want to draw like this


Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha

Even when he’s not wearing it anymore, the color still belongs to him :D 

A quick & messy doodle of Lance picking Keith up for his birthday~!


New icon!! This is the first time I’ve tried digital painting tcfvgbhjkn

Major props to everyone who does painterly style on a regular basis bc this is so hard and my hand burns :”)

Another commission for @lenkalost, this time os Vesemir from the witcher series.


one of the first times drawing Kiri (I think the second time??) verses the last time I drew him with his hair up a little over a year later. It’s crazy how much I still struggle trying to draw his hair up haha

happy birthday to this special boy