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Jane Eyre Moodboard - “I remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had the courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amid its perils.” 

Things I want from Sombra when/if she is playable
  • ‘black hat’ and/or 'white hat’ skins
  • lots more ARG jokes
  • at least one spray that is a QR code to a rickroll video
  • Her default voice line should be “la que tiene la información; tiene el poder”
  • All of her voice lines are in Spanish, every one
  • A highlight intro that is just her furiously 'hacking’ a blank computer screen
  • interactions between her and reaper
  • *hacker voice* “im in” voice line
  • her 'sit’ emote is just just her standing and staring at the sky, unmoving
  • one spray that is just a overly complicated binary code for '23’
  • interaction where she calls symmetra out for her bullshit
  • interaction(s) where she GETS called out for her own bullshit
  • emote where she flips you the bird and does a backflip

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Look at me go wooooo



“There is a place for everyone in our universe
And you my friend are far from home
But me?
I’m right where I want to be” —-
I’m so sorry for the long ass post and for another sappy klance pic with lame quotes!! (I made up the quote for those who are wondering!)
I am a slut for keith feeling like he’s finally home with his space family and of course with lance lol

But Simmons getting so mad with Grif that he shorts out his voice or something. 

Simmons glitching out when he gets nervous or flustered

Simmons having minor or maybe major problems bc of the emp in season 6

or that theory of the future cubes maybe affecting Simmons’ cybernetic enhancements 

I want there to be more things about simmons being a cyborg, can’t we please have that?

I want an episode of TMNT 2012 to be where Leo keeps disappearing at night and everyone thinks he’s doing shit with Karai again but in reality, he’s hanging out with that girl who taught him about tea parties. And they’re just having a blast.

give me that fluff please

Okay so hear me out here...

What if instead of Kaz leaving the Diamond Dogs on his own years after the end of TPP, and V staying behind to help Big Boss in running Outer Heaven, he convinced Venom to come with him and leave their previous lives behind to start fresh outside of their ‘boss’s’ shadow? 

Think about it: 

  • Venom struggling to find an identity for himself outside of the miss-match of memories that he shares with BB 
  • Kaz starting to call him “Ahab” instead of Snake because its the only name he knows that indicates any sense of separation from BB
  • The pair of them living in a suburban neighborhood in the US and far away from the battlefield
  • Their old couple neighbors growing slightly terrified every time they see the rough-and-tumble, eye-patched, horned man walking his equally intimidating one-eyed dog around the block in his boxer shorts and high socks
  • Venom, in turn, being entirely oblivious to their fear in his docile nature as he always stops whatever he’s doing to let ducks and squirrels safely cross his path or pick flowers to bring back for Kaz at home
  • Kaz occasionally and very gently tracing his fingers over V’s facial scars, the shrapnel in his forehead, playing with his ponytail, all to silently celebrate the features that remind him that John and Ahab were entirely different
  • V offering whatever comfort he can by holding onto him whenever Kaz has night terrors and just overall worshiping his body as a whole

((If we have to wait till SW day for the Ep VIII trailer I’munna be pissed.))