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based on @the-triangle-cat‘s STAND-IN comic that you guys should totally read! It has awesome frans scenes asdfghjkl

the scene was from this part!


And darling I will be loving you ('til we're 70)

July 22: Nurseydex week Day 7 – future

In theory, Dex should be used to wearing suits by now, working a Real Adult job and all, but he’s fairly certain neckties have never been this uncomfortable before. It’s too tight, but he doesn’t want to loosen it because Nursey did it for him before he left the house, and that means it must look good the way it is.

“Good luck with the meeting,” Nursey had said, pressing a kiss to the underside of Dex’s neck as he smoothed his collar down. “You’re gonna do great, I know it.”

“Thanks,” Dex was fidgeting, nervous as all hell and totally unable to control it. “Hey,” Nurse said after a moment, his voice gentle. “You’re never this worried before dinner meetings. What’s going on?”

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no you guys don’t understand I love my cat so much

my perfect fluffy baby


duality of man and woman, (2017)

okay so im killing two birds with one stone with this one. not only is it aroha selca day but i was tagged by quite a few people for those selfie + bias games so im finally getting around to those as well! 

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ill go ahead and tag some as well; and as always no pressure whatsoever!! ill try and tag a few of my newer mutuals + old friends: 

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