want those headphones

Verbally abuse me and my mom? You no longer have headphones.

My mom’s dickbag of an ex-husband used to treat me like gold until I became disabled from an accident and had to move home permanently. He had me completely suckered that he was a good guy until suddenly I was the scapegoat and he finally let me see his awfulness. Still, for a few months I tried. I followed all his stupid rules. I never expected it to be like it was before, I was just hoping that maybe things wouldn’t be quite as awful.

I’m also the most IT-minded in the house, so when Dickbag ordered some wireless headphones I set them up. It took some figuring out since we had a bit of a hodgepodge system of old and new tech. Getting them to work included using an A/V switch box I had but wasn’t using, so he could easily flip from the headphones to the stereo.

Then came The Fight. Dickbag came home one night while I was watching TV. He said he wanted to watch a video, so I either had to turn it off or hit record. At this point I was sick of his shit, so I said no, the show had fifteen minutes left, he could wait. He started screaming at me, calling me, and I quote, “not human,” and, “a fat slob who’s nothing but a parasite.” This from the man who mooched off my mother for 18 months while he was unemployed, not even looking for a job. My mom stood up for me during this fight, and after more yelling it ended with him finally sitting down in front of the TV and ignoring Mom and me.

So I took my petty revenge. Those nice wireless headphones? The ones I was letting him borrow some of my equipment to use? Nuh-uh. I grabbed the A/V switch box, unplugged absolutely everything from it, and didn’t even attempt to hook anything back up. If he wanted to use those headphones so badly he could figure it out his own damn self. He yelled at me to hook it back up, but I just said, “This is mine,” and took the box to my room.

He never did get them set up again. He moved out two-ish years later (the divorce was long and frustrating), but the headphones are still here. I win, Dickbag.

(Side note, this was the fight that really opened Mom’s eyes and convinced her he didn’t just “have a temper,” he was abusive and he needed professional help or to get gone. I have never seen her yell like she did that night standing up for me.)


Happy Mi⭐︎Do⭐︎Ta⭐︎Ka Day! (*ロ-ロ)♡ (`ω´*)  

I will be shamelessly posting and reblogging nothing but midotaka today, so feel free to enjoy or ignore, as you like. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Natsume’s Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Contest Entry by sharmander-chama

Uploading here first since I can’t be bothered to upload to deviantart atm ;;

Not gonna lie, I love and hate this piece. I love how it turned out, but holllyy this thing took forever like sobs. 200+ layers baby~ took at least 4 days to finish and eff backgrounds, but I want to win those cow headphones huehue

I’m especially happy with how I did the Harvest Goddess ahhhHHh!

Good luck to everyone who participated!


一番くじ モンスターハンタークロス ~ 一 ひとくじ行こうぜ!~

■発売日: 2016年1月下旬発売予定

Have you seen Monster Hunter’s new kuji yet?
I want those headphones!