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Hey! Can you draw Marinette's Genderbend version and original Adrien together? I think it will be awesome :D Thank a lot!

have some genderbent!Marinette and Adrien?

David Boreanaz In, Jim Caviezel Out as Star of CBS' Navy SEAL Drama
In an 11th hour recast, Bones vet David Boreanaz has replaced Person of Interest’s Jim Caviezel as the star of CBS’ Navy SEAL drama pilot, TVLine has confirmed.
By Michael Ausiello

In an 11th hour recast, Bones vet David Boreanaz has replaced Person of Interest‘s Jim Caviezel as the star of CBS’ Navy SEAL drama pilot, TVLine has confirmed.

Written by Justified alum Ben Cavell, the potential series follows the lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask. Boreanaz will play Jason, the respected, committed leader of his assault team who’s been through over a dozen deployments, with scars inside and out.

Imagine spending most of your free time at bestfriend!Woozi’s studio and keeping him company while he working.

BONUS: Before each of your visits, you make sure to bring some food with you because you know that Woozi will get hungry during work.

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Hey! I love your recs, they always have just what I want. I wanted to ask if you know any superfamily fics with singleparent!tony?

Hi Nony! Thank you so much c: I know a few single dad Tony fics, here you go:

Summary: Tony became a father. It was Complicated. Her name was Libby–Liberty for you, thank you very much. She was perfect and that was all he would say on the matter.And then, he met Steve.

Summary: Steve owns a bookstore and reads to the kids every Sunday. Tony’s son Peter loves going and makes Tony take him. Tony is all over that.

Summary: Steve never went out with Tony when they were young despite Tony’s attempts at wooing him, mostly because he thought Tony was too much of a flimsy playboy who could never really commit seriously to anything that wasn’t partying.Years later he runs into Single Father Tony taking care of his 3 year old. Tony refuses to buy his kid candy before dinner and is overall a pretty decent dad. Tony also thinks Steve could never be interested in him, since he was always rebuffed before, but Tony’s in for a surprise.

Summary: Tony’s project of collecting Avengers (the only original set!) is disrupted when Pepper breaks up with him. However, despite their less than cheerful host, the rest of the team ends up gathering in the new Avengers Tower, slowly turning into an actual team. When Tony’s post-breakup behavior turns out to have long-term consequences, the rest of the team are there to help, and somehow, the world survives the transition to Tony’s Avengers without anything exploding.Or, the one where Steve talks to gravestones, Phil offers to trade a mint-condition card, Clint sits on top of the bookshelf, Tony comes out as bi on live TV much to his own surprise, Natasha doesn’t get to murder anyone, and there is disappointment abound because Rhodey has clothes on. And Pepper has a headache because of the Avengers, but then that is nothing new.

Summary:In retrospect, it was the answer to all of the questions he’d carefully avoided asking, all of the things he hadn’t wanted to look at too closely.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to send me an ask/ link it (:

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I thought Dumbledore gave Harry to the Dursleys because Petunia could "protect" him? Or is it just something I read in a fic lol!

Petunia shared the same blood as Lily and thus the bond of blood charm that protected Harry extended to Petunia’s home. However, there are other protection and concealment charms (e.g., fidelius charm) that don’t involve messing with a childs mental well-being. Even if the blood protection was the only way, Dumbledore let the Dursleys mistreat and neglect Harry for years even though he was able to stop them (see, the letter in OOTP). There’s no way i’m accepting that Dumbledore had a right to leave a child in an abusive home man, that’s just straight up awful.

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ALDNT Extras: Catarina

Available on Ao3

Queens, NY

Magnus inhales. Slow. Deep. Lets the smoke fill his lungs. And he holds it there. Waits for the burn.

Eventually, he lets the flame extinguish from the tip of his thumb.

And he exhales.

He doesn’t blow in any direction, he just sort of… opens his mouth. Lets it fall out. And with his head hanging upside down off the foot of the bed, the smoke falls right into his nose before it can dissipate.

“You shouldn’t do that,” Catarina says flatly, not even looking up, “it’s bad for you.”

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Beyond a Doubt - Chapter 1 - ukulelefoot - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
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rundown of the night

  • Went to speech class with chicken
  • one dude couldn’t stop petting him
  • other’s where surprised because they didn’t think I would bring in a live chicken
  • speech went very well
  • my freind held him for about 2 and a half hours
  • the chicken crapped on her and it saved her night
  • we then went though the Burger king drive thru and the lady was like “That’s a chicken!”
  • Went to our work place, stuffed my chicken in my jacket so my other friend could see
  • spent like 30 minutes in a gas station because they guy who worked there wanted to feed my bird seeds
  • went to mcdonald’s and had people take my picture because of the chicken
  • got gas
  • went home
  • now the chicken is chilling in my living room
  • Stanley Tucci: Sure, I'll play a character in Beauty and the Beast...so long as I don't have to sing.
  • Disney: Oh, sure! You can be the harpsichord, he just accompanies everyone; he doesn't sing.
  • Stanley Tucci: Okay, that sounds fine.
  • (records Days in the Sun)
  • Stanley Tucci: ...you lied to me.

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I recently reread UtA and noticed that the episodes got gradually longer and honestly the amount of panels you made by week is freaking unbelieveable... was that something you decided, like to move forward with the story faster or was that part of the contract too? I'm curious cause it really amazed me just how productive you are! 🙇

Thank you! They got longer due to the amount of blood, sweat and tears that I shed.

Actually, it was more of me trying to wrap up scenes as best as possible per episode without leaving people hanging or over-saturating them with content. I pretty much had the freedom to make them as long as I wanted (or long enough to count as a weekly episode), plus I had read other webtoons by fellow featured artists and gotten an idea of how they posted their story.

(Many times it was me endlessly scrolling through one of their episodes and yelling ‘HOW ARE THEY DOING ALL THIS’)