want that now

Marinette is curious about the whole purr thing while Chat is more confused and embarrased than he wants to admit

Totally based on that trailer 


#actual puppy waverly earp 


(okay SO I’ve  been  holding back  for the longest to set this up so hear me out)

I’m opening commissions!

I finally have the courage to step up  to the plate and do commissions especially because I want to be able to draw more so alrighty here are the rules:

-paypal only (sorry)


-ocs! (tell me about them! if you have references, better!)

-fandom related stuff (ships included)


-nsfw related stuff (sorry)



alrighty, So the email to contact me will be: purplemustacho@gmail.com

or: P-mustacho.tumblr.com

(again thank you for taking the chance to check it out and signal boosting would be splendid!)

Hey, um…I just wanted to let you guys know that I won’t really be on here much this week. …I’m not sure. Depends on my mood and how I’m feeling mentally, and if I get busy with family stuff.

But I’ve never really mentioned it on here before, but my great-grandpa hasn’t been doing the greatest the past couple years, and I’m very close with my mom’s parents and her grandparents, so I’m a bit shaken up right now.

Though very recently this year he’s taken many falls, and suffered many concussions. And just not too long ago he was sent to the hospital due to his mental state (being hard to deal with) and are trying to figure out how many possible strokes and other things he mught have had. He’s…in a state where’s he’s mentally unstable and confused. And he’s currently been diagnosed with CTE, which is…not good. It’s only going to get worse from here as he’s immediately going to be sent to a nursing home (if able) to by the end of this week after he gets out of the hospital.

My family are going through a hard time right now, so if you could have me, my family, and my great-grandparents in your thoughts, I’d really appreciate it. ♥︎

Thank you, and hope you all have a wonderful day/night. ♥︎

New icon!! This is the first time I’ve tried digital painting tcfvgbhjkn

Major props to everyone who does painterly style on a regular basis bc this is so hard and my hand burns :”)


Why is Hyde so surprised?

Has Jekyll never gotten this angry?

Or is he afraid to get shanked with the bottle?

… or does just really care about wine bottles

To add more -wasn’t Kelly practically raped into conceiving Jack? She didn’t know Lucifer was possessing the president so any consent she gave had no meaning. I mean, I am not as savvy as your average sjw, but even I can see how absolutely rapey and creepy and fucked up this whole thing was.

And then when she tried to abort the fetus it did the whole mind whammie thing on her, and when she tried to end her own life the fetus didn’t let her die. She was denied of all the choices, she was denied of all the agency over her own body. She was, in essence, used as a baby making machine –only useful for one thing and discarded after she fulfilled her purpose. 

This is practically a horror story. And as a woman, I cannot find many things worse than what Kelly was subjected to. 

But hey, the usual “feminists” on the destiel side (remember all the hate Amara received? also all the accusations of pedophilia?) are strangely silent on this issue. So maybe they don’t see anything wrong with what happened to Kelly? 


Sombra and I were talking about Gay Disaster Todoroki Shouto™ the other day and I figured I’d post them