want to draw better thing but worry


That’s right, I’m doing commissions! The prices are listed in the images above, but let me explain some more:

Things I do draw:
-Fan art (for anime, cartoons, dramas, TV shows, etc.)
-OCs (if a reference is provided, or at least some description)
-Portraits (if provided a reference picture)

Things I do not draw:
-Furries (you know, unless it’s like a pet cat or dog or something, you know what I mean by furry)
-NSFW (I’m a minor who really doesn’t want to get into drawing that stuff for people???)

Also, I have some other choices when it comes to coloring. I can use color schemes 

I can also color with just base colors

I only take Paypal! If you’re interested, please please pleASE message me regarding what you’d like. Also, keep in mind that I still attend school, so when you put in the commission it may be two-three weeks before your commission is finished (if it is in color w/ or w/o lighting effects). If I finish it earlier, then YAY!

Any reblogs would be appreciated!!



Detailed version here

There are a few things I want to say here:

  • I’ll take the liberty of closing if I see it fit. This is to better manage my time.
  • All prices apply to all types of pieces, be it just a face-up, bust, mid-view or full body or panoramic, take in account that the closer everything is, the more detailed it will be, therefore it will take more time.
  • Due to work and school reasons (mostly work), it might take a while to get your commission done, so please be patient. Not gonna lie to you here: it could take months due to real life business. I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

Here are the conditions for sending your commission request:

  • You must submit your request through submit page. Your submission must contain at least one image reference, preferibly something specific. You should also be clear and preferibly brief on describing what you want me to do. If you feel that it is necessary, go into full detail, but keep it simple
  • I take both SFW and NSFW commissions, but I will reserve my right to decline a commission if I want to.
  • If you want to get in contact, you can use Tumblr’s IM. Its probable that I answer. You can also find me on Discord as well, so if you feel more comfortable that way you can ask for a chat link.
  • I can only use PayPal for payments. You have to provide an email in order to send an invoice.
  • I only accept payment of the invoice first before starting any work.
  • You can get a certain discount for every 5 works commissioned. The discount depends on the type of commissions made over time though, ranging from 10% to 30% off.

So, without anything else to say, commission at your own risk.

“Don’t you think it’s time to get a haircut?”

“Well, i been thinking about it, and i guess it’s time to get one.”

“You know, i can help you with that?”

“I’m…I’m not sure…”

“C’mon, you can trust me, i’m kinda good at this things”

*sigh* “Alright, you better not screw up my hair”

“Don’t worry~”



“Hey, i didn’t promise anything”


“Don’t worry, im sure you will find a way to look great”



“Yeah, yeah, thanks for the HAIRCUT”

“Your welcome~”

“Go away…”


You know what happened next, i just wanted to draw this doodle of Jak getting a haircut with the help of Sly (Jak doesn’t really trust him, but sometimes he do, their not friends for nothing :3)

I will upload a little thing tomorrow about some of the ideas abut this AU, and i will let you guys decide wich one you want me to draw first <3

Self Care Quest Today

Buy a notebook today. And decorate it to your liking if you want to. It is going to become your positivity notebook and we will be working with it- don’t worry the notebook quests can also be done without one and just a piece of paper. But it would be much better if it is a notebook. just take the cheapest you can gather. 

On the first page you will write “I am wonderful” and draw things that make you joy- simple or detailed, how you like it. it can be simple hearts, rainbows, stars or a character you like, miniatures of your OTP, stickers, whatever. If you don’t have the notebook just do it on a piece of paper.

Things you should know about dragon!Vaughn
-he might not remember how to act like a human being.
-this picture is not to scale and he is huge.
-he still has his messy af hair.

anonymous asked:

I know you like Love Live as much as I do and drawing it is even more enjoyable but you need to download StayFocusd, use it, and... Get. Off. Tumblr. It is entirely YOUR responsibility to make the most of YOUR education that YOU (or if you're fortunate enough, others) are paying for. If you truly want a break, go exercise or do chores.

Hi anon. Thanks for worrying but sometimes I just draw for the sake of making myself forget things.

The way you put it is kinda harsh. If I could, I wouldn’t want to be studying and wasting my parents’ money. Also, the rest is just ranting. 

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oK oK— these prices are only temporary, and these ref sheets were really quickly made so I could at least have some examples so bare with me here!

I’m opening commissons for three slots right now (cough becuaseIwanttobuyundertale cough) so here we go! I apologize, I’m not opening designs, videos, plushies, paintings, or animations /YET/ but they will be open later!! So no worries ^^ 

Right now what you can choose from is either $15 sketches/lineart 

or $20 flat drawing! 

-$5 more if you want multiple characters or colored lines!

What I will draw:

Humans, any animals, fandoms, anthros, etc

What I wont draw:

nsfw, overly romantic things…(sorry it makes me kinda uncomfortable—)

Lemme know if you have any questions!

you can email me at powermaddarkky@gmail.com (old name I know ‘’xD ) or message me on tumblr here if you’re interested! 

Don’t worry guys, next time I open commissions it’ll look a lot better, i’ll actually take time to make some nice price sheets as well as make a gmail specifically for commissions! 


I accept paypal! 

Alright, if you have no problem with Chou chou’s dress

Then you should have no problem with Sarada’s dress.

Because they both end at the same length, at around the upper thigh

(Excuse the crude drawing)

The dresses really aren’t that different, and they don’t seem to inhibit movement of any kind, and we’ve seen chou chou fighting with her dress on

Infact, now that I think about it, Temari also had a really short dress…

Yah, hers ,at a point, was really short as well, but that didn’t stop her from being a badass.

But the reason Sarada appears to be more sexualised is because her frame is more child-like compared to Chou Chou and Temari(when Temari was their age), Sara’s child-like frame in the Boruto manga(along with the Mangaka’s lack of experience with drawing women) makes it seem more inappropriate, when its not that bad. 

If you want to worry about anything however,

Those heels are atrocious. I mean how tf is she walking in those things, better question, how tf is she running in those!?

Tips to never become bored or tired to make art?

Hmm, unfortunately I don’t think there exists a strategy for art (or anything really) to prevent you from getting tired or bored of it. It’s part of being human. But if you find yourself struggling and not being satisfied with your art, then there are some things I can recommend regarding motivation and frame of mind. Here goes:

First ask yourself “why do I like drawing?” Is it because you like drawing your favorite characters? Or is it because you like drawing silly things? Or does it just help your relax? Once you know the answer then use it to your advantage when you feel tired or frustrated. Remember art is supposed to be fun, so if it’s the most fun for you to draw cats then just draw cats for a bit and don’t worry about the complications of your more formal analytical pursuits. When I was a student I created assignments for myself to get better at all the things I wanted to learn but whenever I got tired of that I just drew superheroes for fun because that’s what made drawing fun for me.

But my drawings of (insert favorite thing to draw here) suck and it’s hard making them look good?

Yes it’s true that your current abilities will limit how much you can do, but you have to accept the fact that your art is going to look bad before it’s going to look good. And this doesn’t ever really change because your standards increase just as much as your skills do. I wish I could say making art was easy for me, but truthfully it’s not. Yes, some things are easier but as I start to get better at those things I’m also trying to push other aspects of my art making and therefore it becomes a struggle to get them right because now I have a new standard. So just make peace with that fact and remember that you’ve got to do a lot of “bad” drawings before you can get to your good ones so start drawing and get them out sooner!

But in the end drawing is supposed to be fun, so even if your art looks “bad” to you, you’ve got to be proud of what you accomplished. I know it’s easier said than done but try to stop comparing yourself to everyone else you come across. You should be looking at other artists for inspiration, not competition. When I was first learning to draw I copied the work of some of my favorite artists, and for me it was more about learning than trying to be just as good right away. It was about creating something just for the fun of creating it. Trust me when I say that what you see online is only the result of lots of hard hours of practice but what you don’t actually see is all the practice that led up to those nice drawings. Perhaps I’ll dig through my old sketchbooks and drawings to show you what I mean. 

Hope this helps!