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I’m leaving for anime boston tomorrow and I’m super excited but also stressed cause I’m not done packing and one of my cosplays is missing a thing that I can’t fix and so I’m trying to last minute finish another cosplay that I might wear over the weekend and omg I’m such a mess I’m so past the point of stress that I want to sleep but at the same time I’m too excited for the weekend to and just sjfkkslwlgkqllgkj


On 26/03/17 we welcomed our newest edition. I'm not really the type to give a big rundown of everything that happened and to be honest its a bit of a blur but I wanted to make a post letting you know that our little one is now with us. Everything went super well, baby was born at home healthy, hungry and with a good set of lungs! The big two weren’t there for the big hurrah (aka me pushing the baby out of my hoo-ha) but they came in just as the baby was put on my chest. Sacha was pretty enamored by the whole thing but Bear just wanted to either be held or go back to bed. We don’t have many pictures as we decided against having a birth photographer as we wanted it to be as calm and personaI as possible. I shall attempt to get a nice picture of little one to post sometime today and we’ll announce the weight, height, name etc too.

speak soon!

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so i started reading the national hot dad alliance fic today and i swear the funniest thing i've seen today is when they were explaining to ushijima about how their body parts would make the ultimate person (captain? i don't remember what it said rip) and ushijima just goes "it's missing one thing. a dick. i suggest mine" it'S LIKE USHIJI OMG THAT SO........ I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO RESPOND

The fic is an overall masterpiece, but that particular scene was just hysterical, Ushi is an acutal gift from the gods!!! You’re making me want to read the whole thing all over again!!!

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How would you feel about monstrous "Dinosaurs Attack"-esque dinosaurs in a story if they were A: shown contrasted with accurate dinosaurs, B: Explicitly described by characters as lab-created frankensteins, and C: Explicitly shown being programmed for unrealistic hyperaggression. Would that undermine accuracy? I'm not trying to sound smarmy I just have an idea for a horror comic but I don't want to work against the whole "teach people real paleontology" thing you and others are doing.....

Nah, that’s probably fine!

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This is why there needs to be more to the Robron stuff. ED haven't completly lost it.

Yep! Tonight pretty much proved it. 

Emmerdale, can do plot twists, and they can do them well, when they want to. There just has to be more to this whole thing then meets the eye, and I have a feeling whatever happens in week 15/16, is going put everything that happened till now inter perspective, and it’s all gonna fall into place.

🐧 🐧 . talked on the phone with Colleen ( @watcherandshield ) last night for 3 hours. And during our conversations, we have formed a new plot(s)

  • Ramsay/Jon : One of them is a customer and & the other is the manager. Basically, person A loves the steak from this restaurant. And a side of mash with like carrots ( or salad. ) And well Person B always gives Person A a discount, like 30% off and such. Person A wants to know how to get the whole thing for free — so person A prostitutes himself for free food. So Person A & B end up going to the storage closet and — ta da! Person A gets the free meal :’) ! We are very proud of this plot. Like new verse idea FTW. Best of the best. ( also hint this whole time Ramsay is person A. And Jon B. jsyk )

  • Also, pop Ramsay & pop Jon : Toy story style. Where we find them in weird positions and have to separate them. But Jon will ride a stuff animal bear and sail away to find Ramsay in the other drawer I locked him in :’) — I know. such a lovely story. right ?

Yeah, just know we can talk.  ❤️ xD ilysm Colleen LMAOOOO xD  ❤️

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Yooo you have a "works feminist side blog"???

I’m toying with the idea. I have a few stories that I could post and some people who have stories they said they’d share about weird moments with guys. But I can’t decide if I need to attach it to a different email address and make the whole thing separate from this tumblr account. I want to be able to comment freely and PM people. I might just run it though this blog tho. Idk yet.

vanguardofyourdestruction replied to your post “another punky monkey tidbit from your local trashbin:  sarah says to…”

yes! because alison didnt even want sarah in clone club at first. cosima on the other hand gave her a warm welcome and immediately recognised that they’re going to need sarah especially with beth gone. so these two got off on the right foot

my favourite thing about the “early clone club” is just how readily cosima accepted sarah and defended her. alison was losing her shit on sarah in her basement, “this one’s some kind of low life grifter how do we know she didn’t push her?” / “you don’t rate answers” and yet cosima through the whole thing was trying to defuse the whole situation and defending sarah at the same time, in her general attitude towards sarah and by how she says “i wanted to float that whole clone thing a lot softer.”

so yeah basically if you look right from the very beginning, it’s very clear why (one of) sarah’s primary motivators becomes cosima throughout the series. because cosima accepted her and defended her right off the bat. just based off pre-canon knowledge and sarah’s attitude in general, we can bet that she didn’t have very many people in her life that accepted her that easily. which explains the lengths (that are often usually pretty extreme) that sarah goes through to help cosima find a cure and get well.


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

  • Ravenclaw: I decided to go on a diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah? Would you like me to recommend some healthy tasty snacks to you?
  • Ravenclaw: No, it's fine, I gave up on the diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Why?
  • Ravenclaw: Because cake exists.