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The party is a ring of book smugglers, illegally distributing books, and maybe printing presses and parts thereof.


  • party members can be anything, from starry-eyed idealists to greedy criminals, and still have a vested interest in working together from lvl 1
  • characters have a reason to travel far and wide
  • perfect for “zooming out”: you can start small passing leaflets to the next village/district and end up distributing to the whole kingdom
  • you can easily combine wilderness and urban environments, social encounters and combat, monsters randomly blocking the roads and law enforcement (or other nefarious organisations) going specifically after the party
  • which books are illegal and why? who writes them? who reads them? who wants to spread them and who wants to collect them? these are great worldbuilding questions for the DM. you can make a setting out of this.
  • player choices include the risk Vs reward considerations that arise in every criminal adventuring endeavour, but also, should ALL books be smuggled? what about the ones we disagree with? what about the dangerous ones? what about the Book of Vile Darkness? what about all that terrible poetry? :p


  • there are literally no cons
Facebook to Show Users Which Russian Propaganda They Followed
Facebook Inc. will show people which Russian propaganda pages or accounts they’ve followed and liked on the social network, responding to a request from Congress to address manipulation and meddling during the 2016 presidential election.

The tool will appear by the end of the year in Facebook’s online support center, the company said in a blog post Wednesday. It will answer the user question, “How can I see if I’ve liked or followed a Facebook page or Instagram account created by the Internet Research Agency?” That’s the Russian firm that created thousands of incendiary posts from fake accounts posing as U.S. citizens. People will see a list of the accounts they followed, if any, from January 2015 through August 2017.

It’s Facebook’s most direct effort to explain to users how they may have been affected by the IRA’s postings, which reached an estimated 150 million people and stirred up controversy over gun rights, immigration, race relations and religion in the U.S., sometimes prompting real-world protests on both sides of a debate.

“It is important that people understand how foreign actors tried to sow division and mistrust using Facebook before and after the 2016 US election,” the company said in the post.

Facebook, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Twitter Inc. appeared in early November for hours of congressional testimony to explain how Russia used the platforms to manipulate U.S. citizens. The companies vowed to do more to prevent anything similar from occurring in the future, and said they would look into the possibility of informing users about their exposure.

“I hope that Google and Twitter will follow Facebook’s lead,” said U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Those companies have not responded to a similar request, according to Blumenthal’s office.

Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and a member of the House Intelligence Committee, called Facebook’s move “a very positive step.”

“We look forward to additional steps by the companies to improve transparency with respect to Russian abuse of their platforms,” Schiff said in a statement.

Facebook will only be showing people the names of the pages and accounts, not the content. A user will only see what they liked or followed, so if they simply saw IRA content in their news feeds, they won’t be notified.

It’s “much more challenging” to reliably tell people if they were exposed on an individual basis, Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch told Congress earlier this month. When people like or comment on a post, that post is eligible to show up in any of their friends’ news feeds – helping the content go viral. Facebook argued it couldn’t say for certain who paid attention to what content. That position fell flat when senators noted that Facebook’s business model is based on the targeting and tracking of ads.

Partners in Crime
—–     Ravus Nox Fleuret x Ignis Scientia
—————     Criminal AU by @birdsandivory




Because I know this was partially what Kamui told him to do, but it’s also the opposite of what Kamui said. He wanted Fai “held down”, but Kurogane is keeping him up. Kurogane isn’t restraining Fai, he’s supporting him, and the difference between the two is 100% goodness. 

Also, let’s recap:

Helpful people: Kurogane, Subaru

Unhelpful people: the room full of people who just casually watched this whole thing happen

Even less helpful people: Kamui, describing the process for everyone watching

I suppose if you wanted to be kinder to Kamui you could say that he’s saying this to Kurogane, as a way of reassuring him, but I am very much less inclined to assume the nice option where Kamui is concerned. 

I did one thing right.

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Couple: Steve Harrington x reader

Warnings: angst BUUUUtttTttt you get a happy ending

Requested: yes

Prompt: #6 — I’m not going to leave you.

#13 — Why’re you here?

#17 — What is that?

#26 — You act like you don’t even love me.

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AN: number 17 is going to be the hardest for me, but shit, I got this, kiddos. Buckle up, guys. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Ooohhh, what about Amami as a fabulous succubus. Ya know the ones the lure humans with their charming good looks and then eat their organs out

ok so i may have had a lot of fun on this, but let’s keep the demons to devil angel,,!! i’m not using this design but he still looks gooooooooooood,,,,,,

No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.
—  Twenty One Pilots, Kitchen Sink
I know I missed your brother’s graduation, your mom’s birthday and your promotion party and I wish I could have been there but I guess I’ll have to settle for the Facebook pictures.
—  Things I realized when I admitted that I’m not over you, part VI

Thanksgiving With Monsta X…

Shownu: “Wonho please pass the salt”

Wonho:*Picks up Hyungwon* “Where do you want him?”


Shit-scared Riggs, a never seen before experience.