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Janet Jackson samples 2Pac’s “2 of Americaz Most Wanted” in Anhaeim on her State of the World Tour #SOTW

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(this is in the same AU as Country)

Taking the pamphlet from the man had been a terrible decision. Link read it and felt something shift in his perspective of the world. What if the High Command was wrong? What if they were actually as terrible as the traitors said they were? If the things he read in the pamphlet were true, he was aiding people who committed crimes against humanity.

So he met with the man in a crowded cafe a short time later to ask some questions. Rhett was an eloquent speaker, eager to describe the evils of the High Command. His lack of fear was infectious. Link left their meeting fired up and ready for change.

Betraying the High Command had been a terrible decision. Overnight, Link went from living in a penthouse apartment to sleeping in hidden rooms and waking in the middle of the night to harsh voices and hammering on the door.

So he found himself leaning more heavily on the man who rarely left his side. Rhett was his protector and confidante, shepherding him from secret meeting to secret meeting, helping him navigate this new world of furtive signals and hidden messages.

Sleeping with Rhett had been a good decision, however. He told himself it was more than just moment of weakness. They were both exhausted from running from the High Command, weary from shuffling information from city to city. Link hadn’t protested when Rhett brushed fingers against his arm that night. He needed the comfort.

But in the morning, Link awoke shivering in bed. Rhett was already getting dressed. He didn’t look up when Link came up behind him and curled one arm around his waist.

“Thank you for last night,” Link said quietly. He wanted to say so much more. He wanted to thank Rhett for staying by his side these past several months, shielding him from the scrutiny of the resistance. Thanking him for the previous night seemed like a good first step.

Rhett only grunted and slipped out of the embrace. He went to put on his shoes, leaving Link standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

Maybe this had been a bad decision too.

Because I’ve been no joke sleep deprived since baby girl was born, I am becoming increasingly sensitive and angry. Like for real.

I could list all the small things that honestly made me furiously angry during the 4 days that my in laws have been here, but instead, I’m going to practice my meditation thing.

I close my eyes, and try to see things from that person’s perspective. I just imagine all the different life experiences they must have had. I try to understand where they are coming from with the assumption of them coming from a place of good, not harm.

Different. They’re just different, that’s all.

I was tagged by @younhgyun​ (THANK YOUUUU) to do this day6 q and a! I’ve been tagged in more than one so i’ll do all the questions in one post cuz i’m lazy

1. if you had to pick one member to be your brother, who’d u choose n why ? Dowoon! He’s just so sweet and kind! We’re pretty close in age, but i would totally dote on him! (I was gonna say Brian, but I would not want to be constantly living up to his expectations haha)

2. jae with dark hair or jae with blonde hair? Dark hair Jae. He was gone too soon and will forever be missed

3. rapper brian or vocal brian? When I first found day6 I didn’t know Brian was a vocalist too and my world was ROCKED. So I’m definitely going with vocal Brian.

4. a perfect day with your bias? I’m so awkward I would not want to spend like alone uninterrupted time with them, haha. I would be very content with like a 3 minute-ish fan sign with each member

5. your favorite unreleased song? The unreleased songs, like everything day6 has released, are masterpieces of course, but I love You so much its so magical and beautiful. It’s YoooOooOUuuuu

6. if you could tell one thing to your bias, what would it be? I don’t have a specific bias in day6 so I’ll just go with the whole group. I’d just want to tell day6 that they’re doing an AMAZING job with the everyday6 project and that they’re helping and inspiring so many people with their music and IM SORRY THIS GOT SO EMO

7. your fave thing about your bias!!! (bring the emo) TOO LATE ughhh favorite thing about day6 as a whole I guess is how humble they are! They’re so talented and keep such a level head about everything and watching them get excited about even the smallest successes is so heartwarming.

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1. If you could put your bias group in any universe what would it be? Any universe where they are hella successful and well-fed idk haha

2. have your bias speak your language or being able to speak your bias’ ? Definitely be able to speak my bias’ language! I don’t have the time or motivation right now (and languages are HARD) but it’d be so cool to learn Korean!

3. who in your bias group would you go on a roadtrip with? I’d go with Sungjin! He can drive and he’s got those leader skills so he’d know how to plan a fun trip!

4. favorite album of the groups you stan? Sunrise wins because it’s got so much GOLD but Daydream still holds up! for other groups: ATM I’m bumping Dreamcatcher’s “Prequel” and Vromance’s “Romance!”

5. if you could recommend your bias one song/book/movie what would it be? I’d recommend day6 to watch Kimi no Na Wa/ Your Name! That movie is beautiful and amazing, and very inspirational ( I’m sure they’ve already seen it though)

6. if you could sing one song with your bias what would it be? I can’t sing! I’d just sing along at a concert or smth

7. how did you know your bias was your bias? Day6 became my bias group after 1) Letting Go tore me up emotionally and 2) Every song on Daydream was beautiful and transcended reality, they were so good.

8. aaand you can only have one kpop song in your phone for the rest of your life you choose____? HARD! Okay non-day6 songs only! ugghhhhh…. KNOCK KNOCK by twice! It’s random I know but its kind of silly but that song makes me so happy and has really cheered me up in some hard times. Its just catchy and fun and kind of makes you forget the world sucks for 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

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1. what was the first day6 song you ever heard? Congratulations! I’ve been following them since debut but I wasn’t a stan. I saw Congratulations when (for the second time) it got uploaded!

2. what’s your favorite thing about your bias? Don’t have like a set bias, so again for the whole group! Another thing about Day6 I really love is how hardworking they are! Learning the chords and lyrics to 2 new songs each month must be so tough!

3. favorite Look your bias has ever done? Again the whole group! My FAVE photoshoot so far was the everyday6 March one! They all looked so soft and adorable like the PASTELS and it clashed so adorably with the hardcore How I Can I Say:


4. if you could pick one song for day6 to cover, what would it be? I know someone has already said this, but Man Who Can’t be Moved by the Script! I’ve been a huge fan of the Script since pretty much their first album, and Day6 has mentioned that they’re fans as well! I also feel like their musical styles are pretty similar. 

5. what artist (korean or international) would you want day6 to collab with?Again, the Script! Because I feel like their musical styles really match and their voices would sound really good together (like Wonpil and Danny doing falsetto together wahhh) and they’re both pretty humble and down to earth; I feel like they’d get along well. For a Korean collab: The Rose! 

6. if you met your bias today, what would you want to tell them? and what would you want them to say to you? If I met any of the day6 members I’d just want them to know how happy they make a lot of people and how proud Myday is of them! I wouldn’t care what they say to me I just want to make their day and let them know how great they are (LORD I’m corny)

Okay for my questions:

1. Favorite Everyday6 MV?

2. What Disney character does your day6 bias remind you of?

3. Funniest Day6 moment?

4. All the members of Day6 in three, 10 minute episodes of a webseries or one member as a second lead in a full length, 16 episode drama?

5. Cooking with Wonpil or Baking with Jae?

6.. Would you rather day6 getting pranked or day6 in a haunted house? 

7. Full length acoustic album or an album including every unreleased song?

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happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
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happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
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