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My absolute favorite chewy thing to eat! These are fruit-flavored jello cups with nata de coco squares, and they’re available at any Japanese supermarket or convenience store and online. The coconut squares feel so firm and smooth when you bite them; it’s what I imagine those beautiful soaps to be like! The ones here also have balls of konnyaku jelly, which is really soft.


I just spent at least an hour and a half playing with my friend’s dog. Today was a good day.

anonymous asked:

Coran discovers gum. Think about it.

Lance: Hey Coran, want some gum?

Coran: Sure //chews gum// It’s a bit mild for my taste. Oh I do think I have on me that something equivalent to the gum of yours, It has a stronger flavor. Would you like to try?

Lance: Ooooh alien gum. Yeah! why not


Coran: //Blows a bubble//

Shiro: Where’s Lance?

Coran: On the roof.

Shiro: Why???

Coran: His words were my gum was too fresh, that he needed to go outside and rethink the meaning of life.

phoenixfliesaway  asked:

I deal with anxiety, add, some sensory processing stuff, and some other neurodivergent things (but I've not been officially diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, so I hope it's okay I'm asking here), and I tend to chew things a lot. My lips, pens, hands, etc. I want a some kind of chew stim toy, but don't like the look of large, thick chewelry. Do you know of any thinner, maybe more textured ones?

It’s totally ok to ask questions! We accept questions from anyone, whether you’re diagnosed or not, whether you’re autistic or not. 

My personal favorite for a thinner, textured chew pendant is this one from Stimatastic:

I could also see this one working (also from Stimtastic):

There are also a ton of different chew necklaces on etsy, so if you don’t like these, browse through etsy to find one you like. 

I hope this helps!


realizing there won’t be a NCT life season with Dream team…

Calum kisses your bare shoulder when he wakes, the sun streaming into your Parisian hotel room through the sheer curtains making it impossible for him to sleep any longer. He smiles softly when you stir, shifting in your sleep for a few seconds before you settle again, an adorable, happy sigh leaving your lips. He can’t resist pressing another kiss to your bare shoulder before he carefully rolls out of bed, bending to grab his jeans from the night before and slipping them on.

His lips twitch into a smirk when he hears you whine, standing and pulling the skinny jeans on, not bothering with underwear as he turns to face you, carefully zipping the material, “good morning beautiful,” he murmurs, lifting a knee onto the bed and leaning over to brush a soft kiss to your lips.

“Come back to bed,” you mumble, tiredly blinking up at him.

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so, props to Takizawa for pretty much remembering the name (and possibly nickname) of an associate special class he never worked under after four years and massive amounts of torture.

like yeah, Hachikawa is probably pretty memorable, but still, that’s some impressive recall of the CCGs roster. It’s not like Seidou actually worked there that long out of the academy. Hachikawa never showed up at the 20th ward branch. So that’s just Takizawa learning the names of random higher ranking CCG officers with any kind of reputation.

And remembering through four years of torture while living as Aogiri’s pet half ghoul.

That’s pretty impressive.

someone please save this precious little owl child he doesn’t deserve any of this.

Fic: Soccercrop (Chapter 6)

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Pairing: Soccer cop
Rating: T
Word count: 1161
Summary: Radishes.

Beth jogs ahead of you when you exit the barn and head on your way to the radishes. You see her pop into the tool shed, and you go over and wait for her by the door.

She slips out just a minute later, holding a large plastic bucket in one hand and… some sort of tool in her other hand. “Hand fork,” is all she says.

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