want shirt

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god y'all were so funny in the new sports video!! also i want joan's shirt

Haha thank you!! And yessss! I love it! I wanna talk comics with them! They know their stuff!

anyone else wear something new that’s a little out of your comfort zone for the first time and like get really anxious about it and think everyone will be looking at you

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Mom I'm not doing so wel. My house is too loud, I'm on sensory overload, every thing is too loud, too harsh, to intense, my art isn't going well, I want a darkiplier t-shirt but I gotta save up for these copic markers, and I really want to sleep, but I can't, because my parents might need me for more chores.

:c go into a room where nobody is, turn off the lights (unless ur afraid of the dark), and just sit quietly for a few moments until you calm down. take a nap if you need to, and if your parents need you, they can just wake you up.

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Spock//Bones 23,24

24: tender

The first time- Space is lonely.  Too big and too dark and sometimes the nights stretch on too long.

The second time wasn’t supposed to happen.  Of course, neither was the first.

Or the third.

“I swear I’m seeing things,” Jim says.  In the dim corridor of ship’s night, he raises both eyebrows.  A grin threatens.

McCoy smooths his palm down his chest and wants to think his shirt is straight.

“Get your eyes checked, Jim,” he says and walks away from the door hissing shut behind him.

On an away mission, the fire flickers out.  Rain drips into his collar.  In his boots, his toes curl in damp socks.  

McCoy’s too damn old for this.

There’s one source of heat.  Logical, he can nearly hear, but Spock is thankfully silent when McCoy huddles into his body, shivering.

Shut up, he thinks.  

A warm hand folds over the back of his neck.

Lifting his coffee mug, he catches sight of his shirt cuff.  

The second rank stripe is too thick.

Across the table, Sulu’s mouth quirks.

He’s long slept in the middle of his own damn bed, thank you very much.

Toes prod at his ankle.

“Don’t,” he says to his pillow, says it again when an arm lays too heavy over his waist.

He’s ignored.  Typical.

His bottles of bourbon are arranged neatly, labels facing forward.

He leans closer.

They’re alphabetized.

In the turbo lift, Uhura doesn’t look up from her padd.  “Don’t hurt him.”

On shore leave, he toys with the napkin under his glass. When the bartender asks if he wants another, he shakes his head.

He spends the majority of his time wishing he was off the ship. He walks back to it with his hands shoved into his pockets.

The worst part is that he doesn’t even mind.

“Thirteen down, seven letters. Red dwarf star.”


“Not it.”

“Six across is incorrect.  Nacelle.”

McCoy tips the filmplast away.  It only serves to further sink their thighs together, where they sit on the couch.  

“Who asked you,” he mutters as Spock reaches for his stylus.

At the end of a long surgery, he used to stand with his back to the sonics.  Now, a thumb works into the knots in his shoulders.

What are we doing? he could ask.

Instead, he says, “Left.  And up.”

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

Ballet au inspired by all the fics I’ve read (mostly pick lilacs for the passing time by astralelegies on ao3 bc Yuuri en pointe. Yuuri. En pointe. Also, danseur!Victor.)

Outfits… Unintentionally inspired by @beanpots‘ lovely day and night au. Like, go. Check it out. It’s great.

Big thank you to @cookiecreation for putting up with me spamming her with my wips for this and every other art I’ve drawn since ever. Thanks, friend!

YOO Merry Christmas @irishgirl982! I was your secret santa for the @mlsecretsanta​ exchange! :D You requested anything from the lovesquare so here’s some fluffy Adrinette! Hope you enjoy it! C: