want nowww


“What?” She asked, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear like she might have done if she were still on the Ark, talking to someone she liked.

“It’s nothing.”

“No— tell me.” She cupped his cheek.

“I like the sound of your laugh.” He said simply. “Before our wedding, I didn’t think you knew how to— and maybe I had forgotten how to myself. But it’s… it’s beautiful, Clarke. I just… if I can continue to make you laugh, then all that other shit doesn’t seem so bad anymore.”

She watched his wall come down piece by piece with every word and suddenly her own wall didn’t seem so sturdy.

I could love him.

Crown of Love by @alyciadebnamcareys

Обичам те

Hint: my naamgenoot from the vampire diaries is from this country (and it’s not russian which I thought

I had a really great time yesterday and today c: it was really great staying over again and watch tv and series together c: I really liked doing those buzzfeed quizzes especially about marriage cause it’s really fun to fantasize about c: the other ones were..interesting as well😛😛 and ofcourse ouat, it doesn’t seem that long ago that we began and now we’ve almost finished one season yes hahah :p and sleeping together again was really great c: I thought it was cute you felt too hyper hahah I don’t know how you managed to do that but I liked laying like that :p even though that inbreker feeling was scary hahah :p I got scared when you suddenly fell on me when you were sleeping hahah but it was really great you being the first thing I saw when waking up ♡

Jacobs gonna visit this summer, so in like a month or so, but plane tickets havent been bought yet and I’m stressed bc of that, even tho Jacobs buying them and he has ample enough $, that I remember. I just want him here nowww