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[Smutio Audio diary, recorded one sinful Sunday night while really drunk…]

[PRIVATE] Well well well. It isn’t swingers’ night, but there are some crazy things going on in the back rooms already between co-workers.

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Bite Me (Bitch)

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Note: This is another reupload with edits from my old writing blog (uyuagashi-fics).  I held a prompt game that was a lot of fun, and the request that time was “Suga + bite + breaking the rules”.  This one fits so well with all the vampire looks BTS has gifted us with.  As always, I added in a LOT more to the original post and tidied up some portions of the writing.  This is very BTVS-inspired in terms of vampire lore but there’s lore from other shows/movies/books mixed in as well.  Also, I lost so much steam with this, and I’m unhappy, but whatever.  

I am currently stuck on a very important portion of my Radio DJ Suga AU, and I need to focus on other writing to get out of my rut.  

Summary:  Your existence should repulse him, but Yoongi can’t bring himself to hate you when he craves your bite.  ~Vampire AU~




Yoongi is in a bizarre state of discomfort when he sits through eighty minutes of an in-depth lecture on vampires during DEM 325 (Demonic Physiology).  The other recruits in his class are studiously taking notes as their instructor goes through slide after slide of vampire anatomy, but he can’t bring himself to write down a word.  He can feel his ulcers acting up when the instructor pays special attention to mortality zones.

“Some of you are taking the laboratory component this semester with me,” Dr. Kim notes with a kind, yet condescending smile.  “And let me give you a hint: vampires are Big on the final.  The bulk of my field research is focused on vampires, so it’s an area I know well.”  She pauses for effect.  “And if I see outstanding talent, there are always positions open in my team.”  

The class murmurs with excitement.  Getting real field experience was the dream for recruits.

Dr. Kim gives the class an indulgent smile once more.  “So make sure you do the reading.”  

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“You wanted to know how we plebs live, right? Down here, bite someone and they’ll bite back. It’s common sense. Don’t be swinging your fist down at people if you’re not ready to get punched.”


System detected a potential_hazard: Part 1/?

I’m just having a little fun here, don’t mind me.

As expected, a lot of people were curious ;) We’ll check in on them later.

I might make a couple more of these short comic things (like 2-4 updates per topic) about stuff that reveals things about Fatal, but aren’t necessarily going to be prominently featured in the actual comic. Just whenever I have time/am between comic updates. Really I just wanted an excuse to draw red-eye Fatal. I like him lots :)

Also the gif doesn’t always work? Not sure what that’s about? 

[Luke and Annabeth have been at Camp Halfblood for six months. Despite his resentment, Luke is trying to make the best of things. Annabeth, on the other hand, has made no effort to make friends and is being far more hostile than any seven year old has a right to be]

Luke(Entering the Athena Cabin): Annabeth, I know you’re here.

Annabeth(From underneath someone’s bed): Go away!

[Luke sighs, looking under the bed. Annabeth is huddled beneath and has taken what looks like half the contents of the armory hostage]

Luke: Get out of there. You’re scaring the other brainiacs.

Annabeth(venomously): GOOD.

Luke(Sitting by the foot of the bed): Kid, this has to stop. Half the campers think you’re a complete brat, and the others are just terrified of you. They made me go talk to you because they’re worried you’ll try and bite someone again. Don’t you want to make friends?

Annabeth(Furiously): I don’t WANT to be friends with them! They’re stupid and horrible and all they ever talk about is quests, and their parents, and families. I want to stay with you. I want… I want Thal-

[She can’t say it. Luke swallows hard, trying to ignore the lump in his throat]

Luke: C'mere, you.

[Annabeth crawls out from underneath the bed, sniffling and going limp as Luke pulls her into his arms]

Annabeth: What’s the name for it, when you’re trying to paint a picture and you don’t have any red? Or blue? Or yellow? When you finish a jigsaw and a piece isn’t there? When that guitar they gave you loses a string and a whole lot of notes are suddenly missing?

Luke(Sadly): Aw, ‘Beth…

Annabeth(Trying not to cry): Is there a name for it?

Luke(Rubbing her back): Incomplete. You would call it incomplete. Is that… is that how you felt when we lost Thalia?

Annabeth(Quietly): Not at first.

Ass Eating????
  • I wanna know is there any men hands down that know how to eat ass. And I mean like your eating some kitty. Not just licking but biting and slurping. I want someone to eat this ass now

When we talked about what happened with my friend he told me again that it’s alright because ‘you’re safe now chick, no ones going to manipulate you like that’. And kind of suggested that I’m afraid of that all the time, which is why I’m defensive of making my own choices and paranoid about doing something for someone else. He also told me that him and my friend frequently planned things to say to me (he told her the ways to respond to my texts) to encourage me to go to therapy/talk about my feelings/feel more confident.. and I KNEW that was happening and that they speak about me all the time but my friend always denies it!!! He was really affectionate today I think to make me smile or at least feel less like I want to bite someone’s head off today. Over lunch he gave me a cute cuddle and put his head on mine, squashed my nose until I broke my frown into a laugh, stroked my cheek, brushed the hair out of my face then flopped it all over my head giving me a gross messy side parting 😂👌and held my hand as I left. It was nice ☺

I like foreheads and backs and hand squeezes because they’re stronger than hand holds, and though I like those too, I can feel a hand squeeze in my heart and sometimes between my legs so I like those more.

I like to trace. I like niches and crevices and imperfections and skin scent. I like caresses and soft kisses and lips and hair. I like to bite. Sometimes I love someone so much I want to bite them. It’s weird.

I like to let go. I like to feel safe and reassured and held. I like to be held. These are things we are told we shouldn’t like. Independence: yes. Strength: yes. Vulnerability: no. But why? What is love if not letting go and not feeling ashamed about it?

I like being someone’s human. I like to care for someone more than I care for anyone else and I like to fix the bad things and alleviate them of the stress of being alive. I forgot how much I like being someone’s human, but I like this most of all.

I like to complement. I’ve never believed that people with similar personalities fall in love. I mean, it might happen, but I doubt it would be as electric as a complementary love. I like to be the heart to someone’s head and sometimes even the head to their heart, balancing, but never overstepping. Loving, but never undermining, and always injecting emotional perspective into their otherwise salient rationales.

I like necks. Necks are everything. Skin scented embraces. I like to bury my nose in them. I like to have a nose buried in mine—it makes me laugh uncontrollably and fall in love and have to pee all at once. Necks are hellos and goodbyes. Hellos for when you’re so excited to see someone and you want to be as close to them as you possibly can, breathing them in and feeling their heartbeat if you’re both still enough. Goodbyes for when you can’t bear to let them go and it feels like it’s ending—like death, so you stay in their neck a little bit longer just to convince yourself that they still have a pulse.

I like humans. I don’t know if I believe in fate anymore, but I’m a romantic, and I think that the world has many humans for us if we’re willing to look for them and be vulnerable and complementary and not afraid to bury our noses in their necks.

There’s a human for you and for everyone but we don’t know how many there are so if you’re lucky enough to find one, be their human too and keep falling in love with them forever because that’s how we, intuitively, want these stories to end I think.

—  Mary

I have a craving, so delightfully strong, I want someone. I want the moment with that someone. The moment in which you’re stuck, just the two of you. Smiling into each other’s eyes. The split second where nothing happens, yet you feel everything.

I want the first kiss with someone. Someone that can leave a magical feeling just floating around my world. Looking into her eyes and knowing she’s smiling so freely back at me, knowing she’s in this moment waiting. Leaning in, with my hand cupping her face and holding her close to slowly kiss her. Feeling her smiling through the kiss, slowly breathing together as our bodies become one. Meshed together in soft love, stress evaporates through the air.

Everlasting, still intertwined forgetting the world is passing us by. Because in this moment we can last forever and a day. Because whilst we are kissing, our spirits are twisting and shouting in joyful glee.

I want that first raw kiss with someone. A crazed surge of lip biting, neck sucking, arse grabbing, euphoria. Taking each second in with a raw love.

Pulling her hair to the side and kissing down her neck, hearing the gentle moans of pleasure escaping her body as I suck presciently along her collarbone, before holding her face in place and kissing her again, and again, and again. Each time harder, passion erupting between us.

Slowly our clothes fall away, until I’m kissing her neck again, then her chest, then her stomach. Taking my time, leaving purple love bites every inch. Writing a new chapter of our story with my mouth and tongue. Licking gently up her body and into another kiss, then a pause. And a deep breath almost simultaneously.

I want that first kiss, I want the passion of a new love. I want the world to stop spinning and wait for us. I need that first kiss. I need the desire to have someone who wants me just as much that we can literally stop the world.

—  Can we literally stop the world together - drunk-and-dis0rderly
What Happens Next Chapter 69: From House to Home (8x08), a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

8x08 - Parallel Resistors - post-ep. 
Takes place about a week after the episode.

“Hey, Baby, sorry I’m late. It started raining and you know how LA drivers get when it starts to rain.  This also means we have to move our picnic inside…”  Arms full with their dinner, Deeks opens the door to Kensi’s room with his back and turns to see a very pissed off looking girlfriend/fiancé sitting on her bed.  “…Why do you look like you want to bite someone’s head off?”

Kensi inhales sharply and rolls her shoulders.

“It’s not me, is it? I’m not that late with your food.”

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