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Like, I’m really fucking excited for Homecoming but I already KNOW that my binch ass is gonna start hyperventilating the moment Peter comes on screen and I’m gonna stay that way throughout the entire movie because I have absolutely no control over my love and excitement for Tom as Peter Parker

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🔥 McHanzo.

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// Alright, I actually have a lot of beef with how a majority of how mchanzo is characterized in the fandom. So much so that I almost completely avoid the tag nowadays.

First off, I hate “Lovable Idiot McCree who’s an absolute clutz in areas that he should be tactful at” x “Jaded Ungrateful but super beefy attractive Hanzo that fucking hates everyone”. McCree and Hanzo have been flattened so horribly that there isn’t any character to them anymore that makes them interesting. A majority of fanfiction is the same: Jesse head over heels for the assassin that’s always calling him names, abusing him even, and taking him for granted, but it’s ok bc McCree is attached to him like some lost puppy and forgives all the rotten things (things that would be called out for if the ship had been a het couple if I may add) and the fact that they just make an aesthetically pleasing couple for all the hot smutzz


You wanna tell me that McCree is an idiot? That he has no idea what personal space is? That he doesn’t know how to respect boundaries, and he’s just “high noon xD” 24/7?? Someone is just a dumb cowboy and most certainly doesn’t have probably one of the most fucked up backgrounds in the lore at the moment? The Blackwatch kid, trained under Commander Reyes and learned to shoot a gun with such a precision that it is on par with a fucking aimbot Jack’s tactical visor and Ana’s cybernetic eye? Someone who doesn’t have any bodily modifications (aside from the arm) that aids him in combat to boost skill? Wanna tell me he’s an embarrassment to have on the team and can’t hold his own in battle, and gets disrespected constantly by another mercenary who clearly has some form of admiration of skill at least?

Don’t even get me STARTED on how Hanzo is always portrayed like some dense, close-minded prick that apparently knows nothing about other cultures. “Hey wouldn’t it be cute if McCree taught Hanzo how to breathe because the Japanese don’t breathe in Japan?? <33″ Hanzo isn’t an idiot, and he’s got to have some form of understanding about nicknames/pet names, metaphors and idioms. And he’s not cold and soulless, he’s just more reserved. That shouldn’t make him an asshole, and it certainly should’nt make him so harsh against McCree.

TL;DR Relationships should have mutual love and respect, and I feel like some of the interpretations of the ship is borderline romanticizing abuse and making it look “cute”. It’s not. And the characterizations are so butchered. Instead of adding onto them, people tend to take away from and reduce them to stupid tropes. I dislike it a lot.

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I want Shiro to always pilot the Black Lion. To always be the leader of Voltron. Keith can be temporary, but Shiro is THE leader in my eyes. I want him to SURVIVE THIS AND COME BACK STRONGER AND BETTER THAN EVER.


I think Shiro being missing for a while will provide some good character development for everyone else, but I don’t want Shiro’s character arc to be cut off so soon (or…ever). That’d feel really cheap tbh. Whatever he’s going through, I want him to make it back to his friends. If anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s him. 

send in unpopular opinions n i’ll agree/disagree

dgraymanweek  || Day 6: Song of the Ark

↳ Option B: Favorite Battle

“Why…Why was being the 49th the h a r d e s t ?

First attempt of using Medibang Paint, hope you like it as much as I do<3


That one time where an enemy team didn’t immediately kill me as Mercy. I don’t think that they even noticed me!

So many people bitching about the upcoming Homestead update in ESO. “But, but, there’s no CONTENT,” they whine. “What good is it for people who don’t RP or like interior decorating??”

IDK, what good was Shadows of the Hist - which was just two new (fairly hard) dungeons - for people who don’t do four-man dungeons? Gamers have such a fucking hard time dealing with the idea that a) people play games for different reasons and b) sometimes, not everything needs to be about you. It’s a free update. Don’t want a house, don’t buy the house. 

Seriously. We’re almost certainly getting Vvardenfell as the Q2 DLC - which has all the hardcore Elder Scrolls nerds salivating - and that’s supposedly (per rumor/datamining) the biggest DLC zone yet. You killjoys can wait until April/May to get something new that interests you. Go run some trials or something - because I know most of you haven’t cleared vet Maw of Lorkahj yet, because 99% of the player base hasn’t managed it. So go get gud somewhere until the spring. The rest of us are going to have fun decorating our houses. 

My Final Problem

I’m so confused right now. I don’t understand why apparently the fandom didn’t like The Final Problem. Did we watch something different? Why is everyone so dissapointed? This is a real question. I loved it. I thought it was the best episode yet. Johnlock is my OTP, but I loved that the focus was on Sherlock. It was, as Moffitss said, the beggining.

And the end of TFP? Lovely They gave us the emotional context guys!! I actually feels like it was a victory for Johnlock shippers. Of course it wasn’t explicit. They are letting us draw our own conclusions. They became the Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson of legend. They are living together. They are going to raise a CHILD together! What more do you need?

I’m honestly curious, so please, enlighten me.

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