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Travis: I have Spotify open right now on my computer. Do you want me to put you on blast? Because I got your history right here in the sidebar.

Travis: [growing increasingly angry] Take it Back by Jimmy Buffett, Nautical Wheelers by Jimmy Buffett, Jolly Mon Sing by Jimmy Buffett, Steamer by Jimmy Buffett, Treat her Like a Lady by Jimmy Buffett, Manana by Jimmy Buffett, When Salome Plays the Drum by James Buffett, Havana Daydreaming by Jimmy Buffett!

Travis: [shouting] What the heck happened to you? ARE YOU HAUNTED? ARE YOU POSSESSED? YOU USED TO BE MY BROTHER!

Connor: I had a case of the Mondays!

Heads up on Experimentation

Hey guys. Just figured I’d give you a heads up in an effort to be transparent: I haven’t even started writing the next chapter yet. Work is extremely busy, meaning I’m not able to write here at all anymore, and when i get home i just want to chill or other things need to be done.

That and I’m kind of lacking motivation in general. I think I’m a little burnt out right now, for various reasons, and stressing about writing the next chapter isn’t helping with that. I think I have to tell myself to stop trying to write what isn’t there. And right now, the next chapter just isn’t.

So, I want to thank all of you for the patience you’ve shown me in the past and ask that you extend that once more going forward.

I am NOT abandoning this story. I can’t stress that enough. There’s an end game I’m aiming for and nothing is going to stop me from getting there. It just might take a while. I had hopes that the fic would be finished before PP3 came out, but I’m not sure if I’ll make that at this point. But I shall remain hopeful; I just need to take a break from it for a while.


Hey. So this isn’t really a post I’m happy about writing but, I feel like it’s a necessary evil. I’m gonna try to make this short to keep the negativity on your dash to a minimum but I am just burnt. Out. On. Tumblr. The toxicity here is getting too much for me to handle right now. I feel a lot of bitterness and just “not good vibes” (lol what are words rn I’m so tired) from all over this fandom and it makes me sad. I want us to be a community. I don’t want us fighting to compete with everyone. That’s such a shit feeling! Competing sucks! And I don’t want any one to feel like they should compete with anyone… anywhere. This should just be a chill place for friends to share writing and learn how to get better at their skill. Be here because you want to be here! Don’t be here to appease others. Don’t be here for drama Or whatever! Don’t feel obligated to anyone. Just be here for you. Be here for fun and relaxation. Do what’s best for you!!!! And yeah I know “Bleh bleh she’s just saying that” I’m not. I’m really not. So I’m just gonna take a step back for a bit. Maybe for a few days? Maybe for a few weeks? Maybe a few months? Idk. I really don’t know. I gotta think about my health right now. I gotta think about my mentality. And I’ll come back if and when I’m ready. I just can’t handle this ATM, so I’m gonna cut myself off before it becomes too much of an issue, you know? Sorry to everyone who has requests in. And sorry to those who were looking forward to future stuff. I just need a break. I hope you understand and still know I love each and everyone of you. Thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon. And thank you in general for your support the past months. I really appreciate and you’ve all helped me out in life over the past 4 months! And I love you to heck! 😍😘 I leave you for now with a puppy gif and virtual hugs and kisses. 😘🌈💜❤️

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can we talk about how Billie Joe has livestreamed every day in the past three days? not only does he do it when he’s alone, but he started like two live streams while other people were around and he gets so excited about it like “HEY THIS IS MY FAMILY AND THESE ARE MY FRIENDS, SAY HI, AND THIS IS THE BOOK I’M READING RIGHT NOW”, like in the middle of the day while hanging out with other people he just goes “damn I want to talk to my fans right now” and he just does it and he reads the comments and talks to other people about us like “yeah it’s them!! they’re talking to me on here!! they’re saying X and Y”

I’m just so god fucking emotional right now I love him so much I want to cry because 16 year old me freaked out when she found out he had twitter so she could get a glimpse into his life and now he’s doing THIS????? how am I even ALIVE in these times, seriously

new; dom!evan x reader smut

request;  I know you are writing a Connor smut right now so I Don’t want to bother you but, can I request a Dom!Evan Smut where Jared is jokingly flirting with the reader and Evan gets jelly so he just, grabs the reader into the janitors closet and starts making out and fingering them and with Lust in his eyes looks straight in the reader straight in her eyes and licks his fingers off. Then the reader is really turned on to the rest of the day… (there’s more)

OKAy here you go,, i dunno how to preface this

its an fem!reader

word count; 1733

TWs: DADDY KINK, LOTS OF KINK, lowkey orgasm denial, dom!evan, yeah, lemme know if i gotta tag anything else

You should’ve known that flirting with Jared was a bad idea, even it was as a joke.

Sure, you never could’ve guessed what would happen because of it, but it was still never a good idea in the first place.

It’s not like it was completely your fault though, Jared had been the one to initiate it in the first place.

 He had first come up and sat next to you at lunch, which prompted you to raise your eyebrows at him. He almost never sat next to you.

“Heyooo, y/n.” He nudged you, and you could already tell that he was planning something. A few seconds later Evan approached and sat on your other side, giving you a quick peck on the cheek. “Hi, babe.” You beamed, turning away from Jared. “Wow, you don’t say hi back to me, but you say hi to him?” Jared frowned. You rolled your eyes and chuckled. “Hi, Jared.” You said sweetly, grabbing Evan’s hand.

“Y’know, Evan, you’re a lucky guy.” Jared commented. You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. “Dawww, thanks.” You replied. “No, I mean it. I mean, god damn,  y/n. If you weren’t dating my best friend…” he trailed off and looked you up and down. “You know what I mean.”

You felt Evan squeeze your hand a bit tighter then usual.

Zoe sat across from the three of you, sensing the tension.

“Whatcha guys up to?” She asked, popping a chip into her mouth. “I’m just talking about how I’d hit that if y/n wasn’t dating Evan.” Jared said before anyone else could get a word in. You sighed.

“Look, Jared, I appreciate the offer. I really do.. but,” you paused. “Yeah no, that’s it. I appreciate the offer Maybe I’ll have to uhh take you up on it sometime.” You shot him an exaggerated wink. Zoe laughed a bit, shaking her head.

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I don’t really know what’s happening in fandom politics right now, but I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Please remember that it is not only okay but sometimes also vital to take a step back from this or any other social media in order to care for yourself. The Star Trek fandom has been around for 50 years; it’ll still be here when you get back, if you want it.

What the hell did I just read? Apparently, if you don’t like every single thing about Louis’ promo you are a terrible person. Well, I guess that makes me a terrible person, because I don’t like it. Guess what though…I absolutely adore Louis and right now I am listening to his song. You see how that works? You don’t have to like the promo in order to support Louis’ song. 

It’s posts like that one that actually make me not want to be here anymore. If you don’t have the same exact opinion as everyone else, you are made to feel horrible about it. You are made to feel like you aren’t a true fan. Or better yet, you are told things like, “This is his life, not yours”. No shit, Sherlock. How about we all just blog about what we want to blog about, and stop yelling at each other for having different opinions? Actually, you know what, you guys should do that. I, myself, am going to take a much needed break. I have been here for five years supporting these boys and I think I am entitled to one. Or does that make me a bad fan too? *Shakes head*

I am just going to call this my “hiatus”. I just don’t feel like watching people argue over haircuts, or fake girlfriends, or fake babies. Nor do I feel like watching people argue over how bad/good Louis’ promo is at the moment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on ANY of those things. ANY ONE OF THEM. I also don’t feel like watching people pit Louis and Harry against each other. They would absolutely hate that and you know it. It feels like all we do is argue nowadays, and that just isn’t fun. I am tired and I need a break, but just know that I will be listening to Louis’ song and buying his entire album the moment that it is out. Also, there will never be a day that I do not support those boys. It just might not be on here. 

I came here for two boys who I just knew were in love and I found a whole lot more along the way. Now I leave believing with all of my heart that those two boys are still in love. And that is enough for me.

Wow, so Turf Wars was…

…to make the understatement of the decade…


I’m not posting any spoilers here in the name of “review”, but I will simply encourage everyone who even kind of enjoyed Legend of Korra or moderately shipped Korrasami to just buy it. Read it. Experience it. It’s worth every penny you could possibly spend on this handful of beautiful pages. My one complaint about it? I want more right now but I have to wait until January 2018 to find out what happens next… but I know it’ll be worth the wait ^_^ 

I repeat

Buy it. Read It. Experience it.


receptionist: ah, yes. there you are. i’ve just sent a message and a nurse will be through right away to take you to your room. i take it this man will be your birthing partner?

johnny: yeah.

emery: you will?

johnny: sure. i mean… if you want me to. i don’t want you to be alone in there. and i kinda don’t wanna sit in this dusty-ass waiting room for god-knows how long with no entertainment.

emery: .. thanks, johnny. 

receptionist: excellent. and what relation is he to you and the baby?

emery: no relation. best friend. 

receptionist: okay, no problem. ah, here’s your nurse now. 

fandomtrashracoon  asked:

I have a few questions about SSLL. 1)Are they're any more skeletons miss landlady will be meeting and which ones or is this all of them. 2)What everyone height difference 3) How are you such an amazing author cause you're great and amazing. (=゚ω゚)ノ

1.)  Yep, there’s more skeles out there!  Honestly, any skeles she meets from this point forward will only be a cameo chapter kinda-deal.  The ones right now will really be the only ones that keep coming back.  G!Sans is one that’ll definitely make an appearance, as will the Underlust brothers.  Maybe Dust!Sans, too.  That’s kinda as far as I have planned.  I’ll be open to suggestions for more later, but I don’t want the focus to drift too far off the relationship-building with the main ten.  =]

2.) Here’s a post about the skeles’ heights! 

3.)  Aww, thank you so much!!  How are you such a sweetheart?  I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the fic!


Wanted to share the good news here as well. I passed my law exam and will now be able to stay in Guam as a Pharmacist! I’m so freaking happy right now! I’ve already been loving it so far, and now I get to stay here for my 3 year contract (possibly longer if they’ll have me). I’ll get to travel and see new places, meet all kinds of people, and finally start living my life!

Thank you all for the wonderful support over the years! I will continue to offer commissions in the future, but only after the prices are updated and new limitations are in play (I’ll be working a full time job as a pharmacist after all OuO)

Thank you all once again! >8D

Some lovely lizard Sims 💜

I love you guys but life right now is a complete mess. I’m going to fill my queue, fall back off Tumblr for a while to work on other projects and try to get my mojo back.  My blog won’t be dead! I will just be kinda quiet for a few weeks probably. It might be just plain screencaps, idk yet, things have gotten pretty desperate around here. I  will just be off taking a huge nap and working on stuff ;) if you want to message to chat, I’ll still answer, but otherwise goodnight ~

Hello, hello wonderful people! 

As some of you know I am dealing with a medical issue that makes it quite difficult to have a normal job. Right now, my only source of income is writing and other freelance jobs I am able to do online. 

One of the things I do is writing commissions on here! I write for different fandoms and would love to create a story for you. 

You can check out all in information here!

All of the fanfiction I write will be beta’d before it is sent out to you. 

Here are some of the ships I have written/will write:









I am also open to discussing ship I haven’t written before or do not write currently. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

If you don’t want/can’t afford a commission right now, would you mind reblogging this? It would mean a lot to me. 

All my love!

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Jumpin on the abortion talk here. Something that always baffles me is that pro-lifers always seem to believe having an abortion is easy? A lot of times it makes the person having it feel AWFUL. What if they want to become a parent later but feel too young right now? It's their right for whatever reason they need to do it, but people don't get abortions for the fun of it. It's hard on them, not to mention the scrutiny that will follow and make them feel guilty for it, which they probs already do.

Exactly it’s not as easy it does take a psychological toll on whoever is getting it but sometimes it is he only option for someone

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4 + 16 😋

Here you go😊

At a bar and “There’s nothing to be scared of, okay? I’m right here.”

It was Bar West. Of course it was. It had become a thing now, that every two weeks either Robert would take Aaron on a date, or Aaron would take Robert on one. They didn’t want to rush back into their relationship, so instead they took it slow, texting each other about their day and inviting the other one to a meal, or to watch a new movie. They’d kissed maybe five times since they started again. Nothing special, just a few pecks at the door of the Mill before Aaron went in and Robert walked back to Victoria’s.

It was Aaron’s turn to choose the date and, considering the last one he decided on was the cinema and a Nando’s afterwards, Robert didn’t exactly have high expectations. His heart sank when they pulled up outside Bar West in the taxi, Aaron paying the driver and running around the side to open the door for Robert. “I know you don’t like it here,” Aaron started to speak as they walked to the glass doors of it, “But I wanted to go somewhere we wouldn’t get judged if we kissed or summat.”

“It’s fine, Aaron. Honestly.” Robert smiled, taking in what Aaron was wearing for the first time.

“Did I buy you that?” Robert asked as Aaron walked ahead of him.

He was in a light blue jumper, one that Robert had definitely bought for him. It had fit him perfectly on his chest, hugging him in a way that made Robert’s mouth water. It was paired with some black jeans, skinny, because he’s bought a pair a few months ago and became obsessed with them. Robert wasn’t complaining about it mind, he appreciated them just as much as Aaron did.

Aaron looked down at the jumper, pulling it out slightly. “Yeah, think so.” He admitted.

He bought the first round of pints, placing one down at Robert’s hand that was resting on the bar. Robert hoped that Aaron didn’t notice him looking around at everyone, a nervous expression painted across his face. Aaron took the first sip, wiping his facial hair clear of the drink before resting his back against the bar, looking at everyone.

“Nobody’s looking, y’know?” Aaron stated, crossing his arms and swinging his head to look at Robert.

“They can look all they want. I don’t care.” Robert said, shrugging his shoulders before drinking.

Aaron could tell he cared, he could see that Robert was still terrified of being openly out with Aaron in this setting. “There’s nothing to be scared of, okay? I’m right here.” He said to Robert, nudging him slightly.

He half expected Robert to be angry with him, insisting that he wasn’t scared. Instead, he just thanked Aaron and smiled, leaning in to kiss him but pulling away before they were anywhere near touching.

Aaron smiled back in response, his heart hurting only a little that they didn’t kiss. “Come and sit at the back, there’s an empty table.” He said, nodding his head towards the table he had pointed out and picked up his pint before walking over to it.

They’d talked for ages, about how they were doing. Aaron told Robert about something he caught Liv and Gabby doing while Robert spoke about the counselling that Aaron and Victoria had persuaded him to take up. They were doing great, both of them in a happy and healthy mindset for the first time in what seemed to be years.

By the time they’d finished their first pints, Robert felt more confident and completely forgot where he was. He rested his hand on the table, his pinkie finger leaving a featherlike touch to Aaron’s thumb, moving it up and down until Aaron took the hint and held Robert’s hand, their finger interlocked and smiles across their faces.

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Hey y'all. Money is a bit tight right now and the semester is about to start, and since I’ve had a few people express interest I thought I’d open up for commissions!

Here are some details:

On art commissions,

Things I am willing to do:
-Original Characters
-Fandom characters
-Antho characters (although please keep in mind I’m not super experienced with them)

Things I am NOT willing to do:
-NSFW/Explicit content

I will need visual references. I won’t be able to work with description alone. If, however, you have visual references but want slight changes which you can describe to me, I am willing to work with that.

For example: If you want such-and-such a character, but you have a headcanon for them visually that doesn’t quite match up with canon references, or if you have a visual reference for your OC, but a certain piece isn’t right and you need that changed - those are things I am willing to work with.

For more references on my art check out my art blog, specifically the art tag!

For writing commissions,

Things I will do:
-Fandoms I am familiar enough to write for. If you have seen me write fanfic for it before, I would be willing to write more fanfic for it. If you know that it’s a fandom I’m into, then I will probably consider writing for it. If you don’t know what fandoms I am familiar with, then please feel free to ask! Asking never hurts, after all.
-Non fandom things, within reason? Like, if there’s a certain topic or trope or what-have-you that you’d like to see me write about, hit me up and we’ll talk about it!

Things I will NOT do:
-Fandoms I know nothing about
-NSFW/Explicit content
-Poetry (I’m not very good at it)

For references on my writing, please feel free to either check out my AO3 page or my prose tag!

I reserve right to refuse any commission that makes me uncomfortable. Payments through Paypal invoice only. Please feel free to contact me with any questions through ask, message, or email me at laureninthetardis@gmail.com

You know what? I’m going to do a thing. A thing where every day for a year (???) I post a selfie/photo of one thing I like about my style.

I’m not going to set rules or guidelines. I reserve the right to post a photo of the same thing a dozen times if I want to. I reserve the right to be incoherent or irregular. Sometimes I’ll write comments and sometimes I won’t. I reserve the right to say “I’m not feeling any part of my look/body/anything today, here’s a picture of food or a paper I wrote or something random from my life.” I’m going to strive for real and realistic optimism, not false positivity for positivity’s sake.

Starting right now, with the glasses I got earlier this summer and my coconut piled hair wrapped up in a minions t-shirt I own for some reason. The tag is going to be #celebration selfie of anyone feels the need to blacklist (no judgment). I also refused to be judged for that tag because I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BE CHEESY AF.

I honestly feel so fucking done

I’m so fed up of feeling like shit and not good enough. Im not going to post all of my feelings on here as I don’t want to annoy anyone with my problems or add a negative vibe to tumblr… I normally never post my feelings online but I’ve tried so long to keep it all in I just don’t know what to do anymore. The twins video tonight made me realise that’s it’s okay to admit that your not physically/mentally fine and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed or scared. I honestly feel so alone and mentally drained right now. I don’t know who to speak to , what to do or how to feel I just feel so done and just feel like giving up.

( I’m really sorry if this makes anyone feel annoyed/angry/disappointed in me I just needed to get some of my feelings out)