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The real reason why both companies shouldn’t be in the same timeline

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How does Flowey recognize Chara as Chara, yet alone link them with Frisk, due to him being killed by them when he was still Asriel? Why call the one who killed him his "best friend"?

Chara reset!
The end of intermission 2, the very last page (’What’s your name? My name is…’), was the beginning of their second attempt.
Flowey is not aware that Chara killed him the first time they met. Both the memories he has of Chara (like their hangout ‘let’s kill people’ session in intermission 1) and him getting murdered in Chara’s first run are canon to the story.

tl;dr: Chara reset.

Sheith Positivity Week ♡ 

  • Wednesday, July 26: Thunderstorm / Summer Rain

Shiro: im  so sorry Keith, our date was ruined…//sighs//

Keith: dont worry Shiro, really. With or without rain I always love our dates.

Shiro: babe!(´・` )♡


I did some poses since I was bored and now I’ve made myself sad

@fandomescapades I want to draw more of your lolix au, but I’m forgetting everything ;-;

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Hey I'm feeling sad right now can I get a pic of bowl cut aizawa please

I’m sorry anon! There was only ever one official photo of bowl cut Aizawa in the smash comics. I hope this is okay.


Do you need help?


Can I use your map? I think I’m lost in your eyes (courtesy of @trajektoria XD)

Boueibu Shipping Week, Day 4


You know, I actually have a little AU around this pic, about rich heir Ibushi taking a gap year after college before entering the family business, only to arrive to a little town, getting lost, and having a beautiful stranger helping him out and eventually giving him a reason to stay as he figures out what to do with his life after his year is over.

Also, guess who fell in love with the watercolor brush in SAI as much as she sucks at it :’).


This folding knife or razor is a unique find - nothing like it has been found anywhere else in  the Roman world.

The handle, which depicts two dogs mating, was carved in exquisite detail from elephant ivory some time in the second century. It is thought to have been made in Germany, France or Italy and would have been a valuable possession. The knife may have been deliberately buried  as a ritual.

Since that other photo did so well here’s more of Jess Evan and Jon being best friends

The Evening Star - Jacob Frye X OC Oneshot (AC Syndicate)

So I just got back from a family vacation to Walt Disney World earlier this week, and I had an incredible time! I guess the vibes I was getting from that trip inspired this little oneshot! :3 Part 3 of Juno’s Curse is in the works rn but I wanted to get this one done first. Enjoy! 

Tagging @blindgeishateahouse / @oreanagalena & @babelast if you would like to read :) Had fun writing this piece, so I wanted to show you guys x3 if you don’t mind! 


Madeline’s family life was everything she could ever ask for. She and Jacob were blessed with twin boys, Jeffery and Michael Frye, and Madeline loved them with all her heart. If there were ever any regrets, it was that she wished she could have been around the house a bit more often. She would see them as they got ready for their weekday schooling and for a short while when they returned, but as her magic acts gained more fame and publicity over the years, the Magician had more and more shows piling up, most of them taking place at night, and in some cases, didn’t return until very late into the night.

While at times they hired a nanny in which both parents weren’t home, the Master Assassin Jacob Frye, whenever he wasn’t on any missions with his sister and Henry, hunting his targets, or running The Rooks, he’d stay at home and keep an eye on the boys. Jacob enjoyed spending quality time with the twins, everything from playing catch, to even the littlest things such as catching them trying to steal cookies from the cookie jar before supper.

Perhaps Madeline’s favourite activity to do with her children was reading them bedtime stories, followed by singing them a lullaby to help them fall asleep. With the mother out performing more nightly shows than usual, the torch was passed over to Jacob. While he didn’t feel comfortable with his singing skills, he enjoyed reading stories to his sons. They’d laugh at the voices he’d make for the various characters, and he told them so well that they begin to whimper when it appeared the villain was going to prevail.

“And they lived happily ever after,” Jacob finished as he closed the Brothers Grimms Fairy Tale book, looking down at his two sons who were nestled on both his sides. “The end,”

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jjkhkjgfkjf free! is kind of trash but rin is also my favourite also nagisa is a Little boy and i love him

asdkfkjnd free is not the best especially when compared to other sports anime but i’m a sucker for trash! i’ve watched it like 4 times and every time it surprisingly gets better? idk.. but i just take every chance i can to let everyone know that i love rin so much he deserves all the good things and i just wish everyone would let the shork boye live.. ALSO nagisa is a little sweetie my only goal in life is to be as gentle and angelic as him