want quote

I wish I could make sense of all this.
But wishing leads to wanting,
At least that’s what my mother says.

I wish I could figure out how you feel,
It might make things easier.

I wish you were right here with me,
Holding my hand-
Telling me, “it’s all right, it’s going to be okay.”

I guess, I’ll still be loving you anyway.

—  M.L. // I wish I wish
Perdóname si no estoy bien, sobra cualquier explicación. Te vas a arrepentir muy pronto de éste adiós. Nada que hablar, que seas feliz si es que me puedes olvidar. Lo que tuvimos nunca lo vas a encontrar.
Paul: ‘Astrid was a photographer and took really nice photos of us. And Jurgen was a photographer, brilliant photos. They were more interested in Stuart and John, they had the more teddy-boy faces. I was a little bit too baby-faced and didn’t attract them as much.’

[…] Unfortunately for Paul, the Exis were not all that interested in him.

PAUL: They had a particular love for Stu; John was number two, which is understandable. George was number three, which was a little bit miffing, because I had expected at least to get third… Life is very like that. I came fourth, just before Pete Best. Stuart was entering the good-looking period. Earlier than that he looked a bit pimply and art-studenty. He had never been number one in our pecking order. Pimply and small, but onstage in Hamburg his stature grew. He wore his James Dean glasses, a nice pair of RayBans, and he looked groovy with his tight jeans and his big bass. Suddenly there was this transformation, and with his shades and haircut Stu became a complete dude. It was great.

It was inevitable that there should be a mutual attraction between the Beatles and the Exis. Of all the British rock 'n’ roll bands of the time, the Beatles were the most intellectually inclined and appreciative of art. The Exis seemed like an extension of a scene with which they were already familiar.

PAUL: So we were very into them and they were very artsy. They were not the first artsy people we’d seen, but they were the first unique artsy people we’d seen. The rest seemed like students copying each other and just doing paintings. Astrid fell in love with Stuart. He and I used to have a deadly rivalry. I don’t know why. He was older and a strong friend of John’s. When I look back on it I think we were probably fighting for John’s attention. He was older and John was a year older than me, and that year makes a hell of a lot of difference at the age of eighteen. So I wasn’t such a big friend of Stuart’s. I was always practical, thinking our band could be great, but with him on bass there was always something holding us back.
—  paul mccartney: many years from now, barry miles
  • Claire, entering office: Chris, TerraSave is on loca-
  • Chris, sitting awkwardly on chair flustered, coughing: Huh, yes what?
  • Claire:
  • Claire: Is Piers under the desk?
  • Piers, muffled: No.
We chose to keep quiet about it, we chose to drown in the loud silence that lingered around us because we knew that if we were to talk about it, it would only bring us to an end.
—  Lukas W. // We still want each other