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Cultural appropriation

What we’re NOT saying:
• Cultural exchange is bad.
• Cultural exchange should be stopped.
• No one should ever experience another culture.
• You can’t enjoy and be interested in another culture.

What we ARE saying:
• You can’t take a core and important piece of the culture and use it as a decoration.
• You can’t disrespect the people of the culture but use their culture as a decoration.
• You can’t pass off their culture as your own, or take credit for anything part of that culture.
• You can’t disrespect the history of the culture by trying to be ‘original’ and changing a key part of it.

I want to see godly people standing up against these so-called gay conversion camps and shutting them down, and instead see families and churches embracing and caring for these kids like they are supposed to, rather than the media doing the uncovering, and the world seeing this as something true Christians are upholding and encouraging. Because, let me tell you, this is not Christianity, this is a cult, and we should be very concerned.

SPOILERS for S5 of Bojack Horseman

So I’ve seen posts defending Mr Peanutbutter and I’ve read posts complaining about how fans of the show now treat Mr Peanutbutter, because it’s not like he’s as bad as Bojack

but listen, there’s many MANY levels of shittiness before reaching Bojack’s level and just because Mr Peanutbutter isn’t as bad as him doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be hated by fans of the show for his shittiness 

Especially since 1. Bojack is shown as almost unredeemable (but not completely which is the point because it give us hope that we can change too), he’s done so many bad things. The show has made very clear how bad his actions are and has from the beginning but the same can’t be said for Mr Peanutbutter. And 2. Mr Peanutbutter’s shittiness is basically very common male shittiness and is something that viewers will have personally experienced a lot more than the kind of things Bojack has done

Like, It’s now clear that Mr Peanutbutter go in relationships with young women because they’re fun and carefree, marries them and then refuse to grow up and take any responsibilities forcing those women to be the only adult in the relationship (and so to slowly lose all fun and carefreeness which he gets to keep). He has made every single one of his relationships unequal and emotionally taxing for his wives who had to be responsible for two. And he has always put the blame on his wives when they eventually got tired of living like this. It’s literally not until Diane told him what he was doing that he realized. He didn’t once reflect on his behavior. 

Speaking about Diane, with the end of last season a lot of people said she was overreacting (which as we’ve seen is also what Mr Peanutbutter thinks) and called her a lot of names, but this season showed us exactly why she reacted as she did and why she was completely in the right. What Mr Peanubutter did for her was a grand gesture and like Bojack said in the funeral episode those are the kind of things that TV and fiction tell us mean that someone love us .. but that’s not actually what love is. Love is actually being there for the person every day and showing that to them. And that’s not what Mr Peanubutter did. He didn’t listen to Diane (or his other wives), he didn’t support her emotionally, he didn’t take responsibilities for things. He made grand gesture and was nice but ultimately, he was selfish and it was up to Diane to do all the adult things for the two of them until she couldn’t anymore because she was too exhausted and unhappy.

Now there’s the question about whether Mr Peanutbutter is a bad person for doing all this (for 25 years !!), after all he didn’t know he was doing it right ? Well it doesn’t matter, like Diane said bad and good people aren’t a thing anyway (in the show at least, you might not agree). BUT there is bad behavior and good behavior. What matters is what people do. And as of the end of the show, despite now knowing that he is a big part of the problem Mr Peanutbutter doubled down on his bad behavior. He tried to make Diane take responsibility for him again and when she told him no, he refused to take responsibility for himself and admit he cheated. And he asked Pickles to marry him, knowing damn well that his bad behavior hasn’t changed and that he might hurt her just like he hurt Diane and his two other wives. He might even have asked her specifically so she would take responsibility for things for him because now Diane won’t do it anymore … all the while still wanting her to be “fun”. yikes

Like, I hope he’ll change next season. Just like I hope all the other characters who need help, who need to change do. It would be a good idea to show healthier behavior in relationships for men (although, we already got examples of that this season with Todd who 1. listened to both his girlfriend and his friend/roommate when they told him about his flaws and immediately proceeded to change and be better, and 2. reflected seriously on his relationship with his gf and came to a mature decision about it to break up because the relationship wasn’t good for them) but as of this season, I think there’s plenty of reasons to dislike Mr Peanutbutter and call out his shitty behavior.

hey no offense but maybe you shouldn’t really call a person cringy or stupid for enjoying something.As long as the interest isn’t harmful like that bullshit kill//ing stalk//ing then you really don’t have the right to make fun of the person. Just let people have their fun.Idc if they make a bunch of neon sonic oc’s or if they have an interest that’s good but has a bad fandom (undertale) or if their art/animations aren’t at a professional level. let them enjoy what makes them happy jesus christ.

idol producer this or that (1)

rap or vocal? pink sweaters or blue sweaters? xingjie or hubba? mother zhengting or father quin fen? let music go round round round or ei you ei you ei pick me? very good or artist? balance or balance? banana squad or yuehua boys? wearing ponytail hairstyle or wearing round glasses? zhangjing vocal teacher or chaoze dance teacher? nongnong smiles or chencheng memes? mentor ronghao or mentor jackson? ot99 or ot9?


Domestic feline master post!

This is mine and Kyles collection of domestic c.ats skulls including the new boy that was acquired recently.

Sadly for me, most of these are Kyles because he is a dirty, c.at hording monster. The only skulls that are mine are the two k.ittens.

From left to right in the line up;
-First two are k.ittens skulls that were given to me by a friend
-Nature found and gifted 
-Nature found by Kyle and cleaned up. Very old c.at, a number of his teeth are missing from old age
-Acquired from a trade, also nature found. Sadly the first owner used bleach on it
-Found as roadkill, cleaned by both Kyle and I
-Nature found, got in a trade
-Nature found, got on eBay

If you guys like this post, we’ll post more of our personal collection :]

What if Zoras don’t kiss their partner/so? They have other ways of expressing affection though, like catching fish, swimming together, just always being by each other’s sides. The very notion of kissing catches them off guard, so when Link does kiss Sidon, Sidon is just: “!!!!!! I like that very much! ….Can I kiss you???”

He isn’t 100% sure about what kissing customs are, but he’s eager to learn. He ends up just kind of smooshing his and Link’s faces together, but Link thinks it’s adorable.

Neopets Spells/Curses

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I wanted to make some spells, curses and things based on one of the things that heavily influenced my childhood–which was Neopets!! The world is diverse and there’s so much potential [I like to think, haha].  

I’m planning on collaborating with my sister @bamboo-tea in making more spells with Neopets, not just curses haha. 

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Instead of a ne ne apocalypse, I’m now calling for a total renaissance of the fandom…

I want more heartbreaking historical literature 

I want more Slice of Life AUs 

I want more trivia and headcanons 

I want more silly video edits and snarky political  jokes

 I want more blessed fanart 

I want more international friends 

I want more knowledge about different cultures 

I want my FANDOM, my COMMUNITY back


Ok so I just watched Infinity War again and I decided to write a post with some of my favorite quotes/parts:

  • Loki: “I assure you, brother. The sun will shine on us again.”
  • “We have a Hulk.” wow i LOVE PARALELS
  • “I am Loki, prince of Asgard… Odinson”

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  • The fact that Tony seems to always have with him the phone Steve gave him
  • Stephen Strange’s wink !!!
  • Bruce not being able to get Hulk lmao he was scared my poor green giant baby-
  • “Dude, you’re embarrassing me in front of the wizards.”
  • When Tony tells Peter “Oh, he came from space to steal a necklace from a wizard” and Peter doesn’t even question him or anything, he just jumps straight into action
  • Drax: “He’s not a dude, you’re a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man.” And then “It’s like a pirate had a baby with an angel” Drax is all of us
  • When Thor finds out Gamora is Thanos’ daughter and he stands up menacingly, and then goes “families can be tough”
  • Quill competing with Thor about family problems and saying he got out of everything, with both his eyes
  • Thor: “I assume you’re the captain, sir?”

Rocket: “You’re very perceptive”

  • When Steve tells Vision “We don’t trade lives” and soME SCENES LATER VISION TELLS HIM THE SAME, AFTER HE SAVES HIM
  • Drax thinking he can become invisible if he stays still lmao
  • When Quill is ready to kill Gamora oh my god and then she says “I love you more than anything” brb crying
  • “It smells like a new car in here!!”
  • “Speaking of loyalty…” And then Peter and Tony’s little discussion about Peter not thinking it through
  • Peter: “You can’t be friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, if there’s no neighborhood. Okay, that didn’t make sense but you know what I mean” lmaooo I.love.this.boy.so.much
  • Tony, to Maw: “Yeah, but the kid’s seen more movies”
  • Peter: “Oh, we’re using our made-up names? In that case, I am Spider-Man”
  • Peter’s face when Tony tells him he’s officially an Avenger HE’S SO CUTE ALSKDFJKW
  • Thor: “He hasn’t fought me”

  Rocket: “Yes, he has”

  Thor: “He’s never fought me twice”

  • “What more can I lose?” my poor boy:((((
  • “Thank you, sweet rabbit”
  • Eitri: “It will kill you!”

  Thor: “Only if I die”

  Eitri: “…Yes, that…is what I meant by “it will kill you"”  

  • Tony telling Peter he doesn’t want any more pop culture references
  • “Die, blanket of death!”
  • Quill: “I’m gonna ask you this one time, where is Gamora?”

  Tony: “I’ll do you one better, WHO is Gamora?”

  Drax: “I’ll do YOU one better, WHY is Gamora?”

  • “What am I supposed to say, Jesus?”  
  • Tony: “You’re from Earth”

Quill: “No, I’m from Missouri”

Tony: “Yeah, that’s on Earth, dipshit.”

  • The face Peter makes when Quill says Thor isn’t that handsome, sameee
  • “Don’t call us plucky, we don’t know what that means”
  • “I’m half-human. So that fifty percent of me that’s stupid, that’s a hundred percent you.” Peter Quill I swear to god
  • “Strange! You alright? You’re back, you’re alright.” !!!
  • I mean, loook at this beautiful family

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  • Steve and Bucky’s reunion!!!

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  • Just Bucky Barnes man, I mean

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  • When Bruce starts running in the Hulkbuster and then trips and the way Okoye looks down at him lmao
  • Steve running next to T’Challa leading the army !!
  • Bucky picking up Rocket while they’re both shooting

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  • And how Bruce goes “You guys are so screwed!”
  • “This is a friend of mine, Tree.”

“I am Groot”

“I am Steve Rogers.”

  • “He’ll die alone, as will you” “She’s not alone” I GOT CHILLS, MY GIRLS IM ASKDLKSL THAT WAS ALSO ONE OF THE BEST PARTS WHAT THE HELL
  • Peter catching Mantis using his n e w   s u i t ’ s   s p i d e r – a r m s
  • Wanda, when Vision asks her what she feels inside the gem: “All i feel is you” Then Vision, when Wanda’s about to destroy the gem: “All I feel is you” whyyy :(
  • Also: “it’s okay, you could never hurt me” ;((
  • “General, this is no place to die”

And the most important one:

“I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. Mr. Stark, please. Please. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go. I’m sorry.” I haTE TOM HOLLAND I FEEL PERSONALLY ATTACKED OH MY GOD


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After Journey’s End, how long do you think it took to convince the Matoran that destined Agori don’t become Glatorian, and there really are no Agori equivalents to a Turaga, just old people and Agori that are leaders of villages

Maybe no one thought to tell them until after the first search for the Turaga-Agori was conducted, or after someone asked Ackar when was he going to become a Turaga

The “Alt-Left”/Antifa/BLM/leftist extremists is something very familiar to me. Mainly with the advocation of destroying historical and/or cultural monuments and the violence towards anyone they deem “politically incorrect.” These people are mainly students deep in bed with the MSM and to a certain extent, the government. These people are the US equivalent to the Red Guards.

For those who don’t know, the Red Guards were a student mass paramilitary group led by Mao Zedong and then the Gang of Four. They were responsible for purging the “Four Olds”. This consisted of; old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas. This led to the destruction of countless historical artifacts, texts, and just about anything religious. The Red Guards would persecute people deemed “counter-revolutionary” or “bourgeois.” This included: teachers, monks, and other educated people. Mao’s wife, Jiang Qing, even encouraged the Red Guards to raid arms from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and even to replace the army entirely if necessary. This was a violent group, backed by the government and mainstream. In fact, they got so out of hand, Mao had to disperse them across the countryside to get “re-educated”. This left an entire generation with no proper education yet they still manage to hold influence to this day.

A lot of this mirrors what’s going on in America today. The establishment is enabling leftist political violence. They’re enabling the destruction of historical and cultural monuments. These plays are very similar to what happened with my people. Know your enemy. Refuse Communism.