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“What?” She asked, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear like she might have done if she were still on the Ark, talking to someone she liked.

“It’s nothing.”

“No— tell me.” She cupped his cheek.

“I like the sound of your laugh.” He said simply. “Before our wedding, I didn’t think you knew how to— and maybe I had forgotten how to myself. But it’s… it’s beautiful, Clarke. I just… if I can continue to make you laugh, then all that other shit doesn’t seem so bad anymore.”

She watched his wall come down piece by piece with every word and suddenly her own wall didn’t seem so sturdy.

I could love him.

Crown of Love by @alyciadebnamcareys


We commonly see a cold, a bit harsh of saeran towards saeyoung, how about saeran being soft, spoil (in particular way) and craving for saeyoung’s warmth.


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iRMG - Thunderbirds on Twitter: "Announcement - @vuecinemas will screen 3 brand new episodes for first ever official Thunderbirds Day! #Thunderbirds https://t.co/Oe4oZOrliL https://t.co/kHrD3R002A"

I wonder if this means the season will restart at the end of September based on the fact Vue cinemas are showing two new TAG episodes on 30th of September

@bigbookofrescues what are your thoughts on this?

EXO on your birthday

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Request: Could you do exo on your birthday? Like how they would treat you/celebrate with you?

Note: Warning. This is cute asf. 

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i was tagged by @velvetchen thank u girll 🤗 to do the “9 pictures on my phone that represent me” challenge? :)) so anyway these are actual pics from my phone :)) 

ps. That’s my cousin’s dog he always does that at our summer house :)) 

And im gonna tag 😈 @amaxing-daes, @taeismybaby, @16stigma, @reinedeselfes, @kaichouchou, @xingmithefool, @coffee-laytte   @oecceo , @yixingmetosleep  💗 💗 💗

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i wonder what skywarp and thundercracker's real bodies look like

HNnnghhHHH!! My hear t.

I really want to know this nowww. Maybe I could brainstorm some ideas later