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The Case for Jonsa: Why Jonerys will be one-sided at best

First, yes this is very anti-Jonerys and it is pretty brutal. I understand why Jonerys shippers will have a problem with that so there’s no need to call me delusional or pathetic. Please keep in mind, we don’t choose who we ship.

Also, I am spoiler free. If you know something from a leak that negates one of my theories please keep it to yourself.

So, why do I believe Jon and Dany’s relationship will be almost entirely one-sided? While I do believe that a Jonerys marriage is inevitable and that the writer’s have attempted to show physical attraction between the two, I do not believe that any romantic interest will be equal on both sides. I think it’s clear from this episode that Dany has already fallen hard for the brooding King in the North while Jon… not so much. For clarity’s sake I’m going to include the evidence I discussed in my post The Case for Jonsa, but there are definitely some new scenes to examine. Let’s begin:

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Sanvers fic where Alex or Maggie gets too drunk and puts on really heavy PDA in front of the whole supersquad or something like that ???

Alcohol had always made her numb and sleepy, which is why it had always been her preferred choice of vice.

When Alex first met Maggie, she had assumed it was the same story. She later discovered that it wasn’t, that Maggie had always known her limits and had always stuck to them, except for the exceptional circumstance, such as New Year’s.

And, so it seems, tonight, at Lena Luthor’s birthday bash which had quickly escalated into a series of drinking games that only Maggie and the birthday girl were participating in.

‘Aleeeeeeeeeex, there you are.’

The force of Maggie’s lips crashing into hers, nearly toppled Alex. And Maggie, who had been drinking all night, was unbelievably thirsty, kissing Alex for so long that Alex had to pull away to breathe. ‘How much have you had to drink?’

‘A lil’.’

‘A lil’ too much, perhaps?’

‘Ooh nice, I can feel your abs under your shirt.’

Alex gasped as Maggie’s hand then slipped under her shirt, obviously wanting a better feel and with little regard of the very public setting. ‘Sweetie,’ she whispered, trying her best to smile as she pulled wandering hands away. ‘Maybe save that for later? You know when we’re at home? In private?’

In private,’ Maggie giggled. ‘She means when we’re in–.’

With little other alternative, Alex shut her up with her lips but it only seemed to fuel Maggie’s fire and her hands slipped to Alex’s waist and she used them to steer her, to push her up against the wall, whilst the rest of the superfriends watched, amused because Maggie Sawyer was always the one who was quick to roll her eyes at PDAs. And yet here she was, biting Alex’s neck and trying to unbutton Alex’s shirt with uncoordinated hands.

And Alex, who would be all for this in a secluded setting, had to gently pry her girlfriend away. ‘Not now, baby.’

‘But I wanttttttttttt you, Alex Danvers. I want you soooooo bad.’

Alex’s cheeks were burning because Maggie’s voice had been louder than the music and all eyes in the room were now firmly in her direction as Maggie kept tugging at her shirt, kept nuzzling her neck. ‘Everyone is watching, Maggie,’ she whispered before her eyes clocked a phone pointed in her direction. ‘Winn,’ she hissed. ‘Don’t you even dare.’

‘But it’s cute,’ he grinned.

‘She’ll kill you if there’s any photos of this,’ Alex hissed.

‘No she won’t,’ Maggie laughed, turning to face the camera. ‘Why would I? Look at this beautiful angel I’m dating. Take alllllllll the photos of us, I love her, she’s the best.’

Winn smiled. ‘If you insist.’

Alex placed hands on Maggie’s shoulders before she tried to return to giving out hickeys. ‘How about we sit over on that couch and cuddle, yeah?’

Cuddling had lasted all of two minutes before Maggie passed out.

Kara helped Alex bring a sleeping Maggie home and the detective didn’t wake up until well past midday and with a killer headache.

‘Hello sunshine,’ Alex grinned as Maggie came to.

‘Don’t…I already regret everything,’ she groaned into a pillow.

‘You say that now but you haven’t been on Facebook yet.’

‘What?’ Maggie mumbled, feeling for her phone on the bedside table and grabbing it. She groaned more and more as she flicked through photo after photo of her very handsy and affectionate drunk self. ‘Winn’s dead. When I’m not dying, I’ll kill him.’

‘Oh but you can’t, you told him to take, and I quote, alllllllll the photos.’

Maggie swore, pulling the comforter over her head. ‘I’m never drinking again.’

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what he wanted

Everything makes sense now. How you wanted my walk to be a little different (my pace was always off)… how my hair could be a lil better… skin could be a lil lighter (because thats what your family accepted)… how my attitude could be better (I won’t disagree on that)… how I could stand to lose a few pounds… how you wanted to impregnate me soooooo bad… because, well, she was pregnant.
And her walk was graceful. Her hair was silky, while mine kinked.
And my skin was kissed by the sun.
and my attitude was reluctant to believe your lies while she, put up with them.
I get it.
I am not her.
and you wanted me to become what you lost. You wanted to fill the void of that great thing that you lost.
Had I known, I would have never even tried to convince you that I was enough.
To justify the glide in my walk.
The coil of my hair.
The tint of my skin.
The inflection in my voice.
The weight from my thighs…
Barred from emotion, I allowed you to penetrate my soul. I allowed you to make a home out of me… while you moved your baggage in. I became full of foreign objects. Not like myself but, I allowed it. I wanted so bad to caution myself from the fall… but I could not break the fall. I couldn’t break it. I couldn’t stop the feelings. Forced to encounter emotions that I knew, know nothing about. I could never be enough to a man who is not done with his past. You loved her… love. It never leaves. Ive allowed myself to connect with you on a different plane, yet and still, you were still connected to another source. I am sharing you with her. Not physically but, spiritually. This is a fight that I will never win. I don’t doubt at all that you love me. And this thing… it was never intentional. We don’t plan for life to happen this way. For love to come and go. For the love of our lives to be taken away from us. What we cannot do is hold on to dead weight.
I’m sorry, for not being… her.

-old dirt still yields flowers that bloom from the rain.


Aries Venus crushing
  • Aries venus: *screaming* 📢oMG❕😫😱mY💕😭😘cRuSH😍💖 is 🙀💪💦sOOooO📢😳💋✨ pERFECt💘💯📢 i wAnt🔥🔊👅hiM😭💏sOooOOo💖😰💞bAD!!!😍😢💕
  • Their crush: *likes them back*
  • Aries venus: yiKEsSsS😷😒he's soOoOo boRiNg 👎❌🚫no thx!!💔💤👋bYe💨👋✋
  • <b> 💥📢ONTO📢THe📢NeXt😍📢oNE💪😎💯<b>
What is going on in the minds of this people??

I was just scrolling on my tumblr and then I saw this blog that said “scenarios and head canons for Diabolik lovers” and I said “hey! AWSOME more to read!” But then I clicked on it and I saw some anon being soooo mean to the writer, he/she said:
“You will never be enough for Reiji (or Subaru)”
“You are not ladylike enough” and then this: “nobody is defending you ‘cause they agree with me”
I mean… really dude?? Do you have that TINY brain to say that??? Ok let’s begin ‘cause I’m not going to let this happen to someone that is making an EFFORT and is spending HER TIME to make a fandom happy and more importantly, she is doing this FOR FUN.

1. NOBODY I repeat NOBODY is lady like enough to satisfy Reiji Sakamaki, he is searching for perfection, and we all know (but some out there thinks that is possible in a tangible way) that perfection exists.
PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST, the human is for nature imperfect!!!!

What Reiji looks for in a lady is that she has to be slender, walk like if she was floating, black hair, perfect manners at the table ( and in everything else) white skin, tall, smooth voice, blah, blah blah. And I’m taking all of this information from all the headcanons that I have read in the fandom.
We have eyes, OF COURSE THAT WE ARE GONNA USE THEM but at some extent, there are feelings, points of view, education, attitudes, actions, dreams, personalities, etc. too that has to be seen in a partner. We cannot only enclose ALL THE CHARACTERISTICS IN A TINY BOX and be just ONE thing. So to say that you are not “this” or “that” has no sense, ‘cause we are humans and we have MORE THAN ONE CHARACTERISTIC so to only concentrate in ONE (in this case lady-like) thing is incoherent, right?

I will explain more myself… this example is real btw, I LOVE to wear flowers and pink colors in my clothes but I also like to hear rock metal and I’m not enclosing my personality in “girly” for my clothes or “badass” for the music that I like to hear.

2. HE’S A GODDAMN FICTIONAL CHARACTER GOSH!!!! Please don’t take it so seriously!!!

3. Believe me dude, EVERYONE is good enough for whatever you want!!! Just that we are not meant to be PERFECT in everything or with everyone. Cause Perfection doesn’t exist.

4. Telling someone that is trash, is not good enough, or is insignificant doesn’t make you any pretty, wise or whatever you want. It only makes you look like you are a goddamn abuser that doesn’t know how to spend his/her time and that doesn’t have the ability to just move their fucking finger on a screen to move on with your life and ignore what makes you angry or unsatisfied.


6. “Stop writing” “stop doing this or that”…. ooooh gosh this phrases, they are just inspirational to me you know?? you can put them in a human translator and they would say

“it pisses me off that even when you are doing something wrong you KEEP BEING HAPPY”

and you know something ?? YEAH maybe we are doing nothing good, maybe I’m a trash at drawing, writing or I look like an epileptic seal when I dance BUT IT MAKES ME HAPPY so don’t stop doing what you like just because some embittered person is there.

7. “I’m doing a favor to the world for stopping you doing/ writing trash”…..really?? I will tell you what you are really doing, wasting your time and making an uncomfortable environment in the fandom, so, please stop it honey.

8. YOU CAN BE IN LOVE WITH ANY FICTIONAL CHARACTER THAT YOU WANT !!!!! (They doesn’t exist anyway lol 😛)

9. Love is not just to “adjust” at your preferences like: “ I like blonde hair or I want them to be tall” love is magical you know, maybe you have like REALLY CLEAR what you are looking for in someone and you end falling in love with something that you never thought about. AND I CAN SEE REIJI SAKAMAKI falling in love with an imperfect human that has a million fails BUT THEN, finding something beautiful in her personality , in the way she moves, thinks or the way her eyes shines when she sees something beautiful.

10. I HAVE SEEN GUYS IN THE FANDOM THAT ARE IN LOVE WITH THE DIAHOES!!!! They are not girls and they are in love !!!! I mean, you are not going to tell a guy to be lady-like right?? 😂😂😂 I mean, just let the fans be ok?

if someone is annoyed by the writing of someone else, really….reeeeeeally, you don’t have to stay in that blog, nobody is tying you up to that blog honey, so just move on.

If you don’t have any nice thing to say, keep it to yourself, nobody wants bad vibes….

Soooooo yeah, this is my opinion, I made this with all the best intentions in the world and please, @diabolical-fantasies don’t hear the bitches bark ok?? 😉