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When you’re sick - STARISH


-Lol good luck
-Natsuki believes that every sickness can be healed with some baked goods!
-Preferably when they aren’t deadly to eat
-He’s going to try to run into the kitchen to start baking
-You eventually end up coaxing him back into the bedroom, not wanting to feel worse any more than you already do
-Natsuki doesn’t like seeing you sick, but he finds your sniffly face to be ADORABLE
-“Y/N-chan! Your sneezes are so cute!”
-Prepare for him to be squeezing the life out of you
-You’ll end up spending the sick day cuddling and watching Piyo-Chan reruns


-The only serious one (besides Masa)
-Tokiya’s first thoughts when you get sick, are to go to the supermarket and get meds
-Cough syrup, pain relievers, congestion relief, anything that will make you feel better
-He’s not going to make you do anything, rather encourage you to rest
-If you ask to cuddle, he’s going to decline at first, not wanting to catch any germs
-But when he sees your pouty face, Toki is going to give in
-lowkey one of the best cuddlers ??
-He makes you feel protected with his chin resting on your head
-When you end up passing out in his arms, Tokiya is going to end up falling asleep as well
-Very relaxed sick day


-This boy is a prince, so ultimately you are going to be treated like a princess
-He tries so hard to help you get better
-Like he goes to the store and buys 14 different types of cough syrup
-Cecil just keep me company
-“My (princess/prince), why must the world be against you? I shall make it my priority to be by your side through these rough times!”
-If you think he isn’t going to ask the muses why they made you sick, you are wrong
-You don’t even have to ask, he’s already snuggled against your side
-10/10 extra af


-You are going to be babied 1000% (see what I did there?)
-Ren doesn’t like seeing his S/O in bed sick so be ready to have a personal butler
-He’ll fetch anything you want anytime of the day
-Ren is going to try to kiss you throughout the day (no matter how much you protest)
-"Ren I’ll get you sick!”
-“I don’t mind, it’s worth a kiss from you.”
-You end up giving him a kiss
-Ren is the type who’s going to run out to the store and return with a bouquet of roses
-Which is exactly what he does
-Basically, for however long you’re sick, you will be treated like a queen


-omg this boy is going to go into protective mode
-“Y/N! Are you ok? What do you need?”
-VERY helpful
-Gets the medicine you need and brings tissues, blankets, etc.
-Also brings his guitar and plays an original song he made for you omg
-Blushing hardcore the entire time
-Is super stuttery and nervous when you ask him to cuddle but doesn’t turn it down
-When you fall asleep in his arms, he turns redder than his hair
-Loves seeing how peaceful you become when you sleep
-We all need an Otoya in our life tbh


-This tough guy is immediately going to crumble when he sees you sick
-Syo is supposed to be your knight, protecting you from harm’s way
-So when he sees you coughing and sneezing he’s instantly going to be by your side
-At first, he’ll offer to go running with you, hoping some exercise will cheer you up
-But when you turn that down (because why in god’s name would you want to exercise now?) be prepared to watch hours of Prince of Fighting
-When you ask him to cuddle, Syo’s going to blush first, but ultimately he’ll throw his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side
-Your sick day is going to be spent being treated like a damsel in distress, and there’s nothing you can do about it


-Super prepared
-The only one besides Tokiya who acts like an actual doctor
-Unlike the rest, he already has cold/flu medication on hand
-Encourages you to rest and won’t take no for an answer
-If you can’t sleep, he will make you tea or whatever other drink you want
-And if you’re lucky, he might play you a song or two on the piano
-Will definitely be against cuddling for more reasons than one
-But with light persuasion and a pouty face, his exterior will crack, and he will snuggle with you
-Very stiff cuddles but after you fall asleep, he places a kiss on your forehead and falls asleep

All that I need is you

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Hi 💖 I’m in a dire need of a fluffy platonic Bucky imagine? With cuddles maybe? 🙊💖

Another shitty day. First I was late for my new job interview so I’m sure they will not give me the place at their company. I have been searching for a new job since the last month because I got fired from my last job because I left for two weeks in order to help my best friend Steve to establish Bucky at his apartment. Yes Steve Rogers, my best friend.

We met a few years ago in the café I was working. We became friends in a little time and he told me everything about his life, the avengers, the search for Bucky, etc. Then the accords happened and he left New York because of all the problems. Then he contact me again asking me for some help, Bucky was in cryogenesis again and they have found the solution to his Winter Soldier mood. Apparently he and Tony were trying to make things right, them and the king of Wakanda were speaking with the United Nations to make their own accords.

Almost three months later Steve was back at New York but now with Bucky, he had to leave the country in order to speak to the United Nations and he needed someone to take care of Bucky that he trusts. Thats where I entered so I lost my job in the process but I don’t regret it.

Bucky is one of the most incredible person that I have met, in our first week together he was very shy but in the second week he started to talk to me and a beautiful friendship bloomed.

I open the door to Steve’s and Bucky’s apartment, I’m currently living with them because I had no money to pay the rent for mine so Steve offered me his apartment.

“Is anyone home?” I leave the keys in the bowl next to the door and Bucky appears.

“Hi (Y/N). How was your interview?” He asked me playing with his hands, a nervous reflect he has.

“Like shit. I was late because the stupid subway was full so I had to wait for the other one” I leave my bag at the counter and listen to the T.V that was on. “What are you watching?” He turns around looking at the T.V

“Oh, I am watching Doctor who. I know it’s your favorite so I wanted to know a little more” I simple smile at him.

“Do you care if I join you?” He sits in the sofa and I sit next to him. With one arm he surrounds my body and I got closer to him at the point of almost cuddling. “Is this okay to you Buck?” With one arm I surround his torso.

“It’s perfect doll” He gives me a kiss in my head and pulls me even closer to him.

Is this friendship blossing into something else?

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Baby Boy//Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do a pregnancy imagine w josh? Like all the way from telling him you’re pregnant to labour day?:)

Note: This was seriously too cute of a request so I had to do it for both J and Ty, thank you anon. You’re the reason why my heart is a pool on the floor. Hope ye enjoy!


               “Oh my god.” You whispered, smiling down at the small stick in front of you. Checking the instructions you felt tears fall down your cheeks. One line = not pregnant, two lines = pregnant.

               Two lines. Two lines symbolizing that there was a small bean growing inside of you, a small bean that you and Josh had made—together. God the hormones knew how to make you seem overly attached, and kind of psychotic. Putting your hands over your stomach you smiled widely; you were going to be a mommy. Hiding the test in the garbage you walked out of the bathroom, walking out to the livingroom to plan on how you were going to tell Josh about the little miracle inside of you. It had to be special.

               It wasn’t until later that night, when you were silently nibbling on crackers and listening to Josh snap at someone on the phone when the thought dawned on you—what if he doesn’t want to be a father? It wasn’t like the two of you were trying for a baby, like the idea had been thrown around. All the plans had been talked about after the wedding, which the two of you were trying to plan despite Josh’s hectic schedule. Biting your lip and looking down at the ring on your finger you held in a sigh; maybe you could wait a little bit to tell him. He can’t be mad, right?

               Your anxiety about the topic resulted in awkward silences and dead-end one sentence answers from you; which added to Josh’s already growing stress. Which caused him to get frustrated with you, therefore raising your anxiety which could not be healthy for the baby at all. This of course stressed you out, and it wasn’t until 3 days later that you finally snapped. You sat crying in the bathtub, the showerhead still pouring warm water over your hunched figure.

               You had just walked out from a fight with Josh, one where he accused you of sleeping around, and lying to him because of how you had been acting. Of course you could never do such a thing, so you let it spill.

               “What has gotten into you? I try having any sort of conversation and you fucking shut it down!” Josh snapped, voice raised more than you had heard it in the 3 years the two of you had been together. “Are you fucking someone else? Because if you are please give me that fucking ring back, this engagement is off!” He slammed his hand down on the counter in frustration, it looked like it hurt; you wanted to rush to his side and make sure he hadn’t caused any damage but you were frozen in place. You dared not to speak a word in fear of making the situation worse—although your silence did the same effect. Josh was angry and wanted answers, and you were anxious and couldn’t speak.

               “I’m carrying a baby, it’s yours. Believe me or not I am probably 3 months along with your baby.” You voice was barely above a whisper. You wondered if Josh had even heard you, considering you barely heard yourself. “I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to kill something so innocent because someone deems it “at the wrong time” or “an inconvenience”. Leave if you want to but I’m having this child.” Through tears you saw Josh’s blurry face turn soft, and shocked. The regret carved in his features broke you, it hurt you to levels you couldn’t describe. You sat and let him scream, let him get all these ideas because you couldn’t bear to speak truth. “I’m going to shower.” You sobbed before rushing upstairs, ignoring Josh’s pleas. The way he spoke your name broke your heart even more.

               “Y/N, please.” It had to have been the 10th time Josh had whispered this exact sentence through the door, since you began showering he had been sitting outside. Waiting for you to allow him inside the bathroom. Yes, the door may have been unlocked, but he dared not to intrude. “I want to talk. Please.” His voice broke at the end of his sentence, causing your sobs to grow louder and harder. You were shaking as the water ran cold—how long had you been in here? Suddenly you heard the door swing open, and felt a pair of warm arms cradle your cold body. Josh had crawled into the tub beside you and pressed his face into your neck. Shielding you from the cold water with his back.

               He had came into a freezing cold shower, fully clothed just to make sure you were okay. The thought caused you to sob once again—except the emotion behind the tears changed. Suddenly you were filled with love.

               “Don’t cry, don’t blame yourself please.” He whispered. “I love you, I love him or her, please just don’t go. I know you weren’t expecting it and neither was I but I want to be a dad. I want to cuddle them to sleep, buy them cute outfits, take cute selfies with them. I want it.” That was all it took for everything to become so much more real.


               “I’m nervous.” You whispered, the two of you were currently sitting in the waiting room, today was your first ultrasound, and some bloodwork and other tests. For some reason, you felt yourself nervous throughout the day. “I don’t know why. It’s just..weird. We’re going to see our baby.” You smiled up at Josh who was sitting beside you, smiling at the thought.

               “I know, I’ve been nervous since the day you told me you were pregnant.” He laughed, followed by a nurse walking in and calling your name.

               “So I’ll lead you back here to do the bloodwork; then we’ll get daddy back for the ultrasound.” She smiled, leading you into a room with a big chair in it. You bit your lip, bloodwork had never been your thing. But if it meant keeping your little baby healthy then so be it. This calming thought lasted all of 2 minutes when the lab technician came in, causing your leg to bounce in fear.

               “Nervous?” She asked giving you a caring look before preparing the stuff she would need. “It’s really not bad, how about we talk about the baby. How far along are you?” She asked, putting the tourniquet on your arm.

               “I’m just over 5 and a half months. A little late for an ultrasound people are telling me, well everyone except the doctor.” You shrugged, apologizing soon after realizing the lady was feeling for veins.

               “It’s no worry, you’re doing great. So what are you guys hoping for?” She asked, you looked at the other side of the room before responding.

               “I don’t have much for preference, as long as my little one is healthy that’s all I want. I think my fiancé wants a girl though. Seeing him with our friend’s baby girl is adorable, he loves her so much.” You smiled, remembering the time Josh had eagerly offered to babysit. Watching him cuddle up with the little toddler (who proclaimed her love for her “Uncle J!!” repeatedly that day. Saying hanging out with the two of you was the most fun she had ever had).

               “Well you’re all done, and I hope you get a healthy little one, and if everything works out a baby girl.” She smiled, putting a cotton ball over your arm.

               “You’re done? I didn’t feel a thing.” You commented in awe, looking at her with wide eyes.

               “I’ve learned that when pregnant women start talking about the baby that they don’t tend to focus on the poke.” She smiled, taping the cotton ball on and leading you to another room, where Josh was sitting in the corner on his phone.

               After a few minutes of waiting, and whispered talks about shopping for baby stuff afterward; another lady came in. She had pressed some weird looking wand across your stomach, moving it around until a steady thumping filled the room; looking at Josh with tears in your eyes you smiled. That was your baby, it’s little heartbeat.

               “Sounds like a healthy heartbeat. Are you ready to see your little one?” Both of you nodded eagerly, fingers intertwining as another wand was placed over your stomach; this time showing a black and white picture of a little mutant-looking thing. Your mutant looking thing. “The doctors orders say that you would like to know the sex, is that correct?” When the two of you nodded, the woman leaned in. Looking intently at the screen before letting a small sigh out. “I can’t seem to tell the sex, I’ll be right back.” She left the room, grabbing another ultrasound technician, who said the same thing.

               “I’m sorry, the baby isn’t in a position where we can see the sex characteristics. If you still want to know, talk to your doctor and he can probably set up another appointment.” The two of you nodded, a little disappointed that you didn’t get the answer to the magic question.

               “Hey, Y/N.” Josh whispered that night, as the two of you lay in silence. “Would it be bad to say I don’t want to know the sex anymore? I feel like it would be a good surprise.”          

               “But how are we supposed to prepare the nursery and buy clothes? Wouldn’t we need to know.” For some reason the idea of not knowing gave you a little anxiety.

               “Not all clothes have to be gender specific, we can buy that stuff after our little one gets here.” After about 5 minutes of reassurance, you felt alright with the idea of not knowing the sex until your baby was born. Some things are better left a surprise.


               “I don’t like this!” You screamed, throwing the piece of paper your doctor had given you on the table. “What is a birthing plan even? I don’t know what I’ll want when I get there. If I need pain medication, give me a little bit. If I need a C-section for the babies safety then so be it! I am 8 and a half months pregnant, I don’t want to think about this!” For some odd reason you were beyond frustrated with the idea of a birthing plan. Your doctor had said it was a way for you to plan everything a little bit before the birth happened, but your little one using your kidneys as a punching bag last night kept you awake. Which meant you were hormonal, tired and grumpy.

               “Take it one step at a time, okay?” Josh spoke in a soft tone, approaching you in the way one would approach a rabid dog. “The first thing we need to address is do you want to delivery vaginally or C-section?”      

               “If I don’t need a C-section I don’t want one.” You snarled, still frustrated with it.

               “Okay, what if something goes wrong during labour?”

               “Then an emergency c-section is fine.”

               “See, we just got through the first one. It wasn’t that bad was it?” You wanted to be mad at Josh for making you do a stupid paper you had no intentions of doing; but the smile he had and how cute he looked with his crinkly eyes made that impossible.


               “Come on baby, my back hurts and these stupid Braxton hicks are getting annoying.” You mumbled, looking in the mirror at your gigantic baby bump. So far it had been 3 days since your due date came and went; and your baby was taking its old sweet time getting here. Though the near constant Braxton hicks was a good sign, right?

               “Hey Y/N, is it okay if I steal Josh?” You heard Tyler ask, walking into the bathroom where you stood when you felt your body completely tense. “Did you just pee yourself…?” Tyler asked, slightly disgusted with the sight in front of him, before it clicked. “Oh god your water broke. I’m not stealing Josh.” He mumbled quickly before making a mad dash downstairs, frantically screaming at Josh about the “traumatizing” sight he just witnessed.

               “It’s time?” Josh yelled, running at full speed up the stairs as you stood in shock, the puddle around your feet growing. When you only looked at him in shock, followed by the pain of another early contraction he nodded to himself, grabbing a baggy sweater and pajama pants for you to change into. “I’m going to grab the baby bag, our bags and get the car ready; okay? If you need any help call me or even traumatized little Tyler—he’s my best friend so he’s kind of obligated to help you. Even if you’re spraying water all over the floor like a water hose.” If it weren’t for the pain of the contraction, you could’ve sworn you would’ve flipped your pregnant shit on Josh for his last comment.


               “God I hate you.” You growled, squeezing your eyes closed as pain shot through you. You had requested medications, but the doctor said you were too dilated at this point for them.

               “Is she okay?” You heard Josh ask worriedly to the nurse, who explained it was the transition phase of labour, you could’ve sworn you heard something about you transitioning to Satan. “It’ll be over soon, think of our little baby boy or girl. They’ll be snuggled in their cute onesies, and snuggle against you and me. We’ll have our happy adorable family.” Josh whispered, cringing slightly as you squeezed his hand once more.

               After what felt like forever of labour and then delivery you heard a shrill cry fill the room. Your heart sunk, then filled with a copious amount of love. You’re little one was finally here.

               “It’s a boy!” You heard someone declare, your eyes filling with tears; some happy and some distressed.

               “I’m sorry it’s not the girl you were hoping for.” You whispered to Josh as they had begun cleaning your son.

               “No no no.” Josh began, brushing the hair out of your face. “I love him to death; I haven’t even met him yet but I love him.” You saw tears run down his cheeks as your son was brought over to you. You held him close, tears never ceasing. Your son was absolutely perfect; tiny but perfect.

Count On Me (A Camsten Fic)

It wasn’t unusual for Kirsten Clark to come to work and encounter Cameron Goodkin’s sunny disposition every morning. She was used to hearing his various terms of endearments followed by a cup piping hot coffee in the break room before she got into the stitch suit and they began the day. But it was never much more than that.

“Guys…?” she began when she saw Camille and Linus leaning against the door of the locker room. She stopped when they gave her harsh glares and Camille hushed her.

“What are you…is that singing?” she whispered, catching the ends of some familiar song she knew had been on Camille’s repeat playlist for months.

“It’s Cameron!” Linus fairly squeaked, his expression akin to a child finding free candy. Kirsten cocked her head in confusion.

“Cameron can sing?” she asked. Linus nodded and Camille grinned.

“Listen for yourself!” she urged. Kirsten took the bait and pressed her ear against the door and listened, finding herself beginning to smile.

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Where The Boys Would Take You On A Date
  • Italy: This cheerful Italian would take you to a nice little cafe. You two would sit there and talk for what it seemed like for hours. Italy would pay for everything, and at the end of the date, he would give you a kiss.
  • Germany: Germany would bring you to a national park and you two would go rock climbing. The entire time while you are climbing, he would have his arm around your waste just so you "don't fall". When you two reach the top, you would sit and look out at the view. You two might share a kiss or two up there too.
  • Japan: This quiet guy would take you to a lovely park and you two would just hold hands and chat the entire time. It may not seem very romantic, but Japan rarely lets anyone touch him, or even hold his hand. But to him it is very cute, and to you too.
  • America: America is all about the thrill in life, so he would take you to an amusement park for a date. He would buy the both of you one of those passes that lets your practically cut the line so you guys can go on as many rides as you want. If you are afraid of a ride, he would hold your hand the entire ride and comfort you the entire time. Also, he would win you a stuffed animal from one of the games they have.
  • England: England would want a simple date, so you would come to his house and you two would sit on the couch, cuddle, and watch Netflix all day. You two would be like two peas in a pod, watching Doctor Who or Sherlock all day long, it would be the best time ever. Every so often he would make popcorn for you and whenever you open your mouth, he would put a couple pieces in there.
  • France: Wanting it to be the best date you had ever been on, he would cook you a nice fancy dinner for you two to eat under the moonlight. France would try to impress you, so he would make a ton of really fancy food. The entire night he would look at you lovingly and try and act real smooth. France might even try to feed you some food, but having it miss your mouth and going everywhere. But he would clean up the mess with some kisses.
  • Russia: This loveable Russian would take you ice skating for a date. If you don't know how to, he would help you the entire time. And if you did know how to, he would hold your hand the entire time you two were skating. At the end of all of this, he would buy you hot chocolate and you two would sit and watch the other skaters. You might even get a few kisses in there too.
  • China: China would take you to all of the pet stores that he knows so you two can look and squeal at the adorable kitties that they have. You two would have so much fun running around the stores petting and looking at all of the animals that they have. In the isles in the way back, he might sneak some kisses in where no one can see.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn't know what do to for a date, so he may just take you down to the city so you two can walk around and look at the stores and shops they have. You two would hold hands the entire time, and you would drag him to a store that you see something cute in. If you really want it, he may just sneak away for a minute and buy you the thing that you wanted. Afterwords, you would shower him with kisses.
  • Prussia: You know what's totally awesome? Prussia and laser tag. Prussia would totally take you to a laser tag place so you two can go and have a crazy time. You two would be on the same team, so you would team up together and beat the opposing team. If you get shot, he would hold you in his arms and cry, screaming "WHYYYY" as a joke and carry you back to start.
  • Romano: Romano would take you to a beach for a date. When you get there, he would put on your sunscreen for you, making sure not to miss any places. You would do the same for him, but you would purposefully make a huge mess. When in the water, he would pick you up and throw you, even if you completely object to it. If he thinks anyone is looking at you in a way the he doesn't like he would glare at the person and let out some curses.
  • Spain: Spain would find the most amazing garden ever and bring you there. You two would hold hands and chit chat while lookig at the beautiful plants that they have. If someone walks by, he would wrap his arm around your waste and kiss your cheek. Spain would find a tomato plant with ready to pick tomatoes and try to steal some. But he would get caught and get you both kicked out. Luckily, he managed to sneak one out so you two could share it.
  • Austria: Austria would want a peaceful and quiet place for a date, so he would bring you to an art museum. Since he is a slow walker, you would get to look at a few pictures longer, but you wouldn't get to see all sections. If he feels like it, Austria would let you hold his hand. When you two are the only people in an exhibit, you might sneak a few kisses.
  • Switzerland: Since Switzerland doesn't really want to spend money, you two would have a casual date and his house. You would just flop down on his bed and talk. Switzerland would get some snacks and chocolate that he made. Sometimes he would even feed them to you. When he isn't looking, you would hop into his lap and beg to cuddle. Switzy would try to say no, but he couldn't resist the look on your face.
Request: Hey, I love your writing! Could you please write a oneshot where the reader is really into a tv show, and Sam reads up on it and spends the whole day with the reader watching tv and cuddling and stuff? Super fluffy please :)

You were obsessed. There was no other way to put it. Ever since you’d discovered Doctor Who, you completely ignored your job as a hunter and laid on the couch and watched TV. Dean was getting annoyed with you since you refused to take your attention away from the doctor. Sam, your boyfriend, was also annoyed, but he kept it hidden. All he wanted to do was snuggle with you, and he could, but he couldn’t have a conversation with you. Finally, Sam couldn’t take it.

While you were once again marathoning Doctor Who, Sam pulled out his laptop and started what he was best at; research. He knew you were on the tenth doctor, whatever that meant, so he read all about the other ones. He remembered you talking about loving Nine, so he took extra care in reading about him. Once he had the background information down, he snuck into the room to find out what episode you were on. 

You were just about to watch the episode where Queen Elizabeth turns into a werewolf, and Sam had only an hour to catch up. He read on and on, about Rose’s relationship with the Doctor, and all about the TARDIS. And Sam had to admit, it was interesting. He checked on you and saw that you still  had ten minutes left, so Sam ran and made some popcorn. 

Sighing, you started the next episode, when Sam came in. You were prepared for him to complain, but to your surprise, he sat down and handed you a bowl of popcorn. “You’re gonna watch?” You asked.

“Yeah.” He said, smiling at you.

You smiled back and started the next episode, but you were a little wary. You loved Sam, but if he didn’t understand what was happening, he was gonna ask a million questions and think the show was stupid. You glanced at Sam, waiting to ask who Rose was, but he didn’t.

“Do you know who all the characters are?” You asked.

“Yeah, that’s Rose, and that’s the Doctor. I ship them. Do you?” He answered like it were nothing.

Your mouth hung open and you turned look at him. “Are you kidding me? they’re my OTP! Ever since Nine, I’ve loved Rose and the Doctor together!" 

"Well, Nine loved Rose.” Sam shrugged.

“You know who Nine is?” You asked in disbelief.

“Yup. Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccelston. He was pretty happy and funny. Had big ears, too.” Sam said.

“I’ve never loved you more.” You said, and pulled Sam into a deep kiss. Sam laughed and pulled you closer to him. You laid down,and Sam laid behind you, wrapping an arm around your stomach. 

He stayed with you the rest of the day, giving you kisses and watching Doctor Who with you. Doctor Who made you happy, and being able to share it with Sam made you even happier.

(I hope you like it!)

Sick Day Starters
  • "I can't go to work today. I'm sick."
  • "Can you make me some soup?"
  • "My throat hurts."
  • "My head hurts."
  • "Do I have fever?"
  • "I can't breath."
  • "I'm going to the doctor at 1."
  • "I'm going to the hospital."
  • "They said I have to stay in the hospital. I have pnuemonia."
  • "Don't come over. I have the flu."
  • "My nose is so stuffy."
  • "Don't make fun of me for sounding like a Who!"
  • "Can you stay and take care of me?"
  • "Will you cuddle with me? I promise not to get you sick."
  • "Ew get away from me! Sicko!"
  • "Cover your mouth."
  • *coughs*
  • "I'm going to sit in my bed all day and watch old cartoons. Want to join me?"
  • "Can you take me to the doctor?"
  • "I told you not to go play in the snow. I told you that you'd get sick."
  • "I should have never went outside. I knew I'd get sick."
  • "I'll make you some soup."
  • "How does the soup taste?"
  • "I can't keep anything down."
  • "I threw up."
  • "I just want my mom/dad to be here."
  • "I'm not contagious."
  • "It's just allergies."
  • "I don't want to get a shot in the ass."
  • "You're going to get sick if you stay here with me."

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Hi, I was wondering if I could have a ship for Marvel, DC, and Doctor Who please. I'm a straight girl, I like to read, write, draw, watch Netflix, as well as go out and walk in nature. I like to chill. I'm an introvert and kinda socially awkward. I want to hug and cuddle but I'm not good at asking to do those things. I love cats and pit bulls. I'm sarcastic and have a kinda morbid sense of humor. I'm a giant nerd and I live comic books and sci fi stuff. Thank you very much!!

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MARVEL: I ship you with Wade Wilson!

Wade is gonna laugh at all your jokes, and you’re gonna laugh at his, because you both share that morbid sense of humour. He finds it so cute how shy you are at times, but also doesn’t push you to speak in public. He’s known you long enough to know that when you get shy around him, it’s because you just need a hug, and he’ll happily comply. He’d read your comic books when bored and watch your shows when you forget to delete them after watching. Though he can’t go out in the day for normal walks without being spotted by his suit and he doesn’t want his skin to be seen by strangers, there’s always at night.

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DC: I ship you with Jonathan Crane!

You’d definitely intrigue the doctor. You’re well-read and he enjoys to see what you’re writing and drawing to dry and desipher what’s going on in your head, if anything to see if there’s anything he can help with. He’s also surprised that you like pit bulls, since there’s a common fear of them, though he’d consider getting you one so you’re not alone if he gets locked up for a while or when he’s working. Though he’s not good at the whole physical affection, he does know the signs when someone is craving it, especially you, and will excuse you both or send people out the room so he can hold you alone. That sense of humour is one he looks forward to, if anything to see the horrified or disguisted face of those around to hear it, which is his favourite part.

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DOCTOR WHO: I ship you with the 9th Doctor!

Though he didn’t really… appreciate the morbid jokes, he excuses it. He appreciates someone who will take a deep interest in space and what he has to talk about, and he also likes that when you’re not running around saving the world, he can find you reading, writing or drawing, and he will happily just watch you do so. He’d also know when you need a hug and will give it no matter when or where you are, and won’t let go till you’re happy. He can’t help but find it cute when he sees you with a cat or dog, especially a pit bull.

Hope you like it! If you have any questions or requests, please send them in!

*Not my gifs

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Title; Missing Pt 2 / Warning’s; Mention of torture / Rating; T+ / Requested by; princessmerlinsuperwholock

Part One

This is the very much requested second part to Missing, Enjoy! Livi x

Your POV; The pain was immense and it was everywhere, like a fire clutching at your skin, scratching and burning and there was no escaping it. The cooling feel of the metal examination table was the only thing keeping you from from passing out again, but you believe that was the Unsub’s doing. You had no idea what he had done all you knew was there was pain everywhere, in all honesty you didn’t want to know what he had done.

Currently you were alone and strapped to the table, the Unsub had left hours ago, was this part of the torture? Not knowing? You felt yourself drifting of again but the door opened with a slam and the was faint torch light you hear you name faintly ‘Y/N, Y/N. I’m here it’s me, it’s Spencer’. A slam startled you, followed by cold water and you were torn away from you dream and there the Unsub stood 'Who’s Spencer?, That other agent, the pathetic one who couldn’t protect you?’ you heaved a breath trying to regain composer but it wasn’t easy that’s for sure 'he is more of a man then you’ he just chuckled 'is that so?’ and he pulled out another implement but you didn’t keep your eyes open to see what it was you just returned to your happy place. Spencer’s apartment, sitting cuddled together watching Dr Who, oh the bitter sweetness of how much you wanted to confess your love to him but you never had the confidence but right now you wanted to do nothing more.

Team’s POV; 'Okay so I have narrowed it down to two buildings, one is an old architectural firm and the other is a closed down asylum. In our profile we said our Unsub had doctor training. I believe he used to work at the asylum and the trigger was when it was recently closed down and he lost his job, it was closed down because authorities deemed that the work practices were unsafe and the patients were in too much danger while they were there. That’s where our Unsub will be and that’s where he will have Y/N’ The team looked relieved, but soon got moving because in all honesty no one will be relieved until you are back and safe. Spencer looked at JJ tears threatening to spill over, ‘Oh Spencer she’s strong she will survive this’ JJ pulled Spencer in for a hug ‘I know she’s strong, but I’m not and if I lose her.. I didn’t get to say goodbye’ Spencer tightened his grip of JJ ‘She will be fine Spencer’ he wasn’t sure if JJ was saying it for his comfort of for her own.

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Ship: Hollstein, Prompt: downpour

I’m so sorry this took a month bro! But here’s a little less than a thousand words of Hollstein domestic fluff.

On AO3

Her back hurt, her eyes were drooping, and Laura had been trying to rewrite the same sentence now for at least fifteen minutes. With a defeated sigh, she allowed her eyes to close for a moment, stretching her back until it gave a satisfying pop. Shaking herself a little, Laura looked back to the bright screen of her computer. 2:30 in the morning, that explained why the cup of cocoa Carmilla had handed to her earlier was cold now.

Thinking about her broody vampire apparently worked as a summoning spell, since a moment later there were soft hands on Laura’s shoulders, squeezing them. Their effect was instantaneous. Laura felt herself relaxing, the sleep she had been fighting coming back with a vengeance.

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Kinda long list of Nine/Rose fics

Basically, there’s a very long Ten/Rose list going around. I felt like there needed to be a nice long Nine/Rose list. No doubt I’ve missed some. But hopefully this helps.


One shots

Not Adult

Board Games - How did the Doctor get pulled into playing board games in the first place?

Come Sail Away -  Somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean, something changes between them.

A Better Man - It was clear Rose was intent on going out, and the TARDIS repairs weren’t finished yet, so he couldn’t just drag her off on a new adventure instead.

Blossoms in the rain - Sometimes a downpour isn’t such a bad thing. Set post-Dalek, in a world where Adam didn’t come along.

Of Sexual Tension and Shipping on the TARDIS - Jack tries to play matchmaker

The Moment I Wake Up - Lazy mornings on the TARDIS

Feel - The Doctor tries to convince himself he’s not becoming attached to Rose

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Could you write a fic about Cameron, Kirsten, Camille, and Linus all having a dinner night at Cameron's where Camille and Linus fall asleep on his couch and him and Kirsten have to share his bed. Then she trips over something when his room only has a small lamp light on and he catches her and they have an almost kiss or kiss?

Awww this actually hit me right in the heart I couldn’t not write it. Thanks for sending in such a great prompt! I hope you like it…


“Okay, everybody. Dig in!” Cameron said setting down a bottle of wine as he joined his friends at the table.

He was beaming with pride as everyone appeared to be enjoying his cooking. Linus had suggested they all go down to the bar across the street but they all knew that after such a late-night exhausting case nothing but Cameron’s famous chicken casserole would be good enough. 

Not that Cameron minded, he loved cooking, and he especially loved making food for more than just him and even though Kirsten mocked his ‘geeky hobbies’ she secretly enjoyed it too. She liked being around to watch him obsess over ingredients and oven temperature. And it always made her chuckle when he’d get excited about the compliments Camille would give him. He’d always say that since Camille is a proud foodie, she’s tried may different types of food before, so a compliment from her meant he was very good.

They ate, and drank, and toasted to friendship and team-effort. A couple of hours later, Camille was ready to go home and crawl into bed but Linus insisted they stay longer and watch a movie. Of course, what he’d forgotten to mention that between Cameron’s diverse collection of nerdy DVD classics, and his indecisiveness it would take them ages to just agree on a film.

Cameron wanted to show Kirsten and Camille Star Trek into Darkness. But Linus insisted that Zac Quinto was not the best Spock, and if the girls were going to be introduced to the magical world of Star Trek they should see the original franchise. They ended up picking the first season of Doctor Who.

It was a great compromise. It had the classical elements of the 60′s television that Linus was looking for, and for Cameron, it was frikkin Doctor Who so he was excited anyway. 

But the time the credits rolled after the 3rd episode Camille was sound asleep. She had her head on Linus’s shoulder and her legs were stretched out kicking Cameron who was cross-legged on the floor beneath her. Linus had said that he wanted to move Camille and stretch her out on the couch next to him. He relished the idea that she would cuddle him during the night, and he could tease her about it later, but sadly for him, he fell asleep before he could do any of that.

Cameron was very aware of the couple sleeping on his couch due to their loud snoring, but he had no idea whether Kirsten, sitting in the arm chair was seriously watching Doctor Who along with him. He wagered she’d fallen asleep even before Camille did, but he didn’t want to take his eyes of the screen, and he couldn’t exactly call out to her loudly so he just watched until the first season ended.

When the screen went pit black he forced his numb legs to uncross and began to move off the ground. He walked to his cupboard treading ever so lightly onto the ground, and grabbed enough blankets for everyone.

He laughed to himself as he covered Linus and Camille, admiring how cute they looked and what a great fit for each other they were. Then his eyes fell on Kirsten who’s head was cocked to the side resting on the chair’s arm. As he gently placed the blanket over her, he thought about how uncomfortable her position was and how that would  in turn hurt her neck in the morning. Cameron was feeling brave so he did something he would never have dared to do if it weren’t for his sleep-deprived, Doctor Who filled consciences right now. He placed his arms around Kirsten and whisked her feet off the ground carrying her into his bedroom.

Her eyes immediately shot open, she gasped as she looked up at Cameron’s face.

“Wh-what is- where am i?” She asked her eyes bloodshot and painful. “What happens to The Daleks after The Doctor eliminates them?”

Cameron couldn’t help laughing, she clearly was watching all the way to the end with him. “Watch the next season to find out” he winked.

“No, that was awful enough I can’t watch anymore of Doctor Who-” Suddenly looking down and realizing her position Kirsten almost yells.

“What the hell- Cameron put me down!” 

“We’re almost there, Stretch. Please don’t yell Camille and Linus are sleeping on the couch.” he placed her gently on the bed, and reached over to his bedside lamp switching it on.

Kirsten’s eyes wince for a few seconds adjusting to the new shining light. Her head still heavy with sleep. 

“What are you hoping will happen in here?” 

Cameron, ignoring her accusations, bended to the ground and proceeded to untie her shoes.

“What- Will you stop that, I can take my own shoes off!” She struggled to loose his grip.

He silently turned to his closet and browsed through his PJs trying to find the perfect fit for Kirsten.

He ended up settling for his blue boxer shorts and navy T shirt. 

“Put this on” he tossed the clothes over to her side of the bed.

“You can change in here, promise I won’t look.” He turned his face away from her.”

Kirsten was hesitant at first, but she knew Cameron wasn’t that kind of guy. She slid off her pants, and once content with her security and assured that he wasn’t going to turn around at any point, she took her shirt off too. She smiled as she jumped into his clothes smelling his aftershave all over herself. That smell was so distinctly Cameron, it was almost soothing.

She stood there for a moment and watched him take his own clothes off. 

“What?” He defended when he saw the way she was staring at him. |I’m confident enough of masculinity, I don’t care if you see me shirtless” he attempted to wink flirtatiously but the quick, fleeting insecure glance at his scar told Kirsten that he was lying.Still he made her chuckle.

She made her way to the bed, all drowsy and ready to fall into peaceful dreamy sleep but her heart almost skipped a beat when she felt herself lose balance. She had tripped over her own clothes still scattered all over the floor and was almost falling head first onto the cold hard floor before Cameron jumped to her aid. He clutched her by the side pulling her closer to him. She tilted her head slightly and their faces were inches apart. Before she knew it he’d pulled her even closer, she was sitting in his lap. out of breath and her lips slightly ajar, she could feel the warmth of his breath blowing onto her hair, and in the dim light of his bedroom his eyes seemed to twinkle like green stars penetrating her. She could stay there, looking at him forever, but Cameron suddenly made the smallest movement…he moved forwards his lips crashing into hers. He finally kissed her.

Watford Headcanons 2/?

Part 2/? of related headcanon posts. Requested by anon

  • Since Penny has a cell phone and Simon mentions his laptop in first year, I am going to choose to believe that Watford has wifi
  • We’re also going to pretend that the students are still allowed to have devices and such
  • MAGICAL NETFLIX–it’s basically the same as regular Netflix with the word magic attached to the front. It sounds cooler.
    • Simon and Penny spending downtime at school cuddled up together watching Doctor Who and other shows
    • Baz seeing it and kinda hating it…
    • …but being secretly envious of it? He wants to snuggle Simon and watch movies too. Share him.
      • Snowbaz being a thing while still at Watford and totally lounging around and Netflix and chilling enjoying each other’s company as they binge watch TV shows and be all snuggly and stuff
  • The Mage eugh buying Simon a cell phone
    • Him and Penny having a snapchat streak that goes on for years
    • Baz and Simon stalking each other on social media for years
      • Agatha having a flawless instagram aesthetic
      • Baz posting pictures of the football team and his friends and the places he travels (and it all looks sophisticated and smooth of course)
      • Simon’s profile is lots of pictures with Penny and anything else he finds cool and noteworthy
    • Someone starts school social media profiles that show the     goings-on and couples and latest news of Watford
      • Someone anonymously submitting Simon and Baz as a joke
  • Social media awareness in Watford making meme spells a thing
  • Chaos ensues

“Since you’re sick, you have no energy to complain. And since you have no energy to complain, guess what we’re watching?!” Stiles had to be the first human being in existence to be happy someone’s sick. You groaned, a cough following as you wiped your stuffy nose. You had nothing against Star Wars - you’ve actually seen all the movies a million times, but right now you just want cuddles, some chicken noodle soup, and some Doctor Who.

“One movie and then we put in Doctor Who. And you have to get me some tea. And some soup and we have to cuddle.” Stiles nodded frantically, jumping up from the couch and scrambling towards the kitchen. You let out a sigh, blowing your nose and staring at the cough medicine and narrowing your eyes. Well, at least you could enjoy one thing about being sick.

“Shit! (Y/N), there’s a spider in your microwave! I’m calling the exterminator!” You threw your head back in laughter, knowing your little brother had planted a fake one in the microwave sometime last night. If this is what you’d get each time a cold came around, you’d definitely get sick a bit more often…


TITLE: Mothers


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: Marie is always being forced by her mother to approach men for a possibility of a date. It just so happens…mothers are all alike in someway.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Okay, I was going to write another chapter for tall, dark, and handsome but I got a message from one of my followers who needed some fluff because it seemed like she going through a rough patch. I stared at my computer screen and got this idea so hopefully, it’ll be up to her standards and yours! I would love to hear what you think! 

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Our Next Chapter- Jack G. (Part 17)

Part 1   Part 2     Part 3      Part 4     Part 5     Part 6   Part 7    Part 8

Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12    Part 13   Part 14  Part 15  Part 16


“Are you ready for Magcon this weekend?” Jack asks. 

“Yeah, but I’m also nervous." 


“Because we’re telling the guys about the baby and I don’t know, I don’t want them to be mad." 

"They won’t be mad.” Jack says, kissing my forehead. 

“And I’m afraid of the fans, what if they find out or notice.”

“Babe, you do realize you don’t have a giant stomach. You have a little poof. You can wear a sweatshirt or sweater. It’s not that noticeable.” Jack says, running his hands through my hair. 

“I guess.” I mumble. 

“Do you know what we should do?”

“What should we do Mr. Gilinsky?”

“We should go baby shopping.”

“Oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” I say, sarcastically. 

“Why are you saying it like that?” He says, poking my side.

“Because what we really need is for one of your fans to catch us in the baby isle." 

"We can say we’re looking or it’s for your aunt.”

“Fine.” I groan. 

I stand up and stretch my arms over my head. I’m just wearing a sports bra and athletic shorts.

“Jack can I wear one of your shirts?” I ask.

“No you’re not allowed.” Jack says.  "Why did you even ask you knew I would say yes.“

"I don’t know because it’s the polite thing to do.” I say, pulling Jack’s Michigan shirt over my head. 

“Can I invite Laura or Molly to come with us, so it looks less suspicious?” I beg.

“If it will give you peace of mind then yes.” Jack says, pecking my lips. 

I walk down the hall and to Laura’s room. I knock on her door and she opens it. 

“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go baby shopping with me and Jack?”

“Yeah! Let me grab my purse. I’ll meet you guys at the car." 

I walk back to Jack’s room and he’s sitting on his phone.

"Let’s go Jackaroni.” I say, picking my purse up off the ground.

“Where did you come up with that one?” Jack laughs.

“I just thought of it.” I giggle. 

We get to the car and Laura is standing there waiting for us. Jack unlocks the car and we all get in. 

Once we make it to the baby store, I start getting nervous. I think Laura can tell because she puts her arm around me as we walk inside. We head to the furniture first. 

“I feel like we should talk to our parents about furniture because I don’t know if the baby is gonna have it’s own room or if it’s gonna stay with us in your room. I mean I know in the beginning it will. I don’t like calling our child, it.” I say.

“Babe, settle down. We’ll just look at clothes and toys.” Jack says, kissing my forehead. 

We walk to the clothing isle and Laura runs to an outfit. 

“Oh my gosh, how cute is this.” She says, taking a red santa hat off the rack. It had a huge white pom pom on the tip of the hat. 

“You do you realize, we’re not going to have this baby by Christmas, right?” Jack says. 

“Next Christmas, duh.” Laura say, causing me to laugh. 

“I guess we just need the basic onsies since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl.” I say.

Jack, Laura, and I all spread out, using the divide and conquer tactic. 

I grab some socks, onsies, pacifiers, and a couple boxes of diapers. We all said we would meet up at the cash register.

I get there and see Jack with an armful of clothes and Laura with different toys. 

“Damn, babe.” Jack chuckles. 

“What? It’s not that much. i swear the diapers make it look worse than it really is.” I say. 

We set everything on the conveyer belt and start checking out. 

“You got a lot of stuff here. I’m expecting it’s your first.” The cashier says sweetly.

“Yeah.” Jack and I say at the same time.

“Now let me tell ya, there maybe some nights were you want to kill each other, but in the end when you see that baby graduate, it will all be worth it.”

I smile at her. She was a cute old lady with fluffy grey hair and glasses, hanging low on the bridge of her nose. 

“And also, I know you all are young. I know people are going to doubt you, but let me tell you, it’s the ones with the most doubters who rise to the top.”

We finish checking out and pack Jack’s car up with all the things we bought. 

We arrive back at the house and load everything inside. 

“Thanks for asking me to come with you guys. (Y/N), we’ll have to go sometime without Jack.” Laura winks and walks out of the room. 

“Where should we put all this stuff because we can’t leave it in the middle of your floor?” I say, setting my hand on my hip.

“I have no idea. We can talk to my mom when she gets home.” Jack says, coming over and wrapping his arms around my waist. 

“Jack, why haven’t we told Johnson yet?" 

"I didn’t think you wanted a lot of people know.”

“I just know he’s gonna be a huge part of the babies life, him and Sam. I feel like we should tell them now." 

"If that’s what you want.”

“I’m positive it’s what I want." 

"Then they shall be coming over shortly.” Jack says, kissing my cheek before grabbing his phone. 


I wasn’t really scared to tell Jack and Sam about the baby. I was more nervous about Johnson’s sarcastic comments. 

There is a knock on the front door and Jack goes to get it while I stay sitting on the couch. 

“We got here as fast as we could.” Johnson says out of breath. 

“I didn’t ask you to run here.”

“Well we did.” Sam says, plopping down on the couch. 

“Aye, how’s my home girl, (Y/N).” Johnson says, sitting down next to me and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. 

“I’m good.” I laugh. 

“Why did you want us to come over? I mean not like we don’t mind hanging out, but it sounded urgent.”

Jack looks at me and I look at him. He nods his head, telling me to go ahead and start talking. 

“So, guys, I’m pregnant.” I say.

Johnson stands up and starts yelling.

“Dude, you’re more whipped then I thought.” Sam laughs.

“I’m okay with this as long as I’m the god father.” Johnson says.

“So like how long have you known?” Sam asks.

“A couple weeks. I just didn’t want many people to know, so as of right now you guys are the only ones outside of our family who knows.”

Johnson wipes his eye as if he’s crying, “I am so honored." 

I roll my eyes at him and cuddle into Jack’s chest. 

"You feeling okay?” Sam asks. 

“Yeah, I just got really dizzy.” I say. 

Jack starts rubbing circles in my back. 

“So now, we all have to keep an eye on her. At school, at Magcon, if we’re out. The doctor says fainting is common and she’s already passed out once, so just watch her for me.”

“I feel like we’re a badass team, protecting the world.” Johnson says.

“Well we are protecting my world.” Jack says. 

“You’re so whipped.”