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Dean + worrying about Cas

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make me choose (harry potter edition): @queenis​ asked — luna lovegood or ginny weasley

“Yeah, size is no guarantee of power,” said George. “Look at Ginny.”


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)

Hey guys :) I’m Bea, from Exohypernova.

I wasn’t sure if I would post this because it’s my first ever printables pack and it has that overall design that is very very common in the studyblr comunity, and I didn’t want to post more of the same, but I had done this a while ago and thought maybe you guys would like it.

This pack contains:

✖      A habit tracker

✖      A life planner

✖      A month planner with productivity tracker

✖      A project management sheet

✖      A exam prep cheat sheet

✖      A book review page

✖      A book character review page

✖      A book tracker

✖      A glossary

✖      A task list

✖      A quotes sheet

✖      A formulas sheet

If you want to download all of them, you can click here to access my google drive folder. Also, if you have photoshop, you can download a totally editable version of those printables in this link (fonts included). ♡

If I’m being honest, Pidge is the hardest to sort in a Harry Potter au because like… she’s got two driving forces.

I usually sort Pidge into Ravenclaw because, assuming she went to Hogwarts as an 11yo Katie Holt, there is no doubt in my mind that she valued the pursuit of knowledge above all else back then. Like, she’s always been a prodigy hacker. And she’s the Green Paladin for the reason- she’s inquisitive, she has this burning inch to learn and touch and understand. Katie doesn’t want to just touch the stars; she wants to download them, in any way she can.

But Pidge Gunderson is a Slytherin. Pidge lies her way into government agencies, lies to her friends until she knows she can trust them, creates plans and backup plans and backup backup plans for everything because everything can go wrong. Everything has gone wrong for her. She’s cunning, and infiltrates, and is above all loyal. Her commitment to her family almost outstripped her duty to Voltron. But as a Slytherin, she was able to see her role in the larger picture… and that same dedication kept her on the team.

When I think about Pidge, I call her Pidge Holt in my mind. Because she’s no longer Katie… but her family name is Holt, not Gunderson. You can’t have one part without the other. They’re intertwined, you know? Ultimately, I decided that Pidge was a Ravenclaw just to spread out all five Paladins across the four houses, lmao.


More tea for the little lady?

Idk what they’re doing in other people’s games, but in my castle Jakob and Nino are having high tea everyday.


“Stealing Their PJ” I love the kids pj so much so converted it to adult it is in  base swatches .I made a recolor of it and they was supposed to be uploaded on christmas but I couldn’t so here they are if anyone want them and they are a standalone packages


I feel like I did something wrong so tell me if you find something


► The Weeping Willows | Generation 1

Non-Default Eyes for Toddlers

Hey guys, I apologise for basically being dead over the Christmas period. I’m back! I’ve had a lot of requests to make a few of my eyes compatible with toddlers since their release, so here they are!

I’ve updated the original files so the links should still work as they are, if you have any of these eyes and want them for toddlers just re-download and overwrite the original. 

These are non-defaults, I can also do contact and default replacement versions. Those are coming soon, it’s a little difficult keeping up with what I’ve done already :P (I think I’ve already updated the Lovers eyes to have contacts)

Here are the links to the posts for the eyes, as I said the files for each should be updated but please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Dreamy V1 & V2


Elsewhere V2

P.S. Daydream skin is now also available for the little ones too :)


A little known fact about me is that I have a slight, possibly weird, obsession with fonts. So today, I went and checked out dafont.com and looked at literally hundreds of fonts and downloaded a bunch and wanted to test them out, so I decided to try a few of them out on a few pictures that Mark posted on his various social medias today.

*** I know these are nothing spectacular ***

They’re probably crappy quality on account of the ‘not exactly high quality but they were fine enough try stuff out on’ apps that is used, and because I’m not insanely creative or talented, but all this is totally fine. I know they’re subpar but I just thought I’d share them instead of letting them sit and be useless in my iPad camera roll.

On a real note though, I really enjoy making things like these. I used to make (much crappier) things like this a few years ago, but kinda fell out of it for a while… this kind of thing, and similar things, are what I hope to really get better at, and I’m really hoping to go to school for graphic design as soon as I possibly can.

But anyways, I always write too much in these caption things lol which I doubt anyone reads anyways. And that’s chill - I know I tend not to read long posts haha but anyways, if you did read all this, thanks! That was real neat of you.

I hope you have a real nifty day :)