want private lessons


Lindsay Hawker (22) was working in Ichikawa, Japan, as an English teacher when she disappeared on March 24th, 2007. Her roommates told the authorities that about five days ago, Lindsay had been followed by a man she had met in the train. He had left her a drawing with his name, number and address, telling her he wanted private english lessons.

That man was Tatsuya Ichihashi (28 at the time), who despite having a degree in horticulture didn’t work and lived with the allowance his parents sent him every month. Ichihashi and Lindsay agreed to meet at a coffee place for the lesson on March 24th. Then he convinced her to go to his apartment so he could pay her. Instead, he hit her, tied her up, raped and killed her. He then shaved her hair and buried her in a mix of sand and compost soil inside his tub, which he placed in the balcony so the body would decompose faster.

Nine police officers arrived to Ichihashi’s apartment on March 26th, but somehow he still managed to escape. He was a fugitive for 31 months, and during them went through several plastic surgery procedures to change his features. In November 2009 he was finally arrested and ended up confessing to the murder, although he claimed it had been accidental. This statement is up for debate, considering the autopsy showed Lindsay had been strangled with enough force to break the cartilage in her neck.

Ichihashi was sentenced to life in prison and  wrote a book about the hardships he went through during his time on the lam –that was later turned into a movie in Japan– and understandably caused an outrage both in his country and in England, where Lindsay was from.