want to be with her


Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha

When people say that season 3′s depressed Kara is ooc and that they want the old Kara back

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OMG I just realised that Joey replaced Susie because he knew she was going to die. That’s why she wasn’t told about being replaced. He couldn’t have her know that he was going to kill her.

That doesn’t really make sense though - she was turned into Alice, so why would change voice actors if the IRL cartoon is going to have the first voice? I think he just did it because the character wasn’t doing well (Flynn’s tape), but it’s also possible he wanted to motivate her into becoming Alice by threatening her part.

i was thinking about making a playlist of songs that remind me of my tc, but like pretty chill songs that’d you’d just listen to on a friday night with nothing to do but drink tea while it’s pouring outside…ya know that kinda vibe 

like this if you think i should- i have about 20 songs in mind…most of them will be female tc related (sorta) but i’ll try to throw some neutral ones in the mix

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Hey, so I have nothing against you HCing Grell as a gay man, but what do you have against people HCing Grell as a trans woman?? It's just an HC and you shouldn't get upset over someone else's or put it down. That's the point of an HC, it can project or reflect or imagine whatever you want, and it's personal

You totally misunderstood. (Which doesn’t surprise me tbh…)

I don’t HC Grell as a gay man.

Grell IS a gay man. Grell IS a fucking gay man and drag queen in the canon. This is a fact.

Your trans-Grell IS a headcanon. Trans-Grell is not canon.

I have nothing against the trans-Grell HC, never said I dislike it. I think it’s a good HC actually and I support it.

It upsets me when people get all aggressively obsessed with the trans-Grell headcanon and say it’s canon which is not and they openly attack other people for sticking to canon facts; which is Grell being a gay man/okama.

It upsets me when people call out other fans to be “transphobic” because they like Grell for being an okama.

It upsets me when these people come on anon and terribly insult and threaten fans who love gay drag gurl canon Grell.

It upsets me when these dipshits just won’t leave other fans alone who just RESPECT and LOVE Yana’s creation; which is gay man Grell.

Breaking News: @c-ughtin is an awful nasty and horrible cunt that never answers her FaceTime. Hope you’re keeping Tracy’s bald head warm in England bb or I’ll probably have to have you emancipated. I miss your face, pick up the phone!


it’s ya girl coming @ you with a shitty cover of a wonderful song

i’m very sick and apparently thats the only mindset that will get me off my ass & actually do something

but yes enjoy this short thing! hopefully more to come soon

past covers!

know that you can always download one of my covers! just shoot me an ask/message & i’d be more than happy to give u a link :)

[reuploaded bc my wifi hates me apparently]

hey y'all it’s liv, lacey’s sister. i was given permission to share my theory on matt’s age so like… yeehaw…

in season 4 episode 2 matt and pidge are standing outside where matt goes for his mission and pidge says something like “i dont want to start middle school without you”. that implies two things; one pidge is about 10 or 11 because she is starting middle school and two they go to a school where the system is elementary, middle, then high school. to be like in space you probably have to be a high school graduate at least so he’s probably 18+ when pidge is 10 or 11. so, that’s a 8 or more year age difference which means that if pidge is 14 in the current season matt is  22 or older.

but like that’s just my logic so like not canon idk matt or pidge could have skipped a grade so it could be more or less or something idk bye tumblr 🤠