want this

I would give you the world if you asked me to. I would open my arms up to you years from now, I’m soft for you.
I would wait for you if it meant I could one day have you completely.
I would be a hopeless romantic and buy you flowers and gifts
I would fight for you
I would treat you right
I would give you my heart
I would give you a home
I would give you love
I would give you myself
I would give….
I would give so much that I don’t know what else I could possibly give

Maybe, just maybe! This is just me and my friend’s theory. In 2x12 Alec will be doubtful that Valentine is his Magnus. Then Alec understands how wrong he was and he’s so sorry about that. So in this time we can see soft Alec or/and Alec apologizing to Magnus. Of course Magnus will forgive Alec, he loves him. But now it’s Magnus’ turn to doubt. In promo we saw “downworlders want revenge”, so probably it will be kind of problems between nephilims and downworlders. Magnus will say that he can it this and “you don’t trust my words?”. Alec will be arguing with him. And this is that Magnus’ “get out”. They will probably have fight. Alec will do what he thinks is a right thing to do.Then Magnus realizes that nothing can be between warlock and shadowhunter because of this. So here’s the big drama. In books they break up because of Camilla and immortal. But in both ways (tv show and books) the point of those break ups​ is it’s Malec’s doubt in each other. That kiss it’s probably a goodbye kiss, just like it was in the book. And Magnus leaves the institute and Alec. Like it was in the book, he leaves the tunnel and Alec after goodbye kiss. And hello, their and ours broken hearts. Aaaand! Remember when Matt gives us a spoiler “Is it roses and daisies for Malec? Producers aren’t so sure.” and then he laughed. So it is not the end. Maybe we’ll have this break-up-Malec-drama for about 2 or 3 episodes. Probably Alec is going to call Magnus over and over. Like it was in “Magnus’ chronicles”. After these calls they can meet in kind of a dangerous situation. Magnus will show his past to Alec. Then Sebastian will attack on downworlders or on the institute. It will be an epic fight together against Sebastian, their looks and other awkward romantic stuff. Then Clary will see a Union rune and propose that idea to Magnus and Alec. They’ll be agree. And when Clary will be drawing the rune we will be able to hear this new Ruelle’s song “The other side”. Malec will feel their connection and their LOVE to each other. “I don’t wanna know who we are without each other.” Alec kisses Magnus and everyone sees this kiss. Then the big battle is coming. Maybe Max dies and Malec decides to leave Madzie. Or not. Or he really dies. But maybe after this big battle they will finally have talk about that they will never let each other go. And in season 3 we can watch like they are trying to be good parents.