want this item

Things Retail workers HATE:

• “I wanna speak to your manager!”
• *tells you the price of every item as they’re taking it out of their cart*
• “Do you work here??”
• *Gives you half of their order saying they don’t want it anymore*
• *checks out 5 min after the store closes*
• *hides things in random spots of the store*
• *watches- as their baby is sucking on an item, then puts it back afterwards*
• *Lets their kids ‘pretend’ shop- filling the cart with random things*
• *asks you to take off items, then changes their mind*
• *spends 10 minutes looking for a coupon as their checking out*
• *silences you* “I’m on the phone.”
• *Leaves their garbage behind items on the shelf*

One of the hardest lessons to learn when it comes to altars.

If there is any object,substance,idol etc on that thing that doesn’t make you overcome with joy that its there. Then it doesn’t belong there. Keeping things on YOUR altar simply because “that’s the way its done” is a dangerous mindset in magic. You’re basically putting it out there that you don’t trust yourself to make your own choices, that instead you need to hold on to something that you feel no connection to simply for the sake of tradition.

When making an altar. There are three important questions to ask when building.

1. Does this item serve the purpose I want it to?
2,Is this purpose something I actually want/need?
3. Does this item empower me?

Its your space, its your choice. Not Raymond Buckland’s, not your coven’s, not your family’s and certainly not stuck up diva witches on tumblr.

If you don’t like the dual gendered aspects found in many traditions, then don’t include them. If athame make you uncomfortable, then don’t use them. If you find that a WWE wrestling action figure somehow adds to your space in a manner you enjoy. Then put it on there. If that angel figurine your grandma gave you makes you feel happy even though you don’t work with angels, then put it on your altar. You don’t answer to anyone but the person in the mirror. Your space, Your rules.

retail gothic

• you started your shift at three p.m. today. now your back aches, your feet hurt, your cheeks are strained from smiling so much. you’ve been working for hours. you look at the clock. the time is half past three. surely the clock must be broken. all of the clocks are broken.

• no matter how many customers you serve, the checkout line never clears. every time the last one in line steps forward, ten new customers spawn out of thin air. they come in packs, never alone.

• the total is 0.99 cents. the customer pays with a 500-euro-bill. at four in the morning, your door rings. the customer is back. they say they have the change now.

• a customer wants to return an item. you ask if they still have the receipt. they do not. you ask if they left the price tag on the item. they did not. you ask to see the item. they did not bring the item. they just want their money back. you say you can’t return the item like this. they ask to speak to a manager. the manager makes you return the money. the customer is always right, they say.

• you tidy up the sales table. when you pass by it five minutes later, all of the packages have been ripped open, a bottle of sticky lotion has leaked all over the other items, and there’s a random frying pan from the other end of the store. there are no customers in sight.

• you tidy the shoe section. sometimes there are two left shoes. sometimes there are two right shoes. sometimes the shoes are different sizes or colors. rarely do they match. the customers ask you to check for missing shoes in the back. the back is a four square meter broom closet. as you stand there in absolute darkness pretending to look, you wonder where all the shoes go.

• thanks to your retail job, you’ve somehow struggled your way through college. you can’t seem to find a job, but there’s a full time opening at your store. congrats, you’re a manager now.


The Happy Raven café
✫ 𝐻𝑒𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃𝓈𝓉𝓊𝓇𝓃 ✫ 

-How would the rfa members react if MC initiated a tickle fight/pillow fight/surprise kiss to get their attention? (YOU CAN DO ANY OF THESE 3 I JUST WANTED SOFT FLUFFY STUFF) <33 
-Hi I just requested your last request but I forgot to say that idc what u write I just want fluff !!!!! Ily and your blog so very , much sorry for being annoying fam

I’ll be on a holiday hiatus until 2017. Happy Holidays!

You want fluff, I deliver :^))


  • So there was a big item grab event on LOLOL this week
  • and Yoosung is G L U E D
  • Normally you would understand his want for the items (you already collected them yourself), but the thing is that HE ALREADY HAS LIKE 70 OF EVERYTHING  WHAT THE HELL
  • Operation Distracted Boyfriend is in play
  • He was too focused on the screen and his headphones to notice you RUN UP AND JAB HIS SIDES
  • He screeched and fell out of his chair, forgetting all about the game
  • “You’re gonna get it now, MC!  (ง'̀-‘́)ง “
  • This boy leaped at you, knocking you down, and he was on top of you tickling you mercilessly
  • “If I stop, will you give me a prize?”
  • You could barely respond inbetween your laughs, “YES AHAHAHA JUST PLEASEEEE STOP”
  • His hands recoiled and you both lay there heaving, tired by the fight that had just taken place
  • “So…” you panted, “What do you want as your prize?”
  • He leaned down and pecked your lips, “More kisses!”


  • Baehee is stuck in piles of work again
  • She’s been going at it for hours now and she refuses to take a break
  • All of your attempts at getting her to stop have been shooed away
  • Only one thing left to do
  • You ran up to her aND WHACKED HER WITH A PILLOW
  • She screamed in surprise and got semi-angry, “MC, I was working!”
  • “Jaehee, you need a break and this is the last resort,” you giggled before hitting her again
  • “Two can play at this game!” she bolted towards the nearest pillow source (the bed) and sent one flying towards you
  • You managed to counter it by hitting it with your own pillow as they continued going back and forth from the two of you
  • Finally you decided to charge at her, knocking the both of you backwards onto the bed
  • No one said anything, as only giggles filled the air 
  • “Thanks for the break,” she smiled before proceeding to kiss your cheek


  • Movie night!!
  • Hot tea, big blanket, warm goldfish-shaped bread, and having Zen as your personal space heater was such a comfort during the cold winter night
  • You were cuddled up against chest, blanket effectively wrapped around the both of you
  • Plus he chose a horror movie for tonight and that bastard knew you were going to be scared
  • Everytime a something frightening happened, you would bury your face deeper into his chest
  • He had a shit eating grin the whole time
  • “Would you like to reenact that kiss scene, MC? ;^))”
  • Zen, they’re about to get murdered. no
  • Your fears carried over to when it was time to go to bed and Zen took advantage of that too
  • He held you close and tried singing to you to makes all the spooks go away
  • This was also an excuse to give you a lot of kisses
  • Probably apologizes for purposely choosing a horror movie and makes it up to you with your favorite treat later on


  • One of the best parts about attending social events with Jumin was the journey home
  • The ride home would consist of idle conversation, as you were usually too tired to really concentrate
  • Jumin really enjoyed your drowsy conversations, they were very amusing to him
  • Tonight was one of those silent nights where you could just bask in eachother’s company
  • No words were needed, it was mostly just gestures tonight
  • You were leaning against Jumin as a pillow, his jacket around your shoulders were keeping you warm, and his hand loosely held yours
  • He noticed your eyes struggling to stay open, “Get some rest, love. I’ll wake you up when we arrive home.”
  • You hummed in response, “But I can’t get comfortable, your arm is like a rock.”
  • “I can’t change that, MC,” he chuckled, “Is there an alternative?”
  • You shifted yourself so that your head could lie on Jumin’s lap, “That’s better.”
  • He leaned down to kiss your forehead, stroking your hair until you fell alseep
  • And then this bitch took like 100 photos of you sleeping


  • Saeyoung’s been insanely stressed lately
  • He’s sat at his desk for almost 3 days straight now
  • Someone hacked into the organization and stole important documents and it was Saeyoung’s task to track down the guy
  • You quietly walk up behind him, “I thought they had others looking into this case…You can take a break, can’t you?”
  • “Can’t.” he mumbled, “Everybody’s relying on me to find him.”
  • You understood that he needed to do his job, so you kissed his cheek and began to walk away
  • Before you could take a step, a hand grabbed your wrist
  • “You just had to kiss me,” Saeyoung pouted, “Now I’m going to be missing you instead of focusing.”
  • “Why don’t I stay then?”
  • He rolled further away from his desk, gesturing to the spot on his lap
  • After you got comfortable, he rolled back to his desk and got back to working
  • You would cuddle into him and kiss his neck, go on your phone, or watch what was happening on his computer screens
  • Occasionally he would steal kisses from you or take a break to just rest, cuddle and talk with you

I recently became a cashier in a local supermarket, and even though I’ve only been working for a few weeks, I’ve already created a list of annoying things costumers do.

So here’s a list of the commandments of being a good shopper.

  • Only approach the register when you have every item you need and only them.
  • Don’t go leave your stuff off at the register only to go back to get something else.
  • Especially don’t leave after the cashier already started scanning your items, because then they can’t move on to the next costumer and they have to wait on your ass.
  • Don’t decide you don’t want a certain item after you’ve already brought it to the register, and if you do, at least have the common curtesy to put it back where you found it. Don’t make the supermarket employees do it for you. We have enough work already.
  • Only approach the register if you’re certain you have enough money to buy everything you want. Don’t make us and other costumers wait for you to get your wallet from your car.
  • Don’t pile your items on top of each other, it creates a pyramid that the cashier has to slowly dismantle without making it topple over. Believe me that waiting a few seconds for the cashier to scan your items before you put on any more will be much faster.
  • Buy. Frozen. Items. Last. I know it’s tempting to go straight for what you came for in the frozen foods aisle, but if you do, by the time you get to the register, the frozen packet will be all soggy and wet and the register will be full of water.

Feel free to add more.

Send in a word for a /detailed / headcanon~
  • Frog: Does your muse make any strange noises? Or do they do anything relatively strange with their mouth unknowingly?
  • Antler: Does your muse hunt? What do they hunt if they do? How often do they go hunting? Are they for or against it? Where do they go hunting?
  • Seaweed: Does your muse like the water? Can your muse swim? What temperature does your muse like the water to be?
  • Hornet: How patient is your muse? Are they easily perturbed? What sets them off the easiest?
  • Popsicle: What does your muse do to cool down in the heat? Does your muse overheat often?
  • Rhino: Is your muse wanted for something? What item do they value most? What is the bounty on your muse's head? (If they have one.)
  • Sandpaper: What does your muse's skin feel like? How about their hair? Is one part of their body a rougher texture than the other? Does your muse have any callouses?
  • Fire: What is your muse's temper like?
  • Stomach: What is your muse's health like? Are they missing any organs? Do they have extras of some organs? Any strange features your muse may possess that nobody knows of?
This is why I need some real ass sugar friends

My vanilla dating anti-feminist friends have reached a new level of disrespect. Like the shit they say is unreal:

“You’re basically selling yourself. That’s prostitution 😐”…to which I respond “Im doing the same thing you’re doing for 2 for $20 dinners and mixed securities. It’s just AT WORSE I eat at places you’ve never heard of, get compensated for my time and I sleep well at night.”

“CAN YOU GET HIM TO BUY ME SOMETHING?! 😁”…uh no bitch. You ain’t putting in work getting dressed up, making a boring ass nigga interesting, practicing dick sucking skills. Get your own Daddy.

“Omg. Ew. I would NEVER do that. Besides I got my man. Well next time he takes you shopping go to (insert store) and i want ( insert item, size, color, model) 😌”…..bitch

So not only have you HIGHKEY passive aggressively shamed me, but you wanna benefit from what im doing to survive?! Bitch if you don’t go ask your “MAN” for whatever you want. Tf? Its so disrespectful on many levels. And closed minded. And the bitch is my best friend. So as you can imagine, my trust issues are a 50 ft tall wall and I need new friends. I would say some hoe friends but can you believe that some hoe bitches will really be uppity about SB’s? Like bitch you suck a dick on the first night after texting for a week and going through the Zaxby’s drive through!! I’ve really had enough.

i mean i think Ride Pokémon is a neat idea but i wish the soundtrack didn’t turn into wacky country fiddle time whenever i want to look for hidden items

damn that sucks :/

hatchlings that want to be just like their parents and have matching eyes but are born into a different flight.

“mommy, why aren’t my eyes like yours?”
“i want eyes like yours.”

another reason i want contacts as apparel items.

Lesson #100: To Want 원하다:

Welcome to my 100th lesson everyone, unfortunately it’s nothing special because I have no ideas but hopefully we can celebrate it over Christmas!

So this lesson came to me as an idea after I heard BTS - 피 땀 눈물 and heard the famous line 원해 많이 많이 많이 and in this lesson I will be referring to a previous lesson I did so keep an eye out.

원하다 - to want (something)
을/를 - object particle

Combining these two is the easy way of saying that you want an item or object!

더 원해요 - I want more (the object particle left out as more is not an object) someone corrected my mistake on this so thank you!

돈을 원해 - I want money

이 차를 원해요 - I want this car

This, like every other verb can be connected to another clause like this:

홍대로 가기 원합니다. 그러기 위해서는 돈이 더 필요합니다 - I want more money, so I can go to Hongdae (I also got help with this one as I made a mistake so thank you very much to the person that helped me I really appreciate it)

Using 원하다 is completely different to using -고 싶다. Using the term “to want to” and an object in Korean doesn’t make sense just like in English, be sure to remember the difference!

원하다 - to want (an object)
-고 싶다 - to want to (do something)

이 책을 원해요 - I want this book
읽고 싶어요 - I want to read

I hope this lesson was helpful, I got to apply something that can be learned from one of my new favorites songs that is 피 땀 눈물, and I hope to keep posting lessons referencing some kpop songs this was really fun!

My apologies for my absence lately, school is busy, life is busy and I have had so little time to study Korean - but I ordered a new book so I’ll be posting more I hope!

I hope to post more vocabulary lessons soon so keep an eye out!

As always I am not a tutor, teacher, fluent or native speaker. I learn on my own and post these lessons to help others learn!

Thanks guys!

Recovery is a lot of remembering

Remembering portion sizes, what time to eat, how much to eat, when to stop eating, when to eat more, when to eat less, to not over exercise, to feel comfortable when you don’t exercise, to order the item you want instead of the item with the lowest calories, to allow yourself food which isn’t considered ‘healthy’, to not just eat something because someone else is, to know that drinks with calories in are okay to have, to eat even if you’re alone or feel sad, to not look up calorie contents, to not weigh yourself everyday…to remember how you lived before your eating disorder.