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What townies have you made over?

Willow Creek - 4/4 - BFF, Goth, Pancakes, and Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

Oasis Springs - 2/4 - Roomies and Zest.

Get Together - 2.5/8 - Free Spirits, Fyres, and Munch (only Mila until I can muster the energy for her kids).

San Myshuno - 7.5/8 - Benali, Bheeda (only Arun until I feel like fixing his wife), Feng, Jang, Karaoke Legends, Lobo, Pizzazz, and Rasoya.

Forgotten Hollow - 1/ 2 - Straud

so talking about living together honestly made me sooo excited like that would be the best thing to ever happen to me. I really hope we can actually go on with that idea and not let it be just an imagination because then I’ll have to go live with 3 other people and share a bathroom anddd I don’t want that :p also then I’d be able to see you everyday and sleep together everyday and that would be perfect because we’re going to see eachother alot less with the minors coming up andd I’m not looking forward to that :c the only thing I’m concerned about though is cooking buttt maybe we could take a cooking class like that’d be fun :p