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a short guide to Justin Oluransi

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The webcomic Check, Please! and all its art was created by Ngozi Ukazu.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Elite Four Mcelroys since I finished watching Griffins Nuzlocke run and so far this is sort of where I am at.

Clint is just Oops All Eevees. That’s it. You can fight him and win .

Justin is the second easiest to beat. He doesn’t even want to be there. Justin’s team is composed of a Snorlax, a Munchlax, and Alakazam and like 3 Dittos. He’s powerful yes, but he would rather be doing literally anything else other than battling. He’s got places to be.

The third Elite Four is Travis, and his whole team is dog Pokemon. All balance is thrown out the window, The Team’ ALL DOGS. They’re levelled to shit though, so unless you know the right types to counter he might kick your ass. He’s nice and plays fair, but the second you knock out his Pokemon ur dead bro. He’ll do a hit

If you get past those boys, you’ll fight Griffin, who is so fuckin good at type matchups you might as well be toast. His team is balanced to a tee, but he refuses to use items in battle, so if you buy enough potions you’ll be fine. The only reason people beat him is cause he’s so adamant on making the game harder for himself.



do you want to come up to my kingdom in your attic?  i live in your attic, it’s where i keep all me things. oh here’s a fair warning mate, you got a dirty ceiling up here. you might wanna scrub the tops of it. i just wanna let you know, right, you got ceiling mice. you got ceiling mice up here - you got a  WHOLE  clan of borrowers.


“He [David] makes people feel safe and relaxed and then, as an artist, you can create very easily because you’re at peace. But, don’t get me wrong, he likes everything dark and moody. When we were shooting the amnesia scene – where I’m in bed and I say, ‘I don’t remember who I am’ – I remember David walking on the set, and seeing that the bed cover was white, and shouting, ‘Can we get some mood in here?’” — Laura Harring

Naomi Watts, David Lynch, Laura Elena Harring, Justin Theroux and Angelo Badalamenti on the set of Mulholland Drive 

90% of taz criticism continues to ignore that it’s a game of dnd played by three brothers and their dad