesn’t even look back. Ryuko is completely and utterly devastated.

And this moment is a sign that Ryuko—very potentially—was a securely-attached child. No matter her claim that she and her father “never got along,” the fact that she is so distressed here indicates separation anxiety, which, in infants and small children, can be representative of a very strong, secure bond with a guardian figure.

But regardless of the nitty-gritty psychology behind this moment, it’s clear that this is a girl who sincerely wants her father in her life and is horrified of being taken away from him. I think this is the moment that really hurts Ryuko more than anything: she was separated from the only family she knew.

In Ryuko’s fantasy, it doesn’t seem she’s sent off to boarding school—in fact, a lot of emphasis is placed on Ryuko’s “mother” being involved in her schooling. That’s what Ryuko wanted from Isshin, and if you look at the candles on the dream cake, there are six or seven, indicating that Ryuko’s “mother” had an active role in her life even when she became old enough for school. In my eyes, the fantasy and all the background information suggests that Isshin did celebrate Ryuko’s birthday once, but he stopped after he sent her away… and that breaks her apart. It’s just one more indication that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want her.

SVT College AU  -  Joshua

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a/n: in this au you have joshua being #exposed for the filthy weeb that he is 




-so this loveable dork 

-Joshua Hong 

-ever since he was young

-he always had a knack for drawing cartoon characters that he saw on tv

-like you name it

-he’s drawn it




-ok so the only thing this kid would watch was pokemon 

-and maybe naruto

-that explains the one time that he naruto ran in the halls when he was late that one time

-yeah that didn’t go down too well


-he found a new love which was drawing anime characters 

-again he’s drawn em all


-edward elric

-that one vampire with a gun

-he’s done em all

-with his love for anime and drawing

-it wouldn’t be crazy for him to pick graphic design as a degree in college 

-so he does

-he loves drawing

-so much

-that he’s willing to take up a job as an artist wow

-support my artistic bby please

-the teacher saw his portfolio and it was so good!!

-there were a couple of life drawings in there but yeah those were just practice works

-he’s really good at making his own characters and writes a shit load about them

-his teacher loves it but says that he needs to dial it down a little

-”but what if she had a sword…..that can be used like a bow….and a gun that can be used like a violin!! then that gun can be used to summon other guns!!”

-”josh you’re supposed to be recreating your own telling of charlie and the chocolate factory…”

-”veruca salt has to get those geese somehow”

-”j o s h     v e r u c a   s a l t    d o e s n ‘ t    k i l l     g e e s e”

-”well she can’t just grab them she’ll fall down the garbage chute like before!”

-”o h    m y    g o d

-he’s in a dorm with electronic major seungkwan and music student seokmin

-man is it lit in there

-like seokmin and josh were friends before

-and they made seungkwan feel so welcome into their lives

-he gained a new bro for life

-they’re not the type of guys to rock up to every party because they put their work first

-but there are a couple they would go to 

-other than that his college life is pretty good!

-it got even better when he met you

-you also like to draw 

-and you’re pretty good at doodling without letting the teacher catch you out

-in high school you used to bring in paper and draw in class

-yeah that reaaaaaally didn’t help your grades

-but it helped in getting into college!!

-you’re in the same class as josh too!! 

-but you don’t sit next to him a lot

-one day you were asked to sit next to josh

-now….you thought that josh was really sweet 

-because he helps everyone 

-he’s so kind


-you sit next to him and you bring your work out

-it’s mostly just life-drawings since that was your strongest point 

-but you did dabble in the fine art of anime sometimes

-but those were just your doodles

-little josh was just looking over your shoulder looking at your work

-”hey mind if i look at your work y/n?”

-”oh go ahead!”

-man you were pretty surprised that someone wanted to look at your work like damn 

-after a while he handed them back to you 

-”these are pretty…i like this one the most”

-he pulled out a scrap piece of paper 

-h u h 

-oh shit

-caught out

-he picked out the drawing of ryuko from kill la kill

-kill la kill more like

-kill la kill me right now yOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO SEE THAT 

-you watched kill la kill because you were bored one day and your dorm mate  was watching it so you sat with her and marathoned it

-you also started to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Revolutionary Girl Utena cause 


-fuck you kyubey 

-”ah…i didn’t know that was in there…it was only a doodle anyways”

-josh on the outside:

-”no but this is really good!! i really like this one!!”

-josh on the inside:


-so during class

-he started to talk to you 

-and by the end y’all were talking about anime and stuff that’s so cute aww

-your teacher then came down with the biggest bombshell 

-he put you with josh 

-because of the project you two have to work on 


-a pair

-both of you were smiling but you both thought the same thing


-and that was the day you two started off your friendship

-you two thought about a concept for the project 

-and came up with one pretty quickly

-it was a concept with life-drawing and anime 

-like a mish mash of the two and it sounded like a really good idea!! 

-everyday after college

-you two would work on the project while seungkwan made you hot chocolate aaaaAAAAaaaaaa cuties

-you became really close

-everytime you sat down he would just casually latch on 

-it was like……he liked your company….and liked you…………

-/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

-let’s be real here the first time you laid eyes on him you said these exact words to yourself

-”fuck he’s cute he’s cute he’s so cute wtf


-you liked him for the longest time too!!

-so cute i love artistic couples

-you’re acc really curious as to if he likes you a lot 

-but you wait until the end

-you can hear seokmin and seungkwan in the background 


-but then out of the blue

-as you’re finishing this project

-you’re just painting the last finishing touches

-and out of the fucking blue he just

-”is your name cana?”


-”cana call you mine?”

-”joshua what the–”

-you then stop because it’s a fucking joke aha–


-”man that was cheesy…and smooth…wait a second….do you mean that?!”

-”idk….maybe…..yeah…yeah i meant that i really did”


-was that your heart going thump thump or was that totoro 

-damn you fell for him even harder

-”you did? ok then sure i’ll be yours.”

-you played it off so cooly 

-you on the outside: (❁´◡`❁)

-you on the inside: ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ JOSHUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

-ah he was so happy that you really liked him back

-he couldn’t help but to just hug you on the stop cause AAAAAHHHHHHHH that’s why 

-he also managed to get paint on your nose god dammit jOSH

-and just out of the corner of your eye

-you could see seungkwan come out of his room


-YEAH CONGRats you’re now dating the worlds biggest sweetheart who’s also a weeb have fun with that dude 

wow i have not posted in a while. i’ve been spending most of my time working hard on Dysfunctional Systems 2 and the Juniper’s Knot animation. they’re coming along great, but i have to keep most of that under wraps for the time being.

so here’s a Satsuki piece that’s actually a commission. they wanted her wearing Senketsu and doing a “JoJo” hand pose thing. i’m glad i got to draw Satsuki, because i’ll be doing a big KLK poster for my next convention in September.

i will try to post more art sooner rather than later. i haven’t been this busy in a long time!

KILL la KILL (キルラキル)

Nonon Jakuzure rocking the place with Haruko Haruhara’s (FLCL) bass, illustrated by Atsushi Nishigori (錦織敦史) for “The Art of KLK, Vol.3″, since Mayumi Shintani is the VA of both ! He worked as key-animator for the last (24) episode of the series. Character designer of Gurren Lagann and Idolm@ster (director). 

Text Translation: Rickenbacker and Nonon-san. Shintani-san ‘style’ connection . 
I wanted to do Kill la Kill a little more…
While being awed by the characters, the brand-new worldview, gadget-like finesse around the overall design, I put my hands into the effort and watched longingly from the other side of the brilliance. 

In the end I was glad I was able to draw and work on it even for a little bit.
…Guest-genkou’s are okay like this, right? Atsushi Nishigori


Alternative Nuis! Before I drew Lola Loud as Nui Harime, I did a couple of doodles with possible ideas. Isabella was my first option, but I didn’t finish it (I don’t know why, because she looks incredibly adorable!). The other one is more a joke than an actual entry: Connie’s mother from Steven Universe (I wanted to draw something out of character XD)

Maybe one day I will finish Isa ;P


i uh…. drew everyone… (except dosh king and the random peeps from honnouji bc that would be too much but maybe later???) NOW WITH MORE DOSH


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