want to burn it down

Zevran: …Besides, if you ever grow tired of my colorful stories feel free to use kisses as a method to shut me up anytime!

Reine: I’ll… keep that in mind.

Zevran: Oh? Is that a promise? Because now the anticipation is going to kill me, thank you very much for that!


2017 the year Trump supporters put out the flames set by liberals who wanted nothing more than to burn America down.

We put out the flames and look up only to see them screech at us with disdain for saving this nation. We open our arms in search of reason on the leftist side but only encounter blind, indoctrinated, empty stares.

They burn, steal, and destroy yet we are the “deplorables”?


grishanet challenge three: favourite ship(s)

↳ Zoya & Harshaw <3

Making plans with the Signs

“Hey Aries do you want to hang out?”

Aries: yo I was just thinking the same thing, there’s this house that just burn down and I want to go explore it! Come with me.

“Hey Taurus wanna hang out?”

Taurus: sure that’s fine, but can we stop by like chipotle or something?

“Hey Gemini can you hang out today?”

.009868 seconds later

Gemini: Sorry bud already hanging out with someone 😝😁

“Hey Cancer can you come over?”

Cancer: Ew why don’t you come over here? Never mind on my way

“Hey Leo! Let’s hang out this weekend.”

Leo: Nah sorry I’m gonna give you a made up excuse on why I can’t.

2 days later:

Leo: Hey lets hangout this weekend!

“Hey Virgo can you hang out?”

Virgo: heck yeah! We can do some yoga! 😱

“Hey libra, want chill?”

Libra: Sure 😉 What are we watching on Netflix? 💓

“Hey Scorpio, I know you’re mad at me but do you wanna hang out?”

Scorpio: *no response*

“Hey Sagitatious, wanna hang out soon?”

Sagitatious: Yeah, not today tho maybe like next week?

“Hey Capricorn, can you hang out today?”

10 hours later

Capricorn: sorry I’m busy

“Hey Aquarius! We should hang out!”

Aquarius: Ok! Let me feed my iguana first

“Pisces! We need to hang out soon”

Pisces: I know I miss you 😭😭

Fanon Captain Phasma: PhasMom, remembers the names of all her stormtroopers, a nice and caring person, friends with Kylo Ren and General Hux, only wants the best for you.

Canon Captain Phasma: Straight up burned down a village in the first 5 minutes of the movie, is jacked, wears armor plated with the melted down hull of the ship belonging to the former emperor/dictator that was totally up for genocide all the time, a person she idolizes

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Holy water
                                            help you now

Thousand armies
                                            keep me out

I don’t want
                        your money

I don’t want
                       your crown

I’ve come
                       to burn
                                        your kingdom down

*context is that we switched DMs and the new one is much stricter*
DM: Ok guys so what do you have with you?
Druid: We have this wagon and a donkey. The wagon is carrying like 2000 pieces of gold.
DM: No, that’s too heavy for the donkey to carry.
Rouge: But is was fine last time when we burned that guy’s house down!
Barbarian: Yeah, do you want us to give it back like ‘oh sorry we burned your house down here’s your gold back’.
DM: Your wagon blows up
Group: *chorus of groans*
Wizard: can we get the gold at least?
DM: no. It’s all melted.
Group: *angry silence*
DM: now you are attacked by a mob of shrubs.

A Spell for Forgetting

Sometimes there are things we would much rather just forget, or at least put them out of our mind for a bit. Here’s a little spell to help with that.

Materials Needed:

  • Incense (Dragon’s blood is particularly good, or anything with an intense scent)
  • Incense holder to collect the ashes 
  • Basil, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender,  Myrrh, Sage, any combination of herbs for cleansing and purification or self acceptance or banishing. (Optional, and use any, all, or none of these listed. This part is completely up to you)
  • Sea Salt or Black Salt (for banishing/purifying the thought you want to forget)


  1. Burn the incense all the way down. Think of what you are trying to forget while you inhale the scent and watch the smoke drift about. Focus on this memory. Imagine parts of the memory falling away or being destroyed as the ashes fall onto the incense holder.
  2. Once you have this collection of ashes, in a small bowl or mortar combine the ash with whatever herbs you decide to use and salt. Mix or ground until well combined.
  3. Step outside with the bowl of ash herbs and salt, and pour it into your hand. This is what is left of your memory. Blow the ashes away, and in doing so, imagine the ashes taking that memory with them as they scatter to the wind. 

S u n n y B e e s (Sun x Blake x Yang)

            if I fall forward, you fall flat
    and if the sun should lift me up, would you come back?

Conservatives have been played like a fiddle by their alt-right media, fake narratives, and Republican politicians.

They fell for birtherism, Jade Helm, Sharia Law in US, and countless flawed leaders like Rush, Hannity, Beck, Palin, Gingrich, and now Trump.

After decades of getting burned by their own GOP, now conservatives want to burn the place down and ruin the country out of spite. Trump is the guy selling gasoline at the GOP bonfire.

Temper Tantrum (20 Different Pairings #6- John x reader)

Summary: Reader accidentally flirts with Dean, and John is a jealous man.

Word Count: 2500

Warning: SMUT, jealousy, angry sex

A/N: Another character I’ve never written before! Let me know what you think! @spnashley @kittenofdoomage @abaddonwithyall @emmy-winchester (I don’t know all the John!girls, so tag them for me, please!)

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I bet if Nazis started saying they wanted to organize so that they could kill all the puppies on the planet, y'all would stop defending them and “their opinions”. Let the alt-right come out tomorrow and say that they want to burn the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary down…Man, y'all would be ready to set their shit on fire.


Part Five of My Little Hybrid

Collection two in the Hybrid Series       Hidden Hybrid Master List

Part One  Part Two   Part Three   Part Four

“Niklaus what are you doing?” Elijah sighed as he walked into the room he’d expected Klaus to be painting in only to find him plotting.

“Trying to find a witch that can undo this immortality spell that passes through each member of this pack.” Klaus hummed without looking up.

“And (Y/N)’s family…” Elijah started his lecture but Klaus put up a hand.

“If I don’t do this for (Y/N) she is going to take Davina and have her burn their houses down, I assumed you’d want to me stop her from doing that.” Klaus asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Perhaps a dinner so that they could meet before you start a war.” Elijah sighed and Klaus nodded.

“Always with the brotherly guidance Elijah.” Klaus teased as he folded the papers and decided to try Elijah’s way first.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Your special abilities happen to catch the attention of a certain friendly neighborhood superhero.

Warnings: None :)

A/N: Will this be a series? Maybe. Maybe not. *insert sly smile*

Part 2   Part 3

You didn’t want these powers, they just happened. You didn’t mean to burn down the house. You didn’t know that your powers would leave you homeless. You were cast aside from your family and friends to be left alone on the streets of New York. You could easily handle yourself on the streets, but you wanted more. You wanted a home and a nice hot meal, but you had no access to those luxuries on this dark, rainy night. You were walking back to your box in an alley when you heard commotion. You walked down further to see a fight taking place between Spider-Man and a masked mugger. You hid yourself away when you noticed the mugger pull out a knife that Spider-Man didn’t see. The mugger held the knife centimeters from Spider-Man’s torso when you intervened.

“Stop!” you yelled, as you pushed the mugger down to the ground with the water from the rain that was falling around you. Spider-Man stood up straight, startled by your presence, and began to assess the situation.

“You can control water? That’s awesome!” he exclaimed. As soon as he spoke, you were shocked. You had heard stories about Spider-Man but you didn’t think he would be this young. You began to walk away, towards the alley you called home. “Hey! Where are you going?” you heard Spider-Man say behind you but you kept walking further when you finally reached your alley and climbed into your box. Spider-Man stopped dead in his tracks before asking, “Do you- do you live here?” You turned to face him and gave him a small nod. There was an awkward silence between the two of you when Spider-Man broke the silence. “Would you like a place to stay?”

You were a little shocked by his offer but you declined. “I assume you’re offering up your house, but I don’t know you. You have a secret identity to maintain and I’m not sure to trust you or not since we just met. I’ve done fine on my own for a while. I can take care of myself.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, with a tinge of desperation in his tone.

“I’m sure,” you said, as you began to shift in your box to get more comfortable. Spider-Man stood in the alley and looked at you one last time, contemplating what to do next. He finally sighed defeatedly, shot a web up the alley and swung away.

Over the next few days, you began to notice little gifts waiting inside your box for you. It started off with food, but soon turned to spare clothes and blankets. One day, you came back to your box early from your daily search for necessities when you noticed Spider-Man dropping off a basket of what looked to be walnut and date loafs.

“Hey!” you yelled, causing Spider-Man to turn around and drop his basket in shock.

“H-hey,” he began to stammer. “I-I was just delivering some food.”

“I noticed. Thanks. For the food.”

Spider-Man then began to walk closer to you and asked once again, “Would you like a place to stay?” You looked at him and watched the eye lenses on his suit adjust. You could tell he really wanted you to say yes but you didn’t.

“I still don’t know you or if I could fully trust you,” you said when Spider-Man began to move his hands to his face and took off his mask.

“I’m Peter. Peter Parker. I live in Queens with my aunt and go to Midtown High School. I was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Man,” Peter said with a sheepish grin on his face. You stared at him. You were not expecting him to reveal his secret identity to you so suddenly. You let out a sigh and sat on the alley floor, motioning for Peter to do the same. When Peter sat down, you began your story.

“I’m (Y/N). I can manipulate all four elements. I don’t know why I can do what I do, they just…” you paused as you looked down at your hands, embarrassed. “When I first got my powers, I had absolutely no control over them; it was horrible. I accidently burned down my family’s house. No one got hurt, but they became scared of me, of what I could do, so they kicked me out on the streets. For something I couldn’t even control at the time,” you said bitterly. “I’ve been here ever since.” You said, gesturing to your box before glancing back at Peter and his sympathetic gaze.

“I’m so sorry,” he finally spoke. “I know a place where you can stay. It’s not with me, but it’s someplace better.”

“Where?” you questioned.

“With the Avengers,” Peter said while studying your face carefully to read your reaction. “I’m sure they’ll be happy to take you in. They can even help you control your powers.” He continued to study your face while you were deep in thought.

“Would they be able to handle me?” you said.

Peter began to grin. “(Y/N), they have a giant, angry green monster and a god on the team. I’m pretty sure they can handle you.”

“Okay,” you began to say, hesitantly smiling. “I trust you.” Peter looked at you with an embarrassed smile, as his face began to go red. Peter put his Spider-Man mask back on as he stood up.

“Let’s go see the Avengers,” Peter said, offering his hand to you.

You put your hand into his and replied, “Lead the way.” You two began to walk out of the alley, hand in hand, heading towards the Avengers’ headquarters.

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