want to be there again :(


      i know i would give it all back
      for a chance to start over
      and rewrite an ending or two

           for the girl that i knew.


Team Patrick, or Team Isaac?

My worst behaved class did an amazing job flinging Shakespearean insults at each other and foam-sword dueling today (and jeering/egging on in the background) and it’s purely because they are 100% a class of crazy, extroverted souls. Their energy level was pure ridiculousness and so ridiculously pure Shakespeare.

I just really need there to be some happiness which comes from next week:

Serena and Bernie alone on the roof without Fletch and Jasmine interfering

A touch of intimacy between them - a light kiss, a hug, Bernie holding Serena

Bernie emphasising she will always be there for Serena and Jason

I just don’t want the rooftop scene to be an anticlimactic last scene for Serena:

Fletch and Jasmine need to stay in the doorway/give Bernie and Serena space

I’m way too obsessed with this game at the moment. Actually I wanted to line and color A2 today but…nooo, I had to sketch 2B. Aaah

Look, I even wrote 2B on there in case you don’t recognize her. And ignore the weird anatomy, I have no idea about that, I was too lazy to search for references. Wait - I drew breasts. I mean..half of them. OMG

a concept: neil josten becoming obsessed with sunglasses so all the foxes buy him a pair whenever they’re out. they range from black aviators from allison to bright pink gas station sunglasses from nicky. andrew thinks the whole thing is stupid until one day he finds a pair with little cat designs on the frames. when he comes home and tosses them at neil with a muttered “230%”, neil smiles and adds them to his collection. they are also not so secretly his favorite pair.